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 Issue 2006/12                                                                                               DECEMBER 2006 a
             Club Officials 2006/2007
                       President                             FROM THE CHAIR
                     Frank Peché
       Ph: 028 423-3018; Email:                                                     Have a great Christmas and
                                                             Please make an effort to bring your
                   Vice-Presidents                           MG’s to this year’s Show Day in         for those of you working
                     Charles Batham
                                                             Somerset West, no matter what           over the this period—take
                                                             condition it is in.                     some time out to spend with
                                                                                                     your families and enjoy the
              Ralph Clarke and Brian Hogg                     If you should have any question in     season of not necessarily
                       Chairman                              respect to the days event, or need      giving gifts but giving of your
                       Roger Lewis                           details about entry to the days         time. We spend so much
                    Ph: 021-712-4806
                                                             event, then please either contact       time running around that we
                 Honorary Secretary                          your respective register captain,       don’t have time for the peo-
                   Margaret von Zeil
      Ph: 021-531-9370;
                                                             James or myself.                        ple we care about.
                 Honorary Treasurer                           With the festive season upon us it     God bless and drive care-
                  Mervyn Corbishley                          is but just a few short months          fully with those beautiful cars
   Ph: 082 824-5440; Email:
                                                             before the clubs annual general         you own.       Have a great
                  Social Secretaries                                                                 Christmas and a good time
                                                             meeting. So whilst you enjoy some
                      Rosalie Plows                          hopefully relaxing time over the        with your family.
                Ph: 021-762-4748; Email:
                festive season please give some                Yours in MGing
                                                             serious consideration as to who is
               Competition Secretary
                                                             going to be running your club from                       Rosalie
                    James Reinhardt                          March next year.
Ph: 082 821-9157; Email:

                 Register Secretary                           Finally on behalf of myself and the
                                                             committee I would like to wish you
                     Peter Napier
     Ph: 021-712-1552; Email:          all a very peacefully festive season        IN THIS ISSUE
                                                             the very best for the year ahead.
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  MMM and T -Types: Joan Parker Ph: 021 671-8379                                           January!!!!                 Social News                 Page 3
  MGA: George Davey 021 797 7954

  MGB and Moderns: Peter James Ph: 083 448-2679                                                     Whales & Wheels             Page 3
The Breed December 2006

              DECEMBER, & JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2007
This month – December
    6      Wednesday      20h00 General Meeting at the Club House –NOTE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF
    10     Sunday         11hoo Christmas Family day . Bring and Braai and Show Day at 28 Drama
                          Street Somerset West (the home of Lorraine and Dieter Reck) Bring all the
                           family and all your MGs!!!. Show Day means exactly that—come and show your
                          MG to everyone—no matter its condition. Bring your own food, salads, liquid re-
                          freshments etc, a chair or two an umbrella and sunblock. Only braai fires will be
                          provided. Come along and enjoy a braai in the company of friends. Father
                          Christmas will be in attendance for the “midgets”. Presents should be restricted
                          to “small” ones. Dieter & Lorraine Reck 021 8524277 or 083 2338437 See map
                          on page 8
Next month – May
             Veterans—No outing this month—see Family /Show Day

next month – January 2007……...
    17     Wednesday      PLEASE NOTE 3rd WEDNESDAY—GENERAL MEETING at the Clubhouse
    25     Thursday       Veterans—Bring and Braai—it is customary to start the year off with a Bring
                          and Braai preferably in the garden of a member’s home. A second option, but
                          less popular, is to gather at the clubhouse. All we need from a volunteer is
                          thevenue. This always turns out to be a very happy occasion as everybody tries
                          to come up to date with the latest after the “long time no see”. I hope somebody
                          will come forward to help us. Please bring to this meeting new ideas for outings
                          for 2007. Contact person Jo Hitchcock 021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

...and following month—February ……...
    3-4      Sat & Sun    Classic Car Show at Timour Hall—more information next month

    10       Saturday     David Piper Classic Car Racing at Killarney see page 9

    14       Wednesday General Meeting at the Club House

    18       Sunday       Chairmans tea Run—more next month’s Breed

     20      Tuesday       Veterans—Please note this outing is on a TUESDAY as entrance for Senior Citizens is
                          Free on Tuesdays. Meet at Clubhouse at 10:00, have a cup to tea from your own flask.
                          Depart at 10:30 to arrive at Kirstenbosch at approximately 11:00. Walk around the Gar-
                          dens for approximately one hour and then have lunch at the Kirstenbosch Tea House.
                          Contact person Jo Hitchock 01 9639 3803 or 082 446 1092.

