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									                                                                                                    VOLUME 2 | NOVEMBER 2009

                           A Stefanutti Stocks Publication

                                                                       Continuous pursuit of higher levels of performance

Award Winning Letseng
Diamond Mine Project

Cape Gate Medi-Clinic

Petrochemical Capabilities

New Airport for Swaziland

Surfacing division off to
a good start with SANRAL

Socio-economic development
                                                                                               From the CEO
               A Stefanutti Stocks Publication

                                                                                               With the hourglass of 2009 rapidly
                                                                                               emptying we reflect on some of the
                                                                                               happenings at Stefanutti Stocks during
                                                                                               the past year.

                                                                                               Once again it was a year full of excitement
                                                                                               with many positive developments in line

                                                                                               with our mission statement.

                                                                                               Our operations expanded further into
                                                                                               neighbouring countries and we are in the
                                                                                               process of setting up a new construction
                                                                                               operating unit in the Middle East. Income
                                                                                               from outside South Africa increased from
                                                                                               17% to 22%, and we plan to grow this to
                                                                                               in excess of 30%.

                                                                                               The Group’s total turnover increased by
                                                                                               55% since August 2008 with operating
                                                                                               profit up 45% for the same period. In spite
                                                                                               of the current economic downturn, we have
Industry Capabilities                                                                          managed to secure significant projects in
                                                                                               most of our business units. Our order
                                                                                               book has grown since February 2009 to
                                                                                               R6.65 billion and we are on track to
Award Winning Letseng Diamond Mine                 3                                           achieving our financial targets for
                                                                                               February 2010.
Generating Power                                   4
                                                                                               Our mission includes the creation of ‘a
                                                                                               desirable place of work for our employees,
Coal Mining: Material Handling                     4                                           being a natural home for creativity and
                                                                                               enthusiasm, within a safe working
Petrochemical                                      5                                           environment’. Our efforts in this regard

                                                                                               have been recognised with numerous
Mining: Environmental - De-silting                 7                                           safety and industry awards, some of
                                                                                               which are detailed on pages 2 and 24.
P.P.Rust 600 KTPM Concentrator Projects            7
                                                                                               In addition, we have successfully
Civil Structures in remote African locations       7                                           concluded the re-structuring and
                                                                                               harmonisation process. Not only is
@ Stefanutti Stocks City                           12                                          Stefanutti Stocks a recognised force in
                                                                                               the Southern African construction industry
Demystifying Public Private Partnerships           23                                          but the Stefanutti Stocks brand is also
                                                                                               fast becoming a household name.

                                                                                               The buy-out of minority shareholders in
                                                                                               subsidiary companies is almost complete.
Project Updates                                                                                From March 2010 ECMP will operate as
                                                                                               Stefanutti Stocks Mining Services, Skelton

Structures                                         9                                           & Plummer will operate as Stefanutti Stocks
                                                                                               Mechanical, Eddcor will operate as
Geotechnical                                       15                                          Stefanutti Stocks Electrical & Instrumentation
                                                                                               and Civil & Coastal will operate as
Building Construction                              17                                          Stefanutti Stocks Marine. During the
                                                                                               year we acquired the business of Waste
Roads & Earthworks                                 21                                          Energy Recovery and Management
                                                                                               (Pty) Ltd which will in future operate as
                                                                                               Stefanutti Stocks Material Handling.

Awards & Accolades                                 2 / 24                                      It is amazing what we can achieve if when
                                                                                               given credit for our work, we acknowledge
                                                                                               our success as ‘we’ rather than as ‘me’.
                                                                                               Teamwork is certainly one of the Group’s
                                                                                               greatest strengths. Furthermore, by
Socio-economic development                         25                                          continuously pursuing higher levels of
                                                             19                                performance and providing quality
                                                                                               work on time, we will continue to be
                                                                                               a preferred contractor.

                                                                                               On behalf of management and the Board
    Our passion and unwavering commitment to service excellence continually surpasses each     of Directors, I would like to thank you all
    benchmark we set, and will continue to drive the success of the Stefanutti Stocks Group.   for your considerable efforts over the past
                                                                                               year, and also take this early opportunity to
    Stefanutti Stocks Holdings Limited | Tel: +27 11 571 4300 |       wish you and your families a peaceful and
                                                                                               blessed break over the festive season.
    We’d like to thank everyone who made contributions, both editorial and photographic.

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                                                                                                              What’s New?

                                           International                                     entrance lobby, a high-class spa and the
                                                                                             link bridge between the two buildings.

