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					Annika Sorenstam
Signature Golf Course

Welcome to Euphoria Country Club

Euphoria Country Club is part of the Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro which is a
family oriented residential golf estate set in the beautiful Waterberg bushveld.
Our aim is to ensure that every homeowner, member or guest, who visits the
Country Club, leaves us with a sense of complete satisfaction that their expecta-
tions have been exceeded in every way.

This guide is intended to help us accomplish that.

Club contact details

Phone:     014 743-3759/69
Fax:       014 743-2242

Key people in the Country Club

Club Manager:                  Johan Krugel

Golf & Events Coordinator:     Bets Mills

Food & Beverage Manager:       Yvette Houreld

Receptionist:                  Nelia Botha

Sales & Marketing Manager: Natalie van Blerk
Table of Contents
Welcome to Euphoria Country Club                      Pg i
Club contact details                                  Pg i
Key people in the Country Club                        Pg i
Country Club facilities:
         Golf course                                  Pg 1
         Car park                                     Pg 1
         Pro-shop                                     Pg 1
         Locker rooms                                 Pg 1
         Halfway house                                Pg 2
         Golf practice facilities                     Pg 2
         Caddies                                      Pg 2
         Porte Cachere                                Pg 2
         Visitor’s reception                          Pg 2
	        Business	office	 	       	   	   	   	   	   Pg	2
         Group function rooms                         Pg 3
         A-la-carte Restaurant                        Pg 3
         Bar and Bar Lounge                           Pg 3
         Board room                                   Pg 3
         Wine cellar                                  Pg 4
Cableway                                              Pg 4
Sundowner Restaurant                                  Pg 4
Member privileges                                     Pg 4
Timesheet booking procedure                           Pg 5
Start of play                                         Pg 5
Speed of play                                         Pg 5
Cancellations                                         Pg 6
No shows                                              Pg 6
Playing fees                                          Pg 6
Competitions and prizes                               Pg 7
Competition scoring:                                  Pg 7
         Medal                                        Pg 7
         Bogey                                        Pg 7
         Bonus bogey                                  Pg 7
         Stableford                                   Pg 7
         Combined Betterball                          Pg 8
         Count out procedure                          Pg 8
Handicaps                                             Pg 8
Use of cellphones                                     Pg 8
Lost and found property                               Pg 9
Security and safety                                   Pg 9

Dress Code:                 Pg 9
         On the course      Pg 9
         In the clubhouse   Pg 10
Golf car policy             Pg 10
Lightning policy            Pg 11
Golf course etiquette       Pg 11
Country Club Constitution   Pg 11
Liability disclaimer        Pg 11

Country Club Facilities

• Golf course:
  Key focus of the Country Club is to facilitate playing the game of golf. The
  golf	course	is	Annika	Sorenstam`s	first	signature	course	in	Africa	and	only	
  her second in the world. The course was designed by European Golf Design
  Company, a joint venture between The P.G.A. European Tour and International
  Management	Group.		This	is	also	E.G.D`s	first	venture	into	Africa.		The	par	72	
  course is a truly bushveld layout with a links like feel on many of the holes.

• Car park:
	 Sufficient	parking	in	a	secure,	paved	parking	lot	is	available	for	all	golfers.

• Pro-shop:
	 Golfers	arrive	from	the	car	park	at	the	lower	ground	floor	level	of	the	building	
  and enter directly into the spacious, well stocked Pro-shop. Individual
  golfers and small groups register for golf in the Pro-shop with one of the Shop
  Assistants. Large and corporate groups register with their hosts at a counter
  immediately outside the Pro-shop. A large store room has been provided for
  hosts of corporate golf events to secure all their hand outs, banners, etc.

  The Pro-shop is well stocked with a wide range of low, medium and high
  priced golf apparel to suit the requirements of all golfers. There is a private
  fitting	room	for	buyers	to	use	before	making	their	purchase.		The	shop	is	also	
  well stocked with an appropriate range of bush wear, running gear, swimming
  suits,		fishing	tackle	and	the	like	to	service	all	the	requirements	of	visitors	to	
  the estate. The range will be expanded in line with other sporting disciplines
  becoming available.

