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Bath Salt Catalog.pdf - Bath Salt Catalog

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									Printed with Soy ink

                       Wholesale Catalog

                                                                                       Ba th Sa lt Catalog
                                            America’s Sea Salt Company

                                            15000 Wood-Red Road NE / B900
                                                Woodinville, WA 98072
                                           800-353-7258 ph • 425-650-9876 fx
                                            Prices subject to change without notice.
SALTWORKS®, founded in 2002
near Seattle, Washington, is an
American company that prides
itself on offering a superior

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MOISTURE SENSITIVE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          MOST THERAPEUTIC
                                                                                                                                                                                           EXFOLIATING SOAP
                                                                  MANICURE SCRUBS
selection of over 50 varieties of

                                                                                                               PEDICURE SOAKS
salt. We currently import directly

                                                                                    BODY SCRUBS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           AIR SENSITIVE
from over two dozen countries

                                                                                                  BATH SALTS


                                                                                                                                                                                                              BATH TEAS

around the globe. Whether you

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             SEA SALT
                                                                                                                                                HOT TUB

are looking for a premium Dead


Sea Salt from Israel or Organic
Sel Gris from a small salt farm in
France, SaltWorks is dedicated to      BOKEK - FINE                •                •             •            •                        •       •         •           •                     •                                          •                                   •               •
offering the highest quality and
widest selection of salt at the best
                                       BOKEK - COARSE                                             •            •                        •       •         •           •                                       •                        •                                   •               •
price, direct from the source.         BRETON - BRUT                                •             •             •                       •       •         •           •                                       •                                            •               •               •                 •          •
Our    customers     span     from     BRETON - FINE               •                •                                                   •                                                   •                                                              •               •                                 •          •
individuals ordering salt by the
pound to enjoy in their homes, to
                                       BRETON - VELVET                                                                                                                                      •                                          •                   •               •                                 •          •
manufacturers and health food
stores who order by the pallet.
                                       CEARA - XS / SONOMA - XS    •                •                                                   •       •                                           •                                                                              •                                 •
SaltWorks’ strict commitment to        CEARA - SM / SONOMA - M                      •             •             •               •       •       •                                                                                                                          •                                 •
quality ensures that all of our
customers, large and small, receive
                                       CEARA - M                                                  •             •               •       •                                                                     •                                                            •                                 •
only pure and natural products.        CEARA - L                                                  •                             •       •                                                                     •                                                            •                                 •
                                       CEARA - XL                                                                               •       •                                      •                              •           •                                                •                                 •
                                       RIO - XXL                                                                                •       •                                      •                                          •                                                •                                 •
                                       RIO - JUMBO                                                                              •       •                                      •                                          •                                                •                                 •
                                       EUROSPA - FINE              •                •                           •                       •       •                                           •                                                                              •                                 •
                                       EUROSPA - COARSE                                           •             •               •       •       •                                                             •                                                            •                                 •
                                       HIMALAYAN PINK- XS          •                •                                                   •       •                                           •                                                                              •
                                       HIMALAYAN PINK - SM                          •             •             •                       •       •                                                                                                                          •
                                       HIMALAYAN PINK - M                                         •             •                       •                                                                     •                                                            •
All of our salts are responsibly
harvested and guaranteed.              HIMALAYAN PINK - LG                                        •                                     •                                                                     •                                                            •
Special requests or questions?         HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL- XXL                                                                           •                                      •                                          •                                                •
Please call or email us! (info@        HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL- JUMBO                                                                         •                                      •                                          •                                                • We pride ourselves
on being able to answer tough          ALAEA - FINE                                                                                     •                                                                                                                                  •                                 •
questions, help with special
projects, find new and exciting
                                       ALAEA - COARSE                                             •                                     •                                                                     •                                                            •                                 •
salt varieties, and assist you in
your hunt for the perfect salt to
                                       THERASOAK - EPSOM SALT      •                •             •            •                •       •       •         •           •                                                                •
fit your needs.                         BOLIVIAN ROSE- XS           •                •                                                   •       •                                           •                                                                              •
                                       BOLIVIAN ROSE - SM                           •             •             •                       •       •                                                                                                                          •
2                                      BOLIVIAN ROSE - M                                          •             •                       •                                                                     •                                                            •
BOKEK™ Dead Sea Salt is a              body. It covers some 22 square feet     essential oil, it is also a great sleep
                                                                                                                         For a deep therapy bath, use 2
natural,    dry,   white     crystal   and weighs around nine pounds           inducer. Sea salt is vital for sleep      pounds of salt (about 4 cups) in
harvested from the Southern            (roughly 7% of body weight). It’s       cycle regulation because it is a          a regular size bath tub. Soak
Dead Sea in Israel, where the          integumentary system provides           natural hypnotic.                         for 20-30 minutes. Be sure
concentration of minerals are the      the front line of defense for the                                                 to drink lots of water as the
highest. The waters of the Dead        body, as well as being expressive       The widely reputed soothing
                                                                                                                         detoxification process will pull
Sea are unique, having a total         of physiological conditions and         effects of the Dead Sea can now           moisture from your body as it
salt concentration that is 10 times    emotional states. Skin is the           be enjoyed in the privacy of your         eliminates toxins. This should
higher than ocean water, reaching      extension of our nervous system         own home. Bring the salt from             be done only once or twice a
33% versus 3%. But that’s not          to the outside of the body. It is       the sea to your own bath tub for          month. For every day baths, 1
all! The composition of the            involved in processes of exchange       relaxation and relief. Now every          to 2 cups of salt is plenty. Mixed
brines is also unique, comprised       between the internal and external       bath tub, hot tub, jacuzzi and            with therapeutic oils you can
of magnesium, potassium and            environments       –    respiration,    whirlpool can be a private spa.           create wonderful, synergistic
calcium chlorides, in addition to      absorption and elimination. It’s        In addition to being a significant         blends. For example:
a high concentration of bromides.      no wonder that the use of bath          ingredient at the spa, Bokek™
                                                                                                                         Cleanse: Grapefruit/Eucalyptus
                                       salts, with their unique balance of     Dead Sea salts have become
                                                                                                                         Soothe and Relax: Lavender
This  extraordinary chemical           minerals, are so beneficial to our       popular as a raw material in
                                                                                                                         Energize: Spearmint/Rosemary
composition has made the               health and state of mind.               the cosmetic industry. Products
                                                                               including facial toners, lotions,         Simply add 15-25 drops of
                                                                               soaps, shampoos, , cleansers and          blended essential oils with 16oz
                                                                               creams incorporate this unique            of Bokek Dead Sea Salt.
                                                                               salt. The benefits extend well
                                                                               beyond the bath.                          Dead Sea salt is very hydroscopic,
                                                                                                                         which means it will absorb
                                                                               It is agreed by many health
                                                                                                                         moisture from the air. Be sure
                                                                               professionals that Bokek™ Dead
                                                                                                                         to store your salts in an air tight
                                                                               Sea Salt is the most therapeutic
                                                                                                                         container to avoid clumping.
                                                                               of all bath salts. With a sodium
                                                                               content of less than 12%, it is
                                                                               gentle on the skin. Natural skin
                                                                               softeners and muscle relaxers
                                                                               make this salt unique. The super
                               A.                                     B.       buoyancy of these salts make it
                                                                               ideal for use in float tanks and
Dead Sea an ideal spot for             Some physicians now recommend           sensory deprivation tanks.
people seeking relief from skin        Dead Sea Salt to relieve the
and rheumatic disorders, and           symptoms of dry skin disorders
an equally popular choice for          (such as Psoriasis and Eczema),
vacationers seeking relaxation.        high blood pressure, rheumatoid
In fact, these soothing, miracle-      arthritis- even joint and muscle
working waters have a reputation       pain. Mixed with true lavender
that dates back over 2000 years.

