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									      The Rabbi Search Committee                                                                     Volume 4 Issue 7
              invites you to meet                                                                    March 2009

               R A B B I RU S S E L L F OX
                 Rabbi, Emanuel Synagogue, Oklahoma City, OK
                                                                                                     Inside this issue:

                       Friday, March 20th                                                            Rabbi’s Corner         2

                        8:00 am - Minyan                                                             President’s Compass    3

           5:30 pm - Shabbat Echad Dinner and Service                                                Mispallelim
                                                                                                     Happenings             4
                  Featuring our Mispallelim 1st and 2nd graders
                              ~                                                                      Bar/Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                      Jason Glanzman        5
                     Saturday, March 21st                                                            Sisterhood             6
        9:00 am - Shabbat Services followed by Kiddush Lunch                                         Junior Congregation
                                                                                                     Schedule            8
                     Sunday, March 22nd                                                              Contributions         7-8

               9:00 am - Minyan Oheavenly Café                                                       Kehillah News         11
    Watch your email and listen for any phone tree updates or changes to the schedule.
                Please try and attend as many of these events as possible.
          Then share your thoughts with any member of the search committee.
                                          We are:
                          Louis Stesis & Doris Elofer Co-Chairs
        Roanne Estrin                 Rich Nutinsky                  Marjorie Wainfan
        Amy Graham                     Amy Pollack                     Russell Young
         Larry Lipton                 Matt Tashman                     Sherry Zigon
       Jonathan Myers                  Mort Wachs

 This issue of the Honey Jar                                  SHABBAT SERVICE SCHEDULE
      is sponsored by the
                                                              (Fri. night services at 7 pm, except when noted,

  Glanzman family in honor
                                                         and Sat. morning services at 9 am, unless otherwise noted.)

    of Jason's Bar Mitzvah
                                                  March 6/7   Shabbat, Discussion and Kiddush, Shabbat morning.
                                                              Junior congregation 10:00am

         on March 28th.
                                                  March 13/14 Friday evening 3rd grade Hasiddur service and Oneg.
                                                              Birthday Berachot and Anniversary Honors on Shabbat
We are delighted to invite the
                                                              morning. Taste of Shabbat at Riddle Village after Shabbat

  congregation to join us for
                                                              morning services.
                                                  March 20/21 Friday evening Shabbat Echad. Shabbat, Discussion and

this simcha and the luncheon
                                                              Kiddush, Shabbat morning.

            to follow.
                                                  March 27/28 Bar Mitzvah of Jason Glanzman, Shabbat morning.
                                                              Junior Congregation 10:00am Kiddish lunch to follow
                                                              services. Junior Congregation 10:00am
Page 2                                          The Honey Jar

                                                                                                  a black leather motorcylist-like jacket, as
The Honey Jar is published 10x/Yr                                                                 Ehud Barak did tonight.
by Congregation Ohev Shalom
2 Chester Road                                 March, 2009                                        In any case, this afternoon we heard from four
                                                                                                  distinguished individuals talking about the

                                               Letter from Israel
Wallingford, PA 19086                                                                             role of Diaspora Jews in determining the future

                                               and the Rabbinical Assembly
610-874-1465 • Fax: 610-874-1466                                                                  of Jerusalem. The unanimous opinion

www.ohev.net • exec@ohev.net                                                                      amongst them was that Diaspora Jews should
                                                                                                  certainly voice their opinions, but that
                                                                                                  the decision-making power rests with Israeli
                                               I just completed my fourth day in Israel and
Submissions accepted by:                                                                          Jews, who will live with the consequences of
                                               my first day at the Rabbinical Assembly
Mark P Sykes
      .                                                                                           whatever decisions are made down the road
                                               convention in Jerusalem. It is exhilirating
                                                                                                  (may they come, with God’s help, soon). I’ve
                                               and exhausting being here. Exhilirating,
                                                                                                  always agreed with that sentiment. One of the
                                               well, what can I say? Trying to set up some
Mark M. Robbins, Rabbi                                                                            participants mentioned an interesting fact –
                                               of the important things in life – like a place
Louis Kaplan, Rabbi Emeritus                                                                      that over 50% of Jerusalemites (the ultra-or-
                                               to live! – for Amy, Adina, Caleb and my
                                                                                                  thodox and Arab residents) are non or anti-
David Acker, Cantor                            new life that we will begin in Modiin Israel
                                                                                                  Zionist. Hmmm, humbling fact.
David Pollack, President                       come August. Walking up and down the
                                               hills of Modiin’s neighborhoods, imagining
Mark P Sykes, Exec. Director
      .                                                                                           Life in Israel, at the current moment, is both
                                               our children doing the same. Spending
Bonnie Kaplan, Education Director                                                                 as exhiliratingly simple and as exhaustingly
                                               Shabbat with a Masorti (Conservative) minyan
                                                                                                  complex as it has always been. My family and I
                                               comprised of olim from America, Canada,
                                                                                                  certainly feel it, are soon to be part of it.
      Affiliated with the United               England, France, South Africa, and plenty
             Synagogue of                      of sabras as well. Praying from an egalitarian
                                               siddur that is all in Hebrew! Thrilling,
        Conservative Judaism                   what can I say?

                                                Exhausting, most definitely. Identifying
                                                and registering our children for the right
                                                (religiously pluralistic) schools – what a
                                                headache! Going through a rental contract
                                                in Hebrew – it’s difficult enough for this
                                                non-lawyer in English. Realizing how
                                                much this whole endeavor will actually
                                                cost; no one ever made aliyah for economic
                                                reasons. Thereby the old joke: How to
                                                make a small fortune in Israel? Come with
                                                a big one…. The elections. By the time
                                                                                                    SAVE THE DATE...
                                                you read this, we will likely know the
 MEMBERSHIP: A VITAL COMMITTEE IN composition of Israel’s next government.                               Rabbi Robbins
             THE SYNAGOGUE                      It may be to your liking or not to your liking.
                                                Regardless, I must tell you that, despite the
                                                recent war in Gaza, despite the parade of
                                                                                                          and Family
 If you would like to be a part of the
Membership Committee please contact             has-been politicians at the head of their              Farewell Shabbat
Karen Ernest at 610-328-6290 or email at        parties’ tickets, there is the exhiliration of
kbhorsinaround@comcast.net. We are              the democratic process in the air. Politicians                  ~
looking for enthusiastic and outgoing           know they need to speak the people’s
committee members to generate original and      language in order to get their votes .               Saturday, June 13, 2009
effective ways of attracting and retaining      That message is posted loudly and clearly
members to the Ohev family. We meet on an
                                                on virtually every lamppost, billboard, and
“as needed” basis, so this would not be a large community bulletin board in site.
commitment of time. Please join the ranks
                                                                                                         Shabbat morning
to help us make Ohev a stronger and more
vibrant synagogue. Looking forward to
                                               There is no democracy within 500 miles of                services honoring
                                               here (Greece, I guess), yet there is democracy,
hearing from you soon.
                                               however flawed and incomplete, here in                Rabbi and Amy Robbins
                                               Israel…. I thought I was in Israel -- dressed
Karen Ernest and Joel Fein
                                               in my sweater and slacks as I am – until I                   Followed by a
Membership Co-Chairs
                                               walked into the convention, with hun-
                                               dreds of American rabbis, many wearing                     Congregational
                                               coats and ties. What are they thinking? This
                                               is in a country where a major candidate for                 Kiddish Lunch
                                               prime minister, in his final national interview
                                               before the elections, appears on television in
Page 3                                                               Volume 4, No. 7                            The Honey Jar

