Level 2 - Microsoft Word 2003 by dfsdf224s


									                                                         Microsoft Word 2003
                                                                             Level 2
                                            In this course, you will increase the complexity of your documents by adding
                                            components such as customized lists, tables, charts and graphics. Participants will
                                            find out the intermediate features for creating custom templates and styles,
                                            managing tables and table data, inserting graphics, newsletters, creating custom
Course Content:                             form letters, and managing document changes.
     Managing Lists
     Customizing Tables and Charts
     Customizing Formatting
     Working with Custom Styles
     Modifying Pictures
     Creating Customized Graphic Elements
     Controlling Text Flow                                 Resources:
     Automating Common Tasks                               Each participant will be given a workbook for use during the
     Automating Document Creation                          course only. Workbooks are available for purchase under a
     Performing Mail Merges                                standing offer agreement with Element K; please follow normal
                                                            departmental purchasing procedures. (Microsoft Word 2003 -
Participants Will Be Able To:                               Level 2, book part number 084361)
     Manage data in lists
     Customize tables and charts
     Customize formatting                                        Registration is Limited!
     Work with custom styles                                     If you are interested in attending this workshop:
     Modify pictures in a document                                     Discuss the content with your immediate supervisor
     Create customized graphic elements                                Complete a course registration form.
     Control text flow                                                 Mail or Fax form to:
     Automate common tasks                                                Centre for Learning and Development
     Automate document creation                                           Public Service Secretariat
                                                                           5th Floor, West Block
                                                                           Confederation Building
Prerequisites:                                                             P.O. Box 8700, St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6
Microsoft Word 2003: Level 1 or Microsoft Word 2002:                       Fax: 709-729-4114
Level 1

Further Information:                                          Workshop Locations and Dates:
Workshop content:                                                                 St. John’s

Dean Cutler, Manager,                                                     March 1, 2011
Corporate Organizational Development                                      9:00 am – 4:30 pm
709-729-4131 or deancutler@gov.nl.ca
                                                                          March 11, 2011
Registration:                                                             9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Rick Pittman                                                              March 24, 2011
Clerk Typist III                                                          9:00 am – 4:30 pm
709-729-3654 or learninganddevelopment@gov.nl.ca

Course Length: 1 Day

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