Skin is amazingly complex and, by              BRAND                    SIZE                            5 lb     20 lb    55 lb    110 lb   550 lb   1100 lb   2200 lb     4400 & up
weight, the largest organ of the
                                               BOKEK™                   Fine (A) Coarse (B)            $2.80     $2.25    $1.64    $1.36     $1.27     $.90     $.86     Call for pricing
                                       O R D E R     N O W      •    w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m        •     8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
BRETON™ Natural French Grey            where the only ingredients are the       taken from the sea. As the               to the consistency of flour, to        for both the consumer          and
Sea Salt comes from the Guerande       sea, the sun, and man. Breton™           seawater slowly moves from ocean         Coarse grain, which is 2-4 mm.        professional markets.
region of France, and is among         sea salt undergoes no treatment          to salt pan, exposed to wind and         In order to retain the highest
the best sea salts in the world!       after harvesting. Neither washed,        sun, its salt content keeps rising.      levels of minerals and nutrients,     Velvet and Fine grain Breton both
Sea water is channeled into clay       nor refined, it keeps its essential       The salt crystals are enriched with      Breton Sea Salts are never heated     make effective exfoliants, the
lined evaporation ponds. As the        nutrients vital to the human             health-enhancing minerals. The           or processed. The salt is collected   Velvet being gentle enough for
salt crystals form, they absorb        body. Salt farmers follow strict         lower sodium content allows for          by hand, then dried by solar          facial exfoliation. The natural
a beautiful grey color from            harvesting rules as prescribed in        more bioavailable magnesium              evaporation and stone ground.         antibacterial     and    antiseptic
the clay. The clay also adds to        the NEP specifications. (Nature en        (in chloride form), calcium and          All processes for these salts are     qualities of salt make this a great
the exceptionally high mineral         Progres´) This makes it worthy of        potassium, as well as trace              very labor intensive.                 ingredient in face and body
content of these salts.                having the NEP seal of approval.         elements such as copper, zinc,                                                 cleansers.
                                       The NEP certification also ensures        iron, manganese, and even minute         The region of France where these
The harvesting of these salts is an    the purity and cleanliness of the        amounts of iodine and fluoride.           salts are produced boasts some of     Fine and Coarse are very popular
art. The salt crystals are collected   salt.                                    Being totally natural, Breton sea        the most famous Thallasotherapy       for pre-packaged bath salt
by hand using traditional Celtic                                                salt retains all these qualities.        clinics and spas in the world.        products, since the natural grey
methods. For 1500 years, salt          Far from being mere sodium                                                        These therapeutic grey salts have     color looks great in a jar. Simply
farmers have harvested the sea         chloride, Breton™ sea salt               The Breton sea salt crystals range       become a prominent ingredient         scented with lavender essential
salt as a natural cottage industry     concentrates countless benefits           in size from Velvet, which is close      in top bath and body products         oil and mixed with dried lavender
                                                                                                                                                               buds, you can create a beautiful
                                                                                                                                                               and very therapeutic bath salt. It
                                                                                                                                                               is also great to use in therapeutic
                                                                                                                                                               jacuzzi tubs in a spa or your own