Greetings from Canada!
I came across your site today when browsing instead of working and spent an enjoyable hour reading arti-
cles and admiring photos of the members cars.
I grew up in Rhodesia, and enjoyed the nostalgic feeling I got from the pictures. I am active in the Toronto
Triumph Club, have owned a TR4a for 10 years and a TR6 before that, at one time a 1973 Midget, and
enjoy all sports cars, including Italian ones!
                                               Thanks Simon.

Do you know why mermaids are always depicted wearing seashells as bras?             Well, it’s because B-shells
are too small and D-shells are too big!

Page 2
                                                                                     The Breed December 2006

Change of email Address— Peter & Maureen James   

#1175 Gerald & Helen Wright, Ibis Cottage, 6 Sleigh Crescent, Somerset West. 1970 MGB


Birthdays —December                                          25     Shirley Roux, George Winter, Eileen
 4    Gordon Bruce                                           26     Brian Lewer
5     Jimmy Alexander                                        27     Peter Flowers
7     Alex Stewart, Dorren Jackson                           January
8     Sandy Muller                                           2      Doulene Markus, Ruth Knight, Dennis
11    Sean Carson                                                          O’Donnell, Vic Rossouw
12    Rongzi Coyne                                           4 Lindsey Wakeford, Johann Van Heerden
13    Barry Brandon                                          7 Arlene Johnson
15    Peter Napier                                           8 Carl Ziervogel
16    John Whittington-Jones                          9       Barry Morton
18    Pamela Quinn                                    11      Jenny Mockford
20    Hilda Clarke; Patricia Addison                  15      Ann White
23    Les Miller                                      17      Meyer Budow
25    John Mullen Lorraine Kushner

                      Whales & Wheels Classic Car Show
                                                                  Tel 028 312 1611
                                                                  Box 508,
                                                                  21 September 2006
Mr Peche, Napier.
Dear Friend,
                                       Re: Whales ‘n Wheels Car Show

Better late than never. A word of great thanks and appreciation to both you and the MG Car Club
for what you have done making the show what it happened to be, a first time with 14 MGs. I am not
going to say it was almost unvelievable, for I know you and the rest of the Club are going to double
up for 2007.

Middle of July I was almost in a state of despair, not getting any feedback of what to expect. Then
everything just started changing and kept on changing to what you have seen on show day. The 14
Cobra’s were just as stunning as the MGs, but the four from Gauteng specilly for the show, really
made my day. Asking them to comment on the show: “You will definitely see us back in 2007, plus a
lot more friends following us.” Remember our next Whales ‘n wheels Show on 22nd September
2007,                Bigger and Better,
                         Regards, Danie Laubser (Organizer)
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The Breed December 2006

