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Company profile
GUST is a lifestyle brand which encompasses all the disciplines of cutting edge wind driven
sports. it is South africa’s only locally produced kiteboarding and windsurfing publica-
tion that services the interest of both competitive and recreational kiteboarding within
this country, fully published and created by a small team of dedicated wind sport fanatics.
Through its credible, expertly written editorial, and visually stimulating photography GUST
reaches a highly involved audience of outdoor adrenalin seekers who are affluent, active,
health conscious and highly social. GUST is also at the forefront of developing and advanc-
ing the sport of extreme sailing through their efforts to boost female participation (in the
form of GUST Girls workshops), corporate clinics and raising interest amongst youngsters.

         “It is about finding the niche in the market
       and the market in the niche and those who think
            that the media is a social animal must
         be set straight” - Robertsonc 2008. Costeffective Online
                      Marketing: Share your knowledge with others
GUST’s vision is to be internationally recognised for being the world’s leading resource of
extreme sailing news and imagery.

The tone is edgy, informative and personal

regular editorial includes up to the moment industry news, product and equipment
reviews, travel hotspots and lifestyle features (as the sports go hand in hand with beautiful
places), tried and tested new products, rider profiles, easy to follow tips and maneuvres,
and amazing pictures and letters submitted by the highly involved readers.

Three markeTinG plaTformS
GUST is more than just a magazine, it is an integrated communication tool which uses a
variety of media platforms: a leading bi-monthly magazine, online marketing via an interac-
tive website (and facebook), events and activities in the leisure market, to offer the holistic
solution which best suits your brand. our advertisers include national and international
brands such as Seeff properties, ford, nissan, Garmin, Jim Beam and many more.

             “Publishing houses and agencies need
        to adapt to these trends to provide a good return
          for marketers. A magazine is no longer just a
         place to send editorial, advertorial and a fancy
        advert. Companies need to carve out their niche
            markets and niche technologies, be they
        digital, online, events, print media etc, and find
               ways to generate maximum return”
         - Ashton, M & Barnard, P.2007 Publishers need to target clients creatively
                               “We endeavour to be an inspirational
                               South African brand, associated with
                                 extraordinary people, and a true
                                      South African lifestyle”

oUr readerS
Ë Meet Warren Buys
  30 year old fund manager at osborne Capital, Cape Town. originally from JhB. pas-
  sionate kiter and windsurfer who has recently returned from a week long surf trip in
  madagascar. Warren enjoys fine dining, playing guitar and driving his Jeep Cherokee
  around on road trips. he digs heavy metal and a good party.

Ë Meet Deon Malherbe
  30 year old deon malherbe is the owner of eselfontein fruit farm in Ceres. it’s known for
  its radical mountain biking trails and they host the annual eselfontein mountain biking
  experience. deon loves motorbiking and is an avid kiteboarder. When the snow arrives,
  deon arranges a helicopter for drop ins for snowboarding the back country.
                              “It is definitely the best kite and wind
                                 magazine on the global market”
                                          - Boris Polo, H2O Extreme, Kenya

Why ChooSe GUST?
Ë an average of 34% increase in subscriptions on eaCh iSSUe released –
  phenomenal growth unheard of for most publications
Ë most readers are affluent and spend an excess of r20 000 on kiting/windsurfing
  equipment, and more than r40 000 per annum on adventure travel
Ë GUST readers embrace the magazine. read their letters. your advert is strongly
  associated with the overall content. if its endorsed by GUST it must be cool
Ë GUST readers are trendsetters and style leaders, a very desirable audience to position
  your brand in a circle of influence that stretches far beyond our publication
Ë GUST customises special projects to engage participants in an environment in which
  they love
Ë media partners on both world tours – kpWT and pkra
Ë kiteboarding is one of Sa’s fastest growing sports

       “As marketers are getting disillusioned with the
       meager returns from the high cost mass media,
        they are slowly moving in to niche media with
       more accurate reach. Advantages include vivid
           colour reproduction, selective audience,
        brand building opportunities, permanency of
                   message, high shelf-life”
                        - Laurence, L. 2006 Survival of the niche
maGazine STaTiSTiCS
                  Frequency       Bi-monthly
                 Circulation      6000
   Average Issue Readership       42 000 (80% male, 20% female)
                        Age       70% between the ages of 20-39,
                                  most of who are older than 30
                       Income     47% of readers earn more than r180k per year.
                      Regions     Top sales in Gauteng, followed by the Western Cape

GUST is available in over 340 stores countrywide, including_

                   Outlet         tOtAl
                      Cna         129
     pna/eXClUSiVe BookS          44
       faSCinaTion BookS          6
       naTional airporTS          7
                     Spar         48
         peTrol STaTionS          7
        SpeCialiST SToreS         21
                    oTher         65
                           “The centre of the Gust lifestyle is the sea”

