; Cleansing and care of skin and body
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Cleansing and care of skin and body


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									Cleansing and care of skin and body

Replenishing bath additive and shower oil for the gentle cleansing and intensive care
of dry and sensitive skin.
Baktolan® bath & shower oil
    Product properties                                               Characteristics
  contains premium, natural care substances
  a special buffer system stabilises the protective acid        Baktolan® bath & shower oil contains an ultra mild and
  mantle                                                        replenishing cleansing complex and consists to more
  alkali and soap-free                                          than 50 % of moisturising oils like soybean oil.
  free of colourants and preservatives
                                                                Additives such as Panthenol, Bisabol and Eucerit®*
    Composition                                                 support the skin’s smoothing, moisture maintenance and
Glycine Soja, MIPA Laureth Sulfate, Laureth-4, Ricinus
Communis, Cocamide DEA, Poloxamer 101, Perfume                  In addition, the replenishing properties can relieve
(Fragrance), Panthenol, Bisabolol, Lanolin Alcohol, BHT,        itching.
Citric Acid, Diammonium Citrate, Aqua, Propyl Gallate.
                                                                * Eucerit is a trademark of Beiersdorf AG
    Areas of application
                                                                     Stability (optionally)
Suitable for the daily use as shower oil or as bath
additive. Especially for highly stressed, dry, sensitive or     Unopened:                                          30 months
itching skin, or for skin that tends to inflame. Particularly   After opening:                                     12 months
suitable for the supportive care of aging skin and
eczematous skin diseases.
    Directions for use
                                                                100 millilitre tottle, 350 millilitre bottle.

In the shower, apply Baktolan® bath & shower oil                BODE Wall-mounted Rack for 350 ml BODE bottles.
undiluted to the wet skin, rub and allow it to act.
Afterwards, shortly rinse skin and dap dry with towel.          The recommendations regarding our preparations are based on scientific tests
For a full bath (approx. 150 l), pour 25-30 ml Baktolan®        and are given in good faith. More detailed recommendations, e.g. regarding
                                                                material compatibility, are only possible in particular cases. Our
bath & shower oil into the bath water and mix well. Do          recommendations are without obligation and do not constitute a warranty. They
not use additional bath additives or soaps in order not to      do not preclude a company’s own testing for the intended purposes and
                                                                processes. In this respect we cannot accept any liability. This complies with our
neutralise the oil bath’s effect. The water temperature         general conditions of sale and supply.
should be between 32-37 °C. In order to maintain the
fine oil film, only dab skin dry with a towel after bathing.    Important tip: Oil baths and shower oils do not only leave an oil film on the skin,
                                                                but also in the tub which harbours the increased risk of slipping. Therefore, the
                                                                tub should be cleaned with a common cleanser and rinsed with hot water after
                                                                each bath or shower.

Skin tolerability
P. Pigatto, M. Sepehrmanesh, H. Jahnel-Kracht:
“European clinical investigation regarding tolerability and
suitability of four different pH5 Eucerin products with
patients suffering from dry skin.” European Bulletin of
Drug Research ( 1994) , Volume 3, No 1, 45-48.

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„ Anwendungsstudie zu einer Pflege- und
Reinigungspräperateserie.” Hautnah Dermatologie
(1994) 10, 226-228.

M. Sepehrmanesh, V. Schreiner, R. Schmucker: „
Untersuchungsergebnisse eines Reinigungspräparates
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