                                                                                                                                                               Breton is a moist, soft crystal that
                                                                                                                                                               mixes well with essential oils,
                                                                                                                                                               fragrance oils and dried herbs.
                                                                                                                                                               Avoid mixing the coarse grains
                                                                                                                                                               with dry powdered ingredients, as
                                                                                                                                                               the moisture in the salt will make
                                                                                                                                                               the dry mixture clump. Coloring
                                                                                                                                                               is possible, but not common as the
                                                                      A.                                        B.                                      C.     salts are known for their natural
                                                                                                                                                               beauty and grey coloring.

    BRAND                SIZE                         5 lb    25 lb    55 lb       110 lb   550 lb   1100 lb   2200 lb        4400 & up

    BRETON™              VELVET (A)                  $7.77   $6.24     $5.63       $5.24    $4.98    $4.62     $4.04        Call for pricing
                         FINE (B)                    $5.18   $4.37     $3.75       $3.49    $3.32    $3.08     $2.69        Call for pricing
                         BRUT (C)                    $4.24   $3.58     $3.56       $3.42    $2.90    $2.62     $2.37        Call for pricing
                                                 O R D E R     N O W        •     w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m       •    8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
EuroSpa™ European Sea Salts are           exfoliant for salt scrubs and body                                                         The     salt    farmers     of   the
harvested from the crystal clear          treatments. It also works well                                                             Mediterranean are known for
waters of the Mediterranean Sea.          in bath salt recipes, as it blends                                                         their salt expertise. Harvesting salt
It is evaporated to a sparkling           easily with powdered ingredients.                                                          is a true art, and the Italians have
white by the sun and ocean air.                                                                                                      been producing it for centuries.
European spas are famous for              EuroSpa Coarse is a medium grain,                                                          It’s no wonder that some of the
their in-depth knowledge of               ranging in size from 2-3mm. It is                                                          best sea salts come from Italy.
natural healing and therapy. You          a clean, white crystal that easily                                                         SaltWorks works with both large
can use this salt as a key ingredient     absorbs essential oils. This is a great                                                    producers and small specialized
in your own bath products.                salt for therapeutic bath soaks and                                                        salt farms to ensure that we bring
                                          blends, because it colors nicely and                                                       you the best offering possible.
EuroSpa Fine is similar in grain          blends well with essential oils.
size to table salt. Grains are
approximately    0-1mm.     The           Also available in extra coarse with
fine crystals are a wonderful              a grain size of 3mm.

 BRAND         SIZE                                        5 lb     25 lb      55 lb         110 lb   550 lb   1100 lb     2200 lb           4400 & up

 EUROSPA™      FINE (D)   COARSE (E)    X-COARSE (F)      $2.55     $1.94     $1.35          $1.28    $1.15    $1.10        $0.95          Call for pricing

                                                                                                                                                                             USEFUL HINT: A mix of Fine
                                                                                                                                                                             Grain EuroSpa and Fine Grain
                                                                                                                                                                             Bokek Dead Sea Salts make
                                                                                                                                                                             a wonderful blend for Salt
                                                                                                                                                                             Glows. The varied crystal size
                                                                                                                                                                             creates a soothing exfoliation
                                                                                                                                                                             without being too harsh.

                                  D.                                         E.                                            F.

TheraSoak™ Epsom Salt is the #1           hardening of the arteries, reduce               the formation of brain tissue, joint       TheraSoak     is   pharmaceutical
brand for high-quality therapeutic        blood clots and lower blood                     proteins and the mucin proteins            grade epsom salt and is suitable
grade Epsom salt.          Raising        pressure. TheraSoak Epsom salt                  that line the walls of the digestive       for cosmetic and therapeutic use.
your magnesium levels, a key              also delivers sulfates, which are               tract. Sulfates also stimulate the         Popular for use in float tanks.
component of TheraSoak Epsom              extremely difficult to get through               pancreas to generate digestive
salt, may help improve heart              food, but which readily absorb                  enzymes and help to detoxify the
and circulatory health, reduce            through the skin. Medical research              body’s residue of medicines and
irregular heartbeats, prevent             indicates sulfates are needed for               environmental contaminants.

