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    Communication and Enrollment of Core Benefits
    Communication and Enrollment of Supplemental Plans
    Supplemental Benefit Plans Recommendations

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                        May 19, 2009
                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction                                                    Page 3

   •   Your Needs and Goals
   •   Our Solution

Our Enrollment Recommendation                                   Page 4

   •   BJA-Impact Enrollment Solutions
   •   The WECARE Enrollment System
   •   The Impact Enrollment Process
   •   Projected Enrollment Timeline

Our Supplemental Benefits/FSA Recommendation                   Page 15

   •   Why Supplemental Benefits?
   •   Supplemental Benefit Recommendation
   •   Section 125 Administration Recommendation

Conclusion                                                     Page 16

   •   The Impact Difference
   •   Key Benefits to You

Exhibits                                           Separate Attachments

   •   Sample Enrollment Form
   •   Sample Benefit Statement
   •   Sample Reports
   •   Carrier Proposals

The Human Resources Challenge

Today, as a Human Resources / Benefits Department manager, you face many
challenges. You have the same or greater responsibilities, but you are asked to
execute them with fewer resources.

That means you may have benefit communications, benefit package
improvement, and/or open enrollment needs that you just can’t find the time or
money to accomplish. Here are some examples.

Benefit Communications Needs

   •   You may need to better communicate the scope of benefits you offer.
   •   You may need to educate your employees on the importance and need
       for benefits.
   •   You may need to generate employee appreciation of your benefit costs
       and values.

Benefits Package Improvement Needs

   •   You may need to fill gaps in your current benefit programs.
   •   You may want to enhance your benefit plans where there are limitations.
   •   You may want to improve participation in selected benefits.

Open Enrollment Needs

   •   You may want to streamline your open enrollment process. Or improve
       the process without adding staff.
   •   You may want to consolidate multiple open enrollment periods. Or you
       may want to free up staff time during open enrollment to focus on other
       important benefit activities.

                          A Solution For You

   •   Outsource your open enrollment to a professional enrollment

   •   Add supplemental insurance plans to complement your existing
       benefit plans.

Outsource Your Enrollment to BJA-Impact Enrollment Solutions

We recommend that you outsource your benefits enrollment to BJA-Impact
Enrollment Solutions. We will plan, communicate, and implement a benefits
enrollment event that will meet your needs, goals, and requirements.

Count on Us to Deliver Enrollment Excellence

You can count on BJA-Impact Enrollment Solutions to deliver an outstanding
enrollment. We have over 17 years of experience in the worksite market. We
have enrolled hundreds of employers nationwide, with more than 500,000

Rely on Us to Customize Our Process to Your Business

We understand that your business is unique – with its own individual purpose,
culture, financial situation and needs. We work hard to understand your
individual requirements, and to customize our entire process to your particular
business needs and goals.

Depend on Us to Understand Your Operational Requirements

Our objective is to see all your employees, to deliver benefit education and
awareness, and to enroll them in their benefits. However, we also make
absolutely sure we are sensitive to your production and operating

Trust Us to Make the Process Educational / Comfortable for Employees

Our process allows all your employees to have the opportunity to learn about
and enroll in their benefits in a comfortable, educational, informative setting. To
accomplish this goal, we use trained, professional, salaried benefit
counselors. The counselors are not commissioned sales people.

Enrollment Services

   •   Core and supplemental benefit enrollments
   •   National enrollment capabilities
   •   Professional, salaried benefit counselors
   •   Personalized, individual meetings
   •   Laptop-based electronic enrollments
   •   Group meeting presentations
   •   Call center operation
   •   Internet enrollments

Employee Communications

   •   Pre-enrollment communications
   •   Customized enrollment materials
   •   Personal communication of health and life benefits
   •   Personal communication of retirement benefits
   •   Personal communication of Flexible Spending Accounts
   •   Custom Enrollment Forms
   •   Personalized Benefit Statements

Enrollment System (WECARE Software)

