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					 ISSUE 6                                                                          JANUARY 2007

My visit to Luanda reminded me of my conducted tour of the DDR (East Germany) a few years after the
wall came down. Everything is a shambles, of sewage in the streets, constant traffic problems and
buildings that are dilapidated. A dysfunctional municipality which does not collect refuse and the streets
are a piled with litter. 4 to 6 hour queues to buy petrol, however in the midst of all this negativity - a
shining light is the Rotary Club of Luanda.

This club deserves all our support and praise as they have survived the 30 years of war and now this
transitional period of rebuilding. Hail to the members !!!!!!

The club has all these years been in direct control of RI and thus are not used to dealing with the district
some 3500 kms south of them. There is also a false idea that they do not understand English, most of
the members understand the language but find it difficult to converse. The club president, Gyslain and
most of his board are fluent English speakers and I had no problem with language. I was accompanied
by the Windhoek club president, Heiner Dillman who hoped to set up business ties in tourism but it may
be a bit early in the transitional process for any significant tourism.

The club has an incredible history of Polio work and has had a monument erected in their honour. (Photo
below) While we were with the deputy minister of health a new case of polio was reported in the Cunene
province. The government had already reacted and it would seem that Rotary would become involved in
another NID.

RI had sent out an Architect from Brazil last year and his
commission was to design and cost new cold room
facilities for Angola. The cost for four cold rooms in Luanda
to serve the whole country is estimated at approximately
U$100 000. I am going to talk to RI to see how we can
help raise this amount as it essential for the polio
programme. We also visited the head of USAID and asked
for their assistance and they promised to get back to us in
this request. The Deputy Minister is so impressed with
Rotary that he accepted honorary membership of the
Luanda club. It is obvious that RI still send direct help to
Luanda and if one thinks of their history, it is not a bad
thing. One of their members, Sylvia Nagy, is world famous
for her contribution to polio eradication and has many
international awards for her work and she remains a
driving force in Angola . Thank you Sylvia for holding
Rotary’s name so high. The monument in the photo
actually mentions her in particular.

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I furthered my discussions with the Luanda club on assistance in the Landmine victims project in Rundu
and have received their wholehearted support. Rundu club continue to hold meetings notwithstanding
their disappointment of the charter process which has taken so long. We are hoping to hold their charter
function at the conference in May.

I certainly hope the rebuilding of Luanda and the rest of Angola takes a great leap forward with the help of


Shortly after my return, Luanda was hit by devastating floods, which have left hundreds of thousands
destitute, without shelter, water or food, and at serious risk of disease. I have asked the finance
committee to help Luanda with funds from our disaster fund, and will be in contact with clubs when we
have a clearer picture of what we can do to assist Luanda club

Landmine Victims Dinner
Why not spend Rotary's birthday supporting a Rotary project, and enjoying a great evenings
entertainment? The dinner being arranged by the Rotary clubs of Kirstenbosch and Windhoek in support
of Landmine victims takes place on Friday 23rd Feb at the Castle The cost of the evening is R500 per
person. Tickets are available from PP Richard Browne of Kirstenbosch club (tel 021-686-5800).

We need your support to make this a success!

Details have been sent to all Presidents, and is available on the website.
Conference 2007
Have you booked for conference yet? Registration forms have been sent out, along with contacts for
accommodation. Dates for the conference are 10-13 May 2007

The conference will take place in Walvis Bay, and the main social function on Friday is in Swakopmund.
The charter function for the new Rundu club is also planned for the Saturday, so the support of all clubs
will be appreciated. Registration forms are on the website.

A reminder to all incoming President Elects – PETS is on Thursday 10 May, and attendance is
compulsory (Refer to your MOP – Page 242) If for any reason you are unable to attend, please contact
DGE Alex directly

Membership matters
The membership committee continues to look at and assist with initiatives to help grow and retain
membership in our clubs, as well as potential new clubs. It is a resource available to all clubs – just ask.
The chairman of the membership committee is PDG John Gomes, and he can be contacted on

A number of initiatives are still in progress – Tyger Waterfront is moving forward, Rundu is awaiting its
charter papers, and Century City is being looked at again in February. An initiative in Clanwilliam is also
underway, and DG Ken met some of the community members on his way to Cape Town on the weekend.

If you have anything to report on membership – success stories or new ideas, please contact John

Ambassadorial Scholars
Our new Ambassadorial scholars are arriving in Cape town at the moment. To those hosting, a big thank
you. These scholars are excellent speakers and want to make use of their time in Cape Town to meet
clubs and get involved. Contact details for all scholars will be posted on the website during February, so
please invite them to visit your club
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We have two outgoing scholars from our district this year – Berte Schneider was selected by the district,
and Bianca Boyes was awarded an extra scholarship for low income countries by the Rotary Foundation

We will have a profile on these students in the next issue of the Digest

Club Details
An urgent reminder from the District Services Centre.