The President’s Compass
Chaverim,                                      during this downturn. Although              and would like to extend hospitality
Writing this article on an icy February        your dollars are certainly important        to one or more of your fellow
morning, I can only hope that you are          for our operations, your spirit and         congregants as your guests,
reading it on a much warmer day in             involvement are most essential to           then likewise please call the office
March. Like such positive weather              our health and survival. In addition,       to let us know. It will be an incredible
trends, I expect that during the intervening   through the work and promotion of           mitzvah, and we will welcome the
month, so many of our synagogue-wide           Executive Director Mark Sykes, we           opportunity to make these matches
initiatives have headed in the right           are continuing to encourage members         work as seamlessly as possible. It
direction as well. By now we have held         who are looking for work and those          will not only be a wonderful
our Town Hall Meetings, we have                seeking workers to connect with our         opportunity to celebrate the holiday
interviewed numerous candidates for            office where employment matches             but also to make some new lifelong
the Rabbi and Cantor/Educator positions,       have and will continue to be made.          Ohev friends along the way.
our Strategic Plan for the future is
crystallizing, planning for the exciting       One of my favorite times of the             In much the same vein, several
and innovative Spring Fundraiser Frolic        year, Pesach is only one month              years ago Ohev held a communal
with Pollack (very hard for me to actually     away. For so many of us, the Seder          Seder on the second night of Pesach
write that) is well underway, and so many      especially is a stirring and enjoyable      which was an immense success,
of our congregants are engaged and             tradition which has a special place         bringing so many families together
participating on an unprecedented scale.       in our annual Judaic cycle. Whether         for an evening of great camaraderie
I am truly grateful to everyone for your       one hosts a Seder or attends as a           and spirit. This year we are planning
tremendous support, enthusiasm, and            guest, it is wonderful time to connect      to do the same. Please reserve the
optimism for our wonderful community.          with family and friends, retelling          date, Thursday, April 9 for a place
                                               our unique ancestral story in the           at the table, encouraging family and
There are three strong messages which          context of personal and modern              friends to join us as well. More
I want to convey in this month’s               interpretations and events.                 information will follow in the
newsletter, each one focusing on                                                           weeks ahead, please stay tuned.
strengthening our community bonds.             Some of our members, particularly
                                               some of our more isolated congregants     If any of you have additional ideas
   Because I cannot imagine that our           without family in the area, may not       which can help to bring our community
   e c o nomy will have improved               have access to any Seder this year.       and members together, please let me
   s i g nificantly during the past            In order to try to remedy this problem,   know. I remain committed to building
   m o nth, our leadership and Board           I am asking any of our members            bridges at every opportunity and
   of Directors want to provide a clear        who would like to attend a Seder to       welcome your continued dedication
   message to all our members: no one          call our office and speak to one of       and involvement in our common goal
   should feel a need to end their             our volunteers or Mark, letting us        of strengthening our spiritual home.
   family’s membership due to financial        know of your interest and need. We
   constraints or hardships during this        will work to arrange transportation       With great appreciation,
   difficult time for everyone. Our Dues       to and from the Seder, as well. In        David
   Adjustment Committee is ready to            addition, if you are hosting a Seder
   work with anyone who is suffering           on either the first or second night,

                                                                            Ohev's Major Fundraiser

                                                                Frolic with Pollack
                                                                     Sunday May 31, 2009, 4:00 p.m.

                                                                                - Outdoor Concert

                                                                                  - Fabulous Food

                                                                           - A most unusual auction
                                                                Keep your eye on Ohev.net for updates!
 Page 4                                               The Honey Jar

                                                      Mispallelim Happenings

                                                      In addition to being interim education director at Ohev Shalom, I am
                                                      mother to three wonderful children. Every February, our children put
                                                      much thought into Valentine’s Day – which cards to send (different ones
                                                      for boys and girls, of course), whether or not to attach candy to the cards
                                                      (definitely), what kind of candy should be given (whatever a parent can
                                                      find at the last minute). We even eat pink heart pancakes and give
        Kehillah Director Brooke Pekula
                                                      cards and small gifts to each other.
                                                      Why would I share this information with you in our synagogue
                                                      newsletter? My guess is that many of you have similar rituals with your
K eh i l l a h E a r l y L ea r n i n g C e n t e r

                                                      children when Valentine’s Day rolls around. I would like to take this
                                                      opportunity to encourage you to develop, continue or expand upon
                                                      other ways to share love with your Jewish children . . . by celebrating
         Ple as e j o in K eh i llah

    a n d Qu i ve r F a r m s f o r o u r
“Lit t le Bo P eep Wool Spinning”

                                                      According to the book of Esther, we are expected to give gifts to the
                                                      poor (matanot l’evyonim). Thanks to Ohev’s social action committee,
                 e v e nt on

                                                      this is an easy mitzvah to fulfill at Ohev. You can drop off food on your
   Ma r c h 17t h f r o m 9- 11 AM

                                                      way into shul. We also perform mitzvot on Purim by giving gifts to others
         i n t h e a ud it o r iu m.

                                                      (mishloah manot). If possible, these gifts should be sent by messengers
  S t u d e n t s w i l l h e l p f ar m e r s

                                                      rather than delivered personally because the word mishloah (sending)
                                                      is used in the Megillah.
  s h e e r s h e ep a n d l e a r n h o w
             t o s p in w oo l!