   •   Customizable, proprietary laptop communications/enrollment system
   •   One of the few independent systems in the industry
   •   Customized with employer plans, rates, formulas
   •   Customized to reflect employer benefit messages
   •   Benefit plan presentations and employee decision tools
   •   Carrier-independent platform allows wider product choice
   •   Compliant Enrollment Forms and Benefit Statements

Data and Reporting Services

   •   Electronic Data Management
   •   Data accepted in a wide variety of formats
   •   Data formatted and mapped to WECARE system in-house
   •   Employee personal and benefit data verified and/or updated onsite
   •   Enrollment data collected and stored in WECARE
   •   Final Master Database created for distribution to employer
   •   Wide range of enrollment reports available through the system
                    THE WECARE SYSTEM

The WECARE® Benefit Communications and Enrollment System is a process-
driven, custom-tailored, laptop-based enrollment software system. It’s a
proprietary system, which provides an effective process for communicating and
enrolling employee benefits. Here are the main features of the system ….

Developed In-House and Carrier-Independent

   •   We developed the system and can tailor it in-house to meet your needs
   •   We are not tied to or owned by an insurance carrier
   •   The system can accommodate multiple carriers and multiple products
   •   You choose the plans that best fit your organization and people

Fully Customized to Your Organization

   •   The system is customized with your benefits, rates, and formulas
   •   The system calculates both existing and new benefits
   •   Benefit calculations are personalized for each individual employee
   •   Benefit presentations and employee decision tools are customized

Built for High-Impact Communication

   •   We construct the system to educate your employees on their benefits
   •   Our goal is to build employee benefit awareness and appreciation
   •   We specialize in expertly communicating your benefits value message
   •   We communicate your messages consistently and accurately

Streamlines Enrollment Process

   •   Simplified system design allows efficient and effective enrollments
   •   Employees can easily follow the progress of the enrollment interview
   •   All benefits are communicated and enrolled within 18 to 20 minutes

Captures and Stores Enrollment Data

   •   We verify / update employee personal and benefit data
   •   The system captures all employee benefit elections – coverages and
   •   You receive final enrollment data back for the initial payroll deduction

This section of the proposal describes what takes place during the actual face-
to-face interview with an employee. Here’s what our benefit counselors do …

                                   Verify Employee




The Benefit Communications and Enrollment Process

Conduct One-to-One Meetings

    •   To be efficient and effective, our benefit communications and enrollment
        process requires face-to-face meetings with all benefit-eligible
        employees at your facilities during working hours. Our trained,
        professional, salaried benefit counselors conduct the meetings.

Verify Employee Data

    •   We use our WECARE software to verify and update personal and benefit
        data for each employee in the employer database.

    •   At the end of the enrollment, we return to you a clean, up-to-date,
        personally-verified employee database.
Communicate and Enroll Core Benefits

   •   The WECARE System can enroll the full range of your core benefits –
       medical, dental, life, disability, Flexible Spending Accounts and others.

   •   Counselors can present your plans, options, costs, do paycheck
       modeling, run “what-if” scenarios, and use interactive decision tools to
       help your employees make more informed benefit choices.

   •   Plan participation improves because counselors understand benefits
       and can personalize them to your employees.

Communicate and Enroll Supplemental Benefits

   •   We use the WECARE System to introduce new supplemental benefits,
       explain personal options, calculate costs and rates, and prepare
       applications for employees electing coverage.

   •   You get an enhanced benefit package because you are adding valuable
       supplemental benefits your employees want and need, at no cost to your

Collect Other Key Information

   •   If required, the WECARE System allows us to collect other critical pieces
       of information you may need for your records, such as:

          o   Who is insured under each benefit plan
          o   Data for life plans
          o   Primary Care Physician (PCP) names and numbers
          o   Coordination of Benefits information

Deliver Election Forms, Benefit Statements, and Value Message

   •   Based on their elections, we create a personalized Benefit Election Form
       for each employee.

   •   We also produce a Total Compensation Statement including
       calculations of the value of time off and pre-tax benefits, and hidden
       paycheck. This is the benefits value message.