                                                                           Submitted by Kathy Jay

The morning started by teasing us with clouds and a slight nip in the air. However it was not long before
jerseys were stripped off and the air warmed to a beautiful summer’s day. Our route started at Constantia
Village where everyone filled up their cars, secretly willing every last possible drop into the tank. We set
off though Hout Bay and past Llandudno to our first scenic stop overlooking the Atlantic. We then cut up
through Camps Bay to our second scenic stop from the two 12lb canons that were placed by the Dutch
East India Company in 1782 to defend the settlement near the castle. I am not sure whether these scenic
stops were to ensure we did not arrive at our lunch venue too early or whether they were strategically
dreamed up by Roger to disrupt the steady pace of those who were trying their best to drive economically.
 We were a small convoy and drove in formation most of the way. I am not sure how much this cramped
the style of those who felt their cars would perform more economically at any other speed than that set by
the convoy. Some variation was however introduced by Garth when he went around a traffic circle 1½
times. Later he was seen zooming past the moderns going up Helshoogte Pass with a smug grin on his
 The route was spectacular (how wonderful it is to live here in the Cape!) and took us on the back route
through Durbanville, over the N1 and on to the refuelling point. Many exclamations were heard at this
stage – from Garth in his TD, the Locks in their fuel guzzling RV8, to the Rich’s in their ZR, The Lewis
clan in the Metro, the Hewitts in their newly restored Midget and the Plows in their trusty BGT.
 From there we went past Stellenbosch and on to Hillcrest Berry Orchard where we stopped for lunch.
The menu offered a wide variety of delicious options. The small group sat together and chatted easily and
the setting offered us a very relaxed ending to a non-pressured, scenic, low-key run that let everyone
chose their own level of competitiveness.
The following entrants took part in the Economy Run, and achieved the following results over
Driver               Car                     Used (l)     Used(Gal)    MPG
Robin Rich          2004 ZR                  4.81         1.055        50.71
Roger Lewis        1989 Maestro Turbo        5.427        1.190        44.96
Mike Plows         1966 BGT                  6.533        1.432        37.36
Garth Green        1950 TD                   6.95         1.524        35.10
Leanne Hewitt      1962 Midget               7.87         1.726        31.00
John Lock          1995 RV8                  8.890        1.950        27.44
As we are an English sports car club, we work in MPG, so we need to convert the distance to miles, which
makes it 53.5 miles, and we end up with the MPG figures as in the right hand column.
So much for the "absolute" results. Nothing in life is simple, so competitors are measure against targets
for their cars, which turned things upside down somewhat. Robin Rich and John Lock "set the standard"
for their cars, as figures were not available for either the ZR or RV8, which meant that they were unlikely
to come last, but equally unlikely to win. Each model is compared against its historical economy results.
Expressed as a percentage above or below the established norm, the results are as follows:
Driver                    Car                         % Achieved
Roger Lewis         MG Maestro Turbo           -14.60
Robin Rich          ZR                           0.00
John Lock           RV8                          0.00
Garth Green         TD                           8.27
Leanne Hewitt       Midget                      31.65
The mathematics got somewhat fiddly, but I trained as an economist, so with a little explanation, I should
be able to make my calculation absolutely incomprehensible. To take Roger's Maestro as an example,
the historical economy recorded is 39.23 MPG. Roger bettered that on this run, by achieving 44.96 MPG.
His actual economy this year was 14.6% better than previous years, hence the -14.6% achieved. Every-
body else was less economical than the precedent set for their cars. A side effect of this is that Roger's
life gets that much more difficult next year and everybody else's life gets a little easier.
A special "lead foot mention" goes to Leanne Hewitt and her scarlet Midget. Despite an engine capacity
of 948cc, she managed to return the second-worst absolute economy figures, burning only slightly less
fuel than John Lock in the RV8 which has twice as many cylinders and nearly four times the displace-

Page 4
                                                                                        The Breed December 2006

                                                                                            By Ian Opperman

Thirty five members in eighteen MGs attended, consisting of one NA, Magnette, one TD, two MGAs, two
MGCs three MGB Roadsters, three MGB GTs, one MG ZR and five MG TFs.
The group of sixteen cars from Cape Town surrounds met at the Engen-One-Stop on the N1 at 9:00. Be-
cause of the large number, other cars split up into smaller groups to travel together so as to make it easier
for other road users on the N1. The NA, TD and As left in the first group, then the Bs followed by the
twoTFs and the ZR. The groups turned off the N1 at Paarl and followed the R303 up the beautiful valley,
past the Wemmers hoek Dam into Franschhoek. A Fabulous drive in perfect weather conditions. The
group was met in Franschoek by the two MGB GTs from Hermanus who had come via Villiersdorp, past the
Theewaterskloof Dam, through rolling country over the Franschhoek Pass into Franschhoek. Breakfast
was enjoyed by all at the Traumerei Restaurant in a typical Franschhoek setting.
It was terrific seeing a group of well cared for MGs together, especially Ralph’s NA. What was great for the
MaGic, were the five TFs present—the name lives on! Because of taxi blockades, there had to be a
change of plan for the return trip. After sight seeing in all different directions, fourteen cars met at the Hu-
guenot Monument and proceeded back home via Helshoogte into Stellenbosch and then homeward. Four
cars had left before the main group following the same route.—the two Hermanus GTs via Somerset West
After a perfect day everyone arrived home safely. It was a great run. A big THANK YOU to the organizers.
PS It was so great to have the two GTs from Hermanus joining us. What a pity that they could not join our
convoy. Thank you Ian and June, Gavin and Pam. Hope to see you soon on a future run.