 BRAND                     SIZE                            5 lb     25 lb         50 lb      100 lb   550 lb   1100 lb    2200 lb          4400 & up

 THERASOAK™                ONE SIZE (G)                   $2.31     $1.31         $1.19      $1.15     $1.06    $0.90     $0.79          Call for pricing
                                          O R D E R      N O W       •      w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m          •      8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
    MAKING BATH SALTS:                  Therapies                                                                        At The Spa                             At Home
    Making your own therapeutic
                                        Hippocrates, known as the Fa-         Balneotherapy: A range of treat-          Sea water, which is rich in min-       You may not always have the time
    bath salts is really very simple.
                                        ther of Medicine, discovered the      ments with warm mineral salt              erals and microelements, has           to visit a resort or spa. There are
    SaltWorks offers a wide range
                                        therapeutic qualities of seawater     water, from bathing underwater,           wonderful therapeutic proper-          several therapies you can enjoy at
    of high quality sea salts to
                                        by noticing the healing effects it    massage jets or plain drinking.           ties when heated up to 33-34°C.        home with little or no mess and
    choose from. Customize your
                                        had on the injured hands of fish-      Sea salt water helps stimulate the        The following are only a few ex-       preparation:
    salts by creating your own
                                        ermen. The seawater not only          secretion of bile and has diuretic        amples of spa procedures that
    unique blends. Making these
                                        reduced infection risks, but pa-      effects. Salt baths are often used        incorporate sea salt therapies:        Thallasotherapy Bath: Draw a
    salts for yourself or for your
                                        tients who followed treatments        for treating kidney stones.                                                      warm bath (37-40°C) and add a
    business takes little time and is
                                        involving the use of seawater                                                   Jacuzzi: A hydromassage in the         Dead Sea Salt. Dim the lights and
    very rewarding!
                                        found that it also promoted pain      Heliotherapy: Use of the sun’s            bath filled with warm sea water         soak for 20-30 minutes. Music will
                                        relief. It is now known that sea      creative properties. Despite re-          for 20 minutes.                        also add to the experience. Drink
                                        salt therapy is an effective treat-   cent awareness of skin cancers,                                                  plenty of water during and after
                                        ment that assists in the rejuvena-    sun remains an excellent source           Sea Salt Wrap: Soothing and            your soak. Pat dry when finished
                                        tion of the cells, and also induces   of energy, boosts immunity and            healing spring water will leave        and wrap up in a warm bathrobe.
                                          a healthy exchange of miner-        stabilizes mood when used ap-             your skin soft and invigorated.        You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenat-
                                          als and toxins between the          propriately. Skin treatments com-         Used in combination with sea           ed.
                                          blood and the water.                bine this with sea salt baths, but        salts and individualized essential
                                                                                should only be used together            oils, it stimulates circulation, in-   Salt Glow: Apply salt scrub to
                                                                                 under the supervision of a             creases lymph flow and detoxifies        dry skin. You can purchase a fa-
                                                                                 doctor.                                the whole system.                      vorite brand or create your own
                                                                                                                                                               from scratch. The shower is the
                                                                                     Phytotherapy:         Treat-       “Under Shower” Massage:       A        perfect, easy to clean up, place
                                                                                      ments with wild grown             light body massage with water-         for this. Be sure to massage entire
                                                                                        herbs, plants, flow-             proof cream while having a warm        body. The salts will exfoliate your
                                                                                        ers or leaves. Used in          sea water shower.                      skin, allowing the nourishing es-
                                                                                       salt baths, oils or infu-                                               sential oils to be absorbed. Once
                                                                                      sions, their effect can be        “Under Water” Massage: A               complete, turn on shower and
                                                                              superior to pharmacological               strong jet body massage while          rinse. Be careful not to slip as the
                                                                              treatments for some medical               lying down in a warm salt bath.        oils can be slick. The result ~ soft
                                                                              conditions. Perfect for combining                                                and silky skin.
                                                                              with sea salt.                            Salt Glows: A special blend of
                                                                                                                        sea salts and aromatherapy oils        Crystal Potpourri: These scented
                                                                              Thallasotherapy:      Therapeutic         gently exfoliates dead skin cells      salt crystals (see Page 9, Rio Sea
                                                                              baths using warm seawater. The            leaving the skin toned, glowing        Salt Crystals) are a great way to
                                                                              application of seawater (which is         and stimulated. Salt exfoliation       enjoy aromatherapy benefits.
                                                                              very similar to the body’s own in-        is wonderful when paired with a        In addition, the heated crystals
                                                                              ternal fluids) allows magnesium            body wrap.                             cleanse the air. Breathing clean
                                                                              and potassium to be drawn into                                                   air will revitalize your spirit and
                                                                              the blood stream while toxins are         Aroma Massage: A gentle sea            help you to think more clearly.
                                                                              actively eliminated.                      salt exfoliation prepares your skin
                                                                                                                        to better receive the benefits of
                                                                                                                        aromatherapy and massage for
                                                                                                                        the ultimate in relaxation of body
                                                                                                                        and mind.
                                                                                w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m        •    8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
 Natural Treatments                                                                                                                                       CAUTION:
                                                                                                                                                          Essential oils you should avoid
Bath Salts:       Sea salts and        Dried Herbs: Many dried herbs          skin. Diluted in the bath water, it     is also great for making fizzy
                                                                                                                                                          in the bath include, but are not
essential oils are a wonderfully       possess the same scent and             is safe for skin contact.               bath salts.    The combination
                                                                                                                                                          limited to: basil, oregano, thyme,
synergistic combination. The           healing properties of their                                                    creates an effervescent blend
                                                                                                                                                          nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, black
relaxing properties of hot water       essential oil counterparts. Herbs      Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider        that helps release the aroma of
                                                                                                                                                          pepper, and bay (Pimenta and
complement the effects of well-        are popular additions to bath          vinegar baths restore a natural         your essential oils into the air,
                                                                                                                                                          Laurus). Also avoid any oils that
chosen salts and essential oils.       salts and bath teas. They are an       pH to the skin and hair, as well        creating an uplifting aromatic
                                                                                                                                                          can cause sensitivity to your
Aromatic baths can provide relief      attractive addition to a finished       as rejuvenating and building up         bath.
from stress and anxiety, assist with   product. One drawback is that it       the body’s natural resistance to
muscle and joint pains, and treat      can be messy in the tub. A good        the elements. It helps restore the      Colorants: FD&C dyes dispersed
                                                                                                                                                          Consult your physician if you
the symptoms of more severe            option is to include an organza        acid mantle protection to the           in liquid or glycerin are popular
                                                                                                                                                          have high blood pressure, are
skin conditions. Both men and          bag with your salts to use as a        skin, which is lost from swimming       for adding color to bath salts.
                                                                                                                                                          pregnant or have other medical
women are enjoying aromatic            tea bag. The salts melt, the herbs     and from routine use of soaps on        Herbs can also be used to create
baths in increasing numbers. The       steep in the hot bath water, and       the skin. It thus helps combat          beautiful natural colors for your
therapeutic benefits of sea salt        once the bag dries it is easy to       “unfriendly” bacteria and fungal        salts. Powdered mica can create
baths are well known, and often        empty out the herbs and re-use         overgrowth. Apple cider vinegar         beautiful pearlescent salts.
recommended by doctors for             the bag.                               baths are soothing to the skin,
treating a wide range of medical                                              alleviating itchiness, poison ivy,
conditions.                            Carrier Oils:         Moisturizing     and sunburn discomfort. As with
                                       vegetable oils are commonly used       all hot baths, it causes the pores to
Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy             as a “carrier” for essential oils.     open and aids in general systemic
is the practice of controlled use      Most essential oils are too strong     detoxification. Make certain to
of essential oils to maintain and      to apply directly to the skin and      use pure, unprocessed apple
promote physical, psychological,       should be diluted 12-30 drops to       cider vinegar.
and spiritual well-being. As a         1oz of carrier oil. Carrier oils are
holistic medicine, aromatherapy        also combined with sea salts to        Use 2-4 cups in a hot bath.
is both a preventative approach,       create exfoliant salt scrubs.
as well as an active treatment,                                               Sodium Bicarbonate: A hot bath
during acute and chronic stages        Hydrogen Peroxide:       Adding        with equal parts of baking soda
of illness.                            hydrogen peroxide to bath              (sodium bicarbonate) and sea
                                       water increases oxygen available       salt assists in detoxification from
Essential Oils:     Essential oils     to the body. Hydrogen peroxide         exposure to heavy metals and
are highly concentrated plant          baths leave the body feeling           radiation. It is also beneficial
extracts distilled from a variety      alert and revitalized, just like       for cleansing the theauric field,
of plant material, including           after a rain shower. This gentle       and for soothing itchy skin. In
leaves, flowers, needles, fruit         bath is antibacterial, antiviral,      combination, use 1-2 pounds of
peels, grasses, wood and roots.        and cleansing to the emotional         each. Sea salt is recommended, as
                                       and energetic bodies. Add              opposed to rock salt or common
Note: These oils, with the             6ounces of food-grade hydrogen         table salt, which are depleted of
exception of Lavender and Tea          peroxide to a hot bath and soak        nourishing minerals.
Tree, should always be diluted         for 20-30 minutes. Be careful
in a carrier oil before applying       in handling this concentrated          Citric Acid: Citric acid is a key
directly to the skin.                  solution of hydrogen peroxide          ingredient, along with sodium
                                       as it can “burn” or irritate the       bicarbonate, for bath fizzies. It

