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					  Part 1: Contact Details
A: The Project                                                    Organisation Type (please tick as many as appropriate)

 Project title          Halton Employment Partnership               Education guidance            Prison
                                                                    provider                      Professional body
 Contact name           Alison Bowen
                                                                    Further education             School/sixth form
 Job title              SfL and Employability Lead Officer          provider                       College
 Organisation           Halton Borough Council                      Government                    Specialist School or
 Address                Kingsway Learning Centre, Kingsway          organisation                  Academy
 Town / city            Widnes                                      Health and social care        Training organisation
 County                 Cheshire                                    Higher education              Voluntary and
 Postcode               WA8 7QY                                                                   community organisation
                                                                    Local authority
 Daytime telephone      0151 471 7486                                                             Workplace/employer
                                                                                                  Union (please state)
 Mobile number                                                      archive
 E-mail address                  Online learning provider
 er                                                                                                Other (please state)

Where did you hear about Adult Learners’ Week?
 Newspaper                 Leaflet/poster                               Website                Other (please state)
 Radio                     Nominated learner(s) previously              E-mail

 B: Publicity Information
Adult Learners’ Week Award Winners generate media             We would like to invite the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of
interest. If your organisation has a press, PR or marketing   winning organisations to attend an awards ceremony. Please
department, please give details below.                        give details of your CEO or equivalent.
Name                    Gill Cook                              Name                     David Parr
Job title               Principal Press and PR Officer         Address                  Municipal Building, Kingsway
E-mail address                Town / city              Widnes
Daytime telephone       0151 471 7388                          Postcode                 WA8 7QF
Mobile number                                                  E-mail address 

 Part 2: The Project
 How many learners did your project engage in                 Were the learners’ qualifications awarded by any of the
 2008 N/A 2009 147 2010 299                                   following? (please tick as many as appropriate)
                                                                 City and Guilds                          QCDA
 Does your project offer qualifications?                         Edexcel                                  OCN
   Yes         No                                                FE College                               OCR
 How many learners achieved qualifications in                    Foundation Degree                        Open University
 2008 N/A 2009 88 2010 269                                       Higher education institute               Other (please state)
                                                                 NCFE                                 RTITB
For internal use only

  EA                    SE                    ESF               PLW                     Date received      Ref No:
  EM                    SW                    BBC               ELW
  LO                    WM                    CLC               CL
  NE                    YH                    SSAT              FE/HE
  NW                                                            FL

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 Part 2: The Project (continued)
 Please tell us about the project you are nominating. In your statement, please include:
      aims and objectives of the project;
      key activities related to engaging participants in learning; and
      progression routes offered to learners involved in the project.
(Max. 5,000 characters, including spaces)
 The Halton Employment Partnership, a partnership with Jobcentre Plus, further education colleges, sector skills
 councils and the Skills Funding Agency was formed by Halton Borough Council. Working closely with partners, the
 Halton Employment Partnership offers a one-stop shop for local businesses including pre-recruitment, Train to
 Gain, Apprenticeships, management training and graduate placements.

 The Halton Employment Partnership either delivers the training themselves or uses the expertise of the wider
 partnership. The Borough Council’s Adult Learning and Skills Development team provides a range of training and
 skills development programmes designed to meet the needs of local people.

 The Halton Employment Partnership (HEP) Award was developed in 2009 focussing upon the provision of generic
 employability skills and training. This includes producing CVs, job search, interview skills, work ethic, team work,
 communication, Skills for Life, ICT and so on. Significantly, the programme provides re-training for those who are
 being made redundant.

 The two-week Halton Employment Partnership Award covers a range of employability skills including Skills for Life
 and additional qualifications in Health and Safety Awareness, Manual Handling and Emergency First Aid.

 Following a two-week generic programme participants undertake a two-week sector-specific training programme
 that is directly linked to the Borough’s key employment sectors. Learners follow a programme relating to either
 logistics, construction, retail, customer care or IT designed in partnership with major employers, making
 participants better equipped to gain employment in the relevant sector on compeltion of the four-week

 The enhanced version of the course also gives learners the opportunity to gain qualifications including forklift truck
 licences, ITQ Level 1 Certificate, City & Guilds Level 1 Basic Construction Skills or Food Hygiene certificates.