                    British Sports Car Event—Sunday 19 November 2006
                                                                                           By Margie van Zeil

There is a lot to be said for arranging and attending multi car club events, and the numbers would seem to
support this. We set off with approximately 64 British Sports Cars ( Kathy & Ian Jay in her gorgeous Opel
Tigra are car 65 !) with Triumphs, Austin Healeys, MG’s, Morgans and Jaguars well represented and a few
Sunbeams and one Rolls Royce making up the numbers.
 As we met at the Truck Stop area of the N1 Winelands Garage, the big square business like bulks of the
long haul trucks contrasted wonderfully with the small, chromed, glittery cars – some serious photo mo-
ments here.
 We got on the road by 11am, with much muttering and fiddling with soft tops – for a weather report of
“no rain” there was a very gloomy sky and when a bunch of Healeys put their tops up, we followed suit, to
some amused comments of “not much of a gambler are you” !
By the time we reached Franschoek, the gamblers were getting wet and having to pull off and close up or
drive faster to dodge the raindrops round the hairpin bends. Shortly after the Franschoek pass we were
entertained by a very showy thunderstorm, with lightning displays of note.
 We were welcomed at the Grabouw Elgin Country Club with a stunning view of the dam as well as wel-
come snacks and bar trade was brisk as the cars all arrived.
We were provided with an excellent lunch – lots of variety and laden tables followed by full tummies and
lower suspensions en route home.
 After the wild & wet weather to the venue, the day cleared up, the hoods were stowed and by mid after-
noon we all departed for home with open blue skies overhead. In between all of this, there was plenty of
“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” with everyone wandering about the parking area having a good
look at all the gorgeous cars present.
Local MG Club members included Tony & Liz Greenwood, Chris & Karin Champion, George & Sandy Dom-
misse; Raphael Weiner, Bugs Crighton, George Davey, Stan & Louis Shield, Brian & Eileen Dallimore to
name a few.           Sincere thanks to Tim Cruise and the Triumph Club for a great day out.

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The Breed December 2006

                                  OBITUARY—BERYL (SUE) TUCK

                                         23/12/1911 TO 8/11/2006

In the late 1920s and early 1930s,                       In 1958 they sailed for South Africa for George to
 M.G. was in its infancy and becoming a rising star      take up the position of M.D of B.M.C.S.A which
in the motor world. Cecil Kimber had had a vision        was to open a new era for them both in both the
and at this time it was coming to fruition.              business field and to take a much more active role
                                                         in the affairs of the M.G.Car Club in the Cape
He had gathered around him a small team of en-
thusiastic motor men who shared his vision. One          Upon George’s retirement in 1969 he was able to
among them being George Propert who ably took            devote more of his time to M.G matters and both
on the mantle of ‘Works Manager’.                        he and Sue were regular attendees at M.G events
                                                         and were avid followers of the club,s fortunes.
G.P ( Pop) as he was known had two very attrac-
tive daughters and this did not go unnoticed by Kim      After George’s death, Sue was made honorary
who had an eye for the good looking girls. This led      Vice President of the MG Cape Town Centre. She
to Kim requesting that the Propert girls should as-      took an interest in the club both here and overseas
sist in the publicity side of the company. Looking       and would look forward to receiving the relevant
back through the publicity archives you will find that   magazines. Unfortunately due to failing health and
many of the pictures depicting the cars of the thir-     old age she was not able to take an active part in
ties show a very glamorous young lady much in            club affairs but was able to follow the activities
evidence this was ‘Sue’                                  through the good offices of personal friends in the
                                                         MG Club.
As would happen in the early 1930s a young man
George Tuck was employed by Ted Colgrove to              (With her passing goes the end of an era, Sue
oversee the Publicity Dept and this inevitably led to    ( Beryl,Eileen Propert) Tuck saw the rise and fall of
the future merger of the Tuck/Propert families as a      the M.G empire. An era that saw the heyday of mo-
very logical M.G. association.                           tor sport and an era that caught the imagination of
                                                         the masses. Both Sue and George considered
In 1936 George Tuck & Beryl (Sue) Propert mar-           themselves fortunate that they were able to live
ried and produced a son John.                            through what the true motor enthusiast considered
                                                         the golden era of the sports car.
With the outbreak of WW11 George went to war
and Sue went to live with her parents complete            I first met Sue in 1958 when she came to the
with young son and saw out the war years doing           B.M.C plant in Cape Town as the Managing Direc-
charity work to assist with the war effort .             tor,s wife.She was a pleasant attractive, proud
                                                         woman, forthright and strong- willed but loyal to
After the war the family was again reunited and life     true friends. She had high personal standards and
started to return to normality.                          intolerant of insincere people. In later life I became
                                                         a close family friend and enjoyed her company as
George joined the Nuffield Organisation and for the      a proud and good hostess.
next few years spent a considerable amount of his
time away from home This was not easy for Sue as          We will miss SUE and the connection with the for-
she was having to cope with bringing up a young          mative days of the MG car company.
son and spending much of her time on her own.            I am sure that she is now with her beloved George,
                                                         Cecil Kimber, Pop Propert, John Thornley and Syd
However the hardships paid off as George speedily        Enever, continuing to “ FLY THE FLAG “ and
rose through the ranks of the Nuffield Organisation      “MAINTAINING THE BREED”
and then the B.M.C to attain a senior position with      Farewell dear Friend.
the company.                                             Our deepest sympathy to John, Ginney and family.

