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					                                      The Privilege Card
                               of Pinnacle Hotels, Resorts & Spas

The Privilege Card of Pinnacle Hotels, Resorts & Spas is a tool to reward our most loyal
customers with special benefits, such as attractive room rates, special discounts in Food &
Beverage outlets, discounts on Spa & Massage Service, etc.

The Privilege Card of Pinnacle Hotels, Resorts & Spas is valid in the following hotels:

Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel & Spa (Bangkok)
Pinnacle Jomtien Resort & Spa (Jomtien)
Pinnacle Samui Resort & Spa (Koh Samui)
Pinnacle Wangmai Satun (Satun)

To get The Privilege Card is easy, just fill out the application form and The Privilege Card of
Pinnacle Hotels, Resorts & Spas will be handed over to you upon your next arrival, once you
have fulfilled the minimum stays required:

Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel & Spa & Pinnacle Wangmai Satun
2 stays of 2 nights or 1 stay of 4 consecutive nights in any category

Pinnacle Samui Resort & Spa & Pinnacle Samui Coco Palm Resort
1 stay of 7 consecutive nights in any category

Pinnacle Jomtien Resort & Spa
1 stay of 14 consecutive nights in any category

The Privilege Card Handling:
   1. Upon fulfilling the requirements (minimum stay) to obtain The Privilege Card, you may
       ask for an application form. Please return the application form to us after completion. A
       card with your name will now be embossed, which will take approx. 14 days. Your
       Personal Privilege Card will be waiting for you upon your next arrival.

   2. Upon retrieving your Personal Privilege Card on your next arrival, please present The
      Privilege Card to the Reception, where a Benefits Card will be given to you, which
      entitles you upon presentation in the outlets and facilities mentioned to the discounts
      offered during your stay. Please show the Benefits Card each and every time you are
      using an outlet or facility of the participating hotels. The Benefits Card is easy
      recognizable, but will only carry a number and not your name for accounting purposes.
      You will only need to carry with you your Benefits Card while staying with us. (valid
      only for Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort & Spa) Please return the Benefits Card upon
      check out to the Cashier of the participating Hotel.

Terms & Conditions:
By using The Privilege Card at any of the participating hotels, terms and conditions associated
with the cards are accepted. These terms and conditions may be revoked without notice or
reposed by any of the participating hotels at any time and must by surrendered upon demand.

The Privilege Card is not a credit card and can’t be used as such

The Privilege Card can’t be transferred and only the holder of the card can avail of the benefits

The validity of The Privilege Card is not time-limited.
The use and benefits of The Privilege Card is extended exclusively for guests staying at one of
the participating hotels, regardless if you have made the booking directly with us or through an

The Privilege Card remains the property of Pinnacle Hotels, Resorts & Spas

Privileges and Benefits may be changed or amended from time to time

                         Special Privileges for The Privilege Card Holders
                               of Pinnacle Hotels, Resorts, & Spas:
                    (valid between November 1, 2009 and October 31, 2010)

The Privilege Card holders are entitled to special privileges in the participating hotels.

Please find below a listing of privileges extended for your well being when staying at one of our
hotels or when visiting one of our restaurant outlets:

Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel & Spa

              Category           Standard         Superior        Deluxe           Pinnacle
               Period              Room            Room            Room             Room
                               single/double     Single/dou    single/double    single/double
            1/11/09 to
            31/10/10            1,450/1,600      1,650/1,80    1,850/2,000       2,500/2,650

Special Privileges at Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel & Spa
    priority reservation
    Express check-in and out
    Free Wifi Access

Pinnacle Wangmai Satun

                         Category             Standard              Superior
                          Period                Room                 Room
                                           single/double/tri   single/double/tripl
                                                  ple                  e
                         1/11/09 to
                         31/10/10              550/600/900      700/750/1,050

Pinnacle Jomtien Resort & Spa

 Category         Economy            Standard        Deluxe Room       Deluxe Room     Deluxe Studio
  /Period           Room               Room          single/double       Sea View      Single/double
                single/double      single/double                       single/double
 1/11/09 to
 26/12/09        1,800/2,000        2,150/2,350       2,550/2,750       2,950/3,150      3,350/3,550
27/12/09 to
 31/01/10        2,800/3,000        3,150/3,350       3,550/3,750       3,950/4,150      4,350/4,550
01/02/10 to
 30/04/10       2,200/2,400         2,550/2,750     2,950/3,150      3,350/3,550          3,750/3,950

1/05/10 to      1,500/1,700         1,850/2,050     2,250/2,450      2,650/2,850          3,050/3,250