 Learners enrol on and attend the course on a voluntary basis as they are genuinely motivated to enter employment
 and have a confidence in the quality of the training provided. A significant number progress into employment
 within 6 months of completing the programme and a number of learners have progressed onto further education
 and training opportunities.

What has been remarkable about the achievements of the learners and the progression they have made?
(Max. 5,000 characters, including spaces)

 HEP Award learners come from diverse backgrounds and fit into a number of high-priority categories including
 those who are ex-offenders, homeless, long-term unemployed or with low-level functional skills. Despite this, they
 have achieved qualifications and certificates that have enabled them to gain employment or follow further training
 opportunities thanks to their hard work and movitation, along with the dedicated support of the HEP Team.

 Recently the development of the Mersey Multimodal Gateway (3MG) freight distribution park has turned a local
 industrial site into a unique piece of logistics infrastructure. Halton Borough Council’s Major Projects team and
 Halton Employment Partnership worked alongside 3MG partners to develop a ‘complete employment offer’ for
 potential investors.

 Tesco were the first customer on 3MG opening a brand-new chilled distribution centre offering more than 700 jobs.
 The Halton Employment Partnership worked closely with Tesco to determine their skills and recruitment needs,
 designing training programmes to make sure local people were trained in the skills that Tesco wanted. The Halton
 Employment Partnership Award equipped local unemployed people with the skills needed to work in a logistics and
 distribution environment and nationally accredited fork lift truck licences.

 As at May 2010 Tesco had scheduled 965 interviews and 668 Halton unemployed people had been selected for
 interview. Of these 155 people were offered jobs with 129 being offered to Halton residents. Tesco have been
 delighted with the calibre of applicants coming forward. The firm has noted how well the Halton residents in
 particular presented themselves at interview.

 HEP learners attending the construction programme have also experienced great achievement and recognition,
 being invited by the developers of a local retail park to provide feedback and ideas for the next phase of
 development. The meeting in August 2010 was attended by current and former HEP learners who were delighted
 to be consulted on the project and to have a fantastic addition to their CVs.

 These are only the most recent and memorable achievements of HEP learners - there are countless others with
 other individual successes and personal achievements whose lives have been changed significantly thanks to their
 involvement with this project.

To download this form or the Guidance Notes in Word/PDF, or to nominate online, go to

How do you monitor and evaluate the success of your project and what are you doing to ensure your project
continues to run in the future?
(Max. 5,000 characters, including spaces)

 HEP Award learners are contacted at 1, 3 and 6 month intervals to monitor their progress and record their
 destination post-training. These statistics along with learners' feedback allow the team to monitor and evaluate the
 effectiveness of the programme.

 The project also has strong partnerships with local organisations including Job Centre Plus, Halton People into Jobs,
 Connexions, YMCA and the Probation Service among others and receives high numbers of referrals from many
 sources, resulting in a waiting list of learners for courses. Partnerships are strengthened through attendance at
 events such as My Halton, regular email newsletters, leaflet drops made in person and making door-to-door calls in
 the community. The Team has a strong presence in the local community and its work is highly regarded and well

 As the programme is designed with local business needs in mind, the sector-specific courses offered change in line
 with these needs. Halton Borough Council's Business Perceptions Survey gauges the views of employers in relation
 to identifying current and potential future skills needs and this allows the Team to tailor their provison and ensure
 that they are delivering training in the skills that are most valuable to the local economy.

 On the basis of the most recent survey, the IT for Work course was developed (the first programme running in
 November 2010) after identifying a percieved deficit in IT skills within the workforce. Future plans are for a
 programme aimed at the science and technology sector after the survey identified a shortage in technician-level
 skills at levels 3 and 4. By ensuring a tailored approach and differentiating delivery along with local economic needs
 the Halton Employment Partnership aims to continue its work far into the future and support many more local
 unemployed people in gaining sustainable, rewarding employment.

