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    Issue 1 Jan/Feb/Mar

    Inside this issue:

 Get to Know - Rachael Cheh           1

 Contact Details for
                                      1    Get to Know Your Committee Members
 Committee Members

 SHPA Medicines Manage-                                          If I had a AHS6
                                      2   Name - Rachael Cheh
 ment Conference 2009                                            wage I Would -
 Election of SA & NT State                Graduated – 2008       Travel around the
 Branch Committee Members                                        world in luxury
                                          Pre-Reg Training -
                                          RGH (Repat)            Worst Joke - I am
 Continuing Education                 3
 Program                                  Current Position -     easily humoured
                                          Clinical Pharmacist    and as a result can
 Welcome New Members                  3
                                          TQEH                   never remember
 SHPA Research and Devel-                                        good or bad jokes...
 opment Grants 2010                       SHPA Member Since
                                          - 2009              Career Highlight -
 A Tribute to Karen Clark                                     Poster display at
                                      4                                                 3 Ways to Make the
                                          Favourite Drug -    Medication Manage-        Most of Your SHPA
                                          Paracetamol         ment conference           Membership -
Committee Contact Details                 Why? - Its nice and 2009 (Perth)              1.   Mingle and net-
                                          boring but works                                   work at CEs and
Catherine Hughes —MGDHS                                          Plans for Next 12
                                          wonders!                                           social events                                Months - Plan my
Hayley Vasileff —TQEH                                            wedding & honey-       2.   Attend monthly
                                          Interests – Travel-                                 moon, buy a house           CEs
                                          ling, shopping, good
                                                                 and plan my next       3.   Get involved in
Joy Gailer — RGH                          food and wine, good                                      holiday!!                   SHPA activities
Travis Schiller — Chemplus

Rachael Cheh — TQEH                           Save the

Alicia Thomas — WCH
                                           The second annual SHPA
Luke Grzeskowiak — WCH
                                          SA/NT Autumn Symposium
                                           will be held on Saturday
Kieren Behan - ASH                           15th May, 2010 at the                        University of South
Sharon Goldsworthy — TQEH
                                            Stay tuned for more
Judy Manning — RAH                                 details

Richard Marotti - FMC
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The SHPA Medicines Management Conference 2009 was an inspirational conference which challenged
over 800 delegates who attended the conference to ‘cross the divide’ in their individual areas of practice.

The first plenary session was presented by Professor George Jelinek who shared his experience of a
health professional as a patient. Another plenary session on blood management was presented by a vari-
ety of speakers. The speakers encouraged pharmacist to be more active in the management of anemia
and the benefits of avoiding blood transfusions but instead proper use of iron.

There was also a variety of concurrent sessions which delved into many topics which include mental
health, transition of care between pediatric/adolescence to adult, rural health and indigenous health.
The 2009 conference also proved to be one which received a record number of abstract submissions with
over 80 short papers and 216 posters presented.

Many awards were also presented during the conference. We would like to congratulate:
   Kingsley Coulthard for winning the Fred J Boyd award
   Naomi Burgess for winning the Glaxo Smith Kline Medal of Merit
   Susan Welch for winning the Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award

          Election of SA & NT State Branch Committee Members

Election Process
There were 3 nominations for 3 positions. Therefore the following people were duly elected to the SA/NT
State Branch Committee:
         Catherine Hughes
         Alicia Thomas
         Rachael Cheh
The SA/NT State Branch Committee would like to thank Naomi Burgess, Simon Potts and Karen Clark
(retiring members) for their contributions towards SHPA. The committee would also like to acknowledge
and thank Phil Selby for his contributions as an Intern Observer.
Mel Morrow recently resigned as NT liaison pharmacist due to work and study commitments (we hope she
gets a bit of a life now!). The Committee regrettably accepts Mel’s resignation and wishes to acknowl-
edge the years of support and dedication she has provided to SHPA, particularly in enhancing CPD op-
portunities for members in NT. Kieran Behan (Alice Springs Hospital) has offered his services to replace
Mel. Keiran is also the NT representative on the SHPA Federal Rural Network. We welcome Keiran to
the committee and are sure he will also be a great asset for the NT pharmacist and technicians.
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                      Upcoming Continuing Education Meetings for 2010

                           FREE for SHPA & PSA Members
 2. Tues 9 March           Update in Hyperaldosteronism
                           Dr Steve Stranks
                           Regional Director of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Southern Adelaide Health Service
                           ** Please note change in date to second Tuesday of the month **

 3. Tues 13th April        Pulmonary Hypertension
                           Dr Christine Burdeniuk
                           Staff Specialist, Department of Cardiology, FMC
                           ** Please note change in date to second Tuesday of the month due to Easter **