                                                                                             The link bridge comprises of a restaurant
                                                                                             and bar area. The Formula 1 raceway
                                                                                             goes under the bridge.
Fulton Award Winner -                      Growth in the Middle East                         First for leisure!

                                           Peter Keenan has recently joined us               Other exciting current projects in the
                                           to head up the Stefanutti Stocks                  Middle East include the fit out for Dubai’s
                                           Construction business unit in the                 Bloomingdales store - the first store of

                                           Middle East.                                      this well known American brand outside
                                                                                             of the U.S.A!
                                           Race to completion!
Project: Cold Weather Concreting           With all Grand Prix fanatics eyes on Abu          Al-Tayer Stocks was the first
on Letseng Diamond Mine Project in         Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates once              contractor ‘on land’ on Saadiyat Island,
Lesotho (featured on page 3).              again promises to deliver astounding              a new cultural island where they built
Consulting engineers were Bateman          images. The eye-catching new Yas Hotel
Consulting (Pty) Ltd.                                                                        the Gary Player golf academy and a
                                           complex has recently opened to coincide           maintenance building that will double up
Judges’ Citation: It impressed the         with the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu             as a club house. “Back on the ‘mainland’
Judges that this Design Engineer/          Dhabi Grand Prix .                                at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, we recently
Contractor combination worked so well                                                        refurbished the falcon shaped main club
together in order to perform a project     Stefanutti Stocks’ fit-out operation in the       house”, says Ken Stocks, managing
that many of their contemporaries          UAE, Al-Tayer Stocks, completed the               director of Al-Tayer Stocks. “We are
deemed impossible during winter in the     public areas including the gymnasium              hoping that this is just the first package
highlands of Lesotho, and in so doing
provide an economically viable solution    on the roof, swimming pool areas, main            of a much larger project”.
to the client.

Amongst the noteworthy challenges
that were overcome successfully by this
team was working at altitude, working
on steep inclines, problems with the
availability of cement and suitable
aggregates, access, manpower and
most significantly, mixing and placing
concrete in very low temperatures.

The technical specification that was
developed, including daily time regimes,
was regarded by the judges as ground
breaking in Southern African terms.

                                             An artists impression of The Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi and link
                                             bridge, designed by Asymptote Architecture, New York.
Fulton Award Commendation-
Construction                                                                                             New
Techniques                                                                                               appointments:
Project: Rehabilitation and Widening                                                                     •	 Craig	Morris,	
of bridge over Olifants River, Witbank.                                                                     Director ECMP (Pty) Ltd.
Consulting engineers were                                                                                •	 Stephen	Goodhead,	
Nyeleti Consulting.                                                                                         Director ECMP (Pty) Ltd.
                                                                                                         •	 Freddie	Strydom,	
The bridge (pictured right) was                                                                             Director ECMP (Pty) Ltd.
rehabilitated, strengthened and                                                                          •	 Marco	Pasquali,	
widened to create a safer walkway.                                                                          Director, Stefanutti Stocks
                                                                                                            Material Handling (Pty) Ltd.
                                                                                                         •	 Nico	Vermeulen,	
Master Builders Association -                                                                               Director, Stefanutti Stocks
                                                                                                            Earthworks (Pty) Ltd.

Gauteng &                                  NOSA 5             star
KZN take top                               Stefanutti Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd achieved

safety awards                              a NOSA 5 star rating. The two sites that
                                           were audited were the “Flying Saucer
                                           (R21) and Brakfontein Interchange” and
                                           the “SASOL 4th Train Landlord Project”
More on page 24.                           (featured on page 5).

                                                                                                                     PAGE 2 | Benchmark
                                                                                                Structures - Mining Infrastructure


