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Bath Salts & Seaweed Products

Sea salts and seaweed baths have been used in seaside cultures across the ages for cleansing and healing. Chico
Spa’s natural, fresh-scented Pacific Ocean seaweed products heal a range of skin problems, including radiation
burn. The hydrating gels in seaweeds are the basis for many premier products recommended by dermatologists
to reduce inflammation, mineralize, nourish and soften the skin.

Chico’s bath products also alleviate body aches and pains; calm anxiety and support whole body detoxification.
Spa physicians in Europe prescribe regular warm salts baths as effective treatment for rheumatoid and
osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and body pain. Chico’s Sore Body Bath adds seaweeds to hydrate the skin and herbs
to reduce inflammation.

   Sore Body Bath – $30                                     Seaweed Bath – $25
   This is Dr. Rogers’ fragrant formulation of hand-        Create a luscious pillow of Pacific Ocean healing
   harvested red and brown seaweeds, Dead Sea salts,        plants for your whole-body treatment and nourishing
   and herbs—lavender, rose, basil, coriander and           bath. Free of toxins and heavy metals, Seaweed Bath
   cumin—to use in a warm bath. Refrigerate after use       relaxes and adds essential minerals to the body;
   and reuse 4-5 times. Instructions included.              hydrates and softens the skin and hair. Includes
                                                            instructions. Rinse applicator bag and refrigerate to
   Use for body pains, psoriasis, cleansing regimes,        reuse many times.
                                                            Use for inflamed skin; burns, including radiation burn;
   P r oduct details:                                       to cleanse and relax the body.
   Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and calming
   6 x 9” reusable bath bag. (1 lb. )                       For Detoxification Programs:
                                                            Bathe several times a week in a warm seaweed bath.
   Skin Soothe – $20                                        Smooth bag over body and allow skin to absorb the
   Brew and apply this fresh-scented mixture of pure,       gel. Use together with a cleansing diet; sweating; and
   hand-harvested seaweeds topically to heal the            moderate exercise to reduce toxicity; condition the
   skin. The seaweed gel quickly cools and relieves         nervous system to relax; and restore balance to body,
   the redness of rosacea or pain of a burn. Rinse          mind, heart and soul.
   and refrigerate to reuse many times. Instructions        Pr o duc t de ta il s:
   included.                                                Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, softens & clarifies skin
   Effective for dry skin; burns, including radiation       6 x 9” reusable bath bag. (2 oz. )
   burn; rosacea; psoriasis; shingles; eczema.

   P r oduct details:
   Topical application to clarify and heal skin
   Reusable applicator bag. (1 oz. )

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