Yeast Infection Cures

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					There can be few more irritating and annoying conditions than Candida. Known also
as a Yeast Infection, this horrible condition can make you feel quite wretched. There
are quite a few possible causes so Yeast Infection Cures are not that simple.

A Yeast Infection is triggered by the good bacteria in your body failing to keep under
control a species of Yeast called Candida Albicans, that is naturally occurring and
should not cause any harm. The effect of this is that the Yeast will multiply and spread
throughout your body causing many unpleasant symptoms.

A few common symptoms are bad rashes, intense itching, smelly discharges, red
lesions on your skin, thickened and yellowed toe and finger nails, generally feeling
lethargic and run down, joint pain and arthritis, headaches and brain fog and white
sores in your mouth. These are just some of the effects of Candida. It is a truly awful
illness that also is very prone to recurring.

There are many treatments that people recommend with varying degrees of success.
Some of them are

* Creams and over the counter remedies. These tend to try to relieve the external
symptoms i.e. itching and rashes. Their effect is often temporary as, unfortunately, the
root cause of the infection - the yeast overgrowing internally, has not been sorted out.

* Antibiotics. They seek to kill the bad bacteria and the Candida Albicans but also kill
the good bacteria that is needed to keep the yeast in it's normal quantity. The effect is
often to further wreck your bodies natural balance.

* A change of Diet. An irresponsible diet with too much sugar and refined,
overprocessed foods will make your body too acidic. Bad bacteria will flourish in this
environment. It is advised, generally, to eat more wholefoods ad vegetables to
promote a more alkaline state.

* More rigorous Hygiene. Like all fungi, Candida Albicans loves damp and warm
areas. It is wise to wash well and to dry thoroughly. Highly scented products are not
recommended as they can upset your natural PH balance allowing infection to take
hold. Wearing clothes that are too tight or of a non breathable fabric is not ideal either
as it is preferable to let air freely circulate. Some advise micro waving underwear to
kill any yeast after laundering and some recommend cider vinegar and water washes
to intimate areas to restore balance.

* Herbal remedies. Sometimes these only treat symptoms or one cause so their effect
may not be permanent. Among treatments many Naturopaths suggest is Neem, an anti
yeast agent which can be useful in quickly bringing the Candida in the digestive tract
under control. Drinking Fennel and licorice Tea may also help stimulate digestion and
reduce bloating, often a symptom of Candida Infection.
* An Exercise programme and a general attempt to encourage a state of well being.
Certainly useful if it helps to rebuild your bodies natural health and a good Immune
system. Things to look at here could include massage, attention to stress, promoting
good sleep and rest and generally not overdoing things.

There are many many more. Often old wives tales and some with more proven
medical basis.

There is now, however, a growing body of medical opinion, also from alternative
practitioners and Naturopaths that as the cause of Yeast Infection is a myriad of
internal reasons then the Treatment of Yeast Infection should also focus on many
internal aspects. This Holistic approach seeems the best and only way to Cure a Yeast
Infection permanently and effectively.

A Holistic Plan that step by step addresses all causes and then treats them, thereby
building up a balanced and healthy body is the most sensible approach. In addition to
ridding yourself of Candida for good you will most likely, also benefit from the
rewards of increased vitality, glowing skin and a better sense of well being than you
have experienced for years!