                                       O R D E R     N O W      •    w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m      •    8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
                                          Salt water is captured in retention         mangrove area, an ecosystem that         anti-caking agents. Ceara works       it very easy to color. Colorants
                                          ponds and allowed to evaporate              removes undesirable elements             well with both essential oils and     cover evenly and make it possible
                                          by means of the sun and wind.               from the water. This removal is          fragrance oils. The smooth surface    to achieve a translucent look.
                                          During the process, a salt bed              accomplished through a filtration         and hardness of this salt make
                                          forms on the bottom of the pond.            process carried out by indigenous
                                          The salt is harvested, washed,              plants and shellfish.
                                          screened and packaged. The
                                          typical salt crystal “crop” takes           Ceara is available in sizes ranging
                                          three to five years to produce.              from XS (finer than table salt
                                                                                      0-1mm) to XL (4-8mm). This sea
                                          In high mineral sea salt production,        salt can be used in many products
                                          the environmental conditions                including salt scrubs, bath salts
                                          directly influence the salt quality          and potpourri. The various sizes
CEARA™ Sea Salts are pure                 through the quality of its main             allow you to customize the look
Atlantic sea salt crystals from the       raw material - sea water. The               and feel of your products.
clear waters off the coast of Brazil.     sea water used to make Ceara™
They are produced through the             Bath Salt Crystals is especially            Ceara crystals are a clean, white
natural evaporation of sea water.         clean. It is collected from a               salt with no additives, such as

                                     A.                                    B.                                         C.                                     D.                                                           E.

