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 Lubavitch Day Camp
         Girls Division

      Weekly Newsletter
                Goodbye Edition
                 Aug 20 - Av 19
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                     Songs of the Summer

                                     Theme Song 5768:
                                        I CAN do it!
Get those fingers snapping.                        Who can?
While all the world is napping.                    Bunk _________ can.
The Rebbe at our lead.
Giving us the tools we need.                       Caring for another like a sister or a brother,
                                                   Our homes are open wide.
We must make a sensation.                          A Jew I am with pride.
Seventh Generation.                                Hashem is at my side.
Our responsibility to bring Moshiach speedily.
                                                   Who can?
One thing that we will do,                         I can do it!
And our mission will be through.
It is up to me and you,                            Caring for another like a sister or a brother,
Take part in it too.                               Our homes are open wide.
                                                   A Jew I am with pride.
Whether great or a detail.                         Hashem is at my side.
We can really TIP THE SCALE,
Camp Lubavitch shout out loud.

                             Goodbye Song
Visions so close and real,                         Each moment’s worth a lifetime,
Drifting through my mind.                          Camp Lubavitch, I can’t say good bye.
Kaleidoscope of memories,
Times I’ll be leaving behind.                      Because in me you built tomorrow,
                                                   Times forever I’ll recall,
Fun times filled with learning,                    Examples I will follow,
Each day that has gone by.                         NO! We’re not leaving at all. (2x)

             Candle                              THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK
                            “Chassidim never say farewell, for they never depart from
                            each other. Wherever they are, they are one family.”
             7:52                                                                   -Hayom Yom 10 Adar Sheini
                 From the Desk of:
                 Your Head Counselors

Dear Camp Lubavitch,                                                                  Mushka
We’ve experienced an amazing summer together. We’ve learnt a lot         My email is
about the Torah and Mitzvos in a fun way. We’ve gotten to know so        Can’t wait to hear from all of you!
many new faces. We brought Moshiach closer and closer.                                 Rivkie
We want you to take those memories and cherish them and live with      011-972-052-56-971-92 (that’s my #
them. Keep doing Torah and Mitzvos and bringing Moshiach. You                  in Israel after Sep. 1st)
CAN do it! It may seem like a small Mitzvah, but your small Mitz-      Until then… you can call me at 905-
vah can make a huge difference and bring Moshiach.                                    886-5985!
                                                                                   Or email me at
Always remember, be proud of who you are as a Jewish girl!       
Keep in touch with us, ‘cuz we’re gonna miss you like crazy.                       Love you guys!
Good bye LDC.                                                                    Aviva Greenwood
MWA!                                                                          96 Crown Heights Crst.
Luv,                                                                              Thornhill, ON
                                                                                    L4J 5T1
Mushka and Rivkie                                                                 905-731-0334

                                Peek @ Next Week
  K.I.T        Thursday                  Friday                Shabbat                   Sunday
 Week          Email your        Have Shabbos Party.       Enjoy Relaxing          Check out the
               counselors        Light Candles at 7:52      Shabbat with           website to see
                                                               Family              Pictures, again.

           Monday                       Tuesday                          Wednesday

           Call your               Call or Email your     Practice all the camp songs so you don’t
          counselors               Head Counselors                       forget them.

                                   Lost and Found
If you have lost anything in camp, click on over to our website, and look through our Lost and Found
 Picture Gallery. We have more than 300 lost items waiting to be found. Each item is clearly pictured
and numbered. If you find an item that belongs to you, take note of the number, let us know and we
                         will be so happy to return you to your belongings!

        Keep In Touch                            Bunk Aleph
      Bunks Aleph-Gimmel                                       Where will we be

          Nirelle Revizada                        In 20 Years...
         122 Campbell Ave                        Mati- a ballerina                     Annael- principle of a Russian school
           Shoshi Gotfryd                        Eveline- speech therapist
         905-882-9303- 396                       Ellen- art teacher with Daniella
           York Hill Blvd.
                                                 Daniella- art teacher with Ellen
                                                 Rebecca- teacher in Annael’s school
          Leah Likhovetski
                                                 Sarah P.- lawyer
          33 Stonedene blvd                      Tali R.-owner of a Chinese restaurant                       Anna S.-hair dresser
                                                 Eleanor- a model
         Shternie Rosenfeld
         127 York Hill Blvd                      Tali S.- Olympic swimmer
            905-771-7283                         Goldy- artist                     Sarah- worker in her dad’s factory
           Sara Dyman                            Nirelle-math teacher
           905-707-5606                          Shoshi- waitress
                                                 Leah- owner of Mac’s

