Will The Real Christ Jesus Please Stand Up--- by aihaozhe2


									Let us suppose that the Christ in you is the Real YOU in You. How might that upset
your status as a mortal? If Christ were already the You in you even before you
supposedly accepted Him, what actually changed at that moment except your mind? If
you changed your mind then, must you also change your mind now and what's in it
for me anyhow? Does anyone really know what Identity IN Christ means?

Welcome to the New Covenant that established our AD World 2,000 Years ago.
According to the Spiritual Technology of the BC world, mankind was required to
have a mortal relationship with divinity. In the AD World Mankind as a Species has
been made Immortal and required to relate to God on His Level in Union.

It can be easily deduced by this hypothesis that if you have a mortal relationship with
God you are doing so under the old covenant and using BC technology in an AD
World. Shame on you ignorant mortal, haven't you ever heard of Accepting Christ?
Does anyone remember where the Bible says: Christ in you is your hope of glory?
That's what we are talking about.

Accepting Christ; sure seems to be the speed-bump we keep running over, so let's deal
with it. What does it mean to "Accept Christ?" Remember how all of this started, what
if Christ in you was- YOU- even before you accepted Him? Does that give us a Clue
into what it might entail to accept that which already IS? WAKE UP to the Truth is
what that entails, in case you didn't figure it out for yourself.

Accepting Christ can mean many things: It could mean accepting that Christ is in you,
or that you are in Christ, or that your Brother is in you, or that you are seated at the
Right Hand of God, or that you are in the Apostle Paul, or that God is in everyone and
everyone is in Him and in Him we live and move and have our being. But all of this is
just theoretical what does it have to do with us personally?

Funny thing about that question is that taking everything personal is how you stay
mortal and INSULT Christ. So are you sure you want us to give you a formula to
remain in rebellion. If so, you obviously haven't been paying attention. Christ in you
is YOU, how can we say it any plainer and yet more explanation seems necessary...

Does anybody know about the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament? You know,
the one Indiana Jones was all gung ho for. Guess what, there is an Ark of the New
Covenant that is much more available and powerful than some wooden box covered
in gold. That is where your Identity in Christ comes in.

The New Testament is a Quantum Covenant cut in the Blood of Jesus but the Ark of
the Quantum Covenant is where Christ in you is the YOU of You. Will the Real Christ
JESUS Please Stand Up??? By using a covenant for mortal relationship in a New
Covenant World to access divinity, is a foolhardy attempt at futility. Such is the
present state of mortal church in the world because none of the mortals know the
Truth, otherwise they wouldn't be mortal. We may have made the Gospel into some
kind of a technical masterpiece, but the Simplicity still remains simple. Just as you
cannot turn left and right at the same time, either you are Immortal or you are not.
Either God is a big fat liar or else the mortals are all wrong; take your pick.

In summary then, The Ark of the Quantum Covenant is your Identity in Christ
because it is that part of your-SELF that is Jesus. Well, that seems like a nice
summation of our progress thus far, shall we get into the Tri-spherical Constitution of
Quantum Physiology now or beat around the bush some more?

Who died and made you God??? Why the Man Christ Jesus of course, haven't you
ever heard of the Gospel before? LOL to the Infinite Power because that is the
Punch-line to the Great Cosmic Joke. Looks like we decided to beat around the bush
some more didn't we... ... ...

Identity in Christ is the Central issue, regardless of the dynamics involved or how it
works. Understanding those dynamics and making them work would be more efficient
than doing everything backwards. However so long as you continue to consider
yourself mortal, there is really no more we can say.

How's this: BLAH (Morphogenetic Resonance of Resurrected Flesh), there NOW We
are Talking... Enough said.

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