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					                                      Visvesvaraya Technological University 
                                         “Jnana Sangama”, Belgaum ‐590 018, Karnataka 
Prof.  S.A Kori                                                                                                                                            PHONE   :  (0831) 2405468     
REGISTRAR                                                                                                                                                   FAX         :  (0831) 2405467 
Ref.No: VTU/Sports/2010‐11/                                                                                                                       Date: 

The Directors of Physical Education & Sports, 
Registrars / Sports Officers / Sports Board of Member Universities 


               Sub: South Zone / All India Inter‐University Table Tennis (Men & Women) Tournament for  
                          the year 2010‐2011‐Reg. 

       It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), 
Belgaum is organizing the South‐Zone and All India Inter‐University Table Tennis (Men & Women) 
Tournament  for  the  year  2010‐2011  at  ‘Jnana  Sangama’  VTU  Campus,  Belgaum.  The  South  Zone 
Inter‐University Tournament will be conducted from 17th February to 19th February 2011 and the All 
India  Inter‐University  Inter‐Zonal  Tournament  will  be  conducted  from  21st  February  to  23rd  
February 2011. 

       On behalf of the Hon’ble Vice‐Chancellor of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum and 
the Organizing Committee, I extend a warm welcome to all the participating teams. 

       I am herewith enclosing the fixtures and related information regarding these Tournaments. 

       Thanking you,                                                                                              
                                                                                                                         Yours faithfully, 

                                                                                                             Registrar &Organizing Secretary, 
                                                                                                 South‐Zone & All India Inter‐University Table Tennis 
                                                                                                 (Men & Women) Tournament – 2010, VTU Belgaum               
Copy to:  1. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor through Secretary to VC for kind information. 
                 2. The Finance Officer, VTU, Belgaum. 
                  3. The Member Secretary, AIU, New Delhi.  
             4. The Org. Secretary of the West Zone, North Zone & East Zone.  

                                Visvesvaraya Technological University 
                                   “Jnana Sangama”, Belgaum ‐590 018, Karnataka 
Prof.  S.A Kori                                                                                                                                             PHONE   :  (0831) 2405468     
REGISTRAR                                                                                                                                                   FAX         :  (0831) 2405467 
Ref.No: VTU/Sports/2010‐11/                                                                                                                       Date: 

The Organizing University,  
EAST/WEST/NORTH Zone Universities.  
Respected Sir/Madam, 
       Sub.: EAST/WEST/NORTH Zone – Results – Table Tennis (M & W) Tournaments‐Req. Reg.  
       I  am  very  happy  to  inform  you  that,  Visvesvaraya  Technological  University,  Belgaum  is 
organizing the South‐Zone and All India Inter‐University Table Tennis (Men & Women) Tournament 
for the year 2010‐2011 at ‘Jnana Sangama’ VTU Campus, Belgaum. The South Zone Inter‐University 
Tournament  will  be  conducted  from  17th  February  to  19th  February  and  the  All  India  Inter‐
University  Inter‐Zonal  tournament  will  be  conducted  from  21st  to  23rd  February  2011.  I  request 
you  to  kindly  inform  the  same  to  the  qualifying  teams  of  your  respective  zone.  Kindly  send  the 
results of your respective zone (Position Wise) after completion of your zonal Tournament. This is 
for your kind information and necessary action.  
       Thanking you,                                                                                              
                                                                                                                         Yours faithfully, 
                                                                                                             Registrar &Organizing Secretary, 
                                                                                                 South‐Zone & All India Inter‐University Table Tennis 
                                                                                                 (Men & Women) Tournament – 2010, VTU Belgaum               
Copy to:  1. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor through Secretary to VC for kind information. 
               2. The Finance Officer, VTU, Belgaum. 
             3. The Org. Secretary of the West Zone, North Zone & East Zone.  
Copy to:  
The Under Secretary (Sports),  
Association of Indian Universities,  
AIU House, 16 Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg,  
New Delhi. 110 002. 
About Belgaum