                                                      Here is a wonderful way to spend time with your children decorating
                                                      cards, filling Purim gift baskets or boxes with candy, baking hamantaschen,
      A s a l wa y s , e v e r y o ne i s

                                                      and enjoying each other’s company in the process. We used to just bake
         w e lc o m e t o a t t e nd

                                                      hamantaschen for our family. Now we assemble homemade gift packages
          K e h i l l a h e v en t s !

                                                      filled with goodies and cards created by Talia, Daniel, and Jordyn to
                                                      send by mail to relatives and friends. The process brings us closer
               Ma r c h 31s t

                                                      together, and it reminds us that performing mitzvot can be fun. An
      S e g a l P u pp e t T he a t r e

                                                      added bonus is that our children are asked by their non-Jewish friends
     c o m es t o K e h i l l a h f o r a

                                                      to please pack extra hamentaschen with their lunches so that they can
                                                      share. As simple as this is, it gives the kids a sense of pride to know
         “Wel com e Spr i ng”

                                                      that they have participated in a tradition that has lasted generations.
              pu pp e t s h ow .
         T h e s h ow be g i ns a t

                                                      We are lucky at Ohev to share in other Purim traditions. I look forward
      1 0 A M a n d wi ll a l s o b e

                                                      to seeing your children in costume at our annual Purim carnival on
                                                      March 8th, eating pizza with your families at Ohev before the Megillah
   l o c at e d i n t h e au d i t o r i u m .

                                                      reading on March 9th, and yelling loudly with all of you as we blot out
                                                      Haman’s name when the Megillah is read. Please remember that raffle
          K e h i l l ah h o p e s t o

                                                      ticket proceeds from this year’s Purim carnival directly benefit our
            s e e y o u t h er e !

                                                      religious school.

                                                      When it comes to Jewish holidays, especially one as fun as Purim, make
                                                      it a point to make it important. Your children will cherish the memories
                                                      for years to come, as will you. Chag sameach!
                                                                                    Bonnie Kaplan, Interim Education Director
Page 5                                                    Volume 4, No. 7                          The Honey Jar

                                         Jason Glanzman
                                          Bar Mitzvah
                                                                                 Save the date:
                                         March 28, 2009                         Shabbat Echad
                                  On most Sunday mornings before
                                  Hebrew School, you will find Jason

                                  making your coffee at Ohevenly
                                                                            Friday, March 20, 2009, 5:30 PM

                                  Café. He has enjoyed being Ohev’s
                                  “Barristo,” and has taken on the

                                  responsibility of keeping track of
                                                                              Congregation Ohev Shalom

                                  supplies and ordering, as well.
                                  When he’s not serving up lattes,
                                  Jason is an Honor student at                 Elsa Wachs 610-566-5867
                                  Strath Haven Middle School,
                                  where his favorite subjects are

Music and Social Studies. In his spare time, Jason loves being a

Wallingford Swarthmore Panther Fencer and being with friends.
                                                                            Jennifer Rappaport 610-544-3793
Jason enjoys playing the guitar, and after studying guitar-making,                drappap@yahoo.com
he is building one! Jason also loves animals, art, adventure books,
building projects, computer games, and roller coasters. He has
                                                                            Come enjoy a communal pot luck
enjoyed his summers at The School in Rose Valley, Camp Ramah,
                                                                            dinner and the traditions of Shabbat
Fencing Camp in New Jersey, beach vacations with his grandparents and
                                                                            with your Ohev family.
cousins, and Ohev’s Israel trip. We have been blessed to learn
from Jason’s “people personality,” sensitivity to others, strong            Also, as a special treat some of our 1st
ethical and spiritual “internal compass,” motivation, and persistence.      and 2nd graders from our Hebrew
After trying to decide between many causes that “spoke” to him,
Jason did a combination of things for his Bar Mitzvah project.
                                                                            School will help us in leading the

He organized and ran the arts and crafts table for Martin Luther

King Day last year, served Life Center Dinners, delivered Shalach
Manot, and raised money to help victims of Hurricanes Ike and
                                                                            Pot Luck Dinner assignments:

Katrina. Please join us for services and Kiddush lunch to celebrate
                                                                            A to K: Side or Salad

Jason’s Bar Mitzvah on March 28th.
                                                                            L to Z: Main Course
                                                                            (Parve or Dairy, enough for 6-8 people)

                                                                            Services-in-the-round to follow in
                                                                            the Wolf Auditorium, 7:15 PM*
  Congregation Ohev Shalom,
                                                                            Dessert Oneg, including ice cream
   My name is Ruthie Cohen and for my Bat Mitzvah project I will            sundaes, will be provided following
  be running a food drive asking for three cans of tuna to be brought
  before or to the Frolic with Pollack party on May 31st. This food            Please mark your calendars
                                                                                 and we hope to see there!
  drive will benefit the Jewish Relief Agency. Thank you very much
  for all of your help with my Bat Mitzvah project, it is greatly
  appreciated among the community.
  Thank you,
  Ruthie Cohen
     Page 6                                    The Honey Jar

     Sisterhood Scoop:
     Chag Sameach. We wish everyone a happy Purim and look forward to seeing you at one or all of our Purim events;
     Hamantashen baking, Purim Carnival, Shalach Manot delivery and of course the Megillah reading.

     Thanks to all who ordered Shalach manot baskets. We will be baking all of our yummy hamantaschen on Sunday, March
     1st if you would like to help. We hope to have many of the baskets ready for pick up that day, but pick up will extend through
     March 8th. If you would like to help with delivery, please call Marianne Glanzman.

     Sisterhood would like to thank Karen Ernest, Betty Bard and all of the volunteers for all their hard work on the carnival.
     We know it will be the best one yet!!

     We would also like to thank all those who attended the Sisterhood/Mens Club Shabbat.
     We are grateful for all of our members, you are very much appreciated!!

     Please remember to stop by the Gift Gallery and look for the wonderful Passover items which will surely be stocked soon.

     Be on the lookout for information on our next Sisterhood event in April, and save the date for a
     special end-of-the-year celebration on May 17th !
                                                                         Marianne Glanzman and Sheri Whelpley, Co-Presidents

Thank you to everyone who came by the library?s book sale
last month. The money raised will go towards the purchase
of new materials for the library. Here are the new books that
have been added to the collection. Note that we have two

                                               this year?s se
copies of Ariel Sabar?s My Father?s Paradise — -

lection for the One Book, One Jewish Community program.