While this was going on both Sue & George did not        Ralph Clarke.
overlook their past heritage and whenever possible
took an interest in the happenings of the M.G fra-

At Sunday School they were teaching how God created everything, including human beings. Little Johnny
seemed especially intent when they told him how Eve was created out of one of Adam’s ribs. Later in the
week his mother noticed him lying down as though he were ill, and she said “Johnny, what’s the matter?”
Little Johnny responded, “I have a pain in my side. I think I’m going to have a wife.”

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                                                                                          The Breed December 2006

                                                           Submitted by George Davey

My trusted co – pilot (Margie Von Zeil) & I leave
Cape Town at 5am In my ‘A’ on Thursday 5th. We             to the waters edge. That evening we all meet at the
have arranged to meet Bugs & Val Creighton at the          community hall where a number of communal fires
one stop on the N1 at 5.30am. Bugs is running a bit        have been provided & each person is handed a
late so we correspond via cellphone & Bugs will            braai pack, Mitchells brewery have installed beer
catch us up in his BGT, as he can ‘Safety Fast’ at         on tap at R5.00 per 500ml. Which was a very nice
130 kph with the added advantage of overdrive.             help yourself arrangement & money into the hon-
                                                           esty jar. This remained on site for the entire week-
We are tootling along happily at 60 – 70 mph. As I         end. So the mood is jolly, old friendships are re –
now only have 742 miles clocked on my new 1622             kindled new ones are made, the weather is great &
motor & am sort of using this trip to run her in. Bugs     the talk is MG !
catches us in Robertson where I have stopped to
shed a tear. We decided to follow the Cape Town –          Next morning we awake early to the most magnifi-
Ashton – Swellendam route as we were not too               cent sunrise & the most still & perfect day, the la-
happy to negotiate any possible criminal activity on       goon is like a mirror & a pair of Egyptian Geese
the N2 at 5 in the morning. The reason for the early       with 9 goslings gatecrash our breakfast. The day
start was that it had been officially stated by the pow-   begins to get very hot & we decide to drive to
ers that be that the Kaaimans pass at Wilderness           Sedgefield to get some provisions instead of brav-
would be closed from 11am --- 2pm. So we needed            ing the stop start traffic in Knysna. The rest of the
to be through Kaaimans by this time. We had also           day is spent relaxing around the pool & just chilling
arranged to meet up with Peter & Maureen James &           out generally.
Ray & Lorenza Butters at Buffeljags at about 8am as      Friday evening we all meet at the Knysna water-
they were en route from Napier.                          front at 6pm to board a paddle “steamer” for a
Once again via cellphone ( how did we live without       cruise around the lagoon.The craft which is newly
them) we agreed that we would in fact then meet up commissioned is a fantastic 3 storey, built as a rep-
just before Heidelberg as they were running on time lica of a Mississipi paddle steamer. A truly fantastic
& we were running a bit behind. So now it became a experience as we travel toward the Knysna heads
pretty sight with two ‘A’s & two BGT’s all in a row in   as the sun is setting. We are all gathered on the
Glorious weather. We are on the double carriageway top deck enjoying sundowners. Later supper is an-
between Mossel Bay & George around 10’ish when           nounced & we proceed to the deck below to a most
Peter comes flying by gesticulating wildly at his wrist- sumptious spread of Springbok capaccio starter,
watch, closely followed by Bugs & Ray. I know that followed by a buffet of steak, chicken & seafood,
strict speed control is exercised by the Traffic Police salads & vegetables, followed by sweets & coffee.
along this stretch so I assure Margie who is now at      A massive orange moon rises over the distant hills
the wheel that we will reach Kaaimans & the cut off      & is soon beckoning us with a silver pathway
in time. And we do! In fact about 18 minutes before      across the black lagoon. Oh man the places &
11am. & two vehicles in front of us the traffic police   times our MG’s lead us to!
put down the cones & stop the traffic. And we are        Saturday morning dawns & the day is as perfect as
told Kaaimans is CLOSED! & will re – open at             before, a group of us decide to go to the Farmers
2pm ! ! Much protesting from us & we are told that       market in Sedgefield for their wonderful breakfast &
the other MG’s went through just minutes before.         to view all the wonderful goodies one can pur-
Luckily there is a Sasol one stop right next to us of-   chase. Back at Brenton late morning & the best
fering shade & refreshment, & Margie charms the          place to be once again is around the pool under the
Policeman who agrees to let us back in line when the blazing southern cape sky. Late afternoon a few of
2pm bell tolls.                                          us gather at Peter & Maureens rondavel & the Gin
What does one do with 3 hours next to the road on a        & Tonics are flowing as we watch a typical highveld
hot day? Well you wash the car, re set the timing &        type thunderstorm approaching. And typically 30
generally mooch around & then have some lunch at           minutes later the thunder, lightning, & smattering of
the convenient diner in the one stop. Last word on         rain is gone & forgotten & the evening proves yet
this, as it is still a nightmare to me. We get through     again to be perfect.
Kaaimans & the cars on the other side are backed           We prepare ourselves for the “Final Fling” theme
up from Wilderness to Sedgefield ! ! My advice to          evening at the community hall where a spit braai
anyone planning to travel this route, ---- Don’t ! We      has been planned, & the theme is something
finally reach Lake Brenton at about 3.15pm after 10        “Spotted”. The fling is a huge success with a wine
hours on the road! All stress is soon forgotten as we      tasting to begin with, & then the fantastic spit
relax with a cold beverage in front of our Rondavel        roasted lamb & all the wonderful salads & goodies
overlooking the wonderful Knysna lagoon & spitting         to accompany.                   Continued on page 8

