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					 Thank You for Walking with
    The ALS Association

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

                  Christine Kirkley
                301-978-9855 ext. 205

           Thank You For Registering!

Dear Walker,

We are so happy to have you on board for the Walk to Defeat ALS™!
Your support enables The ALS Association to raise much-needed
funds for our free patient services and ALS research. With your help,
we are one-step closer to a cure.

With supporters’ help in 2009, the Chapter was able to:

 Donate more than $290,000 to ALS research
 Purchase and repair $50,000 worth of much needed medical
   equipment for our Durable Medical Equipment Loan Closet
 Provide a record $35,000 in transportation grants to local families
 Provide $80,000 in respite care grants to local families
 Serve more than 200 PALS through our Assistive
   Technology/Augmentative Communication Program
By registering for the Walk, you are joining thousands of volunteers
across the country that join The ALS Association in the Walk to
Defeat ALS™. Because of your commitment and dedication, The
ALS Association – DC/MD/VA Chapter is able to help our families
living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in DC, Maryland and
Virginia as well as fund vital research for a cure.

Enclosed, you will find information about our online fundraising
website; where you can e-mail your family and friends, set up your
own personal website for people to donate, and see your fundraising
progress as the Walk nears. It is a great way to increase your
fundraising potential and increase awareness! If you have any
questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We
look forward to working with you! Have fun and good luck!

                               Together for a cure,
    You’ve Registered Online, Now Lets
             Have Some Fun!
1. Each Participant has a Personal Page You can modify the text to
   tell us why you are walking or why people should donate to your
   cause. Personalizing your page is a great way to communicate
   your passion and dedication to the Walk. You can even upload a
   picture of your loved one or your Walk Team from last year!

2. After you have customized your Personal Page, you are ready to
   e-mail friends and family to recruit them as walkers and/or

3. ALL e-mails sent through the Walk website include a direct link
   to your Personal Page, where they can either click the Donate
   and/or Join “team name” team buttons. Those that select to walk
   with you will then be shown how to join your team and set up
   their own Personal Page.

4. Click on the Follow-up button to send thank you notes to those
   donors who have contributed and reminders to those who have
   not yet responded.

5. You can also track your progress by entering checks you receive
   from supporters before you mail them to us or bring them to the

6. Show your spirit on Walk day. Create a team t-shirt or banner.
           Keep it bright! Keep it cheap! Get creative!
                   FUNdraising Tips
Each year, the Walk to Defeat ALS™ gets bigger and better and it is
only because of Walkers like YOU making the effort. The exciting
part is… it’s easy! Each Walker has a suggested goal of $210, but
once you start asking around, you’ll find that this may be too low!
We even have prizes to offer to each Walk participant who raises
money over a specified level.
Easy Ways to Raise Money:

      E-Fundraising! Set up your personal web page. Send
       personal emails to your friends and family, tell your story, and
       track your fundraising progress. It’s easy!
      Letter Writing! Send letters to friends and family asking for
       donations. The Chapter will even pay for your postage.
      Matching Gifts! Ask your employer to match the funds that
       you raise. This could double or triple your donation amount.
       You can see if your employer matches charitable gifts at
      Take your Donation Envelope with you! Ask for
       donations when you’re out and about. Ask businesses that
       you frequent to help you reach your goal (for example:
       cleaners, dentist, auto repairman, restaurant owner, fitness
      Donation Jar! Place a jar on your desk at work and ask co-
       workers to donate their extra change.

                  My Participant Center
Your Personal Page
   Once you are logged into the Walk website, click on the
   Participant Center button, then the Personal Page icon. From
   your Personal Page you can up load pictures and tell your story.
   You can change your page at anytime to include new pictures,
   stories, you can even tell people about the events you are hosting.
               You can also link to Facebook and Twitter.
       Letter and E-mail Writing Campaigns
It has been said that people don’t give to causes – people give to
people. We have found that to be true. The most effective way of
raising money for the Walk to Defeat ALS™ is to conduct a letter
and/or e-mail writing campaign. Below are easy tips to make sure
your campaign is a success.

          Make sure you ask that donations be sent directly to you and
           not to the ALS Association office. We want to ensure that
           you and your team get proper credit for all donations. Make
           sure to include your home address in your communications.
           Ask that the checks be made payable to the ALS
          If you are writing a generic letter, be sure to sign each one
           and write a quick note to personalize. If you need help with
           the postage, let us help. Contact us at 301-978-9855 or
          Send your checks to the administrative office at 7507
           Standish Place, Rockville, MD 20855 or turn them in at
           the Walk.
          If you are sending e-mails, upload your Address Book to your
           personal page or enter addresses individually. Then, click on
           E-mails to customize one of the existing e-mail templates or
           you can compose your own message. When sending
           messages through the Walk website, each message includes a
           “Donate” and “Join me” button.
          Send thank you notes to your donors, letting them know how
           much you appreciate their support and how well you and
           your team did at the Walk. This is a great Walk Team
           event – have a Letter Writing Party!
Entering Checks & Cash Online

You can see your personal progress immediately if you enter
your donations online. This also saves the Chapter time and
money. It’s easy – just login, click on the Participant Center
then the My Progress icon. In the Gift Summary area, you’ll
see the link to Enter Gifts Received Offline.

From here, fill out all the fields for each donation you have
received. Then send your donations to the Chapter Office
and so we can confirm them! Remember: if you do not
enter the donor’s address, we cannot send them a thank
you letter. In an effort to save on expenses only
donations of $100 or more will receive a tax receipt from
the Chapter.

REMEMBER…do not send cash. Convert cash into a
money order or write a personal check.

Show Your Team Spirit with Team T-Shirts!
There are many ways to show your team spirit on Walk day.
Design a team t-shirt, banner, sign, cap, or whatever you
want. The possibilities are endless. It’s your chance to be
creative and build team spirit. Remember, it does not have to
cost a lot of money…just have fun!
 Brightly colored T-Shirts are encouraged: They will
    stand out! It also makes finding members of your team on
    Walk day easier!
 The only rule is there are no rules: Let your creativity
    be your guide. Sew, pin-on, draw, paint, glue… whatever
    you want!
 Always try to keep it cheap: Costs should not be more
    then $4-$6 per shirt! Try office supply stores to find kits!
 Be sure to distribute: Consider distribution of the shirts
    to your Team by having a pre-Walk party. It’s a good way
    to build enthusiasm!
                Walk Day Instructions
Are you walking with a team? If so, here’s some important Walk day
information you’ll need to know.

      Find Your Team Captain - Your Team Captain should pick
       a designated time and place that your Team will meet at the
       Walk site – make sure you know when and where you’re
       supposed to meet!
      Turn in your Donations – If you haven’t sent your
       donations to the Chapter, go to the Registration table and
       turn in your donations.
      Walk Prizes – If you collect $250 or more you are eligible
       for an Incentive Prize. Prizes will be awarded based on the
       amount of money you turn in on or before Walk Day. For
       information about the designated fundraising levels and to
       preview the available prizes please visit

Are you walking as an individual? If so, here’s some important Walk
day information you’ll need to know.
      Turn in your Donations - If you have not sent your
       donations to the Chapter, go to the Individual Registration
       table and turn in your donations.
      Walk Prizes - If you collect $250 or more you are eligible for
       an Incentive Prize. Prizes will be awarded based on the
       amount of money you turn in on or before Walk day! For
       information about the designated fundraising levels and to
       preview the available prizes please visit
   Be sure to check the website, for Walk date and
       other special events.

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