The Letseng Diamond Mine -
an award winning success
Source: Shaun Butler

Stefanutti Stocks Civils recently
completed the process plant
at the Letseng Diamond Mine
in the remote Maluti Mountains
of Lesotho, located 3 100m
above sea level.
The footprint of the bulk rock
excavation was set at 30m wide to the
toes of the embankment and 95m long,
incorporating five stepped terraces with
heights varying from three to ten metres.
The proposed location of the plant was          Extreme temperatures and weather
                                                conditions presented some challenges.
set on the existing 17 degree sloping
ground surface to facilitate a gravity fed
process plant. The levels from the top of
rock terraces were required to facilitate    The complexity of the contract was not in
the surface bed to be laid in falls.         the construction but rather the conditions
                                             that are prevalent in Lesotho.
The scope of work encompassed:
•	 Primary	crusher	foundation	walls	and		    The road to site, in addition to being
    suspended slab;                          incredibly steep (with gradients of up to
•	 two	cone	crusher	foundation	walls		       15% at an altitude of 3 100m asl) also
    and suspended slabs;                     contained a number of acute hairpin
•	 the	main	building	and	crane	
                                             bends. This meant that we had to take
    column foundations;
                                             into consideration the length and type
•	 bins,	screens	and	platform	foundations;                                                director. “In order to cast the concrete,
                                             of vehicles that could take the turns and
•	 thickener	foundations;                                                                 a special mix design was required and
                                             make the climb. During the winter, the
•	 clear	water	foundations	constructed		                                                  concrete had to be heated and
    as circular wall footings;               roads were covered in ice and snow, and
                                                                                          specially cured through the application
•	 access	stairs	to	the	pathways	on		   	    it was a common occurrence that graders
                                             had to be sent to recover vehicles.          of thermal blankets”.
    either side of the buildings;
•	 surface	beds	including	up	                                                             The altitude took its toll on our senior
    stand kerbs;                             The temperatures in the Lesotho
                                             mountains range between plus 20 and          staff, some of whom suffered from
•	 retaining	walls	to	support	                                                            altitude sickness and respiratory
    terraced backfilling;                    minus 20 degrees Celsius, with an
                                             average temperature of six degrees. The      problems. “This meant an influx of our
•	 gunniting	of	sloping	rock	faces	on	
                                             project won a Fulton Award for the cold      younger Stefanutti Stocks colleagues,”
    the inside of the plant;
•	 dish	drains;                              weather concreting, which presented          says Shaun. “The average age of the
•	 MCC	building;                             many challenges to the design engineers      supervisory staff on site was 27 years
•	 stockpile	tunnel	and	plant	               and the construction management on           old - and the successful completion of
    feed conveyor;                           site. “The prevailing temperatures meant     this project under trying conditions,
•	 tailings	conveyor;	and                    that we were casting concrete in sub-zero    is a great achievement for the
•	 clarified	&	potable	water	pump	station.   conditions,” says Shaun Butler, contracts    ‘young’ team!”

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                                                                                                            Mining                    Power

                                                                                                    the Mining Services business unit. “All
                                                                                                    produced coal is laboratory tested and
                                                                                                    verified to conform with Eskom’s
                                                                                                    specifications and requirements”.

                                                                                                    Discard Recovery/Placement
                                                                                                    •	 Screening	of	existing	dumps.
                                                                                                    •	 Blending	of	screened	product.
                                                                                                    •	 Placement	of	final	discard	
                                                                                                       (all in accordance with stringent
                                                                                                       compaction specifications in order to
                                                                                                       prevent spontaneous combustion).
                                                                                                    •	 Final	discard	dump	rehabilitation.
                                                                                                    •	 Slurry	disposal	and	management.	
                                                    Currently, the business acts as a service
Coal Mining:                                        provider to the coal mining industry in the
                                                    following key areas:                            Materials Handling
                                                                                                    •	 Handling	of	all	terrace	coal	into	bins,		

Material                                            Energy: Coal Processing                            trucks, trains and feed points.
                                                    •	 The	reclamation	of	coal	discard	and		        •	 Handling	of	materials	from	designated		
                                                       fine coal (slurry) in order to effectively      dumps and stockpiles.

Handling                                               produce a Power Station Feed Product.
                                                    •	 The	process	involves	the	drying	and	
                                                       reclaiming of fine coal, reclaiming of
                                                       discard and middlings followed by
                                                                                                    Current clients include:
                                                                                                    Billiton Energy Coal SA; Xstrata; Exxaro;
                                                                                                    Emcebo Mining; Eskom; Siyanda Coal;
Source: Mike Smith                                     careful blending to produce a material       Graspan Colliery and Optimum Coal.
                                                       that meets the required specifications
                                                       for a feed product into the Eskom            “We are confident that these services will
Stefanutti Stocks Material Handling (Pty)
Ltd recently acquired W.E.R.M (Waste                   Power Stations.                              reinforce and enhance our activities in
Energy Recovery and Management) to                                                                  the coal mining industry,” says Mike. “Our
bolster the Mining Services business                “We currently mine, blend, dry and              long term objective is to expand these
unit’s capabilities within the S.A. Coal            process in excess of 4.28 million ton           services nationally across the various
Mining Industry.                                    per annum,” says Mike Smith, head of            mining areas”.