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The Breed December 2006

Continued from page 7
After dinner we have prize giving & Bill ten Oewer is awarded 1st . prize for winning the downhill races in his
modern TF. An event which was held on the Friday afternoon with much enjoyment & hilarity. Margie & I
win the prize for most “spotted” couple of the evening, so Cape Town Centre do well in the prize giving.
Thereafter the Disco “Fires”? up or should I say tries to get a spark going like a sparkplug through oil. Sadly
a most un – inspiring Disco with a bad choice of music which just could’nt get the folk wiggling, although
some of us did try. Be that as it may we still have an enjoyable evening, with most folks retiring early as we
begin the long trip home next morning. Sunday is a slightly overcast day which is welcome as it will mean a
relatively ‘cool’ drive home. We say our goodbyes to old & new friends & head off. Margie & I had planned
go back the R62 route & were to spend the night at The Montague Hotel, thus breaking the homeward trip
& prolonging a great few days. We stop at Oudtshoorn on the way, to view Kleinplassie our 2007 Centres
gathering venue. Our next stop is at ‘Ronnies sex shop’ as although there is general cloud cover the klein
Karoo is still hot, so we need to sample a cold one each, & boy They go down like homesick moles!
We spend the final evening at this most wonderful venue in Montague, and next morning after a leisurely
breakfast we do our final little hop over the mountains & home.A most fantastic MG gathering & extremely
well organized by the Garden Route Centre who should be congratulated for this achievement.
Cape Town Centre was well represented at this gathering with 15 of the 27 MG’s coming from our Centre.

The break down as follows:
MGA’s = 5/ 3 roadsters, 1
1 twincam roadster.
MGB’S = 13/ 3 roadsters, 10 GTs
MGC’a = 3/ 2 roadsters, 1GT


Directions to the Reck’s house for the 10th December

Page 8
                                                                                          The Breed December 2006


                                         GOLDEN AGE MOTOR RACING
                                     O F THE 1960’S AND 1970’S
                                    ZWARTKOPS ON SATURDAY
                                         3rd FEBRUARY 2007