Ë “Sa is 4.2% of our world market volume. Sales doubled between 2005 & 2007” -
  Cabrinha (Sa’s leading kite distributor)
Ë “your contribution assisted in raising the profile of…the (international) kite festival in
  muizenberg which saw sixteen thousand visitors attend”
Ë “We compared the two fiscal years of 2006 to 2007 for just South africa - naish had a
  25% increase in Windsurfing Sales and a 57% increase in kiteboarding Sales” - interna-
  tional marketing manager for naish
Ë publisher, Janet lightbody, has been responsible for organizing r1 million in investment
  from Jim Beam global for a kiteboarding contest and beach promotion in 2006
Ë Big Bay had not seen a windsurfing competition in 16 years – the last being the epic
  Golf GTi events of the 80’s. in february 2007, GUST initiated the Big Bay Classic, which
  hosted 50 of the world’s top windsurfers.
Ë “GUST is an excellent guide for local and foreign wind and kite surfers. The magazine
  offers great spot guides, up to date equipment reviews, manoeuver guidance and gives
  insight into the local kite and windsurfer scene, so everyone can be a part of this exciting
  watersports family. We thank the young and enthusiastic GUST Team for a SUper JoB“
  - Cape Sports Centre
Ë “We find your magazine an excellent medium to keep the South african kitesurfing
  fraternity up to date on the latest gear available, especially the ‘most Wanted’ feature,
  which showcases all new products and accessories with a picture and description.”
  - Suntrax
                       “We find inspiration by passion for the sport”

WeB opporTUniTieS
The strategic objectives of gustmagazine.com:
Ë To be the world’s leading online resource for all that is wind related in africa
Ë africa’s online kiteboarding experts – destinations, how to?, gear, people, forecasts (caters
  for interested parties, beginners, intermediate and professionals)
Ë an interactive social networking platform – meeting like minded people with similar
  passions through parties, events forums and blogs
Ë To be a complementary marketing platform to other GUST media – GUST bi-monthly print
  title, GUST events and initiatives and monthly GUST newsletter

Why advertise on gustmagazine.com?
Ë direct marketing to 6000 unique visitors per month, with a plan to reach 18000 unique
  visitors by october 2009.
Ë a targeted, niche audience, who have the spending power to buy your products.
Ë an extension of the already powerful community following the GUST lifestyle brand,
  lowering risk to advertisers.
Ë  of current users have gustmagazine.com book marked as one of their favourites.
Ë Competitive search engine optimisation ie. search wind africa, kite africa etc and you
  will find GUSTmagazine.com

info on the current users:
Ë Wide geographic spread including Sa, USa, China, eastern europe, france and mauritius
Ë 88% male, 12% female
Ë 74% of the users are intermediate kiteboarders
maGazine adVerTiSinG raTeS 2009
sIze           speCs          CAsuAl       3 Issues          6 Issues        MAke-up
foldout cover                 r27 500      r24 000           r20 900         r1 760
dpS            297 x 420      r13 200      r12 100           r11 000         r1 320
oBC            297 x 210      r11 000      r10 500           r9 900          r1 100
full           297 x 210      r6 600       r6 050            r5 500          r660
half           148.5 X 210    r4 290       r4 070            r3 850          r440
Third          297 x 70       r3 190       r2 970            r2 750          r330
advertorial    negotiable
insert         negotiable
nOTe: all rates exclude VaT and agency commission

on Sale daTeS/deadlineS
MOnth         Issue          BOOkIng         MAteRIAl        On sAle
Jan/feb       23             21 nov          28 nov          05 Jan
mar/apr       24             23 Jan          30 Jan          23 feb
may/Jun       25             26 mar          31 mar          27 apr
Jul/aug       26             01 Jun          05 Jun          29 Jun
Sep/oct       27             03 aug          03 aug          31 aug
nov/dec       28             28 Sep          02 oct          26 oct

maTerial deTail, CondiTionS and ConTaCTS
sIze          tRIM             BleeD           type
dpS           297 x 420        307 x 430       287 x 410
oBC           297 x 210        307 x 220       287 x 200
full          297 x 210        307 x 220       287 x 200
half          148.5 x 210      158.5 x 220     138.5 x 200
Third         297 x 70         307 x 80        287 x 60
Business      69 x 97          79 x 107        64 x87
process       all material is to be supplied to GUST either via email, ftp server or on a cd
              to our offices, by no later than material deadline.
Material      high resolution (300dpi/print quality pdf or 100% size, 300 dpi jpg/tif)
proof         if you are supplying finished material , please also supply a colour proof/
              satin sherpa of your advert for colour matching.
Make-up       please supply us with either a high resolution (300dpi) or vector format of
              your logo, 300dpi photos and copy to be included. if images are required,
              these will be charged at an additional rate.
                 “When you provide an-
                swers to questions from a
                targeted readership, then
                 your business suddenly
                 hits the spotlight as the
                   ‘expert’ in its field”

            JaneT lighTbOdy                        TyrOne rawlins
 moBile     +27 (0) 82 469 6303        moBile +27 (0) 83 346 2196
  email     jl@gustmagazine.com         email tyrone@gustmagazine.com

p.o. BoX 15097, Vlaeberg, 8018         fax: 086 622 5838

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