• Locker Rooms:
	 Immediately	behind	the	Pro-shop	and	on	the	same	lower	ground	floor	of	the	
  clubhouse building are the Ladies and Gentlemen’s locker rooms. These are
  appropriately	spacious	and	can	cater	adequately	for		full	field	golf	groups.		
  Private lockers are available for all golfers for use throughout the day. An
  overnight golf bag store has also been provided.

  The locker rooms are serviced every day and there is a shoe cleaning service
  available to both the ladies and gentlemen`s sections. Both locker rooms also
  have television service and terminals to enter scores for handicap purposes.
• Halfway House:
  The Halfway House is generously proportioned and is conveniently located
  adjacent to the Pro-shop. Golfers are served buffet style in the halfway house
  and are encouraged to eat their meal in the halfway house itself in order to
  minimize delays during the round of golf.

• Golf Practice Facilities:
  Homeowners, members, visitors and guests are able to make use of all the
  practice facilities available. Close to the clubhouse is a practice putting green
  with	18	numbered	putting	holes.		A	short	ride	away	the	golfer	will	find	a	
  large practice range with a chipping green, a bunker play green, a short range
  practice tee and a separate long range practice tee.

• Caddies:
  No caddies are available at Euphoria Country Club. The Club will assist in
  organizing caddies for amateur and professional tournaments where golf carts
  are prohibited. In such cases players may make use of their own personal
  caddies	with	the	specific	approval	of	the	Country	Club	Management.

• Porte Cachere
  All visitors to the Country Club will drive through a porte cachere at the
  entrance to the clubhouse. Golfers are requested to continue on to the car park
  where they will be met by a Players Assistant. All other visitors may drop their
  passengers off and either park their own car or request valet parking which is
  available free of charge.

• Visitors Reception
	 Visitors	to	the	upper	ground	floor	function	facility	level	of	the	clubhouse	enter	
  into a double volume reception area with a Receptionist in attendance. All
  function rooms lead off this reception area and are all clearly demarcated.

• Business Office
	 A	Business	Office	with	two	electronic	work	stations	is	available	for	exclusive	
  use by corporate and conference groups or by any individuals requiring this

• Group Function Rooms
  Two large function rooms are available to be used separately, or combined into
  one large venue. Individually they can accommodate 140 and 80 people seated
  at tables of 8 or 10. Both rooms have fold away doors opening out onto covered
  and open patios.

  The function rooms are serviced directly from the main kitchen. Toilet facilities
  are available for exclusive use of guests utilizing these function rooms. A spit
  braai is available on the balcony for any groups requiring this service.

  Used either separately or combined, these function rooms are ideally suited for
  wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate golf prizegivings, conferences,
  seminars or any other function requiring facilities of this size. A wooden dance
  floor	has	been	provided	for	in	the	smaller	of	the	two	rooms.

• A-la-Carte Restaurant - Marnella’s
  An intimate 80 seater a-la-carte restaurant leads directly off the reception room.
  A	feature	of	this	restaurant	is	the	central	fire	place	creating	a	warm	and	intimate	
  atmosphere during the colder winter months.

• Bar and Bar Lounge
	 A	large	bar,	typical	of	what	one	would	find	in	a	top	class	private	golf	club	
  and linked into an elegant bar lounge has been provided. The bar and bar
  lounge are ideally suited for golfers to enjoy drinks after a round, for golf prize
  giving’s or for homeowners or visitors to simply enjoy evening drinks while
  enjoying	the	magnificent	views	over	the	golf	course.	

  The bar is also equipped with an outdoor braai and large foldaway doors
  leading onto both a covered and open patio.

• Board Room
  A 16 seater “state of the art” board room is available for use on the upper
  executive	office	level	of	the	three	storey	clubhouse	building.		A	large	covered	
  balcony leads off the board room with unsurpassed views of the golf course,
  the estate and the disappearing landscape.

