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					How do you get the word out about your product or service? Is it Coffee, Vitamins,
Energy Drinks or your Radio Show? How do you let everyone know this great idea
you have? Do you have the next big network Marketing Item? Are you the only
Network Marketing company with Coffee? How do you discuss an event in your life?
The launch of something new, updated blogs, or articles? The New House or new
position in a company? By writing! There are lots of places on the internet to write
that will give you access to hundreds or thousands of people.

One thing you can do is write articles like this one. There are literally hundreds of
places that will post original articles and many of them will post them for free. These
virtual magazines offer content on virtually any subject. For a small fee you can pay a
service to post the articles for you with hundreds of these virtual magazines. This
gives you a big bang for you buck since each of these posting have the potential of
reaching different people. A word of caution: many of these sites have strict rules
about posting. Often there are restrictions as far as what you can put in an article. Also
many of them put articles through a review process which can take several days.

Blogging is another great way to communicate in the virtual world. Blogs can be
about almost anything. Blogging sites are usually less restrictive than virtual
magazines sites. Generally blogs can be shorter and have more personal information
than is sometimes allowed with a virtual magazine. If you do a web search for
"starting a blog" you will get lot of articles about how to blog as well as places where
you can start a blog.

The bottom is that you shouldn't let this opportunity to communicate with potential
customers, collaborators, or even just friends pass you by. You have to start
somewhere. For those who nervous about writing, starting with blogging is probably
the best. It is easy to set up and does not have to be structured in any way. From there
you can start writing longer, more structured pieces. Write about something that
interests you. Write about something that happened in your life that made a profound
difference in the path you took. Write about something you would like to do.
Basically it doesn't matter what you write about as long as you enjoy the process!