 Part 3: Learner’s Journey
NIACE celebrates learners’ achievements within projects. If you know a learner who would like to tell us about their
learning experience through your project, please ask them to complete this section. It would help us to gain a fuller
picture of your project.
Please describe the difference this project has made to your life and/or the lives of your family and community.
(Max. 5,000 characters, including spaces)
 The Halton Employment Partnership has completely transformed my life in so many ways. In April 2009, I was a
 person with very low confidence and suffering severe anxiety attacks, which had physical side effects that
 prevented me from going to work. I could not even dream of getting a job and felt as though I had no direction or
 hope. I attended a HEP Award Customer Care course which taught me the skills I needed to get a job, keep it and to
 progress in it, but there was much more to it than that. They showed me how to be confident, optimistic, to make
 goals and how to achieve them.

 After I had completed the course I felt confident and well prepared to go to work, and soon gained a position in the
 Halifax Call Centre in Speke, Liverpool. I am still employed there, am enjoying it and am progressing towards my
 goals. I now own a car and my own house which I share with my wonderful girlfriend; none of these things I would
 have thought possible two years ago. My whole world has been turned upside down in a good way - I now love my
 life! I can't imagine what my life would be like today if I had decided to stay in bed that morning!

 Everyone in the HEP Team were so supportive and encouraging and made us all feel welcome and important. They
 didn't just teach us, but took an interest in us and really went out of their way to help. Even after I had left, they
 were just a phone call away and were happy to continue to give me advice and support - even helping to update my
 CV long afterwards.

 I can't thank the HEP Team enough for all they have done for me. Attending the HEP Award was the best thing I
 have ever done!


 - Gary Flynn

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 Part 4: Additional Awards
To be completed by the nominator.
 Your nomination may be eligible for an additional award. Please tick below if applicable.

European Social Fund                                               If the project is part funded by ESF but not through a
If your nominee’s learning has been funded in any way by           co-financing organisation please specify the organisation:
the European Social Fund (ESF) please tick the box and
complete this section to be considered for this category.          Digital Participation Award (sponsored by BBC)
Name of training provider:                                         This award recognises learning where the use of new
Halton Employment Partnership                                      technology and/or broadcasting has been central to
Name of ESF project/learning programme:                            learning opportunities.
Halton Employment Partnership Award                                Inspiring Family Learning Project Award (sponsored
Period that the project is being part funded by ESF:               by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust)
From: 2009       To: 2011                                          This award recognises an innovative project that has
If the project is ESF co-financed, please give the name of         opened up opportunities for families to learn together, in
the Co-financing Organisation (CFO) e.g. Department for            partnership with a school or college.
Work and Pensions, Skills Funding Agency, National                 Community Learning Champions (sponsored by the
Offender Management Service or other:                              Community Learning Champions Support Programme)
Skills Funding Agency                                              This award recognises the impact that Community
Contact details for the CFO/ESF Manager:                           Learning Champions working together and in partnership
                                                                   can have on the lives of others and on their community.
                                                                   Please read the Eligibility Criteria section of the Guidance
                                                                   Notes for more information about this award category.
Part 5: Declaration
Private Information
Adult Learners’ Week Award Winners generate significant media interest
 and the information supplied in this form can be used to inspire others
into learning. If anything has been written about you on this form that
you do not wish to be made public, please let us know here.
Winners may have their photos taken and be filmed for a video, or may
be interviewed by the media for publicity.

To be completed by a learner from the project                      To be completed by the nominator
(If Part 3 has been completed)                                   I confirm that the information supplied in this form is correct
I confirm that the information supplied by me above is correct    to the best of my knowledge and that the statements are true
to the best of my knowledge and that the statements are true and and accurate. I wish for this project to be nominated for an
accurate.                                                        Adult Learners’ Week Award and agree to my name and other
                                                                 information contained in this form to be passed on to third parties,
Name of Learner                                                  including the press and media, for publicity purposes only.

Signature of Learner                              Date             Signature of Nominator                         Date

 I would like to be kept informed of NIACE activities.             I would like to be kept informed of NIACE activities.
The Adult Learners’ Week Awards support NIACE’s Equal Opportunities and Data Protection Policies.
For further information, please visit
Please note: Winners and their nominators will be notified by April 2011.
Please send completed forms to:
Adult Learners’ Week Awards, Campaigns and Promotions, NIACE, 21 De Montfort Street, Leicester, LE1 7GE or email the form
Please note that the deadline for receipt of application forms is 5pm FRIDAY 28 JANUARY 2011

To download this form or the Guidance Notes in Word/PDF, or to nominate online, go to


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