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					        President’s Newsletter No. 1

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE:                                          As the host nation we will have to make
Welcome to the First SATTB Web based                          sure that our teams/squads are the best
Newsletter November 2006                                      and therefore SATTB will be sending a
                                                              squad of boys and girls to the African
                                                              Youth Championships in January 2007 as
This is the first edition of a new Web based                  well as other international tournaments
Newsletter and the beginning of a new way                     so that our players can get as much
for our Affiliates to receive exciting news on                exposure to international participation
Table Tennis in South Africa.                                 and training.

We received SASCOC’s approval to host the                     Our plans to send a team to the African
2007 World Cadet Challenge (WCC) & World                      Senior Championships in Congo
Junior Circuit Finals (WJCF) in October. The                  Brazzaville had to be put on hold when
ITTF has now formally announced that South                    the tournament was postponed and now
Africa will host this event.                                  scheduled to take place in February
In preparation for this event the ITTF
invited the SATTB to send a delegation to                          2006 SA Senior Championships
the 2006 WCC & WJCF hosted by Serbia at
the end of October. Our Vice President for
National Competitions, Brian Buckton,                         The South African Table Tennis Board
attended the event to gain some first hand                    2006 Senior Open Championship was
knowledge and expertise to assist him and                     recently held at the Proteaville Sports
the members of the Competitions Commission                    Centre, Bellville in Cape Town from
for next year’s event.                                        Monday 25-Saturday 30 September
The SATTB will be hosting Mr Raul Calin of
the ITTF during his inspection visit planned                  The following provinces participated in
for the end of November. Mr Calin will                        the event: Western Province had ‘A’ and
inspect our proposed playing venue, the Good                  ‘B’ teams in both the Men’s and Women
Hope Centre and the short-listed hotels we                    categories, Gauteng Central; Boland;
intend using. A formal contract will be signed                South African Police Services; Southern
at the end of his visit.                                      Free State; Eastern Gauteng; Gauteng
                                                              North; Griqualand West and Western
                                                              Gauteng. In total, 194 players
 SATTB national competitions committee is                     participated in the Championship.
now faced with a big challenge of making sure
that this event becomes a success and I hope
that SATTB will receive all the support and                   Team Event matches started on Monday,
cooperation from all our national affiliates.                 25 September 2006 and was played over
                                                              2 days. In the Women’s Section,
                                                              Gauteng Central continued their
 CONTENTS:                                                    domination of the Women’s Team Events
                                                              and beat Gauteng North in the Final.
 • 2007 World Cadet Challenge & World Junior Circuit Finals
                                                              The Gauteng North players, of which 2
 •2006 World Cadet Challenge & World Junior Circuit Finals    were junior players, are currently
 •2006 SA Senior Championships                                training at the High Performance Centre
                                                              in Pretoria. Western Province ‘A’ took
                                                              the Bronze.
South African Table Tennis Board                                                            Page 2
President’s Newsletter No.1

   SA Seniors Championships… Continues

   Western Province dominated in the Men’s                   All Finals were played on Saturday,
   Section and proved their strength as                      starting off with the Men’s Semi-Final at
   Western Province ‘A’ competed against                     2pm.
   Western Province ‘B’ in the Final. Eastern                1. Men’s Single’s Semi-final Results
   Gauteng took the Bronze.                                  Score
   Wednesday was an rest day which allowed                   S. Overmeyer (WP) beat T. Lingeveldt
   the visiting players, time-out to enjoy                   (WP)
   Cape Town attractions.
                                                             Results: 4-2
   On Thursday, 28 September 2006, the
   Mixed Doubles and Doubles Event took                      Score: 11-7; 12-10; 8-11; 4-11; 11-5
   place. The Mix-Doubles saw a WP and GC
   pair reach the Finals. T. Lingeveldt (WP)                 L. Abrahams (WP) beat S. Jones (WP)
   & S. Maal (GC) against L. Abrahams (WP)                   Results: 4-1
   & D. Samowitz (GC). In the Women’s                        Score: 12-10; 5-11; 11-9; 11-9; 11-7
   Doubles Event S. Maal & D. Samowitz (GC
   pair), reached the Finals against G. Barrit
   (EG) & A. Van Rooyen (WP).                                2. Mixed Double’s Final
                                                             T. Lingeveldt (WP) & S. Maal (GC)
   The Men’s and Women’s Single’s Event                      Beat L. Abrahams (WP) & D. Samowitz
   started on Friday, 29th September.                        (GC)
   Playing Round Robin and top two                           Results: 3-1
   qualifying from each group to the Knock-                  Score: 11-7; 11-7; 10-12; 12-10
   Out Stage. In the Women’s Single’s, the
   big surprise was Jessica Saunders,
                                                             3. Men’s Doubles Final
   Ex-South African National player,                         S. Jones (WP) & M. Snyders (WP)
   representing SAPS, who eased her way to                   Beat T. Lingeveldt (WP) & T. Lawrence
   the Final. Ms Saunders was not active in                  (WP)
   table tennis this year; she proved that                   Results: 3-1
   her experience was enough to see her                      Score: 10-12; 11-5; 11-7; 11-7
   through to the Final. Sameera Maal (GC)
   reigning champion for the past two years,
   met Jessica Saunders in the Final                         4. Women’s Double’s Final
                                                             S. Maal (GC) & D. Samowitz (GC)
   The Men’s Singles Event, saw exciting                     Beat G. Barrit (EG) & A. Van Rooyen (WP)
   play, with two WP juniors cutting through                 Results: 3-0
   the senior ranks and reaching the                         Score: 11-6; 11-4; 11-3
   Quarter Final. Darren Rodgers, who is
   the current SA U17 Junior Champion, lost
   against Shane Overmeyer (SA Men’s no.                     5. Women’s Single’s Final
   1). Kurt Lingeveldt the current no. 2 U17                 S. Maal (GC) beat J. Saunders (WP)
   got knocked out by his older brother,                     Results: 4-0
   Theo Lingeveldt. Theo is a National                       Score: 11-6; 12-10; 11-7; 11-8
   Player. Shane Overmeyer who has reigned
   supreme as the SA Men’s Champion for
   the past 5 years met Luke Abrahams                        6. Men’s Single’s Final
   (WP) in the Final for the third successive                S. Overmeyer (WP) beat L. Abrahams
   year . Luke Abrahams and Shane                            (WP)
   Overmeyer are both currently at the                       Results: 4-0
   High Performance Centre in Pretoria.
                                                             Score: 11-6; 13-11; 11-7; 11-1

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