                          Bunk Beis & Gimmel
                                      What if
Puli’s hair wasn’t orange                       Shara didn’t smile
Nechama S. didn’t have a sister in camp         Mashie didn’t win the brachos bee
Shayna’s father wasn’t the director of LDC      Chayale wasn’t missing her teeth
Chana C.’s hair wasn’t so curly                 Nechama C. didn’t come to camp with Chana C.
Chana S.’s brother didn’t walk home with her    Esther wasn’t the best listener
everyday                                        Devorah’s mother wasn’t in the office
Sarah W. didn’t have a baby brother             Sarah D. wasn’t always with Chana Stevens
Leeba O., Mushky B. & Mushky K. weren’t cous-   Chanie didn’t always forget her bag
ins                                             Yocheved was actually a counselor
Mushky K. wasn’t first everyday                 Then we just wouldn’t be the best bunk ever!
Mushky B. didn’t have a bow in her hair         Go Gimmel Beis, WE LOVE YOU!! WE Will
Leeba S. was on the bunk list                   Miss You!!! Have a Great Year! Luv, Sarah &
Batsheva didn’t leave us for a week             Chanie ( & Yocheved)
                                               Hey Bunk Daled, the best bunk in the entire
Something _______ can’t                                             world!
live without is _______!                    Do you girls have any idea how much we’ll miss
                                             you??? It’s not even possible to describe what a
 Moriah- piggyback rides                    good bunk you’ve all been. You always had great
                                            spirit! You were always full of energy, and ready
 Perlita- her pretty smile                   to participate in all activities. In just one month,
 Nemaya- tea biscuits                       we go to see how each girl was a true shining star.
                                                We love you all and will miss you dearly!
 Orly- her head band                                           Keep In Touch!
 Elaine- her fairness                                     Love ur # 1 counselors

 Ariel- her Dr. Peppers                         Shternie Rosenfeld
                                                                             Timna Levinson
                                                127 York Hill Blvd
 Talia- her bathing suit                           905-771-7283
 Tanya- her good friends
 Sarena- the camp trips
                                                              Where will we be

                                                     In 20 Years...
                                                    Moriah- an actress
          Our Email Addresses                       Perlita- a smiley kindergarten
 Moriah-                    Nemayah- a sports expert
 Perlita- alwayssmiling@24/
                                                    Orly- the owner of the Dr. Pep-
 Orly-                          per Company
 Elaine-                 Elaine- a fair teacher
 Ariel-                     Ariel- a cheerleader
 Talia-           Talia- an Olympic swimmer
                                                    Tanya- working with kids
                                                     Sarena- an art teacher
          Bu nk Hey                                                                     Keep In Touch
                                                                                            Chana Levy
                                                                                         Cell:647 836 5412

                    Profiles                                                            Home: 416 781 7557

Tiffany Ifrah - she's has really long hair, Ppl. will look up to                       Rochel Rocklyn
her a lot, and she’s cute !!!                                                           905 886 5666
Sivan Kroitar- spokesman for organization that she believes to            
be correct. She’s cute, happy, and always doing the right thing!!
Yahalom Shriki- Zabec- she is a drama actress with a lot of energy.
Nicole Shillo – She’s very cute, proper, and a polite girl and educated woman, with cute
braids/berets from her grandparents .
Rigina Yakubav –she’s a very cute, high energy, bubbly, and personal, who also has a side
profession for fun to braid people’s hair. Her and Bayla must always be twins, Together
they plan to take over Russia.
Bayla Perelman- She has very nice EYES!! She is an intelligent business woman, working
with computers.
Rebbeca Vaynerovsky- Because of her strong sense of individuality, she will become the president
of Russia, and she has gorgeous green eyes