     This will be the most unique motoring event in South Africa in 2007.
     The day will feature the Springbok Revival with:
     A special tribute to David Piper (Dr Greg Mills will launch a special edition book on David Pipers rac-
         ing achievements in Southern Africa).
     A special appearance of Richard Attwood who will share the Ferrari P2/3 with David Piper in the
         South African Tourist Trophy.
     The Legendary Peter Gough will drive a special GSM Dart to celebrate 50 years of the greatest
         Sports Car that South Africa produced. Peter won the 1965 SA Sports Car Championship in the
         GSM Dart.
     Sarel van der Merwe in the huge Ford Galaxie will be once again challenged by Mustangs, Lotus
         Cortina’s, a special Mini Cooper and a huge variety of Saloon Cars in the Pre 1966 Legends of
         the 9-Hour Series.
     The International Sports Prototypes will feature the Pre 1972 Sports Racing and GT Cars with two
         Alfa T33’s, a Porsche 917 (possibly two), two Lola T70’s, six Chevrons, three Ford GT40s, etc.
     The Castrol SA Tourist Trophy will have the Piper/Attwood Ferrari P2/3, a Ferrari 250GT, two Ferrari
         P4’s, Daytona Coupes, Cobras and the Goodwood TT winning lightweight (ex Peter Sutcliff car
         that raced in the 1964 9-Hour) and E-Type Jaguar
    The day will also see the official launch of the South African Trans-Am Series (1966 – 1972) Produc-
         tion Saloons including the great “Pony” Cars of that era. The man that is a legend in his own life
         time, Ben Morgenrood, will have his Mustang challenged by four other Mustangs, four Camaros,
         a Chev SS, a Ford Fairmont, and Trans–Am BMW’s. This with the 2         -litre Class is going to be a
         spectacle all on its own.
     There will be 18 events on the day with some 40 International Drivers competing.
 The day will have many, many features and provide great family entertainment. There will also be addi-
tional entrances and exits to Zwartkops to ease traffic congestion. In everybody’s interest Zwartkops will
also be limiting the total entrance tickets to 10 000 people, i.e. 4 000 cars on site. Pre booking will be es-
 See attached brochure for further details and also the new access routes.
Gate Admission Fee on Saturday will be R110 per adult, R50 per student. Pre-booking through either
Computicket or directly from the circuit will be R100 per adult. Special discount will be made for bulk (+12)
pre-race week purchases.


The General Meeting of the MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre is held on the second Wednesday of every month at 20h00 at
the M.G.C.C. Clubhouse in Cedar Avenue (off Howard Drive), Pinelands - exceptions in December & January.

Club outings are usually held on the Sunday immediately after the General Meeting.

                                                                                                              Page 9
The Breed December 2006


 Welcome (Robin Rich):
 Welcome prospective members and visitors : Andy Brown (TD), A & P Hearst; R Ackerman and a special welcome to
 John Mullen. Congratulations to Mervyn Corbishley on his birthday today
 Sympathy expressed to Susan Tuck’s family. Susan, widow of the late George Tuck and vice president of the MGCC
 CTC passed away earlier today. Ralph Clarke gave a short background to Susan’s MG history.
 Frank & Moira Peche; Brian Hogg; Jimmy Alexander; C Grove; R Martin; V Rossouw; D & E Hitchcock; F Mar-
 tin; R Heinze; C Ferreira
 Attendance list was circulated
 Minutes of the General Meeting held on 11 October 2006: Matters arising Nil
             Proposed by, J Locke          Seconded by R Plows
 Chairman’s Report (Roger Lewis):
 CCG 2007– details are in the November 2006 Breed
 Timour Hall event – 3 – 4 February 2007: Police Association will run this event. No further inform
 tion has been received wrt the recipient charities or the arrangements for the event.
 Club Calendar for 2007 was published in the Breed. Comments are welcome.
 Club Charity – St Georges Orphanage for Girls ( GerriyStevenson):
 Members who would like to bring gifts for the Girls to the next meeting are welcome to do so. Gifts may also be
             brought to the Show Day/Family Day
 Veteran’s (Jo Hitchcock):
 October event was well attended by 35 members in 18 cars. See Breed for article.
 30 November outing will be the last run for 2006. Bring & Braai venue is still sought for the 25 January 2007 event.
 Plaque of the month : J& J Locke for organising the October outing.
 Competitions (James Reinhardt):
 22 October – Killarney Classic Race Day: 5 MG’s took part, being 1 TF 160i; 2 MGA’s and 2 MGB’s
 12 November 2006 – Economy Run will be hosted by Robin Rich. Board was circulated
 19 November 2006 – British Sports Car Run to Grabouw. Triumph Club is organising
 this event. A deposit payment for lunch is required.
 Social (Rosalie Plows):
 10 December – Show day and Family Day: bring small gifts for children attending;
 bring all own food, crockery, cutlery & seating. Venue will be the Reck’s home in
 Somerset West. J Locke will follow up on the parking venue.
 Register (Peter Napier):
 Entries for Show day were encouraged, especially for TOPS, Concours d’Comique and Concours d’Elegance.
 Judges are needed for Show day, and names to be given to Peter Napier.
 Treasurer (Mervyn Corbishley):
 Report was circulated at committee meeting
 Membership subs for 2007 : R125 per member & R75 for Breed Subscription. Some
 discussion followed with respect to the constitution & voting rights of ‘family’ members.
 NOTE : there has not been any membership arrangement between the MG/Rover dealership and the MGCC. While
 club did approach the dealership to forge a relationship & encourage membership, the dealership did not respond
 Publications (Rosalie Plows):
 Breed : Articles required
 Closing date for November Breed: 20 November 2006
 Secretarial (Margie von Zeil):
 Ratifications: Gerald & Helen Wright, Ibis Cottage, 6 Sleigh Crescent, Somerset West. MGB
 Spares (Mike Plows):
 List of spares will be published in the Breed. The venue for storage is no longer
 available and a suitable venue for “Gordon Armstrong” stored spares is urgently needed.
 Regalia (G & J Stoddart):
 Special on Cooler Boxes priced at R50 each. Some new regalia will be available next month.
 Cup of the Month:
 George Stoddart for his assistance in organising the Classic Cars in the Bay event.
  General:   National Website to be established. MGCC CTC will support insofar as providing links.
 MG Franchise sign was donated to the club by Bokkie Markus, who arranged to get it from the franchise when they
 There will be an intenational MG event on the Gold Coast in Australia, from 6 – 15 April2007. Inclusive cost per cou-
             ple is estimated as R35—40 000.
 Declare meeting closed .
 Meeting attended by 51 members and prospective members in 14 MG’s