Generating power,
generating growth...
Source: Jan Oberholzer

“Since inception a few months                       mechanical, electrical and                      working relationship with RGF Power
ago, the power division has                         power business unit.                            Projects, who have in excess of 21 years
                                                                                                    experience. A lot of this experience has
been combing the market for                                                                         been gained outside the borders of
strategic acquisitive                               On the distribution side we have
                                                    established a working relationship with         Southern Africa, a geographic area we
opportunities and proper                                                                            had identified as a priority for the division.
                                                    ZRB Electrical, who has in excess of 25
partnerships,” says Jan                             years of experience in the distribution
Oberholzer who heads up                             power industry, while on the transmission       In addition, a memorandum of
the Stefanutti Stocks                               side we have established a permanent            understanding with Mkhulu E.D.P. has
                                                                                                    been signed, with the intent of
                                                                                                    working together on high voltage
                                                                                                    overhead transmission line construction.
                                                                                                    Mkhulu E.D.P. has a proven track
                                                                                                    record and their growth strategy
                                                                                                    complements that of the Stefanutti
                                                                                                    Stocks power division.

                                                                                                    “We believe there are synergies
                                                                                                    in working together with all
                                                                                                    three of these companies,”
                                                                                                    says Jan, “and have already
                                                                                                    tendered in joint venture on a
                                                                                                    selection of projects outside
                                                                                                    of South Africa”.
                                                                                                    Dave Mochrie has been appointed as
                                                                                                    commercial manager for the power projects
 Pictured from left to right:
 Allesandro Lamperini (Mkhulu E.D.P.), Peter Ramaite (Mkhulu E.D.P.),                               division. He brings with him 36 years of
 Jan Oberholzer (Stefanutti Stocks), Gino Stefanutti (Stefanutti Stocks),                           construction experience of which a
 Roger Venzo (RGF Power Projects) and Marcello Lamperini (Mkhulu E.D.P.).                           large proportion is beyond the
                                                                                                    borders of South Africa.

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                                                                                                A fast and safe
                                                                                                turnaround for
                                                                                                Stefanutti Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                                recently completed the civil and
                                                                                                structural works for the stirrer and
                                                                                                cooling train forming part of the
                                                                                                gasifier demonstration program
                                                                                                (GDP) at Secunda.

                                                                                                This fast track project for Sasol,
                                                                                                undertaken in conjunction with Lurgi,
                                                                                                was programmed for one month.
                                                                                                It included piling, construction of
                                                                                                foundations and plinths and the
Petrochemical capabilities instrumental in award of                                             installation of a multi level steel

NOSA five
                                                                                                structure. The piling was undertaken
                                                                                                by Stefanutti Stocks Geotechnical.
                                                                                                A project management instruction (PMI)

star rating
                                                                                                halfway through meant a change
                                                                                                to the scope of works to allow for
                                                                                                the installation of their vessels, which
                                                                                                we priced for and were awarded.
Source: Deon Henn                                                                               This was completed within the
                                                                                                revised contract period of one and
                                                                                                a half months.
Stefanutti Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd                    •	 the	demolition	of	existing	
undertook the civils works for the 4th                   surface beds;                          We worked seven days a week to
Train Landlord Project, which forms                   •	 excavations	to	bases	and	the	          complete the project on time,
part of the overall Secunda growth                       construction of four new tanks;        including the safe installation of the
programme. This was undertaken for                    •	 rerouting	live	drainage	channels;      vessels, which did have an impact
client SASOL in conjunction with project              •	 applying	chemical	resistant	linings	   on our initial installation plan.
managers Foster Wheeler.                                 to the tanks; and
                                                      •	 numerous	pump	and	tank	                “To work in a refinery your
This project took place on a live plant,                 foundations and plinths.               safety awareness is
which underwent a scheduled shut down                                                           paramount,” says Deon Henn,
part-way through the contract. “As shut               The Stefanutti Stocks Civils              contracts manager. “Our
down work takes precedence, we had to                 safety department requested               teams have become specialist
ensure our forward planning was                       that the team on this project             in the petrochemical field,
faultless,” says Deon. “This included                 be one of two teams to                    and both projects were LTI
accurate five to seven day forecasts and              represent the company for a
constant communication between
                                                                                                (lost time injury) free for the full
existing contractors to enable us to
                                                      NOSA audit and rating. Safety             extent of the scope of works”.
continue working whilst not impeding
                                                      manager, Jaco Strydom and
the priority shut down work”.                         safety officer, Ernst de Vries, and       Whilst this project was
                                                      our site team were instrumental           underway, we succesfully
The scope of works included electrical                in the successful achievement of          priced on a substation.
and civil works including:                            our NOSA five star rating.                The site team has remained
                                                                                                on site at Sasol working on
                                                                                                this six month contract, which
                                                                                                is running on programme.
                                                                                                Bulk excavations works,
                                                                                                strip footings and columns
                                                                                                for the first floor have
                                                                                                been completed.