Adult Non-Fiction:
Norman, Asher. Twenty-six Reasons Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus
Golinkin, Noah. Ayn Keloheynu : Learn to Comprehend the Hebrew
Prayerbook in a New Way
Sabar, Ariel. My Father's Paradise : a Son's Search For His Jewish
Past in Kurdish Iraq
Ben Artzi-Pelossof, Noa. In the Name of Sorrow and Hope

Adult Fiction:
Jenoff, Pam. The Diplomat's Wife                                            On Thursday evening, 17 Adar-12 March,
                                                                            Congregation Ohev Shalom welcomes once
Children’s Books:
                                                                            again Dr. Simcha Raphael. Dr. Raphael will
Donahue, Shari Faden. Celebrate Hanukkah With Me
Kimmel, Eric. The Magic Dreidels : a Hanukkah Story
                                                                            deliver a lecture titled “Ancient Biblical Wisdom
Rouss, Sylvia. No Rules for Michael                                         and the Mythic Life: Exodus from Egypt an
Staub, Leslie. Bless This House                                             Inner Journey.” This lecture will add a great
Adler, David. A Picture Book of Anne Frank                                  deal to everyone’s observance of Pesah this
                          Rappaport, Doreen. The Secret Seder               year and will deepen the understanding of
                          Gordon, Julie K. Be-khol Levavkha =               one’s own role in the story of the Exodus.
                          With All Your Heart : a Shabbat and Festival
                          Companion                                         The lecture will start immediately after a
                          Horwitz, Brad. Be-khol Levavkha =                 Ma’ariv service that will begin at 7:15 P.M.
                          With All Your Heart : a Weekday Prayer Book
                          Krulwich, Dov. Harry Potter and Torah
Page 7                                                                Volume 4, No. 7                             The Honey Jar

Your Contributions for the Month of January 2009
Beatrice De Bellis Fund                    To Starer family, c/o Andy Starer in         To Freda Gross in memory of Rose
To Romie Griesmer in memory of               memory of Larry Starer by Allan             Hoffman by Mary Buemi
  Margaret Griesmer by Betty Bard and        & Marianne Glanzman
  Jay Adelsberg                            To Francine & Rick Goldstein in memory       Robert Nichols Adult Education
To Marie & Murray Berstein In honor of       of Larry Starer by Irene Goldstein         Memorial Fund
  the birth of your grandson Mason Scott                                                To Abby Marcus in honor of your Bat
  by Boris & Edith Rueger                  Helping the Community Account                   Mitzvah by Allan & Marianne Glanzman
                                           In memory of Sam Schulman by David,          To Lauren Katz in memory of Jacob
Debby Silver Camp Fund                        Samantha & Deborah Landau &                  Freidus by Allan & Marianne Glanzman
To Elsa & Mort Wachs with much Mazal &        Stephanie Klein
  love by Richard & Cecily Morris                                                       Rose Isaacson Library Account
To Charlestein family in memory of         Jack Swerman                                 To the Winer-Yates family, Mazal Tov &
  Malvina Charlestein by Mort & Elsa       Building/Architectural Account                  welcome Naomi by Allan & Marianne
  Wachs                                    In memory of my parents Jack & Esther           Glanzman
To Ethan Fein in honor of your Bar            Swerman with love from Bonnie             To Mrs. Vivian Belsky in memory of
  Mitzvah by Allan & Marianne Glanzman        Swerman Schut                                mother Lillian Rosen by Irene Goldstein
To Jonah Skobeloff in honor of your Bar    To the Much family c/o David Much in         In memory of Mollie Goldstein by Irene
  Mitzvah by Allan & Marianne Glanzman        memory of beloved father &                   Goldstein
To Floyd & Eunice Silver in memory of         grandfather Harry Much by Rae Berger      In memory of Eve Goldstein by Irene
  Debby Silver by Adam Dickter                                                             Goldstein
To Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Parlin in honor of    Joseph B. Godick Jewish History              To Elsa & Mort Wachs in honor of their
  your wedding anniversary by Harvey &        Lecture Fund                                 50th wedding anniversary by Edith
  Naomi Spector                            To Bruce & Judy Godick for the Yartzeit         Berg
                                              of Joseph Godick by Russ & Judy           In memory of husband Joseph Doblitz by
Donald and Ruth Levinstein                    Young                                        Mrs. Joseph Doblitz
Educational Fund
To Alicia Schapire in honor of your Bat    Mel Rudman Memorial                          Samuel Warwick Fund
  Mitzvah by Allan & Marianne Glanzman     Scholarship Fund                             To Fred Lipson & family in memory of
                                           To Rick Epstein in memory of Harry Much         Norman Margulies by Cindy & Bob
Dorothy Sparkler                              by Rita Rudman                               Leitzell
School/Scholarship Fund                    To Rita Rudman in memory of Larry Starer     To Margulies family c/o Lipson in memory
To Ethan Tashman in honor of your Bar         by Allan & Marianne Glanzman                 of Norman Margulies by Rochelle
  Mitzvah by Allan & Marianne Glanzman     To Steve Katz in memory of mother Edith         Miller & Gertrude Warwick
To Tomer Stern in honor of your Bar           Katz by Rita Rudman                       To Margulies family c/o Myra Lipson in
  Mitzvah by Allan & Marianne Glanzman                                                     memory of Norman Margulies by Carl
A donation has been made to honor the      Minyan Fund                                     & Ruth Nimton
  memory of beloved parents Dorothy &      A donation was made by Emily Farrell         To Dr. Sidney Margulies in memory of
  Carl Sparkler by their children          To Lorraine Gross in honor of Meritorious       Norman Margulies by Carl & Ruth
  & grandchildren                             Service award by Allan & Marianne            Nimton
Dr. Frank and Sophie Savits                To Larry Lipton in honor of Man of the       Simon Levin Torah
Memorial Fund for Jewish Education            Year award by Allan & Marianne            Restoration Fund
In memory of Samuel Ivins by Gladys           Glanzman                                  To Lou Stesis in honor of Meritorious
  Ivins                                    To Margulies family in memory of                Service award by Allan & Marianne
                                              Norman Margulies by Vi Mansky                Glanzman
Evelyn Much Epstein Bernstein Fund         In memory of mother Fannie Kahn by           To Romie Griesmer in honor of your
To Harry Pinsky in memory of Harry            Helen Levinstein                             Woman of the Year award by Allan &
  Much by Gail Pinsky                                                                      Marianne Glanzman
To Rick & Shelley Epstein in memory of     Rabbi Louis and Mindell Kaplan
  Harry Much by Nancy Rubenstein           Cultural Fund                                Synagogue General Account
To David Much in memory of Harry           To Steve Katz in memory of Edith Katz        To Zelda Cherner in memory of William
  Much by Martin & Ellen Baracca              by Allan & Marianne Glanzman                 Cherner by Irma Sitkoff
                                                                                        To Zelda Cherner in memory of William
Harriet P. and Larry J. Starer                                                             Cherner by Anne D. Schwartz
                                           Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Fund for the Arts
                                           To Anne Margulies in memory of Norman        To Dr. David & Jane Much in memory of
To Andy Starer in memory of Larry
                                              Margulies by Mark Levinstein                 Harry Much by Muhlenberg College
  Starer by Boris & Edith Rueger
                                           Paul & Gloria Jackson made a donation           Biology Department
To Judy Grundfast in memory of father
                                              to help those in need in Israel
  Herbert Haimes by Andy & Penni
                                           For the Yartzeits of Lewis & Sarah
                                              Lenny by Marilyn and Jerry Krim
Page 8                                      The Honey Jar