                                   Bunk vov
                                                                   What would you find under her pillow?
                      Top 4 Cheers:
                                                                  Michelle – Teddy bear
Bunk Vov shake it up …. Bunk vov shake it up.                     Miriam - Her cool pen
Were Bunk Vov, and we simply can’t be better,
                                                                  Revital - Devorah Leah’s cell phone
and if you disagree with us, then W-A-T-E-V-E-R!
                                                                  Ashley – Slurpee
Were cool. Were hot. Were Bunk Vov. Your not.
                                                                  Sarah - 65 tickets
Rivkie! Rivkie! Look this way … we were cleaned up first today.
                                                                  Yael - Daily dressing up clothes
                                                                  Dvora Leah – Blue and white Chof
            If I got a penny every time….                         Beis Sh’vat bag

Ashley made a cup / bowl creation at lunch                                    Keep In Touch
Michelle bought a dr. pepper
Shelly got piggyback from Yael
                                                                   Devorah Leah                Yael Levy
Miriam would ask for a braid in her hair                             Horowitz                 514-483-4774
Sarah cheered                                                     763 Eastern Parkway
                                                                        Apt. E1
               …Then I’d be a millionaire!                        Brooklyn, NY 11213
                                                                     Sayings of the bunk!
     Bunk Zayin                                               Can I go buy a drink

                                                              Can I have tickets Shelly/Chana?
          Bunk Zayin is most likely to be....
                                                              Can we go on a slushie walk!?
    Melanie: A Cheerleader! because she's so great at
                                                              Can we go to the playground!?
    cheering for our bunk!
    Daniella B: A Teacher! because we love learning new       EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!
    things from her!
    Dar: A Model! because she loves to walk around and        ZAY-IN, ZAY-IN, ZAY-IN ZAYIN'S THE
    strut her stuff!                                          BEEEEEEEST!
    Roni: Owner of a Vending Machine Company! because
    she always buys a pop can!                                BUUUNK ZAYIN UH UH OH YEAH!
    Miriam: A Fashionista! because she loves to wear the
    trendiest clothes!                                                     Keep In Touch
     Rachelle: A Head Counselor! because she's a very pa-
    tient person, and would be perfect for the job!                              Bunk Zayin:
     Elia: A Psychiatrist! because she likes to help people
    out all the time!                                         Shelly Dilouya               Chana Alexander
     Taryn: A Lifeguard! because she likes swimtime!     347-320-0094
     Nikol: A Zoo Keeper! because she loves animals, and      416 993 3953
    loved the petting zoo at LDC.
     Shelly: In the Olympics! because she always does                            Bunk Ches:
     Daniella Y: In Seminary! because she loves to learn      Mushky Zaltzman             Shaina Goldberg
    and she dressed up as a soldier for Purim Day!            905-886-1720                  416-785-9227
     Romy: In Commercials for make-up products! because
    of her loooooong eyelashes!

           Bunk Ches:                                            What If?
•       Bunk Ches ever got into a       •   Rikki didn’t have a brother…     •    Sara’le didn’t like sports…
        straight line…                  •   Shternie didn’t have a B-day     •    Shterna didn’t love salt…
•       Bessie wasn’t so                    party…                           •    Mushky Z. stopped cheer-
        cute/wacky!...                  •   Rochel Leah never cheered…            ing…
•       Batsheva wasn’t Mushky’s        •   Menucha didn’t Daven so          •    Bessie stopped pinching her
        cousin…                             nicely…                               cheeks…
•       Chayale wasn’t the director’s   •   Naomi wasn’t friends with        •    Shayna G. wasn’t Menucha’s
        daughter…                           Rikki…                                sister…
•       Shaina wasn’t always laugh-     •   Esther never missed camp…
        ing…                            •   Mussie never dressed-up…         …Then Bunk Ches wouldn’t be
•       Mara wasn’t the cowgirl…        •   Mushkie S. wasn’t so neat…          as awesome as we are!
Dear Dalia, Liore, Miriam, and Rachel
We had an amazing time being your counselors in Au-
                                                                 Bunk Tes
gust 2008. You girls are an amazing group and we’ll
                                                                       Keep In Touch
miss you all so much. We hope you enjoyed your sum-
mer in Camp Lubavitch. We had so much fun, from art    Estee Buzaglo                Mushky Danzinger
to swimming to COLOR WAR to CANADAS WON-               150 Brickstone Circle         303 Yorkhill blvd.
DERLAND!! We hope we made your summer AMAZ-            905 660 1337                       905 886 9983
ING!! We’ll miss you! And never forget to never stop
doing mitzvot, one mitzvah can tip the scale and       or
YOU GIRLS ARE THE BEST!!                                           A-mazing
Estee and Mushky                                                   I-ncredible
                                                                   A-bunk tes camper!