Please send through details of your incoming President and Secretary to the District Services Centre
immediately, if you have not yet done so. We need this detail for the district handbook, and it also needs
to be sent to RI and Rotary Africa

PR Seminar
The PR seminar has been postponed due to clashes with other events. A new date will be announced

Rotary Aids Hike
Did you read your December issue of Rotary Africa? The
aids hike undertaken by a group of Ambassadorial scholars
is an incredible story and an inspiration to us all. The focus
was highlighting the needs of AIDS orphans who are
estimated will number 20 million by 2010 globally, and
raising critically required funds for children left homeless and
at risk by the pandemic.

Aware of the scourge of HIV-AIDS which is devastating sub-
Saharan Africa, these young people took to heart “Lead the
Way” setting off from Gauteng after World AIDS day on 1st
December to hike 2010 kilometres.

While Rotarians support many AIDS projects throughout the world, a group of concerned Rotarians came
together in 2003 to create Rotarians for Fighting AIDS (RFFA). RFFA currently supports more than
15,500 orphans and vulnerable children throughout South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and
Cote d’Ivoire.

                                        Sincere thanks to all those clubs who hosted and assisted with the
                                        hike along the way, and especially to Waterfront for organizing the
                                        arrival function and to Newlands and RFFA Chair Corrine Hudson
                                        for their participation and assistance.

                                        GSE News
                                        The team to Dallas leaves on 23rd March. Pictured here are: (Back)
                                        Hugo Pienaar, Susann Elphick, PP Mike Mills PP (Knysna) – Team
                                        Leader. (Front Row) Vuyokazi Kakaza, Valerie Carelse, Tania van
                                        Rensburg (reserve). Tania has now joined the team to Mauritius

The last Word
As 2007 rapidly gains momentum, keep                               Thank you corner
your focus on the objectives set for this       A big thanks to President Gyslain and the Luanda
year, and let us finish this Rotary year        Rotarians for their hospitality during my visit
showing how we can LEAD THE WAY                 Also thanks to Marlene and the conference team for their
                                                efforts in putting the conference together

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                            Membership / Attendance
                                Attendance                                Monthly
                     Membership %                            Membership   Attendance %
Clubs                June Dec    Dec YTD                     June Dec     Dec     YTD
                     2006 2006 2006                          2006 2006    2006
Beaufort West        22   22    38% 58%      Mossel Bay      26   23      85%     70%
Bellville            32   37    72% 88%      Newlands        50
Blouberg             23                      Oostenberg      17   12      85%     76%
Bredasdorp           10   12    69% 76%      Otjiwarongo     21   20      60%     77%
Breede River Winelan 22   21    65% 70%      Oudtshoorn      21   19      61%     66%
Caledon              11   11    81% 83%      Paarl           39   39      58%     61%
Cape of Good Hope    31   33    81% 79%      Pierhead        14   15      51%     52%
Cape Town            56   61    38% 45%      Pinelands       22   21      89%     77%
Claremont            36   39    62% 68%      Plettenberg Bay 22   23      44%     61%
Constantia           40                      Roggebaai       19   14      78%     79%
Drakenstein          16   15    68% 57%      Rondebosch      12
Durbanville          17                      Saldanha        25   25      53%     71%
George               34   33    73% 74%      Sea Point       26   24      67%     69%
Goodwood             12   13    68% 74%      Signal Hill     34   26      58%     69%
Gordons Bay          16   16    55% 53%      Somerset West 27     29      72%     69%
Groote Schuur        21                      Stellenbosch    18
Helderberg           31   30    70% 67%      Strand          22   24      57%     75%
Helderberg Sunrise                           Swakopmund      12
Hermanus             23   26    71% 77%      Swellendam      30   25      59%     58%
Hout Bay             33                      Table Bay       19   24      78%     68%
Kirstenbosch         28   30    78% 69%      Tygerberg       21   25      71%     83%
Kleinmond            14   15    47% 64%      Upington        16   15      0       68%
Knysna               49   43    78% 74%      Walvis Bay      16   19      66%     66%
Kromboom             25   22    66% 72%      Waterfront      44   45      62%     69%
Le Cap des Tempetes 21                       Wellington      6
Lion's Head          14   13    82% 63%      Windhoek        50   42      42%     53%
Luanda               32   34    43% 44%      Windhoek-Auas 30     26      56%     57%
Luderitz             7                       Worcester       35   35      39%     57%
Malmesbury           5    5     100% 99%     Wynberg         30   27      73%     70%
Melkbos              14   12    81% 84%      Total           1443 1140
Milnerton            16

Note: Highlighted in red – your club has not notified District of your current Membership /
Attendance figures. Please send this to the district office immediately!


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