• Wine Cellar
  The best has been left till last! Tucked away in the back of the lower ground
  floor	is	the	finest	wine	cellar	to	be	found	outside	of	the	Western	Cape	

  This venue is one that everyone should experience over and over again. It is
  perfectly suited for small dinner parties of up to 24 people, wine tasting events,
  board meetings, lunch time parties, bird clubs, or any other similar function


Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro has one of the most unique features found in a
clubhouse anywhere in the world. Believed to be the only one in the world, the
clubhouse	has	a	cableway	station	docking	on	the	upper	ground	floor	level.		Two	
cablecars transport 8 passengers each between the clubhouse and the Sundowner
Restaurant located on the mountain top behind the clubhouse. The cableway
is available for use by all visitors to the estate and is operated day and night on

Sundowner Restaurant

The Sundowner restaurant located on top of the mountain is an informal venue
with a cocktail bar and light meal menu. This venue is a must visit destination for
all visitors to the estate whether as individuals or part of a golf or function group.

Member Privileges

As a general rule members of the Club will be granted preference to play over
non-members. By policy however, the golf course is open to play for groups and
the general public. Group bookings and individual non-member bookings will
be accepted any day of the week until member demand grows to the point where
members will be granted preferential tee booking times ahead of non-members.

This will be negotiated with the elected members of the Club serving on the Joint
Advisory Board.

Timesheet Booking Procedure

The Country Club and golf course are open seven days of the week and including
public holidays. The golf course will be closed for play on December 25 and
January 1 of every year. The Clubhouse however will be open every day of the
Members, homeowners and visitors may book to play golf by
    (a) making a reservation through the Shop Assistant in the Pro-shop or
    (b) accessing the Golf Time electronic tee booking system via internet @
or (c) phoning the Pro-shop

Group reservations can be made by contacting:
   Bets Mills – Golf and Events Coordinator at
or phone the Country Club on 014 743 3759/69

Individual time sheet bookings can be made 60 days in advance and group
bookings can be made 12 months in advance.

Start of Play

Players are requested to report to their respective starting tees at least 7 minutes
before the reserved starting time. If any player is going to be late for a tee off time
they are requested to advise the Club accordingly so that the remaining players
in the group can be informed. In the event that one player in a 4 ball is late the
remaining three players are required to tee off on time and the 4th player will join
the 4 ball on the course.

In the event that two or three players in a 4 ball are late the remaining players will
be	required	to	forfeit	their	place	in	the	field	and	move	to	the	back	of	the	field	or	
be	slotted	into	the	field	when	the	players	who	are	late	arrive.		It	is	common	golf	
etiquette to arrive at the Club and to be on time for starting play.

Speed of Play

The course is long and the Club expects an 18 hole round of golf to take 5 hours.
All players are requested to prepare themselves for a 5 hour round and to enjoy
the beautiful surrounds rather than to become frustrated.
The speed of play will be monitored on busy days and players are requested to
cooperate fully with the Players Assistants` when instructed to speed up play.

There are a few simple guidelines to help players complete their round in the
required time:

•	Be	on	the	starting	tee	ready	to	play	7	minutes	before	scheduled	tee	off	time
•	Tee	off	on	the	scheduled	tee	time	whether	or	not	all	players	are	present
•	Keep	up	with	the	4	ball	in	front.		The	Club	will	concern	itself	with	the	4	ball	
•	The	first	4	ball	to	tee	off	on	any	day	has	the	responsibility	to	set	the	speed	of	
•	Be	completely	ready	to	play	when	it	is	your	turn
•	Use	the	halfway	house	stop	as	an	opportunity	to	catch	up	with	the	4	ball	ahead	
  of you
•	Obey	the	Starters	and	Players	Assistants
•	Pick	up	if	you	can	no	longer	score	on	a	hole

The Players Assistants are there to help all players enjoy their round so please do
not abuse their authority.


Cancellations must be made no later than 48 hours before the booked time.
Cancellations after this deadline will be billed and will be considered only under
exceptional circumstances.

No Shows

Players who fail to arrive for a booked tee time will be dealt with harshly. This
is	not	considered	to	be	fair	on	the	other	golfers	in	the	field	or	on	the	Club.		It	is	
simply bad golf etiquette. Green fees will be charged for all “no shows” and
disciplinary action will be taken against repeatitive offenders.

