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									As a person born under Taurus, you are cautious, practical and persistent. While you
will spend some time in thinking through a course of action, once you have made a
decision you will follow it through to the end. It then takes a lot to put you off course.
You have dogged determination. You do not take kindly to being pushed into
something over which you do not have some control. You like to control you own life
and your destiny.You stand by your friends and go to great lengths to help them when
they are in trouble. They know they can depend on you. You are sensitive and patient
- a good friend to have. You are modest, generous and peace loving with an
even-tempered nature most of the time. What Taurus Zodiac tattoo design will help
you express one or more of these traits?

Taurus Tattoo Designs

Taurus is regarded as a feminine sign, even though the symbol of a bull is masculine.
The planet Venus, whose colour is pink, rules it. It is also one of the fixed Zodiac
signs, along with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These signs are associated with great
willpower.Taurus tattoos are, of course, the image of the bull. But this can be
represented in a number of ways: a set of horns, a head or a full body. The full body is
popular but you need a big area such as a thigh or back. Because of one side of your
nature you may wish to show a strong, forceful image to express your strong will and
determination. On the other hand you may want a softer image to express your
feminine side. You can do this by adding stars or flowers or putting some pink into the
picture. The Taurus Zodiac symbol lends itself to this very well.

Celtic Taurus Tattoos

Taurus tattoos done in the Celtic style introduce and element of mystery and
mythology. The Celts revered nature and animals. They made animal images an
important part of their artwork. An image of the bull, whole or in part, can be worked
into a knotwork design to give an artistic and meaningful tattoo. There is a spiritual
aspect to this as there is a connection to your star sign and to an ancient people -
maybe to your own cultural history. A Celtic Taurus tattoo will provoke interest and

Tribal Taurus Tattoo

The Tribal tattoo style always makes a strong statement. This could suit the image of
the bull. It could also suit you as you may want to show your strong, determined side -
the side that makes you hang in there when others falter or give up; the side that says
you are in charge of you life and your destiny. Tribal tattoos have plenty of flexibility.
They can make a strong statement with a minimalist design or they can do it with a
great deal of flourish and embellishment.As a Taurean, if you are determined to find
your own unique Zodiac tattoo design, you will not give up until you do.

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