Healing the Leaky Gut with Colostrum

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					Digestive Health
                                                         T H E C O L O S T RU M R E P O RT E R

                     Healing the Leaky Gut with Colostrum
                     If you use painkillers, imbibe alcohol or are concerned, as we recommend you should be,
                     with runaway bodily inflammation, then caring for your gastrointestinal health with
                     first-milking colostrum should be part of your health promotion program.

                           or centuries, colostrum has              nation’s leading experts on inflamma- the alcoholics with chronic liver dis-
                           been one of the world’s most             tory bowel disease.                       ease had increased intestinal perme-
                           revered     healing      foods.              This protective function of the ability, we conclude that a ‘leaky’ gut
                     Ancient Indian ayurvedic and                   intestinal mucosa is called permeabil- may be a necessary cofactor for the
                     European traditions both embrace               ity. Clinicians use inert, nonmetabo- development of chronic liver injury
                     the anti-aging, rejuvenating merits            lized sugars such as mannitol, in heavy drinkers.”
                     of first-milking colostrum. But for            rhamnose, or lactulose to measure the
                     anyone with gastrointestinal prob-             permeability barrier or the degree of                Leaky Gut—
                     lems—especially leaky gut syn-                 leakiness of the gastrointestinal lining.     Inflammation Connection
                     drome as well as those people                      Ample evidence indicates that per- Many of the pathogens that make us
                     taking non-steroidal anti-inflamma-            meability is increased in most patients sick enter the body through the food
                     tory drugs or who imbibe alcohol—              with Crohn’s dis-
                     colostrum could be a lifesaver.                ease and in ten to Quality first-milking colostrum can be of
                                                                    twenty percent of
                             Leaky Gut Syndrome—                    their     clinically
                                                                                            substantial value to anyone at risk for leaky gut.
                              Serious & Widespread                  healthy relatives.      The immune factors in colostrum contain a number
                      What on earth is a leaky gut? And                 Permeability of antibodies that bind to invading microorganisms
                      why should we be concerned with is also increased
                      this condition? Well, leaky gut is a in celiac disease
                                                                                            and hold them in check while they are destroyed
                      serious condition and probably far and by trauma, by white blood cells.
                      more widespread than we might real- burns, and use
                      ize; even if you are clinically healthy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory we eat. This means that an individual
                      today and don’t know you have leaky drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and with leaky gut syndrome is much
                      gut, it could well put you at risk for ibuprofen.                                       more vulnerable to infection than
                      serious disease.                                  Alcoholics and people who imbibe someone with a healthy gastrointesti-
                          “A major task of the intestine is to would also do well to be concerned nal tract.
                      form a defensive barrier to prevent about leaky gut. Only 30 percent of                    The activation of immune cells
                      absorption of damaging substances alcoholics develop cirrhosis, and new within the huge surface area of the
                      from the external environment,” says research suggests that the develop- gut lining can cause a systemic
                      Daniel Hollander, M.D., of the ment of alcohol-induced liver injury inflammatory response—and overall
                      Harbor-UCLA Research and Edu- is caused in part by a leaky gut, say bodily inflammation, we are now
                      cation Institute, and one of the researchers at the Department of learning, is a key to many different
                                                                    Medicine (Division of Gastro- disease states, including heart disease,
                                                                       enterology), Loyola University cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. The
                                                   FYI:                     Medical School, Maywood, passage of bacteria and toxins through
                                  Are You at Risk for Leaky Gut?                 Illinois. Animal studies leaky gut mucosa may amplify or per-
                           Leaky gut syndrome is a very common (often                have shown that gut- petuate this systemic inflammation.
                         undiagnosed) condition in which the lining of the             derived endotoxin is a    Inflammation causes damage to the
                       small intestine becomes inflamed. Many different things,         critical factor in tissue, resulting in excess permeability
                     including the following, can cause this inflammation:
                                                                                         causing cirrhosis. and unusually large spaces between the
                    •Alcohol and/or drinks containing caffeine.
                                                                                          Increased intes- cells of the mucosal lining, which
                   • Overuse of antibiotics resulting in destruction of the “good”
                      bacteria in the intestines.
                                                                                          tinal permeability allows bacteria, viruses, fungi and other
                   • Foods contaminated by certain bacteria or parasites.                 has been shown to potentially toxic materials to enter the
                    • Corticosteroids, such as prednisone, and/or non-steroidal           cause     endotox- bloodstream. The widened spaces can
                        anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin or ibuprofen.      emia, and it is now also allow undigested food particles to
                       • Consumption of large quantities of highly refined              believed increased “leak” through the intestinal lining. This
                           carbohydrates, (sugar and processed flour).                 gastrointestinal per- could pose a serious health risk since
                           Under any of these conditions, you should be using        meability (leaky gut) these particles may be considered “for-
                              first-milking colostrum as a means of preven-
                                  tion or to help the body to heal.               contributes to alcoholic eign” by the body and the immune sys-
                                                                             liver disease. “Because only tem may try to destroy them.

