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									Housing and Shelter Subcommittee                                                January 28, 2009

On the call: John Wilson; Mark Marlaire, Donna Asif

                 Absent: Janet Bewely?

1. Chair: Sarah Carroll   Co-Chair: ?

2. Track title: Dwelling in Poverty: What Do We Do As the Roof Falls In?

General considerations:
Mark initially suggested loose “Housing & Poverty” until we have session descriptions.
John suggested that the centerpiece of the conference seems to be the payday loan issue; housing
secondary. If that is so, what can we do in a) recommending spending, b) recommending policy and c)
creating pilot projects that serve purposes to recommend and discuss models?
Donna asked: what is the current need, what is the projected need for housing and homelessness? What is
planned for in WI? What are models beyond WI for best practices discussion?

3. Preliminary Panel Ideas / Presenters

1. Demystifying Housing Terminology – Paying/Paid with Mortgage / Rent / Free / No Shelter (proposed
by Janet) – possible presenters: WHEDA (Janet)

2. The Foreclosure Crisis (proposed by Mark) – possible presenters:

3. The Challenge that Reintegration Poses for Folks who Have Been Incarcerated (proposed by Mark) –
possible presenters: Madison Urban Ministries (Linda Ketcham, Exec Dir, linda@emum.org); DOC (Lisa

4. Permanent Supportive Housing for people with Chronic Addictions, Mental Illness, etc. (proposed by
Janet and Donna) – possible presenters: An individual from Vancouver working at the Waisman Center
(Bonnie Thorne, bonnie.thorne@theimpactfoundation.org); Corp for Supportive Housing (Zoe Lebeau);
YWCA (Eilleen Merchart, Exec Dir, merchart@ywcamadison.org, or Gayle Ihlenfeld, second in command,
gihlenfeld@ywcamadison.org); Porchlight (Steven Schooler, schooler@tds.net)

5. The Rights of the Homeless: Proposals for City/County/State Policy that Protects Rights of People
Receiving Services in Shelters (proposed by John) – possible presenters:

6. Small is Beautiful: Simple Pilot Projects & Best Practices that Offer Ways of Building Community (that
we try, then evaluate); e.g., addressing problems of personal storage of belongings, and experiments with
car camping (proposed by John) – possible presenters: Cargo Coffee (Lynn and Lindsey) in collaboration
with homeless people

7. Urban / Rural / Tribal Distinctions (proposed by Donna) – possible presenters: UW Stevens Point
(Sharon Cloud or Andy Gokee from the Native American Center – get their advice); Herbster (Frank
Koehn, fkoehn@cheqnet.net. Frank is an EMT, retired teacher, and has served on the town and county
boards. He's also very connected with the Native American folks up at Red Cliff.)

8. Should / Could / Would I Ever Own a Home? (proposed by Janet) – possible presenters:

9. Green Technology: How to Reduce Housing Costs (proposed by John) – possible presenters: MG&E,
10. If food and hunger track doesn’t tackle this, we should: Analysis of Nutrition in Shelters: Best
Practices (proposed by John) – possible presenters:

11. Affordable Housing and the Land Trust (proposed by Donna) – possible presenters/ funders: Land Trust
Key Funding Support Provided by:

         City of Madison CDBG Office, "Wallinger, Sue" <swallinger@cityofmadison.com>,
         Community Shares of Wisconsin,
         Focus on Energy,
         Madison Community Foundation,
         M&I Bank,
         State of Wisconsin Division of Housing and Community Development

4. Determine potential panels, presenters, topics


5. Identify potential partners and/or funding sources with a stake in track theme

United Way - Nan Cnare, nanc@uwdc.org – Key on issues of Homelessness/Ending Homelessness in Dane
Co/ Housing First
Salvation Army (possibly) – John
Community Development Block Grants Commission – Sue Wallinger, swallinger@cityofmadison.com
Porchlight – Steven Schooler
Home Bank – Jim Bradley, President (great fellow, very community minded, open mind and heart)
Anchor Bank –
WECC – Kathy Kuntz
MG&E –
WE Energies – Mark will send contact –
         PO Box 2046
         Milwaukee, WI 53201-2046

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