Synagogue General Account Cont'd
To Steve Katz in memory of mother Edith
   Katz by Gedale & Barbara Horowitz
In memory of Marie DeSimone by Elayne
                                                                        It's a Hit!!
To David Much in memory of Harry Much                                       “Can’t wait!”
   by David & Amy Pollack                                   (Actual quote by a 6th grader who attended the service)
To Margulies family in memory of Norman
   Margulies by David & Amy Pollack         C hild re n w ho atte nd ed the first J u nior C o n gre gat io n ser vice of
To Steve & Lauren Katz in memory of         the year with Mark Sykes proclaimed it "GREAT!" Mark brings his
   Edith Katz by Jonathan, Kirsten &        trademark energy and enthusiasm to the ser vice. Assisted by Moreh
   Sarah Myers
To the Griesmer-Katcher family in
                                            Moshe (teacher Pat Rock), Mark guides the children through prayers
   memory of Margaret Griesmer by           and the parshah (Torah reading). The kids are also lookin g f o r w ar d
   Jonathan, Kirsten and Sarah Myers        to le ar ning a dif ferent Adon Olam tune ever y ser vice.
To Reisha Freedman wishing you a great
   time. Go in good health & come back in   Children who attend 85% of the ser vices this year will be treated to an
   good health by Edith Sosonkin
To Lauren Freedman wishing you a great
                                            age appropriate adventure, such as Legoland or Sesame Place for the
   time. Go in good health & come back in
                                            younger children, Hershey Park or Six Flags for the older children.
   good health by Edith Sosonkin
To Naomi Wicentowski in honor of father        Junior Congregation dates for this year are:
   Alex Lieberman for reading Torah &
   Haftorah on 30 Kislev 5769 by                March 9, 28 - April 18 - May 2, 16
   David & Amy Pollack

The Eli Lax Sukkah Terrace &                             Don’t miss the fun!
   Building Maintenance Fund
To Betty Abrams in memory of sister

                                                            SOFTBALL PLAYERS WANTED!!
   Mitzi by Sissy Lax

Yahrtzeit/Yizkor Account                    Don’t look now, but April is coming fast. Ohev Shalom’s Mens Club softball
In memory of aunt Tillie Peckman by         team is getting ready for our 6th season of play in the Main Line Men’s
   Anne Ferry                               Sunday Morning Softball League. All Ohev men 18 years of age and
In memory of Benjamin & Elizabeth           older are welcome to play. We have a lot of fun playing the game
   Goldberg by Sylvia Goldberg              of our youth, and everyone is very supportive of each another. If
In memory of Laura Gross by Bill &          you haven’t played in the past consider joining us this season.
   Lorraine Gross
                                            The season begins in mid-April and runs thru to the end of July.
In memory of Yartzeit of Lewis Lenny by
   Albert Lenny
                                            Games are on Sunday mornings.
In memory of Yartzeit of Sarah Lenny by                    For more information, or if interested in playing
   Albert & Naomi Lenny                                  (and haven’t done so in the past), please contact,
                                                 Manager Brad Ernest (610-328-6290, kbhorsinaround@comcast.net)
                                                      or GM Rich Kaplan (610-892-0122, rzanek@msn.com).

                                               Join A Havurah
          Chavurah or havurah (vrucj Hebrew:"fellowship,"plural chavuroth): A small group of like-minded Jews who
         assemble for the purposes of sharing communal experiences such as lifecycle events, and Jewish learning.

  Are you interested in joining a Havurah? Do you want to know more about what a Havurah can do to foster a greater
  connection to our synagogue? Some Ohev family units have been doing fun and educational activities together for
  the past 8 years! We are hoping to organize a few more Havurot. If you want more information about this important
  aspect of our “community,” please check out our website, www.ohev.net, click on groups and then Havurah. If you
  are interested in joining or forming a Havurah, please contact Joel or Karen, Membership Committee Chairs. Hope to
  hear from many of you soon!
                                     Joel Fein (610-892-3754) or joelfein@comcast.net
                                Karen Ernest (610-328-6290) or kbhorsinaround@comcast.net

                 Descriptions of the Charitable Funds and Accounts of Ohev Shalom
                             can be found in the new Sisterhood directory.
                                                                       Volume 4, No. 7                          The Honey Jar
Page 9

Social Action News                                                       OHEV SHALOM'S MINYAN
As you read this, the days are lengthening, the cro-
cuses are sprouting, and Purim is near.                                 GOES TO RIDDLE VILLAGE!
We’re seeking help in strengthening our Chesed group, that
brings meals and other outreach to congregants who need
it. Thanks to the generosity of b’nei mitzvah parents, the
Chesed freezer is well stocked, and we’re always looking for
people who’d sometimes be available to deliver, and who’d
be able to guide congregants to resources available in the

We’re working to keep CAADC’s shelters stocked with
emergency-food and baby supplies, to tide families over
who arrive in acute need. Individual serving packages
of fruit and applesauce, boxes of cereal, cans of stew and
pasta and soup, diapers, wipes and baby supplies are all
very much needed. Please buy extra when you shop,
and give generously.

