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					                   GOURMET PIZZA
THE KITCHEN ZINC                                           99
A slice of each ( excluding novo )

The following pizzas may be halved and
substituted with a mixed salad
UNO                                                        48
basic margherita
DUE                                                        59
tomato, mozzarella, plum tomato,
roasted garlic, basil
TRE                                                        84
tomato, mozzarella, smoked salmon trout, capers
crème fraiche, avocado in season
QUATTRO                                                    79
tomato, mozzarella, bolognese, onion,
peppers, red chilli
CINQUE                                                     82
tomato, mozzarella, peppered salami,
olives, roasted peppers
SEI                                                        84
tomato, mozzarella, bacon chilli, rocket,
avocado in season
SETTE                                                      87
tomato, mozzarella, sliced pama ham,
fresh rocket, avocado in season
OTTO                                                       79
tomato, mozzarella, pesto chicken,
creamed feta, spinach
NOVO                                                       84
calzone, tomato, mozzarella, field mushrooms,
roasted ham
DIECI                                                      79
tomato, mozzarella, cinnamon roasted butternut,
spinach, feta, roasted rossa tomato
UNDICI                                                     84
tomato, mozzarella, chicken strawberry relish, camembert
wood fried ciabatta roll, 250g pure beef            82
                 crumbed chicken fillet             72
made to order with, fresh rocket and fries
with porcini mushroom sauce
with whole peppercorn sauce
with whole grain mustard sauce

WOOD OVEN PORK NECK                                 105
filled with apple sage & celery,
Bucatini, honey &mustard reduction,

220g GRILLED BEEF FILLET                            118
             OR 300g                                130
Whole peppercorn sauce, sautéed greens

WOOD FRIED CHICKEN BREAST                           84
sweet mustard cream sauce, ciabatta crust, fries,
 rosemary roasted tomatoes

SLOW ROASTED HAM HOCK                               105
sweet mustard jus, apple & pear,
slow roasted butternut, rustic garlic potatoes

WOOD FRIED PORK CHOPS                               89
mint, lemon & thyme risotto,
roasted tomatoes, sautéed greens
MAMA,S BOLOGNESE                              74
tagliatelle, red pepper & tomato, parsley,
red chilli, parmesan, basil

BUCATINI CARBONARA                            79
double cream, egg yolk, crispy smoked bacon
thyme, fresh herbs, parmesan

with field mushrooms                          86

WOOD FRIED LASANGE                            79
beef, tomato, butternut market greens

PENNE DI PESCE                                96
pomadore, mussels, calamari, prawns,
fish of the day, red wine, chilli

SMOKED SALMON TROUT                           99
Crème fraiche, fresh dill

MUSHROOM BUCATINI                             84
Fresh herbs, porcini cream sauce, parmesan

With grilled chicken breast                   92
With sautéed beef fillet                      99

CREAMY PRAWN PENNE                            86
Cream, lemon zest, de-shelled prawns,
Parmesan, rocket, pomadore, red peppers

MIXED BABY GREENS                          46
roasted rossa tomato, roasted butternut,
parmesan, berry balsamic

ITALIAN TOMATO SALAD                       59
salad, plum & rossa tomato
fresh mint, basil & baby leaves
feta & balsamic reduction

CRUMBED CHICKEN BREAST                     69
wood fired, baby greens, summer salsa,
char grilled zucchini, tarragon & mint
homemade mayo ( with avo in season)

ROLL YOUR OWN PIZZA                       37

basic Uno with a choice of 2 toppings;
bacon, banana, feta, salami, pineapple,
mushroom, marshmellows

KIDDIES COOLIES                           10