L-augh                           M-arvolous                 R-eally fun
I-nteresting                     I- mportant                A-thletic (always doing sports)
O-utstanding                     R-eally cool               C-ool
R- eally awesome                 I-nspiring                 H-appy
E- xcelent                       A-wesome                   E-xciting

           Bunk Yud                            Dearest Bunk Yud:
                                               Can you believe the summer is over? 7 smashing weeks
                                               have flown by! from Jewish Identity week to Ahavas yis-
              Our bunk cheers
                                               roel week to Jewish Heroes week to Holiday week this
  Bunk yud is really terrific from the North   year camp Lubavitch was truly the best ever! Of course
  Atlantic to the south pacfic from the east   don't forget our personal fun, like our crazy songs, our
  to the west we are reall the best hey hey    runaways, and our winning bunk competition. Then there
                  Bunk yud.                    is also the spiritual/Jewish stuff you must not forget.
   Bunk Yud totally good (repeat over and      like:praying to God ,checking for kosher symbols, wash-
                   over)                       ing for bread, saying a blessing before you eat, honoring
                                               your parents, and being nice to every Jew. All these mitz-
    My mom gave me a Hen she said go to
                                               vos we do make Hashem happy and bring Moshiach one
   bunk ten,and I go to bunk ten, because I
                     love                      step closer.
                                               Guys, us, Rochel and Mushky will miss you very much.
   (2x) bubble gum bozooka zooka bubble        But we know that very soon the thing we have all been
                   gum.                        waiting for: Moshiach will come and then we will all be
        Bunk yud aley aley (clap clap)         together again. But in the meantime while we are all doing
                                               mitzvos to bring Moshiach we can
              Keep In Touch                    Your Mitzvah can be the one to tip the scale and make
Mushky Levinson               Rochel Ahern     Moshiach come right now!
585 Lefferts Ave              706 crown St.    Bye, we will miss you tons!
Brooklyn N.Y. 11203      Brooklyn NY 11213     we love you!
1-718-953-0175   Love: Mushky and Rochel
What was your favorite part of camp?                         What will you be in 20 years from now?

Nicole B- being with friends                                       B-
                                                            Nicole B- model or doctor
Anna Ludmirsky- art and hat day                                  Ludmirsky-
                                                            Anna Ludmirsky- actress star
Sheril S- swimming                                                 S-
                                                            Sheril S- lawyer
Shelly K- praying to God 'cause I love God                         K-
                                                            Shelly K- mother of 3 children
Anna Lopatukhin- going to wonderland. Worst: The Bees            Lopatukhin-
                                                            Anna Lopatukhin- HC in camp Lubavitch
Gabriela R- art and hat day                                          R-
                                                            Gabriela R- Artist
Jessica R- Swimming                                                 R-
                                                            Jessica R- working at wonderland
Rochel Ahern- cheering and dress up day.                            Levinson-
                                                            Mushky Levinson-A teacher for Hebrew
Mushky Levinson: Doing shiur and Making crazy songs         studies
for color war (the sky is blue.....)
                                                            Rochel Ahern- A perfect hair stylist

                             If I was HC in Camp Lubavitch I would:
Anna Ludmirsky- make everyone in trouble              Nicole B- give the campers lots of fun combined
Sheril S- give tzedaka to everyone / respect kids /   with learning for example draw a torah then pass it
pray every day / do whatever campers want unless      around to show the torah being passed through gen-
its dangerous                                         erations
Shelly K- I'd do whatever the campers want            Rochel Ahern-I would make the campers sing
Anna Lopatukhin- give candy to everyone               oooooooh I love LDC every time we cheer.
Gabriela R- make shabbos party with booths to         Mushky Levinson- I would always cheer for Bunk
dress up for shabbos and healthy luches               Yud.
Jessica R- make extra time for swimming

