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					Pine furniture itself is very popular and comes in many different qualities depending
where you purchase it from. You can buy a cheap set of pine chest of drawers for
example from many places which comes flat packed. The quality is good but you do
tend to get the "you get what you pay for" scenario. This is where the holes drilled in
the pine are not as high quality as you would of hoped, the wood seems to have dog
eared corners and the packing could be better.

When paying a higher price for pine or oak furniture you do find the quality
dramatically improves. For many pieces of pine or oak furniture each piece of the
item in question such as a piece of Mexican pine furniture has been hand crafted by
extremely skilled craftsmen who take dedication and pride in their workmanship. The
additional parts such as drilled holes, brackets and handles are much higher standard
than cheaper wooden furniture.

You can find many items of wooden furniture which are classed as knockdown
furniture. This means the piece of furniture has been designed to be very robust when
standing as you would expect, but the holding together by brackets allows you to
dismantle the Mexican wardrobe for example and rebuild it in another room without
loosing its quality of strength.

When it comes to the deciding on whether to choose pine or oak furniture there are a
couple of things which make a difference but it can also boil down to a matter of
choice. Pine as a wood is usually cheaper than oak due to oak taking longer to grow
which increases its price. As well as a more expensive price, oak has superior strength
compared to pine although they are both known to have a high strength, oak has the
edge by far though.

Oak has a higher weight than pine to so is suited to more long life pieces of wooden
furniture such as a oak tables and chairs as these can take a large amount of bangs,
knocks and spills over its lifetime. Pine has a much lighter weight so has been a
choice for bedroom furniture such as a pine double wardrobe and makes it much
easier to move pine bedroom furniture around when you want to change the layout, or
to another room or even moving house.

Whichever range of furniture you go for be it oak or pine, do remember to take
careful measurements before purchasing any piece of wooden furniture. Measuring
your current furniture if it is being replaced is worthwhile and then comparing those
measurements which those given on retailers websites. Even the smallest of
measurements could possibly mean your new oak wardrobe for example does not fit
in the alcove your current wardrobe currently stands. Another aspect is double
checking you have enough angle to move any large piece of pine or oak furniture up
the stairs, especially if your stairwell has a turn or two in it or you live in a cottage. It
has been known for people in cottages to have their upstairs windows removed to be
able to have their furniture delivered.
Throughout the industry there are still niche areas of wooden furniture and particular
makes which get searched for everyday due to their unique characters. An example of
this is Mexican pine furniture which covers many rooms of the house so not just the
bedroom. Pieces of pine furniture with the Mexican look can include items such as a
pine double wardobe, a range of chest of drawers, sideboards and more. This Mexican
look has a very rustic feel to it and an aged look so well loved by many furniture
buyers who are looking for something different to the traditional pine look.

Whichever piece of furniture you are looking to buy, make sure you do shop around
as many retailers have a free delivery and a range of finance options so any family on
a budget can afford a new range of furniture for their home.