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					More and more often, as private health care environment becomes harsher everyday,
I've been asking myself about the real differences between doctors who are wildly
successful, and those who struggle year after year in practice.

The thought really hits me hard after I listened back to my most recent webinar on
Perfect Practice for prospective members. To be honest, I sometimes wonder what
makes those who take our programs, implement and follow them and become
successful different than those who don't.

One morning, after a fabulous outing at a local yacht club, it hit me again why anyone
would even expect to be successful, or better yet become truly independent, without
careful attention to every aspect and area of business, success and personal

At first, I thought about this at some length on my way home early that morning. I put
it aside until a little later on, and then the differences became readily apparent. The
answers came to me with blinding simplicity. So, I made a list of the top three reasons
for failure to thrive in practice. And you know what? Its just three things!

Those who become very successful in life and practice do three unique things that
those who struggle don't.

1. Successful people totally and unconditionally accept full responsibility for their
lives and practices. They never blame the economy, insurance companies or patients
who just don't understand.

2. The most successful are continuously gathering new information. These are the
readers and seminar takers. Theses doctors take every call we sponsor, request more
help, frequently with letters and emails. They travel to every live event we give or
advise them to take. They regularly gather all the knowledge they can. These doctors
completely understand that knowledge is power, and the ultimate in personal freedom.
They have a book or CD or mp3 on success handy, at all times. It makes no difference
if they have been in practice for 3 or 30 years.

3. Lastly, these doctors know what they want. They can spout off their goals and
aspirations with great clarity. And when their mental pictures become cloudy, they
pause, reflect and redirect. Ultimately, these doctors make their own decisions, after
gathering all the data, and truly decide what's in their own best interest, as they tweak
and fine-tune their game plans. To the core, they are internally focused, but ever
vigilant to support in every way possible those who mean the most to them.

The good news is making a change from mediocrity to complete fulfillment and
happiness is as simple as doing these three things.
But, what if you are overwhelmed with challenges? What should you do first? What
do ultimately hugely successful people do?

Try asking successful people for guidance. They never fail to share and help. Always
ask for help and guidance from those who have been there. This is exactly why I have
three coaches and belong to mastermind groups.

Successful people engage in all the critical aspects of living a self-actualized life. And
they tell you just how they get it all done. This is the reason that continued immersion
in success skills and philosophy; personal growth, physical fitness and spirituality all
are essential components of Practice by Design.

Remember as great as spouses and families kind support can be while you are stressed,
nobody really knows what you face in practice except peers. So, when it's really
critical information you need, do you take advice from the most successful, or not?
The answer should be obvious.

Next, practice total and unconditional acceptance of personal responsibility.

If you have not done this, you may need to work on this on a daily basis. Reading
works by masters and spiritual works such as the Bible, the Gita, Koran, or simply
going to that quiet place within your own soul really helps.

Lastly, if things aren't working for you in any area of life, make a new plan! Today!

Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same old thing in the same old way
expecting different results. And as the world changes, our plans often need to adapt or
change as well. This is exactly why I repeat our Core Modules for members live,
every six months. This is necessary because the pace of change is now so rapid.

Remember Future Shock? Remember how easy it is to be mesmerized in the face of
rapid changes, and the tendency to shut down and do nothing, rather than taking on a
new game plan.

Now, here's the really good news. These are behaviors, and learned choices! If you are
capable of reading this, you can fix any of the issues I discussed here today.

So, here's a simple plan you can act upon right now to be happier, more successful
and fulfilled,

1. Be a better and bigger asker! Jim Rohn says the problem with most of us is that too
many metaphorically go to the ocean to gather water with a thimble, instead of a
bucket. Be a better and bigger asker and life rewards in kind!!!
2. Continually engage and learn! Not just practice, but all of life's most important
skills. Be willing to pay the price of success and then reap all its joy.

3. Make sure you know what you want, and continually move towards it!

Lastly, burn all your bridges to past failures. You will be glad you did!

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