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									Reality rewards an active lifestyle

Adding real value to your life is Reality’s top priority, which is why the gym benefits have
been restructured to ensure that the more you exercise, the more rewards you will enjoy!

From 1 April 2009 Reality’s gym benefit structure will facilitate and incorporate equality to
all members and the motivation to stay healthy and active.

Although clubs have a variety of fee structures, Reality ensures that all gym members enjoy
a Base Discount every month so that all members are treated the same.

Keeping fit has been proven to be one of the best ways to maintain overall health. Therefore,
to encourage you to stay active, we are also introducing a Usage Based Discount model. You
will no longer lose your gym membership if you gym less than the rolling 36 visits as
previously required.

Here’s how the new gym benefit structure will work:

A fixed monthly Reality membership fee of R139 for the Reality+ Gym option is payable,
giving you access to all the Reality benefits.

* Your gym club fee
Since different clubs have different monthly gym club fees, your gym club fee will now
depend on the club type and club product that you’ve taken up. Please enquire at your gym
to find out which club product your membership falls into.

* Your Reality discount
The discount will be divided into two parts:
– Base Discount
All members who have chosen the gym option will receive a monthly base discount of R100,
no matter which Virgin Active or Planet Fitness branch you belong to.
– Usage Based Discount
This discount is based on your gym usage – the more you gym, the bigger your monthly

Total monthly discount table:
Usage             Infrequent         Casual             Moderate           Frequent
Monthly visit     <4                 4–7                8 – 11             12 +
Base monthly      R100               R100               R100               R100
Usage Based       R0                 R100               R175               R250
Total monthly     R100               R200               R275               R350

Your gym frequency will be calculated using the last month’s activity prior to your debit
order being deducted. However, to ensure that the new structure is in place from April 2009,
your initial debit order will be calculated using March 2009 activity only. Please note that
the minimum fee you will pay is R139 per month for your Reality+ Gym membership

* How to calculate your debit order
To work out what your monthly debit order will be, simply use the example below.

Reality+ Gym membership fee + Gym club fee – (Base Discount + Usage Based Discount) =
total Reality debit order payment per month.
                                 Estimated cost to member based on number of visits
Estimated        Base            Infrequent       Casual          Moderate         Frequent
gym club         Monthly         <4               4–7             8 –11            12+
fee cost         Discount
per month
R370*            R100            R270             R170            R95              R20
* This is for illustrative purposes only, as gym club fees will differ. Please enquire at your
local gym to find out what your gym club fee will be.

Please note, if the total discount (Base and Usage Based Discount) that you earn exceeds
your monthly gym club fee, your account will be debited with your monthly Reality+ Gym
membership fee of R139 only.

All existing gym members will automatically move to this new benefit structure on
1 April 2009 and we encourage each member to gym as much as possible in order to save as
much as possible.

Members, who are currently paying by stop order, will need to change it to debit order.
Members need to call Reality with their bank details to arrange for the debit order to be
processed. Gym memberships will be discontinued should the bank details not be received
before 31 March 2009.

        The first premium in April will be based on March 2009** gym usage.
        A cancellation fee of R500 will be applicable should a gym member cancel
         membership after 30 April 2009 and the member is within the first year of their gym
        Virgin Active members can only gym at the original club that they joined, unless
         they take out the Premier membership via a special arrangement directly with their
         Virgin Active Club.
        Planet Fitness members can gym at most clubs.
        Reality may cancel a gym membership should debit order payments be rejected at the
       If there are any dependants on a members’ Reality++ Gym membership at the same
        club or at another club, the above discounts will apply to each dependant over 18
        years of age. The principal member must be a Reality++ Member for the dependants
        to join as Reality++ Gym members.
       The bank account of a principal member with a spouse/dependants on his or her gym
        membership will be debited with the total amount relating to all dependants.
       Payment of fees is by debit order only. Stop order or cash payments will not be
       New members must register on Reality+ or Reality++ by calling 0860 732 5489,
        which will cost R89 per month.
       Members pay a once-off activation fee of R795 upfront, after completing a Reality
        gym application form at the club of their choice.
       All members pay an access card fee of R50 at both Virgin Active and Planet Fitness.
       Once the member has joined the club of their choice, Reality will move their
        membership to Reality+ Gym or Reality++ Gym option.
       All dependants under the age of 18 years may train for free, and only pay a once-off
        card fee of R75. Enquire at your Club for more detail.
       All BESTmed dependants between the ages of 18 and 21 years qualify to join Planet
        Fitness gyms and BESTmed dependants between the ages of 18 and 26 years qualify
        to join Virgin Active gyms as part of a principle member’s Reality++ membership
       BESTmed spouses are defined as set out by BESTmed medical scheme rules.

** The date on which your payment is due may result in a two-month lag period before the
actual gym usage influences your month fee. So your April 2009 fee could still only be R139
should your debit order arrangement be prior to Reality receiving the gym usage.

       Sanlam Reality on 0860 REALITY (732 5489) or visit for more
information about Reality’s gym structure, how it applies to you or what your debit order
amount will be before the deduction date.

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