    Ceara is also a good salt for craft   This is an easy salt to work with, as       opening and closing regularly.           end spas and weekend crafters.
    projects. The wide range of           it is not as susceptible to moisture        You will have much less trouble          The options are limitless. It’s
                                                                                                                                                                                      CEARA                       mm
    crystal sizes work well to achieve    from the air as some salts, which           with clumping than you would             even edible!
    just the look you want. Use in        increases your packaging options.           with other salts that are more                                                   A                  XS                       0-1
    shallow decorative bowls to hold      The Medium to X-Large crystals              susceptible to moisture in the air.
                                                                                                                                                                       B                   S                       1-2
    votive candles or in vases to hold    are a good choice for bulk bath             Ceara is a very nice, pure Atlantic
    dried or artificial flowers.            salt bins that people will be               sea salt. Suitable for both high-                                                C                  M                        1-3

                                                                                                                                                                       D                   L                       2-4
    BRAND                   SIZE                          5 lb     25lb     55 lb        110 lb   550 lb   1100 lb   2200 lb        4400 & up
                                                                                                                                                                       E                  XL                       4-8
                            (A) XS    (B) SM (C) M
    CEARA™                                               $2.50     $1.72    $1.12        $0.78    $0.70    $0.60     $0.55        Call for pricing                     * Grain sizes are approximate and are subject to
                            (D) LG    (E) XL                                                                                                                           change without notice.

                                                     O R D E R      N O W         •     w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m       •    8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
RIO™ Sea Salt Crystals are the                       ions in the air to keep us healthy.     Salt used in this way can             Many spas now have rooms with
same pure Atlantic sea salt as our                   The depletion of the negative ions      significantly reduce a wide range      heated floors covered by cloth
Ceara™ brand, only brought to                        results in less oxygen in the air for   of indoor air pollutants and by       bags that are filled with sea salt.
you in its raw form. We had so                       us to inhale. Dr. Albert Krueger*,      doing so; mitigate the possibility    Visiting one of these “salt rooms”
many requests for large “chunk”                      from the University of California,      of allergies, sinusitis, headaches,   is a wonderful therapeutic
sea salt for crystal potpourri, that                 found that a “negligibly small          migraines, and various respiratory    experience! The air in the salt
we searched for a way to add this                    amount of negative ions were            ailments. Negative ions also          room contains high quantities
to our offering, and found Rio-                      powerful enough to kill bacteria        balance levels of serotonin, a        of negative ions, which seem to
The perfect solution!                                and quickly take them out of            body chemical linked with mood        clear mucus and purify the lungs.
                                                     the air so they were less likely to     and stress, which can help make       Others claim it helps reduce viral
The crystals are solar evaporated                    infect people.”                         you feel relaxed and energized.       infections, asthma, bronchitis,
from the clear blue waters off                                                                                                     ear infections, allergies, eczema,
the coast of Brazil. It is minimally                 When heated, sea salt emits             Having heated salt around your        dermatitis,    psoriasis,    stress,
crushed and left in large pieces.                    negative ions when it combines          computer can help limit the           anxiety, insomnia and even joint
Rio is semi-transparent and                          with the moisture in the air.           effects of the radiation that come    aches and arthritis.
can be rinsed to create a clear,                     The emission of ions is primarily       from your monitor which can, in
shimmering crystal. Rio has the                      caused due to the salt’s ability        turn, limit headaches associated
same mineral composition as                          to first absorb water and then           with computer use.
high-end bath salts, making it                       evaporate.
very versatile. This is the ideal                                                                                                                                               (H) Rio Crystals can be rinsed
size to be used in salt potpourri.                                                                                                                                              to create shimmering “glass
The large crystals are semi-porous                                                                                                                                              like” pieces. You can simply add
which enables them to be infused                                                                                                                                                essential oils or fragrance oils
with color and essence oil. When                                                                                                                                                for a beautiful alternative to
heated, the crystals slowly release                                                                                                                                             the traditional colored crystal
the scent into the air. Crystals can                                                                                                                                            potpourri.
be re-scented every 3-5 months.
                                                                                                                                                                                To rinse, simply spray lightly
According to studies, we receive
                                                                                                                                                                                with a salt water solution. Be
up to 60% of our energy from the
                                                                                                                                                                                sure not to let the crystals sit
air we breathe. We breathe an
                                                                                                                                                                                in the water or they will melt
average of 37 pounds of air a day
                                                                                                                                                                                away! Lay out on parchment to
(enough to fill an Olympic size                                                       F.                                     G.                                        H.        dry. When completely dry, add
swimming pool)! It is important
                                                                                                                                                                                fragrance with an eye dropper.
that we maintain a correct
balance of positive and negative
                                                                                                                                                                               *Dr. Albert P. Krueger, is a Microbiologist
                                                                                                                                                                               and experimental Pathologist at the
                     RIO                     mm                                                                                                                                University of California.

