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Why Knowing Your Gems Leads To Success


									Let's focus on people skills to better understand why certain people will purchase your
product or join your primary business opportunity.  We all are Gems in our
own way.  You may even be a combination of the Gems described
below.  The key is to find your dominant Gem personality and be able to
discern the prominent Gem in others, thus making for better communication. When
communicating with your prospect learn to speak their language.

Here are the 4 Gems associated with each primary personality:

PEARLS:   These people are relaters. They are open and indirect. 
Some characteristics of the Pearl are: they are loyal, people of their word, dependable,
patient, want to be of service to others, concerned with others' happiness, and
sensitive. They don't like confrontation, change, saying "No", or making decisions.
They dress for comfort, drive safe vehicles, are calm, and enjoy routine. These are
your teachers, nurses, and volunteers. They are motivated by causes, not
money.  They love to be of service!  After some thinking.... they buy for
others before themselves (things within reason), from people they trust (don't be
pushy), because the item is a necessity and offers functionally.

SAPPHIRES:   These type of people are socializers. This prospect is
open and direct. Sapphires love to have fun!! These are your event promoters, they are
energetic and self motivated. They love adventure, like to work in teams, and love
when people notice and recognize them. What they are not is timely, organized,
pessimistic, selfish, or have clean vehicles.  They wear trendy clothes and have
trendy hair.  They like sports, love to travel, and are creative. The professionals
that fall into this category are your event planners, attorneys, recruiters, and other
positions that are fun & creative. Spontaneously.... they buy new and exciting things,
from fun and up-beat salespeople, because it's cool and they have to have it first or
simply just because they want it.

EMERALDS:    These are your thinkers. This prospect is more
guarded and indirect. They are timely, organized, pay attention to detail, very driven,
analytical, and motivated by facts.  They are planners, good problem solvers,
more reserved, loyal, and predictable. What they are not are wasters or people who
give up. They don't like to make mistakes. They wear the same clothes as long as they
fit (even if the clothes are no longer trendy). They are soft spoken and may ask a lot
of questions. These are your accountants, engineers, computer geeks, and business
owners. These are your type "A" personalities. After plenty of research....these
prospects buy practical, above average, quality, efficient and long lasting items from
people with integrity, and who followed up with them, because it's the right selection
and a "best deal" purchase.

RUBIES: They love to lead others: This prospect is guarded and direct. They are very
competitive and persistent. They are over confident, strong willed, obsessive
compulsive at times, controlling, confident, colossal multi-taskers, leaders, bold and
purposeful. What they are not is timely, bargain shoppers, slow decision makers, or
delegators.  They are motivated by a challenge, money, and being overworked.
They often have a full plate. They like anything luxury (including vehicles) or high
priced and name brands. These professionals would be your CEO's, successful
salesmen, and people in leadership positions.  These are prospects that buy on
the spot.... the best, most expensive thing they desire, from a great salesperson who
gave them a good first impression, because they just have to have the product or item.

As you can see knowing the language of your prospect is critical to your success in
any business and/or everyday life.  We can't change the Gem in others, but we
can understand what their desires are and communicate more effective with
them.  My mentor Dani Johnson, an expert in the industry, is the queen of
Gems.  It is through her trainings that I was introduced to the 4 core
Gems.  By following some of her coaching techniques, it has made me a better
network marketer and allowed me to build my business.

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