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					Gurgaon, India is a place that has been through its fair share of growth, and shows no
sign of slowing down. The town adjoins to the capital city of New Delhi and is very
close to the airport. Because of those convenience factors and other socio-economic
reasons, many corporations have based their businesses and corporate headquarters
there. Employees of these companies move to Gurgaon from all over the world and
finding an apartment in the city is of utmost importance for them and the people that
are native to India.

Technology based companies have continually based operations in Gurgaon. Some of
these well known companies include Google, IBM, Siemens, Nokia, Ericsson and
Sapiens. All of those companies are powerhouses in the hardware and software fields.
Because of their vast amount of resources they have made Gurgaon a powerhouse in
its own right. The city is truly the financial and technological capital of India.

There are many apartments available in Gurgaon. From small efficiencies to large
penthouses and everything inbetween, there is an apartment to fit almost anyone's
budget. There are long-established buildings and new buildings being erected to fill
the need that is growing in this fast-paced yet friendly town.

The major developers in Gurgaon include DLF Ltd., Unitech, Emmar Mfg, the Vatika
Group and Suncity Projects, Ltd. All of them have their own styles and cater to many
different needs and budgets.

DLF Ltd is one of the most well-respected developers in India. They have been in
business for many years and are very familiar with the area. DLF specializes in
residential projects and commercial projects. They not only build but manage many
properties all over Gurgaon. They range in size from 2-4 bedrooms and even have 5
bedroom penthouse units available. Prices and amenities vary depending on the

Unitech is another developer that has a big presence in Gurgaon. They have a vast
array of experience in residential dwellings and commercial development.
Entertainment complexes are also another specialty of this distinguished company.
Floor plans and prices vary, but the quality of work is always high-end.

Vatika is another company that specializes in real estate. They also have a large
portfolio of business and are integral part of the development of Gurgaon. The focus
of Vatika is high-end living while making sure their properties have security and
beauty to ensure good quality of life.

Emmar MGF is a well-known company throughout India. They bring the knowledge
and hospitality from experience in building and developing luxury hotels to
residential real estate. Floor plans are available in 2-5 bedroom range, including
penthouses. Emmar MGF is committed to the thought that luxury should be
affordable, which makes their properties popular for many different budgets.

Sun City Projects are yet another company that is putting their building and
developing expertise to work in Gurgaon. They offer a fully inclusive living
experience tailored for families and singles alike. Properties include differing floor
plans varying from 3-4 bedrooms. Great design and attention to detail are at the
forefront of the Sun City Projects.

Residing in Gurgaon means living well. As more people move to Gurgaon, the prices
of the apartments in this technologically advanced and growing city will start to rise.
The immense growth potential that this city has is unlimited. Buying in Gurgaon right
now will be a wise investment to make for the future.

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