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									                                                             Makeup Essentials
To ensure you maintain your glamorous look throughout your special day and well into the night,
Hollywood Brides has put together this exclusive Celebrity Style Makeup Essentials Kit.

Each high-end professional product has been specially chosen by the Hollywood brides makeup team to
meet the unique demands of the modern bride – guaranteeing that your look absolutely flawless in-
person and just as importantly, in your photos.

Due to Hollywood Brides’ strong buying power and low overheads, you are able to access these
professional makeup products at prices far below those offered in retail shops and online.

                                     Hollywood Brides Powder Compact
                                     This shine-absorbing oil-free formulation is invisible so is great for all
                                     skin types and tones. The natural matte finish leaves your skin
                                     looking even and flawless. This is the perfect oil blotting powder to
                                     keep that unwanted shine under control.

                      HB Special!


                                     Hollywood Brides - Lip Gel
                                     Vitamin-enriched, non-stop shine! These lacquer-like lip gels -
                                     two-in-one lipstick and gloss - will glide smoothly over your lips for
                                     maximum impact.

                                     Choose from four fabulous colours – Intimate, Mauve IT, Hush and
                       HB Special!


                                     Anti-Shine Serum
                                     The perfect solution to an oily problem! This fast-acting serum,
                                     specially formulated with silica shells, will make shine vanish. Gently
                                     rub the serum over any shiny area and that oily spot will instantly
                                     disappear. This product is a must for those brides who want achieve
                                     that perfect look in their photos and film.

                      HB Special!

                                ‘Nostalgia’ Collection
               With modern brides looking back to the glamour and style of classic
               Hollywood for inspiration, Hollywood Brides has recently launched ‘Nostalgia’
               – our very own vintage inspired jewellery collection.

               This stunning range of jewellery covers timeless Victorian themes through to
               1950's Hollywood, suiting all ages and tastes, no matter what era you favour.

               The collection will appeal to those brides who want to make a statement,
               creating the look worthy of the red carpet.

               Choose from a wide selection of vintage inspired jewellery including
               oversized brooches, cuff bracelets, collar-style necklaces, earrings and more
HB Special!
               demure pieces, all of which are making a comeback.

  $60          Crafted to the highest standards, each piece is plated in white gold and
               encrusted with Swarovski crystal s, ensuring you look and feel absolutely
               stunning on your special day.

               Elements of Style
               With so many gorgeous options, what’s the best piece for your gown? It’s all
               about balance and proportion.

               A choker shows well with a tapering or jewel neckline. A multiple-strand
               collar style necklace flatters a plunging bodice. If you plan to wear a strapless
               gown, an extravagant, larger-tiered necklace, will sit perfectly on the clavicle
               – ensuring you make an impeccable statement.

               A longer single-strand necklace will be more suitable for a high neckline.

HB Special!    Our simple and ornate Swarovski crystal headbands, co-ordinate beautifully
$140           with any dress.

 HB Special!                                                      HB Special!

From $25                                                           $150
                Ultimate Glamour
                Nothing is more awe-inspiring then a pair of chandeliers’. Get this right
                and you will rarely need a neck piece.

                Traditionally in Victorian times, antique and vintage jewellery would
                usually be given and worn as a complete set, rarely individually. Our
                exquisite replica vintage earrings, with their luxurious styles and
                flawless antique designs, can certainly feature all on their own.

                Understated Sophistication
                Hair is often worn in an elegant up-do, to show off the breathtaking
  HB Special!   jewellery, with a jewelled hair pin providing that extra bit of ‘chic style’.
                 A popular modern twist on the 1930’s style is to use a vintage brooch in
                the hair, creating the elegance of a bye gone era.

                Recently worn by many celebrities, head bands can look absolutely
                stunning. They can either be worn with simple replica antique jewellery
                or exquisite statement jewellery.

                Bridal Party Specials
                Having trouble finding that personal gift that simply says - ‘thank you’?

                Many of our brides love the Hollywood Brides Nostalgia Collection so
                much, that they are buying this beautiful jewellery for the whole bridal

                We offer special discounts for each additional piece your purchase.
HB Special!
                Piece 2 – 10% off marked price
$140            Piece 3 – 15% off marked price
                Piece 4 – 20% off marked price
                Piece 5 – 25% off marked price
                Piece 6 or more – 30% of marked price for each additional piece

HB Special!

                            ‘Designer Headpieces
               Once you have selected your dress you will be looking for and
               choosing what to wear on your head.

               Traditionally this may not be as exciting as choosing your dress
               however with our beautiful unique made-to-order headpieces you
               will have a number of options to get excited about.

               Want more sparkle? At Hollywood Brides we have an in-house
               designer - the legendary VFox, best known for her high-end couture

               Our designer works with crystals, rhinestones, silk flowers, pearls,
               tiny coloured jewels such as sapphires and amethysts and her pieces
               are tastefully beaded, delightfully airy and simply elegant.

               Everyone has a vision of what they are going to look like on their
               wedding day and it is so important and special that our brides can
               design and determine the budget for pieces that will not only look
HB Special!    good on everyone from bride to bridesmaids, but will tie in with your
From   $30     theme and colours.

               Whether or not you decide to wear a veil, our made-to-order one-off
               designer pieces will finish the look for you. After all, every bride is a
               princess no matter what crowns her head.

 HB Special!                                                        HB Special!

 From   $30                                                        From   $60

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