                                                           Dear Bunk Yud Alef, (the best bunk in
                                                           the universe!!)
 Funny E-mail Addresses:                                   Each and every one of you are so spe-
                                                           cial and unique! The second session of
 Leanne:                                LDC was so AMAZING, we’ll never forget
 Nina:                             it! Keep growing; you can really make a
 Daniela:                         difference! We’ll miss you so
                                                           much!!!!!!!!!!                                Love, Rachel and Rochel Leah                                  Keep In touch                              Rachel Kadosh            Rochel Leah
                                                           514-731-5984            Goldstein
         Bunk Yud Aleph #1 cheers:                                 If you could only take
 - Ooh olay olay, olay a chikitunga, a matsa                            ONE THING
 matsa matsa, ooh olay balooh-a-baloo-ay!!                      with you to a deserted island,
                                                                      what would it be?
 - Neiros Nestees what? Red hot! We’re r-e-d
 red h-o-t w’re #1 as you can see, we’re good, we
 know it- we’re here to show it- if what you see                         t-
                                                     Leanne: ldc camp t-shirt!
 is what you get then girls you aint seen noth-      Nina: a camera!!
 ing yet!!                                           Daniela: her ldc counselors!
 -Wanna wake up in LDC, to the tune of fingers       Faigie: her silver purse!
 snapping, wanna go on the behamis, and take         Dana: her awesome shoes!
 picture with randomers, do you remember me?         Talya: her cups of water!
 I was a t the party- lubavitch we’re proud to       Sarah: her caps!
 be, the kids of the Rebi, we’ll bring Moshiach      Keren: ldc tickets! (and prize)

             Bunk Yud Aleph Awards
Leanne Albo: #1 at listening to counselors!             Dana Portnoy: most enthusiasm!
Nina Benyair: best cheerer!                             Talya Saban: best helper!
Daniela Chible: #1 at participating in activities!      Sarah Shick: most tznius!
Faigie Gold: most generous!                             Keren Zomer: biggest, nicest smile!

                      BUnk Yud Beis
Dearest bunk Yud Beis, (the most awesomest            able to walk through a lifelike rainforest. And remem-
and coolest bunk ever)                                ber the rocks from millions of years that we were able
                                                      to touch. As the day came to an end Color War broke
Wow can u believe the month is over!! Well time       out with teams Blue-Rebbe, RED-MOSHE. But when
flies when you’re having fun. Let’s rewind a lit-     the rest of the camp went home we stayed for a special
tle bit to the beginning of camp…….Where’s            late night with bunk Yud Aleph. We had an excit-
Sara and Orital?? …almost forgot Nechama and          ing,fun scavenger hunt in Vaughn Mills. Remember
Liora are the new counselors of a new bunk –          we played “hide and seek” with Nina, Rashel, and
bunk Yud Beis. Off we went to Reptilia, we were       Ashley. Then we all went to the dollar store to get
able to pet the reptiles and some of us even got      some treats ; “Nechama and Liora got red pantyhose”.
real snake skin. Another day went by and than         The next day we all came dressed in our team color R-
we went to E-Zone which was a full day of en-         E-D red H-O-T we’re #1 as you can see… Our bunk
tertainment and games including whirly ball,          made the team banner about Moshe and the Torah.
laser tag, car slots, and basketball. What a day!!    “Hey u never know who it’s gonna be, hey you never
That weekend flew by and before we knew it we         know it’s a mystery” and…..R-E-D Team Moshe won
were at the Science Centre. We went to                we Won. Towards the end of the week we went to the
Kidspark- the little grocery store, building          water park, but to our surprise the sprinklers weren’t
houses with “bricks”, than we went to the Con-        on yet. Until they turned on we had to find an item per
finement closet where we were able to feel the        letter of our bunk name –Modest Mists (remember the
way the Jews in the Holocaust felt! We were also      little scare with Hinda Leah). Another Shabbos passed
by and we were back at camp to go on our trip-         much each camper added into the bunk and all the
the Rinx. We went roller blading with the camp         cheering, davening, torah-talk, and fun that we had.
and even Nechama and Liora attempted to roller         We will miss u soo much and hope you have a good
blade. Than on Tuesday we got to do special            rest of your summer and a good year to come. KIT
bracelet making classes with Rachelli just like the    and don’t forget all the happy times we had together.
CIT’s. It was also Chanuka day which included
making a menorah out of Mike and Ikes and              Love Always and Forever,
made our own Dreidels. Before the day ended            Nechama Levy and Liora Cohen
some of us got in the middle of a shaving cream
fight! The next day was Wonderland Wednesday
                                                       P.S. don’t forget the song that we learned …ahamas..
(which explains itself) but we were able to stay
                                                       do u remember me I was at the party…get your fin-
until 6(don’t forget how “punctual” we were for
                                                       gers snapping while all the world is napping…
lunch, EXACTLY 3 hours LATE)!! The next day
was Purim day, everyone was told to bring a cos-
                                                       P.P.S. also Est Cu tu parle Francaise?? Do u speak
tumes and “Officer Liora” remembered to get
                                                       French? (we wanted u to learn a new language)
dressed and Diana remembered too (Hanna Mon-
tana)!! As camp comes to an end we realize how

