World of Warcraft Trainers by aihaozhe2


									Discover many ways to succeed in World of Warcraft and raise your character's level.
Uncover the truth about how to raise enough gold to make use of trainers.

Trainers are non-playing characters that you can talk to in select towns and cities
across the World of Warcraft universe. They can sell you abilities, powers, spells,
recipes and other items to help you grow in your skills.

World of Warcraft trainers exist in many forms. There are class trainers who can help
you depending on what class your character is. Class distinctions include druids,
hunters, mages, paladins, priests, rogues, shamans, warriors and warlocks, among
many others. Class trainers can teach you new skills every second level (only even
numbered levels) until you reach level 60. After that, they can help you at every level
until level 70. Class trainers can also help you to untrain in your talents. This also
costs a fee.

Profession trainers will help you grow in your professional skills and sell you recipes.
A recipe is generally learned every five skillups. Primary professions include alchemy,
blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering, herbalism, jewelcrafting, leatherworking,
mining, skinning and tailoring. Secondary professions include cooking, first aid and

If you are having a hard time finding a trainer in your chosen profession, ask any of
the non-playing character guards.

They will be able to point you in the right direction. Trainers will have either a bag
with them or a speech bubble when you run your cursor over them.

Some useful hints to know is that if you are interested in alchemy, herbalism is almost
always needed as a prerequisite. Luckily, herbalism and alchemy trainers are usually
found close to one another. If you want to be a blacksmith and be able to manufacture
and sell arms, it is also good to be a miner. Blacksmiths need the raw ore from miners,
and if you have both skills you can cut out the middle man. Mining also combines
well with jewelcrafting or engineering. Cooking and fishing are compatible
professions, since fish are plentiful and food made from the fish you catch will have a
bigger healing benefit. Anyone can benefit from training in first aid. It does not take
up a profession choice, and it comes in handy after a battle. Leatherworking combines
well with skinning, and makes it easy to farm gold. Trainers for these two professions
can often be found near each other.

World of Warcraft trainers can help you increase your characters' skill levels and
become more successful. By learning new skills, it will be easier to make gold and
raise your levels in the game. Trainers are fairly easy to find by asking around for
those who may be available in your profession.

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