  F                 XXL                     10-15
                                                                    BRAND                    SIZE                        5 lb      25 lb   55 lb   110 lb     550 lb       1100 lb   2200 lb          4400 & up
  G              JUMBO                      20-40
                                                                    RIO™                     XXL (F)                     $2.82     $1.86   $1.15    $0.78     $0.70        $0.60     $0.55         Call for pricing
  H           COLOSSAL                      40-90
                                                                                             JUMBO (G)                   $3.01     $2.19   $1.59    $1.43     $1.21        $1.18     $0.99         Call for pricing
  * Grain sizes are approximate and are subject to
  change without notice.                                                                     COLOSSAL (H)                $3.76     $2.74   $1.99    $1.79     $1.52        $1.37     $1.25         Call for pricing
                                                     O R D E R     N O W      •     w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m    •    8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
                                         The clay is also mixed with other                                                                                         HAWAIIAN SALT AND ALA‘E
                                         ingredients for specific health                                                                                            CLAY SPA TREATMENTS:
                                         ailments. For example, it is
                                         combined with powdered awa                                                                                                Hawaiian Salt Glo Scrub: A 25
                                         (kava), known for its sedative                                                                                            minute treatment uses red clay
                                         properties, and blended with                                                                                              from Kauai’s Mount Waialeale,
                                                                                                                                                                   oil from the island’s kukui nuts,
                                         honey. The mixture is massaged
                                                                                                                                                                   and salt from the island’s seas.
                                         into the body, exfoliating and
                                         stimulating circulation. You are
                                                                                                                                                                   Full-Body Exfoliation, Wrap,
                                         then wrapped to allow the awa
                                                                                                                                                                   and Massage: 50 minutes, it
                                         to be absorbed into the body                                                                                              employs the same island clay
                                         and induce deep relaxation. It is                                                                                         and oil. Intended to sooth
                                         also used in a formula containing                                                                                         sunburnt skin, the wrap
                                         Noni leaf oil to treat cancer and                                                                                         contains Hawaiian ti leaves and
                                         for cancer prevention.                                                                                                    aloe vera gel.
ALAEA™         Hawaiian Sea Salt
is produced from a mixture of            Using Alaea sea salt in a bath is
pure Pacific sea salt and healing,        very effective for drawing out
Hawaiian red clay.         This clay,    impurities. It is often used for
Alae, is a natural mineral from          oily skin and breakouts of acne,
Kauai and is rich in iron oxide.         poison ivy and rashes.
It is added to the salt for its
                                         The high mineral content makes
beneficial trace elements. This
                                         this a very therapeutic bath
natural additive is what gives the
                                         salt. By adding essential oils to
salt its distinctive rich, red color.
                                         the Alaea sea salt you can easily
It is used in traditional Hawaiian
                                         create beautiful finished salts that
ceremony, for medicine, and for
                                         are instantly ready to package.
dying cloth.
                                         The Fine grain is a great exfoliant,
Some Hawaiians say the clay has
                                         the clay adding to the therapeutic
between 30 to 36 distinct health
                                         benefits for facials. It also mixes
fortifying minerals in it. It is often
                                         well with other dried ingredients.                                         A.                                     B.
taken internally to cleanse the
                                         The Coarse grain Alaea mixes well
blood. It is a wonderful source for
                                         with essential oils and herbs.
iron, and is used to stop bleeding
                                                                                    Alea sea salt is commonly used           towels, clothes, etc. If any color
and hemorrhaging. Alae clay is
                                         Hawaiian women are known                   in both professional and home            remains after draining your tub,
also used to heal cuts and minor
                                         for their beautiful skin and hair          spa treatments. Please be aware          rinse thoroughly with cool water.
                                         which adds to the allure of this           that the red clay is also used as
                                         unique salt.                               a fabric dye, so use care around

 BRAND                     SIZE                          5 lb    25 lb     50 lb       110 lb   550 lb   1100 lb   2200 lb        4400 & up

 ALAEA™                    FINE (A)   COARSE (B)        $5.49    $4.49     $3.99       $3.72    $3.49    $2.99     $2.74        Call for pricing
                                                    O R D E R      N O W        •     w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m       •    8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
SONOMA SPA™ is a great all-             for salt scrubs, exfoliating soaps,
around sea salt. Produced in the        bath fizzies and body treatments.
United States, this sea salt is solar
evaporated from the waters of the       Sonoma Spa Small has a grain
Pacific Ocean. The result is a clean,    ranging in size from 2-3mm.
white crystal at an economical          As with all Sonoma Spa salts,
price. Sonoma has a low moisture        it has very clean, white crystals
content which works well for            which are perfect for bath salts.
blending with essential or fragrance
oils and for use in body treatments.    Sonoma Spa Extra Large has a
                                        substantial crystal size ranging
Sonoma Spa Extra Small is               from 4-8mm. This accepts oils
approximately the consistency           easily, making it popular for salt
of table salt. Crystals range in        potpourri, colored or scented bath
size from 0-1mm. This is great          salts and aromatherapy crystals.                                      A.                                                B.                                                   C.