Playing Fees

All golfers booked to play a round of golf are required to pay for the game ahead
of play. Playing fees will be determined from time to time for all categories of

players. Players may be required to produce proof of payment and any player
unable to do so will be removed from the course and banned from playing at
Euphoria in the future.

Competitions and Prizes

The Club will run competitions from time to time. A competition fee will be
charged for all of these events. Prizes will be paid in accordance with the limits
determined from time to time by the South African Golf Association and in terms
of their rules will be paid out in vouchers to be redeemed at the Pro-shop. Under
no circumstances will members` club accounts be credited with the value of
prizes received. Vouchers will be valid for 3 months.

Competition Scoring

Only properly signed and countersigned score cards will be accepted in Club
competitions. Competition scoring must be computed as follows:

• Medal:
  Record the total number of strokes played on each hole including any penalty
  strokes and deduct the players handicap from the total to obtain the net score
  for the round.

• Bogey:
  Scoring is on the players or better ball net score per hole and is recorded on the
  score card with a +(plus) for under par, 0 for par and – (minus) for any score
  over par.

• Bonus Bogey:
  Scoring is as above with Bogey but ++ (plus, plus) is recorded for an Eagle
  (two under par) and +++ (plus, plus, plus) for an Albatros (three under par)

• Stableford:
  Points are scored on the players, or better ball, net score for each hole played: 1
  point for one over par; 2 points for a par; 3 points for a one under par (birdie);
  4 points for a two under par (eagle) and so on.

• Combined Better Ball:
  The best net score from players A and B is added to the best net score from
  players C and D on each hole in whatever format the competition is being

• Count Out Procedure
  18 holes:   a) best last nine holes
              b) best last six holes
              c) best last three holes
              d) best short holes


All	member	handicaps	are	calculated	monthly	on	the	first	day	of	every	month.		
Under	the	current	S.A.G.A.	rules,	all	affiliated	golfers	have	an	official	handicap	
and	a	competition	allowance.		The	official	handicap	is	calculated	on	the	average	
of the best 10 of the last 20 gross score differentials measured against the rating of
the	course	played.		The	official	handicap	is	used	for	all	individual	formats	of	play	
and	the	competition	allowance,		which	is	calculated	at	75%	of	official	handicap,	is	
used for all better ball and alliance formats.

All	affiliated	golfers	are	required	to	enter	every	score	for	handicap	purposes,	of	all	
rounds played in R.S.A. Nil returns may be entered when the format of play does
not allow a score to be used ie when playing Foursomes, Greensomes, Scramble
Alliance	and	official	Matchplay.		All	scores	must	be	entered	within	72	hours	of	
the completion of a round. Scores not returned on time could result in a penalty
score, equivalent to the par of the course, being entered on the players behalf. In
the event that any members are unable to enter a score on time they are welcome
to contact the Pro-shop and request them to enter a score.

Any member transferring their handicap from another club are required to bring
their last 20 scores across to Euphoria in order to obtain a handicap.

Use of cellphones

Cellphones have become part of daily living but should be used with discretion
at the golf club. The principle to bear in mind is not to disturb or offend other
players or guests.

All visitors to the Country Club are requested to put phones on silent mode
when in the clubhouse or on the course. When making or receiving a phone call
members and guests are required to step outside the building or away from other
players and to conduct the call in private.

Lost and Found Property

Any lost property found on the course or in the clubhouse should be handed
in to the Pro-shop where it will be held in safekeeping until claimed by the
owner. Lost and found property will be recorded in a register and held in the
merchandise store in the Pro-shop for a maximum period of 3 months after which
it will be disposed of.

Security and Safety

The Euphoria estate is considered to be a safe and secure environment but one
can never be careful enough. All players and visitors are encouraged to take care
of their personal possessions. Valuables should be secured in a locker provided
and not left unattended in the locker room.

Any incident of loss or theft should be reported immediately to the Pro-shop or to
reception for investigation by security.