Pinnacle Samui Resort & Spa

                  Category           Economy         Standard           Standard
                   Period            Bungalow        Bungalow            Room*
                                   Single/double   Single/double   single/double/triple
                1/11/09 to             1,000        1,500/1,700    1,700/1,900/2,550
                20/12/09 to      1,100/1,300     1,800/2,000   2,000/2,200/2,850
                01/05/10 to         1,000        1,500/1,700   1,700/1,900/2,550
                15/06/10 to      1,100/1,300     1,800/2,000   2,000/2,200/2,850
                01/10/10 to         1,100        1,600/1,800   1,800/2,000/2,650
* triple occupancy for Hotel Rooms and Superior Bungalows only, hotel rooms not available at
Pinnacle Samui Coco Palm Resort

Pinnacle Samui Resort & Spa

      Category                 Superior                   Superior               Pool Villa
       Period                 Bungalow*            Bungalow Ocean View*        Single/double
                          Single/double/triple       Single/double/triple
     1/11/09 to           2,200/2,400/3,050          2,800/3,000/3,650       5,300/5,500/6,150
     20/12/09 to           2,500/2,700/3,350         3,000/3,200/3,850       5,600/5,800/6,450
     01/05/10 to           2,200/2,400/3,050         2,700/2,900/3,550       5,300/5,500/6,150
     15/06/10 to           2,500/2,700/3,350         3,000/3,200/3,850       5,600/5,800/6,450
     01/10/10 to           2,300/2,500/3,150         2,900/3,100/3,750       5,400/5,600/6,250

  All rates mentioned above are in Thai Baht, per day and inclusive breakfast from the
 buffet (except Pinnacle Wangmai Satun), the service charge and prevailing government

Special Privileges at Pinnacle Jomtien Resort & Spa and Pinnacle Samui Resort & Spa
 Free Wifi Access
 Late check out until 2 p.m., subject to availability

Earn Money while Sleeping
While you are staying at our Hotels & Resorts, you can easily earn money while you are
sleeping. Each participating hotel will credit up to Baht 300net* per night and you can reimburse
your credits on your next visit.
* Depending on booked category and season
Food & Beverage
 15% discount on Food and Beverage consumption in any participating hotel’s restaurants
   and bars. Not valid for consumption out of Mini Bar and items ordered through Room
 15% discount on Food & Beverage consumption for private dinner parties on the occasion of
   birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and one bottle of red or white house wine for every 10
   persons attending.
 Complimentary birthday cake when The Privilege Card Holder is making a table reservation
   for lunch or dinner 24 hours in advance on the occasion of his/her birthday or wedding
   anniversary within 3 days prior or after the actual date ( 1 pound per 4 persons)

Hotel Services
 10% discount on Limousine Services at all participating hotels or as published (excluding
   Taxi Meter fares).
 10% discount on laundry services only (except dry cleaning).
 Free use of Fitness Center, Sauna and Steam Bath (if available)
 Free use of sun beds, deck chairs, umbrellas and huts (if resort location and subject to
 Free use of sport facilities (if available), such as tennis courts, table tennis table, pool table,
   other games as provided.

Pinnacle Spas
at Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort & Spa, Pinnacle Samui Resort & Spa
a) 10% discount on Spa treatments and Sala Thai Massage Service (Pinnacle Samui Resort &
    Spa) for booking of Superior Bungalows & Pool Villas
b) 10% discount on Spa treatment at Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel & Spa, regardless of room type.
c) 20% discount on Spa treatments and Sala Thai Massage Service (Pinnacle Grand Jomtien
    Resort & Spa) for room bookings of Deluxe Rooms and Suites
d) 10% discount on Beauty Salon Services at Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort & Spa

Special Amenity Set Up in your hotel room
for Deluxe Room and Suites
            welcome fruit basket (5 different types of fruits), replenishment once a week

Please present this card each and every time you check in and out in one of the participating
hotels. Please state your full name and card number as stated on the card when making a
reservation at our central reservation office in Bangkok.

Special promotions taking place in the participating hotels are exempted from any discount
stated in the privilege and benefit section of this sheet. (Happy Hour, Lunch Promotion, Room
packages, etc)

Pinnacle Spa Discounts do not apply to package-treatment and other promotions in place.

For any room or restaurant where benefits stated are intended to be used, please call our
central reservation office in Bangkok at (66) (0) 2 641 4688-93, Fax (66) (2) 641 4687 or email
to All requests for rooms are subject to availability in each
participating hotel.