                     42 The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living / Volume 7, Number 4
                           T H E C O L O S T RU M R E P O RT E R continued

   Thus, by this logic, leaky gut can         Healthy male volunteers partici-           for heart disease, cancer, diabetes,
be linked with a whole host of             pated in a randomized crossover trial         and arthritis also decrease—along
autoimmune diseases.                       comparing changes in gut permeabil-           with overall bodily inflammation.
                                           ity before and after five days of                 There are even nutritional bene-
 How First-milking Colostrum               indomethacin therapy. In healthy              fits. Repairing the intestinal damage
   Helps Heal Leaky Gut                    volunteers, indomethacin caused a             caused by leaky gut syndrome can
Quality first-milking colostrum can        three-fold increase in gut permeabil-         improve nutrient uptake. Leaky gut
be of substantial value to anyone at       ity, whereas no significant increase          syndrome results in significant min-
risk for leaky gut. The immune fac-        in permeability was seen when                 eral deficiencies because the same
tors in colostrum contain a number of      colostrum was co-administered.                inflammatory process that injures the
antibodies that bind to invading           “These studies provide preliminary            mucosal lining damages carrier pro-
microorganisms and hold them in            evidence that bovine colostrum,               teins. These carrier proteins are the
check while they are destroyed by          which is already currently available          means by which many of the essen-
white blood cells.                         as an over-the-counter preparation,           tial minerals are absorbed. The lacto-
   The growth factors in colostrum,        may provide a novel approach to the           ferrin and transferrin found in high
are also of substantial benefit in leaky   prevention of NSAID-induced gas-              quality colostrum serve as effective
gut syndrome. It is well documented        trointestinal damage in humans.”              carrier proteins for iron and copper.
that growth hormone and the insulin-          More studies should be forthcom-           This is why many who have trouble
like growth factor superfamily of pro-     ing. But this is certainly important for      with anemia find help when taking
teins, both of which are found in          anyone using such painkillers.                colostrum. In addition, the casein in
abundance in first-milking colostrum,                                                    complete colostrum is a carrier pro-
aid in the proliferation of new cells.             Benefits from a                       tein for calcium, allowing it to be
   These and other factors in                     Healthy Gut Lining                     effectively absorbed. Since the
colostrum can actually help repair            There are many benefits that               absorption of nutrients is so impor-
the damaged mucosal tissues. Recent        accrue to people who free themselves          tant to so many functions in the body,
studies have documented how the            from leaky gut with the use of                the resolution of leaky gut syndrome
use of bovine colostrum reduces            colostrum. Allergies and food sensi-          can have positive effects on many
excess permeability caused by the          tivities are markedly reduced. Risk           other conditions. y
use of NSAIDS. The repair of the
mucosal lining may also decrease the
                                             Prescription for Healing the Leaky Gut
severity of some food allergies—
                                               There are many important steps to take for
especially those associated with
undigested food particles leaking            the health of your gastrointestinal tract. But one
into the bloodstream.                        of the important things you can do is to bring
                                             quality first-milking colostrum into your diet. We
Colostrum & Painkillers                      highly recommend Immune-Tree first-milking
   In June 2001, British researchers         colostrum.
at the Department of Gastro-
                                               Much of the colostrum sold today is what we
enterology, Imperial College School
of Medicine, London, demonstrated            would more accurately term “transitional milk.”
how important colostrum is to any-           It lacks the same amount and versatility of
one using painkillers. It is well            growth factors and immunoglobulins found in true
known that painkillers such as               first-milking products.
NSAIDs are effective analgesics and            Dosage—Most people benefit from approximately six
that some even reduce heart attack
                                             capsules of Immune-Tree colostrum daily. But many
risk, but they also cause gastrointesti-
                                             people purchase economy-sized jars and consume one to
nal injury. These researchers note
the dearth of preventive measures for        two heaping tablespoons daily for even greater benefit.
people on painkillers.                         Immune-Tree       has   many      different   kinds   of
   “Bovine colostrum is a cheap,             colostrum products from which to choose, including
readily available source of growth fac-      those for weight loss and bulking up. There should be
tors, which reduces gastrointestinal         one that is right for your needs.
injury in rats and mice,” they say.
                                               Availability—Immune-Tree first-milking colostrum products are available
They examined whether spray-dried,
defatted colostrum could reduce the          at natural health centers and from health professionals. If you have any trouble
rise in gut permeability caused by           finding a source, call Immune-Tree toll-free at (888) 484-8671 ext 2606. Health
NSAIDs in volunteers.                        professionals can call (800) 916-3681 ext. 2606.

                                                             Volume 7, Number 4/ The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living   43