The Club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or theft of personal

Dress Code

The culture at Euphoria is designed to allow all visitors the opportunity to have
fun and to enjoy themselves. This can only be achieved if everybody who visits
the estate “plays by the rules”. With this in mind the dress code in the clubhouse
and on the course is relaxed yet must comply with generally accepted golf

• On the course:
  Players are required to be appropriately dressed for golf. Jeans and tee
  shirts are not permitted under any circumstances. Shirts with bold or excessive
  advertising are not permitted. Gym, jogging and cycling shorts are also not
  permitted.		Only	golf	shoes	fitted	with	soft	spikes	will	be	allowed.		
• In the clubhouse:
  Casual wear is appropriate throughout the clubhouse. Shirts and footwear
  must be worn at all times.

Management reserves the right to monitor dress code and to take appropriate
corrective action against offenders.

Golf car policy

•	The	Country	Club	has	a	full	fleet	of	electric	golf	cars	available	for	hire.
•	Members	may	use	their	own	golf	cars	provided	that	they	are:
     Electric powered.
     Coloured in beige similar to the Club`s cars.
     Registered with the Club.
     Numbered in accordance with Club requirements.
     Either two or four seater ride on type.
•	Members	are	required	to	pay	an	annual	registration	fee	for	every	golf	car	
  registered with the Club but are not required to pay any use or trail fee.
•	No	visitors	are	allowed	to	use	privately	owned	golf	cars	on	the	course	or	on	the	
•	A	maximum	of	two	players	are	allowed	to	occupy	any	golf	car	while	playing	
•	No	person	under	the	age	of	16	years	may	drive	a	golf	car	on	the	course	or	
  anywhere on the estate.
•	Players	are	required	to	sign	an	indemnity	agreement	before	taking	possession	of	
  a golf car from the Club.
•	Homeowners	are	allowed	to	use	registered	golf	cars	on	the	estate	with	use	
  restricted to tarred roads, golf course cart paths and the golf course only when
  playing golf.
•	Club	management	reserves	the	right	to	restrict	golf	cars	to	the	cart	paths	when	
  required due to course conditions or wet weather.
•	The	Club	provides	no	storage	or	charging	facilities	for	member	golf	cars.
•	Members	who	are	homeowners	of	a	bushveld	property	are	entitled	to	a	
  discount off the list price of a golf car rental.
•	The	Club	does	provide	a	service	to	homeowners	to	maintain	their	privately	
  owned golf cars.

Lightning Policy

The Rules of Golf dictate that it is the players sole responsibility to stop play and
leave the course when threatened by bad weather. Any player leaving the course
due	to	the	risk	of	lightning	may	resume	play	in	the	field	without	penalty	when	
the weather has cleared. The Club has no weather warning system in place and
takes no responsibility whatsoever for the safety of players. In the event of
lightning, players are encouraged to return immediately to the safety of the

Golf course etiquette

All players are expected to:
•	Keep	up	with	the	speed	of	play
•	Make	every	effort	to	catch	up	with	the	4	ball	ahead	after	searching	for	a	lost	ball
•	Behave	with	dignity	and	courtesy	on	the	course
•	Make	use	of	the	litter	bins	provided
•	Rake	all	bunkers	after	play
•	Fill	all	divots	made	on	the	tees	and	fairways
•	Repair	all	pitchmarks	on	greens	properly
•	Play	in	accordance	with	the	Rules	of	Golf

Country Club Constitution

The	Constitution	of	the	Country	Club	defines	all	members	rights	and	privileges.		
Players are required to comply with the requirements of the constitution at all
times. The Constitution is available on or from the

Liability Disclaimer

The Club does not accept responsibility whatsoever for any loss of life or theft
of money, bags, keys, clubs, clothing, valuables or any loss of property or for
damage or loss of any vehicle on the estate nor any injury or damage to any
person. The Club does not accept responsibility for any damage to property
occasioned by any act or omission of any of the Club`s members, guests, servants
or agents. The Club will not be held responsible for safekeeping of any property
or goods brought on to the property by any person. The Club takes no
responsibility whatsoever for injury or death incurred as a result of a lightning
strike.                                                                           11



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