Summary of revisions contained in the 2008 ANSI International by HajjiMo


									 2008 Edition of the ANSI Procedures for U.S. Participation in the International Activities of
                            ISO (“ANSI International Procedures”)

             Summary List of Procedural Revisions (Source:

        Clauses                                           Summary

A.7.6                  Deletion of a provision contained in this clause is intended to clarify that the
                       applicable numerical requirement with respect to the transfer of a U.S. TAG
                       Administrator is contained in the main body of the ANSI International
                       Procedures in clause and not that described previously in A7.6.

Foreword,              These revisions address, from a procedural perspective, the existence of
1.1,                   the option for ANSI to approve a Partnership Standards Developing
2.2.3,                 Organization (PSDO) agreement between an ANSI-Accredited
A2,                    Standards Developer and ISO. See also the ANSI Policy Regarding
A.7.9,                 Rights to Enter “PSDO” Agreements with ISO and the ISO Modalities of
Annex B Intro,         Cooperation Between ISO and Partner Standards Developing
B.4.1,                 Organizations (PSDOS).
B.6,                   Companion revisions were also incorporated into the 2008 edition of the
B.7.1                  ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American
                       National Standards (see clause 2.5.)

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