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					                      THE N EWSLETTER
                                   Number 30         June-July 2005

    IN THIS ISSUE                      CORE DATA SET
                                       The Brave New World Begins
                                       From 1 July the SAAP data collection is now based on
    Brave New World Begins             the Core Data Set. Hopefully, by this time, someone
• Definitions                          from each agency has been to a training session
    Support Needed                     regarding the changes.
•   Did you know?
    NDCA on the move                   In brief, the changes are:
• SMART news                              •    New statistical linkage key, consisting of a new
                                               alpha code (2nd and 3rd letters of given name, 2nd,
•   Hotline news                               3rd and 5th letters of family name), plus sex and
    NDCA letters                               date of birth. NB: if names are not long enough,
• 60 seconds                                   fill in the remaining spaces with the number 2. (if
                                               you don’t know the given name or the surname,
• Dates for your                               fill in all the squares for the missing name with
  calendar                                     the number 9).
                                          •    Changes to the data definitions (NB: the one
                                               month rule is changed so that you now backdate
                                               the support end date to when you last saw the
                                          •    New version of SMART.
                                          •    New, better organised paper form.
Support Needed
In the past, the SAAP data             Your agency should have received, or should receive in
definitions stated that when           the very near future, a package containing new client
ticking the “Needed” box for           forms, new data collectors manuals, a data transfer
support, this should be done           guide and additional documentation. If your agency
from the point of view of the          uses SMART, the package should also include new
client. As of 1 July, the              SMART CDs and a new SMART Manual.
definitions now state that this
should be done from the point
                                       For agencies that are changing over from paper forms to
of view of the worker.
                                       SMART, if you contacted the NDCA early enough, your
                                       package will also contain the SMART materials. If you
In most cases, this will not           contacted the NDCA later, your SMART materials will
make a lot of difference, but in       be sent out as a separate package.
some cases, such as people
with drug and alcohol or
                                       NB: if you wish to change from paper to SMART and
mental health problems,                have not yet contacted the NDCA, please do so as soon
differences may occur.                 as possible. If you have contacted the NDCA, but did
                                       not receive a SMART package, please call the hotline
                                       and let us know.
Hopefully the change will lead
to more consistent data.
           Did You Know…                     SMART news
In the last six weeks NDCA staff travelled
to Adelaide, Alice Springs, Ballina,         SMART V5.0 released
Bendigo, Blacktown, Brisbane, Broome,        SMART 5.0 has been released. (For a list of included
Bunbury, Burnie, Cairns, Canberra, Coffs     improvements see the February Newsletter).
Harbour, Colac, Darwin, Dubbo, Epping,       One known problem, however, is that it will not
Fremantle, Geraldton, Gosford, Hervey        currently record a need as both provided and
Bay, Hobart, Ipswich, Kalgoorlie,            referred. This will be fixed in an update at the end of
Karratha, Kununurra, Launceston,             the first quarter.
Mackay, Manjimup, Maroochydore,
Melbourne, Moree, Mount Isa, Newcastle,      SMART 6
Northam, Orange, Penrith, Perth, Port
                                             Work is now beginning on the development of
Hedland, Queanbeyan, Rockhampton,
                                             version 6 of SMART. If you have any suggestions for
Sale, Surfers Paradise, Toowoomba,
                                             things you would like included, please let us know.
Townsville, Wagga Wagga, and
Wollongong to run Core Data Set
Familiarisation training.

                                             Hotline news
60 seconds with a
Hotliner                                     NDCA letters
                                             You may receive various reminder letters from the NDCA
                                             during the year, such as:
                                                   • General Reminders (sent to all agencies)
Name:                 Michael                      • Specific Reminders (if we haven’t received your
Time @ NDCA:          6 months
                                             For many of these letters, you DON’T need to contact the
Hotline Speciality: To be decided            NDCA. You may, however, need to take action, e.g. send in
                    (see Two words)          data.

Star sign:            Virgo                  You may also receive the following letter:
Last book:            The Crippled               3. Form errors
                      Angel by Sara          If you receive a form error letter you WILL need to contact
                      Douglas                the NDCA on the hotline to correct the errors.
Favourite movie:      Amelie
Favourite food:       Chocolate Eclairs
Hobbies:              Reading, listening
                      to music
Pets:                 Two dogs

Two words:            Extremely              Dates for your Calendar
                      indecisive             •   1 July Agencies reporting on forms must transfer
Sporting activities: Soccer, tennis              information relating to ongoing clients to the new
                                                 green form (using the transfer guide) and send the
Motto:                Life is easier if          current blue form to the NDCA with forms for
                      you live it with           completed support periods. Agencies using SMART
                      your eyes closed           should do their June Extract and install SMART 5.0
Favourite TV Show: Arrested                  •   15 July, 15 August, 15 September Client forms to
                      Development                be sent to the NDCA by these dates.
Name 3 people         Gustavo Kuerton        •   15 July June quarter SMART extracts due in to the
you’d love to have    Qasim Shah                 NDCA.
dinner with:          Neil Angel

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