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									Able Removers cc                                     Stand 60/61                       P. O. Box 1438           Tel: 011 475 4062
Reg No CK 88/21460/23
                                                     Cornelius Street                  Randburg                      011 679 4421
Email:                       Weltevredenpark                   2125                     Fax: 011 475 5035

                                  Household Removal Inventory
Date Move Required                                                 Able Removers Consultant:

Client's Name                                                      Client Telephone Number

Client Fax No                                                      Client Mobile Number

Address Moving From:                                               Address Moving To:

                  Any restrictions on the weight or the size of a truck to gain entry at either address?
                        Qty Office                        Qty Office                           Qty Office                       Qty   Office
KITCHEN                      Use DINING ROOM                   Use PATIO / GARDEN                   Use GARAGE / SHED                  Use
BAR FRIDGE                         D / ROOM TABLE                    GARDEN TABLE                         LAWN MOWER
FRIDGE                             CHAIRS                            CHAIRS (PLAS/IRON)                   WHEEL BARROW
FREEZER                            SIDEBOARD                         BENCH (WOOD / CON)                   WEED EATER
DISHWASHER                         WELSH DRESSER                     TROLLEY                              EDGE TRIMMER
WASHING MACHINE                    HOSTESS TROLLEY                 GLASS TOPS (S / M / L)                 LADDERS
TUMBLE DRIVER                      HOT TRAY                        LOUNGER                                GARDEN TOOLS
MICROWAVE                          TEA TROLLEY                     UMBRELLA + BASE                        WORKBENCH (S / M)
STOVE                              GLASS TOPS (S / M)              BRAAI (S / M / L)                      WORKBENCH (L)
KITCHEN TABLE                      GLASS TOPS (L)                  DOG KENNEL (S / M / L)                 WORKBENCH (XL)
CHAIRS / BENCHES                   GLASS TOPS (XL)                 DUSTBIN                                TOOL BOXES
HIGH CHAIR                         POT PLANTS (S / M)              STATUES (S / M / L)                    TOOL CABINET
BROOM CABINET                      POT PLANTS (L)                  BIRD BATH (S / M / L)                  WENDY HOUSE (S)
KITCHEN UNITS                      POT PLANTS (XL)                 WATER FEATURE (S / M / L)              WENDY HOUSE (M)
BIN                                                                JUNGLE GYM (S / M / L)                 WENDY HOUSE (L)
VEG RACK                                                           SWING / SLIDE (S / M / L)              GO KARTS / TOYS
BROOMS / MOPS                                                      POT PLANTS (S / M)                     TENTS
VACUUM CLEANER                                                     POT PLANTS (L)                         CAMP EQUIPMENT
IRONING BOARD                                                      POT PLANTS (XL)                      GAS BOTTLES / SKOTTEL
LOUNGES                           DOUBLE BED                       MISCELLANEOUS                        HALLWAY
3-SEATER COUCH                    D/BED HEADBOARD                  CARPETS                              TELEPHONE TABLE
2-SEATER COUCH                    PEDESTALS                        HEATER                               HALL STAND
ARMCHAIRS                         SINGLE BED                       FAN                                  HALF-MOON TABLE
ROCKING CHAIR                     S/BED HEADBOARD                  CHEST / TRUNK
COFFEE TABLE                      STACK / BUNK BEDS                SEW MACH / OVER LOCKER
SIDE TABLE                        SLEEP / FUTON COUCH              SEWING CABINET                       SERVANTS ROOM
WINE RACK                         OTTOMAN                          SUITCASES / BAGS
LAMPS                             CORNER UNIT                      MIRRORS (S / M / L)
WALL UNIT PARTS                   CHEST OF DRAWERS                 CHEVAL MIRROR
ROOM DIVIDER                      TOY BOX / KIST                   KIDS TOYS
DISPLAY CABINET                   COT                              MACHINERY (S)                        OTHER
TV (S / M / L / XL)               BABY COMPACTUM                   MACHINERY (M)
SURROUND SOUND                    OCCASIONAL CHAIRS                MACHINERY (L)
VIDEO / DECODER                   3/D WARDROBE                     MACHINERY (XL)
HI FI + SPEAKERS                  2/D WARDROBE                     SAFE (S / M)
TV TROLLEY                        WASHSTAND                        SAFE (L)
TV CABINET                        DUMB VALET / WAITER              SAFE (XL)
CD STAND                          GLASS TOPS (S / M)               SAFE (RIFLE)
POT PLANTS (S / M)                GLASS TOPS (L)                   WASH BASKET
POT PLANTS (L)                                                     CLOTHES HORSE
POT PLANTS (XL)                   OFFICE / STUDY
                                  DESK (S / M / L)                 SPORT EQUIPMENT                      CARTONS / BOXES
BAR (S / M / L)                   CREDENZA                         WINDSURFER (S / M / L)
BAR STOOLS                        OFFICE CHAIRS                    HOME GYM                             SMALL
BAR FRIDGE                        STATIONERY CABINET               WEIGHTS / BENCH
POUFFE / BEANBAG                  FILING CABINET                   POOL TABLE (S / M / L)               MED
PIANO STANDARD                    BOOKCASE / SHELVES               SNOOKER TABLE (1/2 / F)
PIANO BABY GRAND                  TABLES                           BICYCLES                             LARGE
PIANO GRAND                       PERS / COMPUTER                  EXERCISE BICYCLE
ORGAN                             PRINTER                          MOTORBIKE (S / M / L)                XTRA LARGE
GLASS TOPS (S / M)                COPIER / FAX                     HEALTH WALKER

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