KAREM WOODCRAFT by hjkuiw354


									                    KAREM WOODCRAFT

                                CORNER BRACKETS

              CB-1                     CB-2                          CB-3                        CB-4
              190x455                  360x560                       450x460                     400x410

      CB-6 440x530                           CB-7                     CB-8
      CB-6S 325x325                          340x540                  450x450                  CB-9 430x480
      CB-                                                                                      CB-9S 325x325

          CB-10 320x620                   CB-11 300x460                   CB-12                      CB-13
          CB-10S 210x350                  CB-11S 325x325                  465x465                    455x495
          CB-15 280x450                   CB-11ES 190x250

           CB-14 400x425                               CB-21                              CB-22
           CB-14S 360x360                              190x450                            280x280

        CB-23                        CB-24                            CB-25                     CB-26
        200x400                      325x455                          325x325                   225x225

         CB-27                        CB-28                          CB-29                        CB-33
         420x430                      420x490                        420x420                      450x450

Our extensive range of corner brackets cater for all decorative situations. A quick and simple way to add a
touch of individuality to a plain verandah. All made from solid timber and treated with LOSP to H3 after

       Corner brackets make an ideal compliment to frieze and fretwork panels and will enhance
                                 both interior and exterior locations.

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