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                                                                                                             A Structured Living Environment

          Duplex Style Living
        Beautiful South Florida
• 3 Bedroom / 2      •    Central A/C
  Bath               •    Ceiling Fans
• Fully Furnished    •    Cable TV / Internet
• Washer / Dryer     •    Job Placement Asst.
                                                     Plantation Palms
• Tile Floors        •    Minutes from
                                                                        Residential Resolutions Properties

• Large Closets           Beaches                                        Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307
                                                                             P.O. Box 70404

                         Directions From I-95
                    1.    Take the SR-838/SUNRISE
                          BLVD exit, EXIT 29
                    2.    Turn onto W SUNRISE
                          BLVD/SR-838 W/NW 10TH
                          ST. Continue to follow W
                          SUNRISE BLVD/SR-838
                          W.(4.8 miles)
                    3.    Turn LEFT onto NW 16TH
                          ST.NW 16TH ST is 0.1
                          miles past NW 14TH ST
                          (0.4 miles)
      Plantation                                    What We Do?
                                    Residential Resolutions Inc. (RRI) provides high
                                                                                                     How We Do It?
                                                                                          Residential Resolutions Inc. (RRI) utilizes a

                                    quality structured-living accommodations, also        phased approached to assist the resident in
                                    known as sober-living accommodations or half-         returning to normal day-to-day living. The
                                    way houses, to both male and female residents         first three phases gradually allow for more
  A Structured Living Environment   in the South Florida Region. We specialized in        freedom and less oversight. During these
                                    relapse prevention for the recovering addict.         phases the resident will reside in high
                                    Most of our residents come directly from a            quality luxuriously furnished apartment style
                                    detox or in-patient treatment facility and we         living . These properties are always staffed by
                                    assist those individuals in the re-introduction to    Certified Behavioral Health Technicians
                                                                                          (CBHT's) 24 hrs. per day / 7 days per week.
                                    normal              day-to-day              living.
                                                                                          The final phase is considered graduate
                                                                                          housing. This offers the resident the ability to
                                    All properties are staffed 24 hrs. per day / 7
                                                                                          remain in a sober living environment. At this
                                    days per week by Certified Behavioral Health
                                                                                          point the resident has moved off the fully
                                    Technicians (CBHT's). The State of Florida            supervised property and moved into
                                    defines a CBHT as "a person assisting                 a luxuriously fully furnished home or duplex.
                                    primary counselors/therapeutic staff by               Many of our graduate residents chose to
                                    providing clinical support services to adults or      remain in these homes for many months or
                                    children who are receiving substance abuse or                              years.
Floor Plan for all Duplexes         mental health services in residential programs,
                                    inpatient settings, or community based                We strongly recommend that the resident
                                    programs. In other words our staff not only           attend 90 meetings in 90 days, a proven
       3 Bedroom / 2 Bath           cares but also has in-depth training on how to        formula for success. In many cases we offer
         Fully Furnished            deal with many of the immediate issues that a         transportation to and from these meetings.
          Washer/Dryer              resident             may            experience.       This also helps the resident to locate a
           Tile Floors                                                                    "sponsor" who serves as a person in which
                                    We also work closely with local treatment             the resident will rely on and trust to discuss
           Central A/C                                                                    issues, seek guidance, act as a teacher, best
                                    facilities and detox centers to ensure that if a
          Large Closets             resident relapses there will be a proper support      friend, and tutor. We also strongly suggest
         Internet/Cable             system in place to assist the resident in             that the resident obtain employment within
                                    returning to a sober environment.                     the first 2 weeks of arrival. We have
                                                                                          computers on-site to assist in this process or
                                                                                          the resident can utilize our wireless network                                                                   for their personal computers.

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