Work At Home Need Special Care To Ensure Success

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					Most people take up work at home to ensure that their children are not neglected. In
the majority of cases where people chose to leave their 9 to 5 jobs for
self-employment spending more time with the family is the number one reason. If you
are considering the same step, be assured that this is indeed a great way to improve
the quality of life in your family. However, you also need to know that often
self-employment can be very tough if you are not prepared for it.

Making work at home successful requires hard work. Often, the effort involved is
more than what you applied in your 9 to 5 job. This is because when you were at your
job, there were norms, systems, rules and regulations that you were required to follow
as a part of the job. When you are at home, however, there are no such rules which
demarcates where your house roles are over and where your working role starts. In
most cases your family will not understand that you need a certain amount of time
when you should solely concentrate of your work. This can result in continuous
interruptions, which would hamper or slow down your effectiveness.

In order to be successful with your work at home therefore, you need to lay down
some ground rules before you take the plunge. First of all this decision should be
taken in collaboration with your whole family. Every member of your family should
understand and agree to cooperate with you when you decide to take leave your
regular job for self-employment. You should then set aside a particular location in
your home as office or work place where you could do your work. Your family
members should be sensitized to the fact that when you are working there should
ideally be no interruptions or "emergency" calls unless there were real emergencies.

You also need to deal with the change with utmost honesty when analyzing your
requirements both in terms of time and your involvement. If you think that you can
adjust your time when the baby sleeps, or when the children do their homework, you
are in for a big shock. Children are very unpredictable and they will demand your
attention and care at all times during the day. If you want to be successful with your
work at home you need to be realistic about how much time you need to devote to this
work every day and when.

Ensure that the time you need is earmarked in such a manner that it would suffer the
least interruptions. For example, you could wake up two hours before or sleep two
hours after everybody else and use that time for your work. Or you could ask your
spouse or your older children to take care of the little ones for a few hours while you
work. Whatever system you put into place, it should be consistent and reliable. Unless
you are serious and very particular about your work-time, you would end up
sacrificing it to the needs of your family and this would mean the end of your work at
home venture. Success demands discipline, commitment, dedication and the most
important, self-drive since here you are the boss and you are the employee at the same

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