                                                                                                The GDP Stirrer Cooler under construction.

  Front row left to right: B Minnie, D Rademeyer, P van der Merwe and S Sorosho.
  Middle, left to right: N Potgieter, F de Bruin, L Mashamba, A Buchler and D Henn.
  Back, left to right: C Diedericks and Q Clark.
  Not pictured: W Blom, W McKenzie and D Bruwer.

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                                                The Sasol                                          Our contract includes minor earthworks
                                                                                                   and road works and industrial civil

                                                                                                   works. The civil works include two
                                                                                                   double-storey sub-stations, a control
                                                                                                   room, slug catcher, condensate tank
NG149 Pipeline
capacity increase at
                     Expansion                                                                     and bunded area, various sumps and
                                                                                                   equipment bases, incinerator and

Komatipoort Project
                                                                                                   a flare drum.

                                                                                                   The concrete volume required is
                                                                                                   6 500m3. We are crushing the coarse
                                                Source: Ken Gibbs
                                                                                                   aggregate for the concrete and crusher
Source: Shaun Butler                                                                               run for the roads at a quarry near the site.
                                                Stefanutti Stocks Civils KZN (Pty) Ltd             We chose to crush our own aggregates
The construction of a new compressor            is currently undertaking the expansion             as the nearest reliable crusher to the site
station at Komatipoort, Mpumalanga will         project at the Sasol Temane Central                is 800km away. “As we are quite remote,
increase the flow capacity of the natural       Processing Facility (CPF) in Mozambique.           our biggest challenge is the logistics,”
gas line from the Temane gas field in                                                              says Ken Gibbs, contracts director. “Due
Mozambique to Secunda. Two new gas              The CPF is situated at Temane in                   to the remoteness of the site and the time
turbine driven compressors are being            Inhambane Province, about 750 km north             that it takes to transport and import the
                                                of Maputo, at the centre of an on-land             necessary materials and equipment, onsite
installed, together with all associated
                                                gas field. Gas is piped to the CPF from
ancillary equipment and services.                                                                  planning has to be on the mark. Once
                                                wells in the region. It is then filtered,
                                                                                                   orders are placed the support teams have
                                                compressed and piped to Secunda in
This project, undertaken by Stefanutti                                                             to dispatch the goods in double quick
                                                South Africa.
Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd, includes the                                                              time. The great support from our KZN
structures, civil works and buildings           The original Sasol Temane Project was              and Maputo offices have however paved
required to accommodate the                                                                        the way for a smoothly run project”.
                                                completed and commissioned in 2004.
new equipment.
                                                The increase in demand for natural
                                                gas in Secunda has resulted in the                 The civil contract duration is 14 months
The civil scope of work entails:                                                                   and is due to be complete in March 2010.
                                                current expansion project.
•	 Trimming,	re-leveling	and	
    compacting earthworks terraces
    and existing roads;
•	 excavations	for	the	construction	of		
    reinforced concrete foundations for
    structures and equipment;
•	 installation	of	underground	pipes	
    in concrete sumps and basins;
•	 construction	of	reinforced	slabs	
    and paving at grades;
•	 construction	of	roads	and	paving;
•	 construction	of	building	structures	
    in reinforced concrete and brickwork.
•	 erection	of	security	fences	and	gates;
•	 application	of	graveling	surfacing	and
    grassing to unpaved areas; and               Back, left to right: Riaan Faul, Albie Faul, Thembinkosi Gumede, Mandlakhe Mpontshane, George
•	 grouting	under	base	plates	of	                Mapuranga, Nathan Hopkins, Omoi Johnson, Lucas Pinga, Santos Chiboze and Jared Wilkinson.
    equipment and steelwork erected,             Front, left to right: Howard Smith, Davidson Tapererwa, Dustin Phiri, Frederico Mbendane, John
    aligned and leveled by other contractors.    Mkara and Ken Gibbs. Seated (centre): Paulo Muepeta.
                                                 Not pictured: Johannes Nkwanyana, Robert Khuzwayo, Sanele Ntuli, Robert Brogan, Albert Pinga,
                                                 Sean Mckeon, Jose Da Cunha, Fransiscus Marnewick, JC Naude, John Mpesi, Alton Mjwara, Shadrack
During the contract the scope of works           Khubeka and Helder Quintiao.
was increased by 30% and it was
imperative to co-ordinate and plan
with the other contractors on site.