Page 10
                                                                                      The Breed December 2006


FOR SALE                                                  1960 MGA Roadster. Two previous owners. Ex-
                                                          cellent condition. Very original. Bronze award win-
MGB, 1968, Red, Wire Wheels, non overdrive,
                                                          ner in Concours Tops at 2005 Club Show Day.
With Hard & Soft Tops & Tonneau cover 55,000
                                                          Car features on cover page of 2006 Breed Maga-
miles, Excellent Condition. Asking R80 000. Con-
                                                          zine (red)
tact Andre Jooste Home 021 9132999 cell 072
                                                          R140 000 ONO. BMC Workshop Manual and
280 2797
                                                          some new original BMC brake parts as well as a
MGB 1978 Roadster, Pearl White Classic Beauty!!           fibre glass hard top (needs serious attention) incl.
In exceptional condition all round with black seats       Contact Graham Quinn at 021 782 7651 or 082
and spoke wheels. Sold in roadworthy condition            514 0022.
with finance and service history available R85 000
                                                          MGBGT 1967 wire wheels, in good condition with
Neg - Tel Mico on 083 602 0291 or George on
                                                          RWC R38 000 Contact Peter 790 1661
021 425 3910/082 256 4536
                                                          Four Ross-style 14 inch wheels for MGB in very
1968 MGB GT BRG, wire wheels, good condition
                                                          good condition R 2,500. Please contact Peter
R45,000.00. Please phone Philip Kushke in
                                                          Napier @ 0834493968 or (021) 7121552
George on 083 208 2547
1967 MGB, Chrome Bumper, 70,000 miles con-
tact Matthew Born 082 7885 694
1961 MGA Coupe, Red with grey interior, 2000
miles since engine overhaul. Price R95,000.00.
Recent attention includes new head lights, new fuel
pump, newly chromed big bits, new master cylin-
der, new alternator, new battery and new wipers.
It has a luggage rack, badge bar, immaculate inte-
rior, Wood-rim steering wheel. Contact Tony de
Villiers at

                                                 car and                 carburettor specialist

                                                                 Peter Jack
                                                      (021) 531-0719(W); (021) 531-0353(H)
                                                        083-2271005; (021) 531-0318 (Fax)

             Visiting Knysna?
   Stay with us, George and Liesel Winter,
       Cape Explorers Lodge B&B
        Situated in peaceful surroundings
      halfway between the Heads and town.

   Arrive in a MG to qualify for a 10% discount.

               Phone: (044) 3841061
                Fax: (044) 3841973
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The Breed December 2006

                                          Classically British
                                           Car Parts and Accessories

                   Specializing in MG, MGF, Triumph and Austin Healey
     Also available - parts & accessories for new and old Mini, MGTF & Mazda MX5

                                         Parts catalogues available .

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             138 Main Road, Fish Hoek                         Tel: 021 712-5011    Fax: 011 646-5504      Fax: 031 562-8988
                  Tel: 782-6013                               Fax: 021 712-5798

 Montagu Country Hotel
 Special Offer to MG Car Club
 25% discount on normal rates.
 Beautiful drives, wine route,
 tractor trips, undercover parking,
 Wellness Centre, hair studio,
 traditional SA cuisine and pub

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