                                            Keep In Touch
     Nechama Levy                                              Liora Cohen
     125 Neptune Dr.                                           107 Charleswood Dr.
     Toronto, On.                                              416 -398- 1823

                             Thank You to...
The Lubavitcher Rebbe- for being with us in every       the late night, etc.
step of the summer and for seeing the vision of         The bus drivers - for getting us around safely.
what camp can accomplish.                               Aviva Greenwood - What would we do without
Rabbi Goldstein - for being an amazing director,        you? Thank you for setting up, getting the food out,
and on top of everything.                               Yibaneh Hamikdash, and much much more.
Rivkie and Mushka - for planning such smashing          Miriam - for being the extra hand when we needed
activities and always being there for every camper.     it.
Yerucham - for helping with EVERYTHING, and             The sports coaches - for keeping us active and in
putting up with us.                                     shape.
Mrs. Sivak - for preparing such yummy food that         THE COUNSELORS - for making camp awesome.
keeps us energized on such a long day.                  YOU ROCK!
The Office Staff - For keeping camp so organized,       Mrs. Spalter - for such incredible arts ‘n crafts.
and arranging the best trips ever!                      …and last but not least, The Campers - What
The kitchen helpers - for helping prepare such          would we do without you? WE LOVE YOU!
yummy food.                                             And of course, Thank you to all those we may have
Azarya - for driving the CIT’s around, driving us to    left out accidentally.
                                                 My name is Rachel.

                                                 If I could pick anyone’s nose in camp it would be Noa’s
                                                 because her nose is tiny and cute.
                                                 Last seen: Tanning on the grass.

            # 1
                                                 My name is Noa.
                                                 If I could pick anyone’s nose in camp it would be
                                                 Mushka’s because she has cool freckles.
                                                 Last seen: Taking a picture

Dear C1:                                         My name is Emy.
                                                 If I could pick anyone’s nose in camp it would be no-
This month has been absolutely amazing           body’s because no reason.
with you guys (I mean girls lol)! The tomato     Last seen: Reading a book

songs, the frosty walks, the trips, baking and   My name is Shania.
there’s so many more great memories of all       If I could pick anyone’s nose in camp it would be Baila
                                                 because she’s my sister.
the fun things we’ve done this summer. I had     Last seen: Breathing
so much fun with you guys and I hope u en-
                                                 My name is Yael.
joyed this summer as much as I did. Hope         If I could pick anyone’s nose in camp it would be Rabbi
that we can all stay in touch.                   Goldstein because it’s holy.
                                                 Last seen: Sleeping
Good luck starting school!
Love always your counselor:                      My name is Katrin
                                                 If I could pick anyone’s nose in camp it would be Bella
Orital Saban                                     (in the office) because it looks like it’s clean.
                                                 Last seen: Tanning in the park