Reading partners continues on Thursday, March 12 (meet 3:45
at Ohev Shalom parking lot) and Monday night, March 23rd.           "January 18th, 2009, was a joyful day for all. The minyan
Help make sure kids get their minimum daily requirement of          from Ohev Shalom traveled to Riddle Village, a retire-
Dr. Seuss, Clifford & the Berenstein Bears.                         ment place that is home to several long-time members of
                                                                    the synagogue. The service was led by myself and Rabbi
For all these, please contact Fran Stier (610.543.0815 or           Robbins as preparation for my Bat Mitzvah. Really, this
franstier@comcast.net)                                              project was almost a happy accident. The project was targeted
                                                                    towards the elderly members of our community, but,
I got into an argument with a friend during last week’s Torah       unfortunately in the beginning, it was not a success.
for Grownups break. Does saying a person has an obligation          However, not soon after, my mom and I proposed the
to give mean that a person should give everything he/she has        idea of a traveling minyan. With permission from the
to poorer people? Does a Jew have a stronger obligation to          rabbi, this project was put into action. With a couple
give to another Jew than to a non-Jew? I didn’t argue very          posters and phone messages, we found out that 60 people
well, and went back to look harder at the words in Isaiah’s         were interested in attending. Soon enough, January 18th
admonition (58:7). (One of the most precious shreds of              rolled around the corner, and the Aster Room at Riddle
knowledge Helen Plotkin gave me was that with the Index to          Village was packed with eager faces of all ages. The whole
Brown-Driver-Briggs, it’s possible to look up Hebrew words in       project was very moving for everyone, and finally, it was
Brown-Driver-Brigg’s lexicon even if you don’t know enough          a success. I got countless comments about how much of
grammar to get to the root). Here are the verses, in my own         a difference it made to them, and it was the best feeling.
(bad) transliteration, with the JPS translation:                    It wasn’t anything like donating money to an organization,
                                                                    or running a food drive. Although all of those things are
 Ha-lo paros l’reav lachmecha                                       great, it’s nothing like seeing jovial faces, simply shining
(To share your bread with the hungry)                               all because of something you did. I’m overjoyed this was
                                                                    such a success, and I will try to organize things like this
V’aniyim m’rudim tavi bayit                                         in the future. Also, a big thank you to Ruth Kaplan, Mr.
(To take the wretched poor into your home)                          Sykes, Rabbi Robbins, and everyone else who made this
                                                                    project possible."
Ki-tireh arom v’chisito                                                                                            Ruthie Cohen
(when you see the naked, to clothe him)

U’mib’sarcha lo titalem
(and not to ignore your own kin)

“U’mib’sarcha lo titalem” would literally be “do not hide your-
self from your own flesh.” The phrasing is very much like Deut
22:1-4, reminding oursleves that if we find a stray ox or other
animal, the person who lost the animal is our brother (or sis-
ter) – we should not hide ourselves from them.

I think the sense of the verses is that when we break off a
piece of our bread for the hungry, and shelter the poor, and
clothe the naked – when we are present to people who need
help, and show compassion, we’re acting to them as we hope
G-d will act to us. I think the concern in the verses is not just
for those who need help, but for us, to train us in compassion
and empathy.
                                                                                      Volume 4, No. 7                             The Honey Jar
Page 10

Do You Commit Murder?                                  all engaging in the active destruction of a
                                                       person’s good name, slowly creating a
Strange question, isn’t it? You certainly
                                                       poisoned atmosphere, and unfairly labeling
                                                                                                               Taste of Shabbat
would not pick up a gun, a knife, or any item
of physical violence and kill someone. Not             their victims as pariahs.                                        Join us
only is it wrong. But, it runs against everything                                                                  March 14, 2009
you believe as an ethical and moral person.            I am prompted to recall the last few words
                                                       of the prayer for the new month that we recite,           at the apartment of
And, yet, it seems that otherwise ethical,
moral and overtly fine people find it so               “Chaverim Kol Yisrael”. All Israel are friends.              Ruth Kaplan
easy to assassinate another person’s character         Or, all Israel are interconnected. If that is true,   Riddle Village #214 Arlington
in the name of “character analysis”,                   and I believe it to be, then the fragment of
                                                       our Jewish fiber is an interconnected lattice         ReJewvenate your Shabbat
resentments, lack of anything better to do,
or the need to set the world right as they see it.     of Jews. If we attack one part of the fabric,                  Pot luck lunch
                                                       we create a defect in the entire canvas. We,          please bring dairy or parve dish
The problem with that fact is that truth is            as a community become more vulnerable to
                                                       attacks from the outside and from within as                     enough for 8
subjective. In other words, it is a function of                                                                  if your last name begins with
how one person, or a group of people see it.           well. As such, Lashon harah destroys the
                                                       Jewish community as a whole, a sort of                 A to L Please bring Salad or side
As such, speaking Lashon harah becomes a                                                                         M to R Please bring Dessert
verbal snowball that starts rolling downhill           self-destruction.
                                                                                                              S to Z Please bring Main course
and destroys everything in its path, not just
the intended victim, but, a wide swath of              Now, don’t get me wrong. I know there are                        RSVP
unintended additional victims as well. In a            candid, truthful observations we could all                    Andy Szabo
more focused sense, the problem with                   make about others. She’s fat. He’s lazy. He               aszabo9392@aol.com
                                                       doesn’t keep Kosher. She thinks her children                         or
Lashon harah is that it is an assassination, a                                                                         610-543-2173
killing of the victim. Not with a tangible             are angels. But, in truth the fat one may be
                                                       working hard to lose weight, or might be a

                                                                                                                 SCRIP FOR ALL
weapon. But, in small, incremental doses. It
reminds me of the movie by M. Night                    diabetic. The lazy one actually may be
Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense. In that movie,             suffering from depression and can’t see
a little boy, now dead, leads others to discover       a reason for getting up in the morning, let

                                                                                                              What do these stores and eating
that his stepmother killed him slowly and              alone going to work. You get it!

                                                                                                                  places have in common?
gradually by poisoning him. As a viewer, I felt

                                                                                                                     Acme, Starbucks,
revulsed towards the step-mother.                      Years ago, I posed the question to someone
                                                       who was being very sharp tongued and critical.