                                                      BRAND                    SIZE                        5 lb       25 lb      50 lb     100 lb      550 lb        1100 lb    2450 lb             4400 & up

                                                      SONOMA™                  XS (A) SM (B) XL (C)        $2.15     $1.78      $1.08      $0.73       $0.66         $0.57       $0.52            Call for pricing

from the Andes Mountain range
in Bolivia, celebrated as the
longest mountain range in the
world. Ancient sea salt deposits
were covered with volcanic lava,
creating this high-mineral salt
and protecting it from pollution.
This superb salt is recognized for
its extraordinary mineral content
and innate healing properties
that aid the body in expelling
                                                                       D.                                     E.                                                F.                                                   G.
toxins and replenishing itself.

The orange color of Bolivian            The Extra Small grain (0-1mm) is a     The coarser grains, ranging from        desired product, whether it be                    Bolivian Rose Large is also another
Rose makes it unnecessary to            very nice exfoliant. Ideal for use     Small (1mm), Medium (2mm),              a body scrub, nourishing bath                     option for use in soles (See page
add additional coloring, and            in salt glows, body scrubs or for      to Large (3mm), make gorgeous           salt, or décor. No colorants are                  12).
gorgeous when presented in a            a quick dissolving mineral bath        bath salts with little effort. The      nessessary, because of its inherent
clear packaging.                        salt.                                  variety of grain sizes gives you        beauty. Simply add your favorite
                                                                               a multitude of options for your         essential oil or fragrance and
                                                                                                                       package in clear glass or PET jar.

                                                      BRAND                 SIZE                                   5 lb       25lb       55 lb      110 lb      550 lb       1100 lb     2200 lb        4400 & up

                                                      BOLIVIAN ROSE™        (D) XS (E) SM (F) MED (G) LG           $3.80      $3.40      $2.91      $2.73       $2.36          $2.18      $1.95      Call for pricing
                                        O R D E R    N O W      •    w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m      •   8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )
                                                                                                   Himalayan                                     HIMALAYAN CRYSTALS are the
HIMALAYAN PINK™ Salt is                 of pink and deep reds which                                                             mm
pure, hand-mined salt found             indicate a beneficial amount of                                Pink                                       same therapeutic salts as the
naturally, deep within the pristine     84 trace elements & iron. These                                                                          Himalayan Pink salts, but are much
                                                                                      A                   XS                     0-1
Himalayan Mountains. The high-          clean, food-grade crystals are the                                                                       larger in size. These crystals are
mineral crystals range in color         highest quality Himalayan salt                B                    S                     1-2             often used for crystal potpourri and
from sheer white to varying shades      available.                                                                                               sole. “Sole” (so-lay) is the mixture
                                                                                      C                   M                      2-3
                                                                                                                                                 of water and Himalayan crystals.
                                                                                      D                    L                     3-4             The trace minerals in the sole are
                                                                                      E                   XL                     4-6             believed to help balance the body’s
                                                                                                                                                 alkaline/acidity, normalize blood
                                                                                                    Himalayan                                    pressure & dissolve and eliminate
                                                                                                                                                 sediments which in turn detoxifies
                                                                                      F                 XXL                    10-15             the body. Crystal potpourri is used
                                                                                      G               Jumbo                    15-30
                                                                                                                                                 for decoration and as an air purifier.

                                                                                      H              Colossal                  40-60

                                                                                     * Grain sizes are approximate and are subject to
                                                                                     change without notice.
                                A.                                       B.

                                C.                                       D.                                                             E.                                          F.   G.

This 250 million year-old, Jurassic-    issues. Stimulating circulation,           SaltWorks sources this Himalayan                              is crushed and screened to 8
era salt is believed to be the purest   soothing sore muscles, relaxing            salt from an ethically and                                    different grain sizes to fit a wide
form of salt available, and is          the body, lowering blood pressure          ecologically approved vendor.                                 range of applications.
known for its healing properties.       and removing toxins, such as               Himalayan Pink salt is sorted to
For centuries, salts have been used     heavy metals, from the body are            achieve maximum color, beauty
as remedies for a variety of health     just a few of the many benefits.            and quality. In addition, the salt

 BRAND                       SIZE                                       5 lb       25lb         55 lb          110 lb         550 lb         1100 lb   2200 lb     4400 & up

 HIMALAYAN PINK™             (A) XS (B) SM (C) M   (D) LG   (E) XL     $3.80       $3.40       $2.91           $2.73          $2.36          $2.18     $1.95     Call for pricing
 HIMALAYAN CRYSTALS™         (F) XXL (G) JUMBO (H) COLOSSAL            $5.18       $4.37       $3.99           $3.72          $3.49          $2.99     $2.74     Call for pricing
                                                   O R D E R         N O W     •      w w w. s e a s a l t . c o m                           •    8 0 0 - 3 5 3 - S A LT ( 7 2 5 8 )

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