 4. Tues 4th May           No CE Meeting – SHPA Symposium on Saturday 15th May

                         For more details visit the shpa website
                      Continuing Education Meetings 2009-2010
 Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during last years continuing education program. We
 greatly value your feedback, as it allows us to ensure that we are providing high quality CPD activities
 that assist members in their own professional development. Feedback received throughout 2009 was
 overwhelmingly positive.
         “What an inspirational CE presentation! These high achieving pharmacists have made me want
         to reach that one level higher. Fantastic talk. Thank you.”
 During 2009 an average of 30 people attended each monthly CE meeting. We are hoping to improve on
 that number this year and with 63 people attending the first meeting in February, we are well on our
 way to achieving this already.
 Helping us increase attendance rates and improve access to CE activities has been recent improve-
 ments in video teleconferencing. This means that during 2010 members are able to participate in the
 monthly CE meetings from Mt Gambier Hospital, Alice Springs Hospital and Royal Darwin Hospital. We
 look forward to having many more members join us for our monthly CE meetings throughout 2010. As
 well as providing excellent education, monthly CE meetings are a fantastic networking opportunity!

New Members -              The SA/NT Branch would like to welcome the following new members

Safwat Gergis (Student)                                 Anna Mancini (Pharmacist)
Cassie Hewton (Pharmacist, TQEH)                        Jenny Tran (Pharmacist, TQEH)
Misha Shahbandi (Pharmacist, MGDHS)                     Thao Vi Nguyen (Intern, TQEH)
Theresa Ngo (Pharmacist, FMC)                           Hamed Shahnam (Intern, FMC)
Holly Dharmawardana (Pharmacist, TQEH)                  David Plevin (Intern, FMC)
Lauren Fleming (Pharmacist, RAH)                        Masha Maher (Pharmacist, FMC)
Jade Merritt (Intern, RAH)                              Alexandra Phillips (Intern, FMC)
Melinda Chambers (Pharmacist, RDH)
Sy Huynh (Pharmacist, LMH)
Nicole Minge (Intern, FMC)                              Please make sure you utilise your membership and feel
                                       SHPA Research and Development Grants 2010
       All correspondence             Please note the following key dates. Selection criteria and
   c/o Pharmacy Department            more information on each of the grants are available on the
  The Queen Elizabeth Hospital        SHPA website:
Woodville Road, Woodville West SA

                                      EBEWE Pharma Oncology Pharmacy Grants
    Editors : Rachael
    Cheh and Alicia
                                      Closing date: 30 April 2010
                                      Fresnius Kabi Cancer Services Pharmacist Grant
                                      Closing date: 31 July 2010

  This newsletter is proudly          HOSPIRA DBL Development Fund 2010
        sponsored by                  Closing dates: 30 April 2010, 31 August 2010, 31 December 2010

                                      HOSPIRAL DBL "Young Pharmacist" Award
                                      Closing date: 31 March 2010

                                      Janssen-Cilag Specialist Renal Pharmacist Grant 2010
                                      Closing date: 30 June 2010

                                      Sanofi-aventis Pamela Nieman Continuum of Care Research
                                      Grant 2010
                                      Closing date: 31 March 2010

                                    A Tribute to Karen Clark

It is with great sadness that we said a final goodbye to Karen Clark on the
27th December 2009 after her five year battle
with metastatic breast cancer. Karen was a passionate, positive and inspiring
woman. She exhibited tremendous energy in her quest to enhance the practice of
pharmacy and to improve the health outcomes of those for whom she cared. Even
in the face of adversity, Karen's enthusiasm did not wane, and her motivation
meant no challenge was too difficult to overcome. Karen had an eagerness to ex-
tend her knowledge, try new endeavours and to share her learning and experience
with others. Her motto was very apt: "Live life like you'll die tomorrow, Learn like
you'll live forever".

Throughout her career Karen was keenly involved in SHPA Branch Commit-
tees, both in South Australia and Victoria. Most recently, Karen was editor of the
SHPA SA/NT Branch newsletter. She was a passionate advocate for the profession
and Karen took particular interest in representing and advancing rural and remote
issues, and much of her career was based in rural areas.

Karen's vibrancy was obvious in all of her pursuits. Karen attended many SHPA events and was always a lively par-
ticipant in debate and within the social realm. She certainly touched many lives within her practice whether that be
a fellow health professional or patient. Her focus was always the best interests of the patient and striving to-
wards quality improvement in processes and practice.

 Rest in peace Karen.

On behalf of the SHPA SA/NT branch Committee

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