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									Hard times can hit in various ways, and nowhere is this more evident than in
Workplace Health And Safety. Some businesses might reduce their budget; some
might put projects or recruitment plans on hold; others might lay off personnel. Such
decisions tend to affect more than simply the bottom line.

One thing to take into account is the health and safety at your workplace. Pressure and
change can cause stress and anxiety. Morale is down and if your workers divert their
attention they may commit mistakes or put themselves and others at risk. If your
workers feel insecure, they may not relay new hazards.

If you take on jobs you don 抰 have the capacity to deliver, your equipment and
people may not be able to cope, and you may lose your hard earned loyal clients. Any
of these factors could result in a human toll. Furthermore, the financial impacts should
also be taken into account. Unsatisfied workers are less productive. Greater risk of
injury means greater probability of lost time. More compensation claims can result in
higher premiums.

There are genuine business advantages to looking after your workers. If you keep
your workers happy, productivity and innovation increases, and absenteeism
decreases. Keep them safe, and you avoid lost time and compensation claims.

Your Workplace Health And Safety must be planned and documented, and there is a
requirement of a site safety plan to be prepared before works start for high risk
activities such as those related to construction.

Many successful organisations have demonstrated time and time again that
concentrating on safety in the workplace also increased productivity; on the other
hand taking short cuts in safety may compromise your duty of care responsibilities,
increase injury risks and consequently increase lost time injuries.

There are no short cuts in safety as OHS in the workplace is governed by laws and
regulations in each Australian state and territory and there are hefty penalties for not
being in line with them. You can find more information on each State Government

For example, in NSW the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 codes of
practice and WorkCover 抯 guidance documents supply information about how you
can guarantee the health and safety of your workers and others at your workplace.

As an employer, you may not be able to control the global economy. However, the
way you run your business and manage your Workplace Health And Safety, is still in
your hands.

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