 If we were stranded on a desert                                         remember….?
                                                                  Do you remember .?
  island and you could only bring
                                                   -Trampolining! (we waited for that a looong time!)
            one thing
                                                   -“3 in the morning??? Are you serious???”
Julie - her uggs                                   -THE BEACHES
Linda - some Yasha Kasha Borsht                    -piggy back rides
Natalie - twilight                                 -Ya “SNARF”
Yasmin - her fruit salad                           -Yehudis, Dana and Natalie’s prank (teletubbies in
Sabina - her sweaters                              the park???)
Karin - notebook
                                                   -Yasha Kasha Borsht
Michelle - her boondoggle
Ariela - a basketball                              -FISHMAN!!!! But why is that the name…?
Dana - her i-phone                                 -“Pick it! Pick it! Pick it!”
Yehudis - her princess crown                       - The Rabbi Room

        The 10 C.I.T.
                                                           To my amazing, wonderful, crazy,
                                                           loveable and BEST campers,

      Commandments                                         I just wanted to tell you guys that you
                                                           have made this month a blast! With all
                                                           of your high energy and bubbling per-
1.   Thou shalt always go to      6. Thou shalt always     sonalities we showed the camp what
mac’s every single morning        speak Russian.           the CITS are really made of!
and afternoon.
                                  7. Thou shalt always     Always remember all the awesome
2.   Thou shalt always be in a
                                  ask to go to second      times we’ve shared and please keep in
good mood every morning to
                                  cup.                     touch!!!
match your counselors.
3.   Thou shalt never rip holes   8. Thou shalt never go   I love you so much!!!!!
in the tablecloth so the table    swimming.
underneath will be wet.           9. Thou shalt never      Your one and only counselor,
4.   Thou shalt never make        want to do jewellery     Yehudis
fun of Yehudis’ phone.            making.
5.   Thou shalt always sit on     10.Thou shalt always
the bench in the park at least
                                  keep in touch!!!!!!!
one hour a day.
              Shiur Review
               Word Fi nd
H   I     H      X   V   B   G   O   R     Y      A   A   K   O   V   W     I      H   T
A   D     O      C   T   C   S   M   L     O      K   A   H   E   H   S     A      F   C
R   X     U      T   Z   L   O   H   A     K      U   N   A   H   C   E     R      K   P
O   R     H      O   I   S   R   P   K     Q      M   E   P   C   T   O     I      X   Z
N   H     H      W   H   I   G   J   V     O      L   O   T   Z   C   D     V      S   Z
E   I     A      E   M   I   Y   Y   I     T      Z   C   H   A   K   X     K      H   E
M   U     E      M   N   H   O   L   I     D      A   Y   S   M   L   P     A      C   V
W   A     S      X   O   B   D   Q   K     G      I   E   D   O   B   U     L      A   R
O   M     O      M   N   T   F   R   U     P      A   R   A   S   M   S     L      I   W
H   R     C      I   E   S   Z   L   N     P      K   A   W   S   H   Q     A      H   Q
O   S     C      R   F   W   Z   I   U     O      Z   M   V   A   K   S     H      S   L
N   O     U      U   A   H   Y   B   S     H      E   E   V   R   P   T     T      O   E
E   N     S      P   G   Z   Z   H   A     Z      O   U   B   T   A   Y     O      M   A
Y   O     D      I   A   T   E   P   C     M      O   R   G   B   X   H     R      X   H
R   Z     O      A   H   R   P   B   H     S      A   Z   M   N   E   E     A      O   Q
S   E     I      G   F   L   Y   V   L     C      J   D   E   X   H   R     H      M   C
C   M     M      L   E   K   I   C   H     D      V   Z   A   O   K   Z     B      P   P
R   M     G      X   T   S   N   O   J     V      S   Y   X   H   C   X     Z      E   N
D   X     F      Z   C   H   S   V   F     P      R   O   C   H   E   L     V      A   M

         Apple                           Kosher                           Rochel
        Avraham                          Leah                              Sara
        Brachos                           Me                           Shavuos
    Chanukah                         Menorah                           Shehakol
        Hadama                       Mezonos                              Succos
         Haetz                           Moshe                            Torah
        Hagafen                      Moshiach                           Yaakov
        Hamotzi                          Purim                         Yitzchak
        Holidays                         Rebbe                        Good Luck!
         Honey                           Rivka                            Enjoy!

                          Goodbye L.D.C.
                     Make sure to Keep In Touch!
                       Next Year in Jerusalem!

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