Belgaum ( earlier known as "Venugrama" or the "Bamboo Village") is one of the oldest,
strong, prominent and well cultured historical place nestling high in the Western
Ghats. The old town area with cotton and silk weavers stands gloriously besides the
modern, bustling, tree-lined British Cantonment. Step out of the forts and you have a
wide choice of temples and churches to visit. Belgaum has an enviable heritage and
offers much to be discovered. It is also known as Malenadu or Rain Country and the
vegetation here is verdant green throughout the year. Belgaum has now become one of
the important and considered district in the state of Karnataka. Belgaum is exactly at
the center between Mumbai and Bangalore. So, Stay a while and discover Belgaum.......
About Visvesvaraya Technological University
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, named after Bharat Ratna Sir M.
Visvesvaraya, is a dream - comes - true of Technocrats and Academicians of
Karnataka. VTU is one of the biggest Technological University in India, having 186
colleges affiliated to it with Under Graduate course in 28 disciplines and Post
Graduate Programmes in 71 disciplines. The intake of UG level is about 67100 students
and about 12666 at the PG level. The University has 13 QIP Centers in various
affiliated colleges and 16 Extension Centers offering PG Programmes. There are over
305 department across the affiliated colleges recognized as Research Centers. At
present over 1800 students / faculty have registered for Ph.D. degree and over 180
students have registered for M.Sc.(Engg. by Research). For the academic year 2009-
10, the University has awarded Ph.D. degree to about 120 candidates and (M.Sc.(Engg.)
degree to about 7 candidates. The University has MBA and M.Tech. Programmes at
“Jnana Sangama”, Belgaum with more than 205 students.
The University is functioning and continues to function with a VISION, MISSION and
 "To become an outstanding Technological University at the cutting edge of Science
and Technology that produces world class Knowledge-delivery, Research, Extension and
Leadership in Technology innovation for Industry and Society".
"To plan the development of technical education, to establishvalue-based and need-
based education and training in engineering and technology, with a view to generate
qualified and competent manpower, responsive to technological and societal needs".
      The Visvesvaraya Technological University has been established by the
   Government of the Karnataka in order to promote planned and sustainable
   development of technical education consistent with state and national policies.
      Design need based programs that ensure adequate human resource of the right
      Establish objective evaluation and certification systems for students, programs
   and institutions.
      Collaborate with national and international institutions R&D establishments
   organizations like AICTE,MHRD,UGC,etc.industry and user agencies.
Detailed Information of the South Zone /All India Inter University Table Tennis
(Men and Women) Tournament 2010 – 2011.
1. Venue of the tournament:
The tournament will be held at Visvesvaraya Technological University, Jnana Sangama
which is about 10 kms from Belgaum City Railway Station and around 14 kms from
Central Bus terminal. The University is well connected by road and rail.
2. How to reach Belgaum City:
By train
Belgaum has a very well-connected rail network. It is connected to almost all the major
cities of South India. Trains are also available for Pune, Mumbai, Jodhapur, Ajamer,
Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Eranakulam. Belgaum is connected to Bangalore (via
Londa), to Mumbai (via Miraj), Vasco da Gama. It takes 12 hrs from Belgaum to
Bangalore and 12 hrs to Mumbai. There is a daily express train to H. Nizamuddin
(Delhi) from Belgaum and the journey takes about 35 hrs.
By Air
Belgaum airport near Sambra has been not operational. Nearest airport is Hubli
airport which is about 100 Km from Belgaum.
Belgaum is connected to most of the places in South and West India by road. The main
bus stand is situated near the old town area. We can say that Belgaum is like a
MIDWAY between Mumbai and Bangalore. It falls on the Pune-Bangalore highway.
3. Reception:
There will be a Reception Counter at the Main entrance of the Belgaum City Railway
Station on Plat form No. 01 & Sports Complex at University Campus. Reception Counter
function from 16th February 2011 at 8am onwards for South Zone & for All India 20th
February 2011 at 8am onwards. If the teams not received at Railway Station, They
should directly report to the VTU Sports Complex at University Campus.
City Buses and autos are available frequently from Railway Station to VTU Campus / on
prior intimation local transportation is made available from the Organizers.
4. Accommodation:
1. Teams will be provided with unfurnished rooms/Halls for their stay during the days
of competition.
2. The Managers/Coaches are expected to stay with their teams in view of the better
control of the teams and are requested to keep good rapport with the Organizers.
3. We have very limited lodging facilities; hence the teams are requested to arrive at
the venue of the tournament a day before and to leave the venue within 24 hours of
completion of their match.
5. Rules of the competitions:
1. The Rules of the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) and the guidelines of the
AIU will be applied for the competitions.
2. A participating team may lodge a protest on technical matters, within two hours of
the completion of their match along with a protest fee of Rs. 500/- which may be
refunded to the team, in case the protest is upheld.
3. The decisions of the officials shall be final and binding. Protests if any shall be
decided by the jury of Appeal formed as prescribed by the AIU and consist of the
following members:
1. The Chairman
2. The Technical Committee members
3. Chief Referee
6. Requirements for the tournament:
a) Your University Flag
b) Identification Cards of the players and four copies of the Eligibility Pro-forma duly
typed and signed by the competent Authority.
c) All Universities participants in the tournament are supposed to submit entry fees
Rs 750/- to the A.I.U if they have done so, kindly bring the receipt of the same
otherwise they also submit the entry fee to the organizer, which will be submitted to
the account section of A.I.U.
d) A caution deposit of Rs. 1000/- for team, which will be returned to the teams while
leaving the campus.
e) Officiating charges Rs. 100/- per match to be given to the concerned officials
before the start of the match.
f) Each Team shall pay Rs.50=00 only as Table Tennis Ball Service Charges to the
g) Players should report to the court with proper sportswear well in advance.
7. Return journey reservations:
The teams are requested to look after the travel arrangements themselves. The
return journey reservations, if any, should be booked at Belgaum Railway Station. No
such facility is available at the venue of the tournament.
8. Managers Meeting:
There will be a South Zone Manager’s Meeting on 16th February 2011 at 4.00 p.m. in
the Senate Hall, VTU Campus and Inter Zone Managers Meeting on 20th February 2011
at 4.00 p.m. in the Senate Hall, VTU Campus.
9. Precautions to be taken by the team members:
a) It is better to bring Mosquito nets or any other form of mosquito repellants for the
safety of the teams.
b) Unfurnished rooms will be given as accommodations. Kindly instruct your players to
bring proper beddings.
10. Inaugural function:
The teams are requested to participate in the Inaugural function on 17th February
2011, at 9.00 a.m along with their respective University Flags.
11. Places of sightseeing around Belgaum City:
From the Attraction point of view Belgaum is an attractive destination with proximity
to the Picnic spots the historic attractions such as the Belgaum Fort and the natural
beauty of Jamboti Falls, Gokak Falls & Yellamma Temple (Saundatti) are some of the
other places to visit around Belgaum City
Contact for more details :
Ranganath GH, Director of Physical Education, Visvesvaraya Technological University,
Jnana Sangama, Belgaum – 590 018, +91-9449870830, 0831-2498172

          Wish You A Happy New Year – 2011