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You Are What You Think


									You no doubt have heard the term - you are what you think you are. Your very being
today is the sum total of the thoughts you have had throughout your life up to and
including the present moment. So if your affirmations throughout your life have been
positive you will be a very positive person but if you are like 99% of humanity your
life affirmations have been negative leading to a negative life.

How is this so, simply because your subconscious mind sits in the background
listening to all the thoughts you have day by day and building your expectation to
match those thoughts. The famous computer saying of RIRO (Rubbish in Rubbish
Out) could never be more true.

You are totally responsible for your life as it is today. Yes you have been influenced
by your family, your peer group and your teachers but you are totally responsible
through you brain power for the way you are today.

The quantum mind power or brain power you have within your subconscious mind
can only produce negative outcomes if it is fed a diet of negativity such 'I cannot do
that' throughout your life.

Feeding positive affirmations into your subconscious mind by the same token will
produce positive results in your life. Those positive affirmations can be as simple as
believing you can do something even though you have not tried it before.

Your subconscious mind is simply the storehouse of everything that has happened in
your life either from physical actions or unspoken thoughts you have had. This can
emanate from thinking that you are unlucky; the world is working against you; your
boss doesn't like you, your goals are too difficult to reach. The storehouse will show
itself by filling your life with negativity and lack of results, which will further
compound your negative thinking.

Now generating positive actions in your life is not as simple as just using your brain
power and thinking positive thoughts although they are the foundation of your success.
If you think you can do something by giving it your best shot you will start
experiencing far more positive outcomes than negative.

Here is a little exercise you can do to prove how positive thinking can activate
positive actions very quickly. Tonight instead of setting your alarm clock for your
normal time for awakening, before going to sleep using positive affirmations tell
yourself what time you want to arise, concentrate on that time and your subconscious
mind will take over you will amaze yourself how close to that time you will awaken
without your alarm clock going off.

Now, if you are successful with this little exercise by using your brain power can you
see how you can use the same process to change your life. No matter how many
negative thoughts you have had in the past you can change your life from today. Your
past life need not determine your future life by using your subconscious mind.

Another little exercise, when you go about your normal daily activity catch your self
with a negative thought and write it down in a note book. At the end of the day count
up how many negative thoughts you have had during the day, I think you will be
amazed if you are honest with yourself. While you have them you will not experience
the success you seek. Using positive affirmations every time you have a negative
thought is a great antidote to negative thoughts, simply change the negative thought to
a positive one. If you carry out this exercise for a short while it will be come easier to
arrest negativity and replace it with positive affirmations fed into your subconscious

Perhaps now you can really see that what you think about you become, decide what
you want to be and create positive affirmations that will cause you subconscious mind
to develop positive actions leading you to successful goal attainment. Your brain
power or your subconscious mind will cause you to take actions to achieve your goals,
even sometimes actions that had not been in your thought process as the way to go.

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