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    KPI Scorecard
            Business planning, balanced scorecard
            and tracking your KPIs…all in one!
                              MAUS KPI Scorecard will help       MAUS KPI Scorecard also helps
                              you easily produce one page        you prepare your business
                              scorecards for your business.      planning documentation. The
                              A process to keep you              program provides you with a
                              focused on your desired goals.     brilliantly presented business
                                                                 planning template which can be
                              MAUS KPI Scorecard assists you     easily customised.
                              by keeping track of financial       
                              and non financial statistics.      Unlike any other software
                              Your accounting department         programs, MAUS KPI Scorecard
                              keeps track of sales and profit    has an inbuilt video coach that
                              but what about other key           guides you through each
                              aspects? Monitoring all areas of   process. Click on the screen and
                              your organisation will ensure      the video coach will appear to tell
                              that you have a successful         you what should be done in the
                              business in the future.            relevant section, whether it is to
                                                                 encourage you in a department
                              Are your employees meeting         that is not doing well or
                              their targets? How many new        congratulating you for a job well
                              customers did you obtain? How      done.
                              many leads did you acquire last
                              month? How many people             MAUS KPI Scorecard enables you
                              visited your website? What was     to produce one page reports and
                              the average cost per lead? How     analyse any area of your
                              many new ideas, new products       business. Additionally, the
                              or new processes did you           reports can be exported to
                              introduce? MAUS KPI scorecard      Microsoft PowerPoint and
                              enables you to track,              Microsoft Excel. The export into
“Just had a good look at      benchmark and report on all        PowerPoint as the KPI reports
the new module and it's       your KPIs.                         and graphs will seemingly create
great! I love the videos ..                                      a presentation slide show.
The scorecard is              Most organisations have a
amazing—especially as I       business plan that is updated
can export from the           once per year. MAUS KPI
menu direct to                Scorecard provides a
Powerpoint ...very neat!      method to produce a simple
                              rolling dynamic business plan
                              that is updated each month.
Sarah Dawson-Shepherd

                              Key Benefits:
                              • Improve sales and profit         • Increase community awareness
                              • Improve employee                 • Helps you to focus on priorities
                                 motivation                      • Helps you to manage staff
                              • Improve customer

                              Key Tools:
                              • One page business plan           • Sales improvement strategies
                              • Balanced scorecard               • Goal setting
                              • Employee motivation              • Interactive video coach
                    Take a snapshot of your business &
                   monitor the performance of your KPIs

                                          One page
                                                                    How this product can help you to be
                                          Offer marketing           successful…
                                          scorecards, charts,
                                          graphs complete with
                                          interactive video         KPI Scorecard is a clever piece of software that will congratulate you when
                                          advice.                   you do well and encourage you when you are not doing well. KPI Scorecard
                                                                    will help you to prepare business plans, implement systems and provide you
                                                                    with a range of tools, resources and ideas to get started. The software en-
                                                                    ables you to monitor and benchmark KPIs on a monthly basis.

                                                                    For Business Owners:
                                                                    •   Instantly generate graphs and tables, complete with trend lines
                                          Monthly scorecards        •   Monthly snap shot scorecards
                                          Give you a breakdown
                                                                    •   Easy to use, quick to set up and reports can be exported to Microsoft Word,
                                          of your business
                                                                        Excel & PowerPoint at the click of a button
                                          activities for each
                                                                    •   Reports on Financial & Non Financial Performance Indicators
                                                                    •   Produces reports comparing your KPIs against budget, last period or year to
                                                                    •   One Page 'Balanced Scorecards' allow for instant visual analysis of
                                                                    •   Includes practical coaching tips tools and techniques to build your business
                                          Interactive video         •   Includes business planning and core balanced scorecards
                                          coach                     •   Includes advice on marketing, sales improvement, systems and employees
                                          Offers advice to
                                          encourage your
                                          business according to     For Accountants & Consultants:
                                          the data respective to
                                          the targets.              •   Insert and monitor unlimited KPIs of your choice for multiple clients
                                                                    •   Generate Microsoft Word and PowerPoint reports which include your
                                                                        company name and logo
                                                                    •   Generate recurring monthly revenue for your practice
                                                                    •   Administrative staff can manage up to 90% of the process
                                          Business Plans            •   Facilitates promotion of other consultancy services by pinpointing client
                                          These can be created          strengths and weaknesses
                                          from the KPI scorecard
                                          as the templates can
                                          be customised to your
                                          business.                 Other MAUS products for use with KPI Scorecard

                                                                    MAUS MasterPlan helps you save 50-90% of the time to create winning
                                                                    business and marketing plans. Simple to follow question and answer
                                                                    format to create customised plans for your business. Complete with
                                          PowerPoint                financials, strategic overview & milestones.
                                          Prepare a KPI
                                          presentation in a         MAUS Policies & Procedures Manual has over 90 procedures that will
                                          matter of seconds by      assist you in creating a company handbook that clearly documents the
                                          importing your KPI        operating policies and procedures of your business. The handbook provides
                                          Scorecards and
                                                                    guidance, removes confusion and ensures that your employees easily
                                          comments into
                                          Microsoft PowerPoint.     understand your policies. This leads to increased organisational efficiency
                                                                    and higher levels of productivity from your staff.

         The step by step process>>
                                                                    Summary of Features
   1.     Set time period you wish to report on                     Balanced Scorecards, Performance Reports, Actual vs Budget Comparison,
   2.     Set up the desired KPIs e.g. sales                        Financial and Non-Financial Analysis, Fully Networkable*, Automatic Text
   3.     Enter the respective data for each KPI                    Generation, Graphical Reports, Links with Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint,
   4.     Simply produce a report                                   Report Wizard, Report on any aspect of the company, Report across any
                                                                    time period.

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