Wonderful Gift Ideas for Women by aihaozhe2


									Every year for the holidays, I always have trouble finding a gift for my mother,
aunties, girlfriend, and sister. It's amusing because I need seem to have the same
problem when it comes to my father, or brother. The problem is women, they are
basically impossible to shop for. Looking for a gift is much like looking for the needle
in the haystack. Except for in this case, you don't even know what the needle looks
like! If you're anything like me, then you'll want a solution to this problem quick. The
holidays are approaching soon, and you are still without a gift. Fortunately for you, I
have a quick solution for you.

One trick I have learned is to listen to my heart. Gifts are displays of compassion. If
your heart isn't in it, your gift surely won't be. The first step is to identify the person
you are getting a gift for. I like to then identify the type of person she is. Is she
outgoing? Does she love gardening? What are her interests, what are her hobbies? If
you don't know these answers, then you'll have to do a bit of research. Finding a gift
for someone is much easier when you know what they want. Here are a few categories
you can work from.

-What about a gift for someone who loves working out? My mother is a fitness nut,
she loves working out. Last year, I got her a gym membership. Let me tell you, it was
one of the most successful gifts ever!

-My sister is the artistic type. I found that in order to please the creative thinker, you
have to provide a creative gift. Last year, I got her a miniature steel bridge
construction set. She loved being able craft it herself!

-As for my girlfriend, who is super trendy; I always get her jewelry. While a ring or a
bracelet may be too much for just the holidays; I would stick with a charm bracelet.
They are great for gals who love to stay in style.

-What about a hipster? My cousin is always into the newest trends. It's hard to shop
for someone who always has varying interest. That's why I give her the ability to get
what she wants. I simply provide her with the gift card to her favorite place!

-More than a personality, what about the party thrower? My grandmother loves to host
parties. I always find her something that makes her life a little easier. What about a
new china set? Anything that helps the party host is suitable.

The trick is to know the personality. Once you have the idea, you can work up from
there. While all the ideas above are great for starters, you can always add your own
taste. A unique gift is always better than one she may get from someone else. The
holidays are great for bringing out the compassion in people. Let that show in your

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