   •   We also deliver other benefit messages you may require. This may
       include discussions of medical costs rising, retirement benefits, etc.
Our goal is to implement an efficient and effective benefit communications and
enrollment process for your organization. To achieve this goal, we follow a well-
defined, time-proven five-step plan. This chart gives you a broad overview of the
key steps involved.

The following pages describe, in more detail, each step in the enrollment
process. As you can see in the diagram, we start the process by developing a
customized strategy for your enrollment, and end by reporting the enrollment
results to you and other involved parties.

                STEP 1: STRATEGY / PLAN
The first element in our benefit communication and enrollment process is to
develop a campaign plan that is tailored to your goals, objectives, and

Devise Enrollment Strategy

   •   Determine the type of enrollment structure that will match your goals,
       timing, culture, demographics, and special operating requirements.
   •   This begins with one-to-one meetings, but can be supported by other
       methods as well.
                 STEP 2: BENEFIT PLANS

Benefit Plans

   •   The next step in the process is to work with you and your staff to
       determine which benefits will be communicated and enrolled. These
       benefits can include core, supplemental, financial, and other benefits.


   •   We collect information on all the benefits to be enrolled including
       descriptions, plan options, coverage levels, employee costs, employer
       costs, and payroll frequency. We also determine benefit availability by
       employee class.


   •   We request a test file of employee demographic and benefit data that we
       can use to structure the WECARE Enrollment System. This test file
       ensures that we begin the enrollment process with accurate data from
       your HRIS.
                 STEP 3: COMMUNICATIONS

BJA-Impact Enrollment Solutions will help develop a range of enrollment
communications vehicles in cooperation with you, the carriers, and others
(TPA) as required. These vehicles may include …

       Promotional              Educational             Administrative

   •   Announcement         •   Management          •    Benefit Election
       Letters                  Meetings                 Forms
                            •   Supervisor/Unit     •    Covered
   •   Payroll   Stuffers
                                Leader Meetings          Participants
                            •   Face-to-Face
   •   Posters and                                  •    Insurance Plan
       Flyers                                            Beneficiaries
                            •   Communication
   •   Email and/or                                 •    Personal Benefit
                                of all Core
       Intranet                                          Statements

Here are some examples of enrollment communications. They are (1) a flyer
announcing the timing of the Open Enrollment Period, (2) a customized
Benefits Enrollment Form, and (3) a personalized Benefit Statement.

Clearly, the enrollment event is the point of impact. All the planning and
preparation leads to the launch and implementation of the enrollment event.
There are several key ingredients necessary for a successful enrollment event.
We must …

Conduct Counselor Training

We train the benefit counselors on your benefit plans, your employees, your
facilities, your culture, and your expectations for the enrollment. We conduct
training on the operation and function of the software. We coordinate carrier
and employer visits to the training session (if appropriate).

Launch the Enrollment Event

We adhere strictly to the established schedule that you have approved.
Typically, each employee interview lasts 18 to 20 minutes. Pre-enrollment
communications speed the process, and employees are back to work quickly.

Monitor Enrollment System Operation

We monitor the operation and use of the WECARE Enrollment System during
the enrollment sessions. We make sure that the system is functioning properly
on all the benefit counselors’ laptops. And our staff is available at all times
during the enrollment to respond to technical / programming issues.

Manage Enrollment Progress

We assign a Case Manager to each enrollment event. It is his/her job to
monitor the progress of the enrollment to ensure that the actual performance
matches the scheduled plan. If not, the Case Manager makes course
corrections to complete the enrollment on time. The Case Manager has the
authority, with your approval, to modify the plan onsite.

Maximize Enrollment-Participation Ratio

It is our mission-critical task to see as many of your employees as possible.
Our goal is to personally interview a minimum of 90% of your workforce. For
you, and us, this means minimum post-enrollment follow-up – and maximum
delivery of your benefits message.
             STEP 5: POST-ENROLLMENT

We provide for the proper distribution of forms, data, and applications to the
employer, carrier, TPA, etc. We also agree on the process for handling post-
enrollment insurance changes, new hires, and re-enrollments.
                      PROJECTED TIMELINE
What kind of advanced planning and development time is required to plan,
prepare, and launch a successful enrollment event? Generally, we need …

                 45 to 60 days prior to the enrollment launch.

