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					  brand and
style guidelines
tasmanian early years
style guide

                   the purpose of this guide          3
           the objective of this guide        3
           who is the TEYF?        3
           the brand    3
                   logo specifications        4
                             logo colour palette       4
                   incorrect logo variations          4
                             aknowledging the TEYF            5
                             tas gov co-branding          5
           style elements      6
                   design colour palette          6
           typefaces and typography           6
                   graphic device        7
                   texture     7
           stars   7
           positioning text device        7
                             photography       8
                             design examples          9
                                       ministerial and foundation invitations    14
                                       approval process       14
                                              master logo artwork access        14
                                              contact details      14

tasmanian early years
style guide

the purpose of this guide
There are two distinct purposes:
1. understanding the brand, design styles and elements
   that are the TEYF image and identity
2. the use and application of the logo and acknowledgement
   on direct or associated partner communications

the objective of this guide
To maximise opportunities to promote the Foundation’s brand
and initiatives and to ensure the consistent and accurate
presentation of its corporate image within the community.

who is the TEYF?
It’s the TEYF mission to provide opportunities, in partnership
with the Tasmanian community, to support children and
their families and raise awareness and commitment to the
importance of the early years (0–6 years) of childhood.

the brand
The Tasmanian Early Years Foundation brand is many               The brand can be described as:
things to many people. Rational and emotional factors play       Essence: To promote the importance of building a better
roles in influencing the perceptions and experiences of those    community by supporting and encouraging young children
who come in contact with it.                                     and their families.
The TEYF strives to make a positive impact on those directly     Key attributes: Supporting and promoting the wellbeing,
or indirectly associated with it by highly valuing those         development and learning of Tasmanian children up to
relationships that build connections to the community,           six years of age by providing grants for evidence-based
sponsors, partners and grant recipients.                         projects and initiatives.
                                                                 Personality: Approachable, sensitive, supportive,
                                                                 trusted, imaginative.
                                                                 Values: Professional, credible, committed, genuine, inclusive,
                                                                 flexible, enterprising, family-minded.

              the Tasmanian Early
            Years Foundation brand
            is many things
           to many people.                                                                                                        3