                                                                                                              Panara’s, Macy’s, Swiss Farms,
                                                       I asked, “What is it that you dislike so much

                                                                                                                     and many others.
But, I often ask myself if others are revulsed
by those who engage in Lashon harah, the               about yourself that you feel the need to
                                                       spend so much time and effort criticizing

                                                                                                               They accept gift cards (Scrip)
poisoning of another person’s name. I think
the question is cogent. Because, little by little,     others?” The someone was me. I realized

                                                                                                                How do you get the Scrip?
word by word, slander by slander they                  that judging others was a great way to avoid
murder the good name of their victims.                 judging myself, my own weaknesses, my

                                                                                                             You purchase the gift cards in the
                                                       own shortcomings. It was a painful

                                                                                                                  Ohev Shalom office or
                                                       self-discovery. But, priceless in its value.
To quote Arthur Morgenstern’s treatise on the

                                                                                                             during our School hours Sunday
subject:                                               The Talmud asked the question, “which crime

                                                                                                                 morning or at meetings.
                                                       is worse, financial exploitation or verbal abuse?
One of the most fundamental command-                   Money can be reimbursed, but the hurt from

                                                                                                                Ruth Goldman or another
ments related to the subject of Lashon Hara            words is irreparable..."

                                                                                                             volunteer will gladly sell you the
is Leviticus 19:15 - "B'tzedek tishpot

                                                                                                               gift cards (Scrip) and explain
amitecha," in righteousness shall you judge            So, the next time you are considering

                                                                                                                        it all to you.
your kinsman. This verse commands us to                engaging in the irreparable crime of Lashon
give the benefit of the doubt.                         harah, ask yourself, “What is it that I dislike so

                                                                                                                  For further information
                                                       much about myself that I feel the need to

                                                                                                                 call Ruth at 484-472-7705
Very often there are situations in which several       spend the time and the effort murdering the
"stories" are possible. In the case of a G-d           name of another member of the vital fabric
fearing person, we are expected to judge               of the Jewish community? Surely you have
favorably, even to believe that there may              better things to do with your intellectual
have been facts of which we were not                   gifts. To paraphrase an old saying, sticks and
aware. Often gossip reflects a denial of the           stones break bones, but the damage                        COMING TO SAY
possibility of mitigating circumstances, that          wrought by negative words reaches far                     KADDISH FOR A
can shed light on the person's intentions or           deeper, to the very soul.
other background information.                                                                                      YAHRZEIT?
                                                       Let’s all work to improve the fabric of our
Another issue is why people speak harshly              Jewish tapestry by engaging in positive,                  To ensure we have a
and unfairly of others. One thought I have is          constructive enterprises. We will all benefit
that it is easy. The victim isn’t there to defend      from the endeavor.                                      minyan, please recruit
himself. So, in a way, it’s safe. I guess an analogy
would be to assaulting a powerless victim with                                         Emil Skobeloff         friends to come with you
an object simply because they can’t fight back.
Almost sounds analogous to bullying, doesn’t it?
                                                                                                              and call Rabbi Robbins or
I’m big. I’m powerful. You’re small. You’re weak. I                                                           Larry Lipton to "Rally the
can do what I want and you can’t do anything
about it. Doesn’t sound too noble. Does it?                                                                            Troops”!!
Yet, day after day, people find no problem at
Page 11                                                                             Volume 4, No. 7                                       The Honey Jar