The chart below displays the blocks of time required for each task in the benefit
communications and enrollment process.

       Element                        Tasks                       Timing
                            •   Employer
Confirmation                                             Week 1
                            •   Master Agreement
                            •   Finalize Products
                            •   Employee Data
Information                 •   Benefit Information      Week 2
                            •   Master Schedule
                            •   Detailed Needs
Plan                        •   Event Strategy           Week 3
                            •   Finalize Plan
                            •   Determine Structure
Software                    •   Create Program           Weeks 4 through 8
                            •   Test / Review
                            •   Produce Materials
Communications              •   Send Announcements       Weeks 5 through 8
                            •   Conduct Meetings
                            •   Launch Enrollment
Enrollment                  •   Monitor Progress         Weeks 9 through 11
                            •   Complete Enrollment
                            •   Data To Employer
Data / Applications                                      Weeks 12-13
                            •   Apps to Carriers
                            •   Employer Review
Review                      •   Enrollment Report        Week 15-16

This is a general overview and estimate of the amount of time and the tasks
required to plan and prepare a full core enrollment campaign. Other specific
elements will be added as necessary.

Supplemental insurance products are an integral part of the benefit
communications and enrollment process. They provide excellent value for the
employee and for the employer. Here are some reasons why ...

Benefits to Employees

   •   Supplemental insurance benefits fill benefit gaps and provide additional
       security for employees.
   •   Supplemental benefits give employees a convenient way to obtain
       needed and desired coverage at the workplace.
   •   Employees enjoy the ease and convenience of paying their premiums
       through payroll deduction.
   •   Your employees enjoy lower rates and discounts because of your group
       buying power.
   •   Open enrollment offers your employees the opportunity to qualify for
       supplemental plans without extensive medical questions or physical
   •   Many supplemental plans are portable. That means employees can
       continue coverage if they leave their jobs or retire.

Benefits to Employers

   •   Supplemental benefits are great way to attract and retain employees.
   •   Supplemental products expand employee benefit offerings at no cost to
       your organization.
   •   Supplemental insurance plans allow us to deliver enrollment and
       technology services at no cost to the organizations we serve.

Supplemental Product Recommendations

   • Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care Rider
   • Critical Illness Insurance
   • Off-the-Job Accident Insurance

Proposals are provided under separate cover.

BJA-Impact Enrollment Solutions is uniquely qualified to achieve your goals
and meet your requirements during the Benefit Communications and
Enrollment Process. Here are the main reasons why …

   •   Our Experience. We have over 17 years experience in the worksite
       market and have enrolled hundreds of employers with over 500,000

   •   Our Technology. We are one of the few firms in the market that have
       created an enrollment system in-house, and that have the independent
       ability and know-how to customize it to meet employer needs.

   •   Our Communications Ability. Our specialty is the effective
       communication of benefits using laptop technology. That’s why our
       software and services reflect such a strong “benefit education and
       awareness” approach.

Because of our unique capabilities, you get significant benefits when you
outsource your Benefit Communications and Enrollment Process to BJA-
Impact Enrollment Solutions. The main benefits are ….

A Totally Customized Enrollment Process
We customize every aspect of the enrollment to meet your needs. We design a
custom enrollment strategy. We create custom software that reflects your plans
and messages. We develop custom communications and data structures that
match your organization.

A Better Educated and More Aware Workforce
We focus our process on benefit education. We build employee awareness
and appreciation of the costs and values of their benefits. We personalize
calculations, tools, and statements individually for each employee.

An Enhanced Employee Benefits Plan
We add valuable supplemental insurance plans selected specifically to fill
benefit gaps and/or enhance existing plans. These are benefits that your
employees want and need, and that have a high employee acceptance rate.
And you can provide these plans at no cost to you.