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									Campervan Hire in the UK

                                          Motorholme offers motorhome rental and campervan hire in the UK, with a range
                                          of motorhome and campervan models for rent. Rental campervans include 2, 4, 5
                                          and 6 berth models – and even a few 7 berth models.

                                          Campervans can take you to places, just like any other form of transport, but there
                                          is much more to these wonderful vehicles. The interiors of the luxurious
campervans are just like a luxurious home on wheels. You would find a well furnished home inside any standard campervan
or motorhome. There have lavish bathrooms, impressive kitchens and adequate arrangement for entertainment. You can
have a lovely time watching TV, listening to music and playing your favourite CDs or DVDs in the DVD player. Then you can
cook yourself a scrumptious meal. If you want to sleep, a standard campervan provides you with adult size beds. In short,
inside a campervan, there is everything that you would need for a pleasurable and comfortable journey.

Motorholme have been leaders in campervan hire in the UK for some time now and they know what their customers
need. They need easy to use, easy to drive, reliable and comfortable vehicles. They also need a good support system so that if
they need help with something, there is a number they can call at any time of day, even if their problem is a minor one.
Although your motorhome holiday should be a relaxed one, it is always good to know there is someone on the end of the
phone if you need it.

The network of campervan hire in the UK that is provided by Motorholme is vast, at the time of writing there are over
500 motorhomes spread across England, Scotland and Wales. Call 0800 612 8719 anytime to find out more about hiring a
campervan. Weekend campervan rental is now available too, should you wish to slip off for a long weekend.

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