   SJCC BNAI AARON                                    TEMPLE SHOLOM IN BROOMALL                            MARTINS RUN UNIVERSITY
   “Latte & Limmud; Stories about Rabbis in           Scholar in Residence                                 “Madame President?: American Women & the
   the Talmud”                                        Dr. David Desser, Professor Emeritus of Cinema       Elusive Executive in Historical Perspective”
   taught by Rabbi Lisa Malik.                        Studies at the University of Illinois.               Lecturer: Dr. Julie Gallagher,
   Wednesdays: March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3                                                             Penn State University in Brandywine
                                                      Friday, March 27, 6:30 p.m. Pot Luck Dinner.         Tuesday, March 10, 7 p.m.
   10:30 a.m. to Noon
                                                      Bring a dish to share. Meat dishes only,
   Saxbys Coffee & Café                               no dairy please.                                     “Sir William Keith, Pennsylvania Governor”
   346 Lancaster Avenue                                                                                    Lecturer: Dr. David Haughaard,
   Haverford, PA 19041                                8 p.m. Shabbat Evening Services                      Historical Society of Pennsylvania
                                                      Dr. Desser will speak on "Mad about Jews:            Tuesday, March 17, 10:30 a.m.
   Kurdish Dinner                                     1990s, A Golden Age of Television." Children's
   A One Book-One Jewish Community program.           activities and babysitting will be available. Reg-   “Bach’s Last Fugue: A Mystery Revealed”
   Friday, March 6, 5:40 p.m.                         istration appreciated.                               Lecturer: Dr. Hal Switkay, Delaware County
                                                                                                           Community College
   “Midrash in the Morning"                           Sunday, March 29, 10 a.m. Sunday Brunch              Monday, March 23, 3:30 p.m.
   taught by Rabbi Lisa Malik. Friday mornings,       Dr. Desser will speak on "Jewish Masculinity in      11 Martins Run
                                                      the Cinema." Reservations required. $10 in ad-       Media, PA 19063
   7:45 a.m.                                                                                               $10 per class. All lectures are held in the audito-
                                                      vance,$12 at the door. Free for Brotherhood
                                                      members. Contact Cheryl Barish Erlick at             rium. For information, call 610-353-7660, ext.
   Men’s Club Art Auction                                                                                  226 or visit www.martinsrun.org
   March 7, 8 p.m. featuring such renowned            610-356-5165 or cberlick@temple-sholom.org
                                                      55 North Church Lane
   artists as Chagall, Peter Max, Delacroix, Wyeth    Broomall, PA 19008                                   “Israeli & Palestinian Literature:
   to name a few. Israeli Art and Judaica, Sports,    www.temple-sholom.org                                Yehudah Amichai and Mahmoud Darwish”
   Music and Hollywood memorabilia.                                                                        Lecturer: Rena Potok, PhD, Sr. Acquisitions
   Preview 3 p.m. Friday, March 6.                   BEYOND THE BOOK:                                      Editor, Jewish Publication Society
   Wine bar, special desserts and delicious                                                                Monday, February 9, 7 p.m.
                                                     A Cultural Celebration of the Jewish
   snacks. Raffle. Final chance to view the art      Experience in Arab Lands
   Sunday morning, March 8.                                                                                “Jewish Life in the Middle Ages”
                                                     March 29, 3 - 5 p.m.                                  Ruth Fisher Goodman, Academy of Lifelong
                                                     FREE and open to all! The musical group               Learning, University of Delaware
   For information call 610-446-1967 or email        Divahn, an all-female ensemble of musicians           Monday, February 16, 3:30 p.m.
   mailto:shul@sjccba.org                            who specialize in playing Jewish music from           11 Martins Run
   560 Mill Road                                     Arab lands, will perform. Storyteller Lisa Tischler   Media, PA 19063
   Havertown, PA 19083                               will share tales from Iraq and around the Arab        $10 per class. All lectures are held in the audito-
   www.sjccba.org                                    World; Arts & crafts projects for kids; Regional      rium. For more information, call 610-353-7660,
                                                     foods for all to sample. Ariel Sabar, One Book-       ext. 226 or visit www.martinsrun.org
   ANTI-SEMITISM:                                    One Jewish Community author will be on hand
   It's Closer Than You Think!                       for questions and to autograph your copy of           IT'S TIME TO BE COUNTED
                                                                                                           2009 Jewish Population Study
   Hadassah of Greater Philadelphia, Anti-Defama- My Father's Paradise. Exhibit: "Jews in Arab
                                                                                                           Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia has
   tion League (ADL), and Kaiserman JCC co-spon- Lands: A Living Legacy," curated by Keneseth              engaged the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network
   sor a dramatic program on the realities of        Israel's Temple Judea Museum. This is an after-
                                                     noon not to be missed! For information call           to conduct its 2009 Jewish Population Study.
   Anti-Semitism in today's uncertain times. Hear                                                          The study will address important questions
                                                     Debbie Leon 215-635-2877 x108 or email
   one hate crime survivor's personal account of                                                           about Jewish identity and affiliation, patterns of
   an attack, share in a roundtable discussion over Keneseth Israel                                        mobility, household characteristics, socio-demo-
   breakfast (included), and learn how to challenge 8339 Old York Road                                     graphics and population estimates.
   contemporary stereotyping/bigotry and em-         Elkins Park, PA 19027                                 Beginning in March 2009, researchers will con-
   power your children to do the same!                                                                     duct telephone interviews with more than 1200
   Sunday, March 15, 9:30 a.m.                       OHEV SHALOM IN WALLINGFORD                            members of Jewish households throughout the
   $10 pre-registered, $18 at the door, $20 for non- Square Dancing                                        Greater Philadelphia area.
   Hadassah members; $10 for students with I.D;      March 14, 7:30 p.m. Munchies, soft drinks, beer.      The full participation of the entire
   fee waived for new members and life member-       No experience necessary. The caller/teacher has       Jewish community is essential to the success of
   ship upgrades. For more information contact       lots of experience and will gear the evening to       this critical community census.
   Nina at Hadassah of Greater Philadelphia at 215- beginners as well as experienced dancers.              For information call Lynn Edelman at Jewish
   732-7100 or nisrael@hadassah.org                  $20/person. For all ages from teens to 100+. For      Federation 215-832-0639, or Judy Horwitz at Al-
                                                     information, call Ruth Goldman 610-874-1465           bert Einstein Healthcare Network
   Kaiserman JCC                                     or email ruthgoldman@comcast.net
   45 Haverford Road                                                                                       215-456-6767.
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        First-Time Campers:
        NEW! $1,250
        tuition assistance
        (Restrictions apply. Call now for details
                             Ohev Shalom March Calendar of Events
March 1 –         Hamantashan Baking – 9:00 am
                  Cemetery Committee meeting – 9:45 am
March 2 –          Frolic with Pollack Committee meeting – 7:30 pm
March 3 –         School Committee meeting – 7:30 pm
March 7 –         Junior Congregation – 10:00 am
March 8 –         Purim Carnival – 9:00 am
March 9 –         Megillah Reading – 6:00 pm
March 10 –        Happy Purim!
                  Strategic Planning Committee meeting – 7:00 pm
March 12 –        Lecture by Dr. Simcha Raphael – 7:30 pm
March 13 –        Kabbalot Shabbat / Mispallelim 3rd grade Hasiddur Services & Oneg – 7:00 pm
March 14 –        Birthday & Anniversary Shabbat 9:00 am
                  Square Dance Night – 7:30 pm
March 15 –        Men’s Club Night at the Philadelphia Phantoms – 5:05 pm
March 19 -        Executive Committee meeting – 7:30 pm
March 20 –        Shabbat Echad – 5:30 pm. Rabbi candidate Rabbi Russell Fox visit
March 24 –        Strategic Planning Committee meeting 7:00 pm
March 26 -        Board of Directors meeting – 7:15 pm
March 28 –        Bar Mitzvah of Jason Glanzman – 9:00 am
                  Junior Congregation – 10:00 am
March 29 –        Mispallelim Model Seder – 9:15 am

Weekly activities at Ohev Shalom:
Aerobics each Monday and Wednesday evening at 5:30pm and Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 am
Oheavenly Café – Sundays - 8:30 am
Adult Education with Rabbi Helen Plotkin Monday & Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm

Congregation Ohev Shalom                Time Sensitive Material                         Non-Profit Org.
2 Chester Road                                                                         U.S. Postage Paid
Wallingford, PA 19086                                                                   Wallingford, PA
                                                                                        Permit No. 225
                            Purim Carnival
              Sunday, March 8, 2009 • 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
                                 Sponsored by: Sisterhood and Men’s Club
                         $10.00 per child ($ 25.00 for 3 or more kids in a family)
                  It would be appreciated if you would pre-pay using the coupon below.
                                 As always, you can also pay at the door.
                   UNLIMITED games, 2 moon bounces, lunch, and a special party gift
                                     GAMES FOR ALL AGES:
    Shushan Spin, Lollipop Tree, Shoot Haman, Face painting, Sponge Toss, 50-50 Raffle, much more.
                   Provided by Men’s Club includes delicious hamentashen for dessert
                           Games for younger kids sponsored by Kehillah
             Any questions or if you can volunteer, please call Karen Ernest, 610-328-6290

                                                    Tear Off
     Avoid standing in line: Return this tear off to the synagogue and write Attn: Purim Carnival-Karen Ernest.
                              Checks should be made out to: Sisterhood Ohev Shalom

Name(s) of kids ______________________________________ # of kids_______                 Amount enclosed $_______

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