“With daily contractual
targets having to be achieved,
the completion of this contract
hinged on the seamless
running of all construction
activities,” says Shaun Butler,
contracts director. “Great
co-ordination between all
parties, including a number
of other subcontractors,
has meant that this
contract is now nearing
successful completion”.                           The substation under construction.

                                                                                                                              PAGE 6 | Benchmark

                                                   P.P. Rust 600 KTPM
De-silting catchment                               Concentrator
dams and vlei                                      Projects
areas in the                                       Skelton & Plummer Projects (Pty) Ltd
                                                   offers turnkey projects in the fields of civil,

SA Mining                                          mechanical, electrical and instrumental
                                                   engineering. At the P.P. Rust site we were
                                                   responsible for the supply, installation and

                                                   corrosion protection of piping
                                                   in the following areas:
                                                                                                     Ngezi Mill feed conveyor with the site
                                                   •	 Overland	material	handling	piping              offices in the background.
Source: Mike Smith                                 The overland materials handling piping
                                                   consisted of high pressure water, potable
                                                   water and plant air which followed a route
The environmental clean up objectives of
most Mining Houses includes the “clean             from the primary crusher through to the
                                                   silos and secondary crushing and
                                                                                                     Constructing civil
out” of catchment dams and associate
downstream vlei areas. These areas are
                                                   screening areas thus providing all the
                                                   necessary services to the various                 structures in
typically filled with silt derived from years      material handling buildings.
of overflow from processing plant areas.
After years of service, catchment dams             •	 Tailing	piping

have minimal storage capacity and as a             The tailing pipeline consisted of ± 2 000
                                                   meters of 400 NB R5 rubber lined piping
consequence, the downstream vlei areas             linking the new plant with the new
are often contaminated with fine silt              slimes dam.
residue. These areas are generally
saturated and water logged thereby
precluding the efficient use of
                                                   Other overland lines which were installed
                                                   were the process water, potable water
                                                   and the return water lines ± 4 000 meters
mechanical equipment (loaders,                                                                       Source: Bob Fordyce
                                                   of piping of various sizes ranging from
backactors and trucks) to achieve the              100 NB to 450 NB.
task at hand. Limited success has been                                                               Stefanutti Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd has
achieved around the footprint perimeter            •	 Reagents                                       recently completed two projects in
where machines have reasonable                     The reagents area consists of two                 Zimbabwe. The first, the construction of
underfoot working conditions. Attempts             different areas: flammable area and the           a concentrator for Zimbabwe Platinum
to clean areas beyond the perimeter                non flammable area. Where all the                 Mines at Ngezi Mine. The second, a
                                                   piping in the flammable side consisted of         platinum concentrator plant for Unki
generally fail due to access problems.             stainless steel which required specialized        Mines, a subsidiary of Anglo Platinum.
                                                   welding and welding equipment. Safety
ECMP provides the Mining Industry with             showers and flame arrestors were also
                                                   supplied and installed at suitable points.        “Usually during projects, we seek to find
an alternative “hydraulic mining option”.
                                                                                                     the most innovative solutions to technical
The first step is to install the required                                                            problems and try to push the boundaries
infrastructure (i.e. high pressure water           The non flammable reagent area included
                                                   for the supply and installation of various        in terms of our engineering capabilities,”
pipelines, slurry disposal pipeline, monitor       interconnecting carbon steel galvanized           says contracts director Bob Fordyce.
guns, slurry pumpstations, etc.) followed          and painting piping.                              “During our time in Zimbabwe however,
by “the hydraulic mining exercise”.                                                                  we found an entirely different set of our
                                                   The reagents areas in general consisted           capabilities being tested - above the
“We have successfully completed several            of all in-plant piping including the              logistical considerations including
of these projects, achieving the Mine’s            installation of 14 pump sets and control          communications and power, we were
                                                   valves as well as all the necessary               faced with a difficult local economic
objectives in the specified contract period        services such as plant air, potable
within the allowable budget” says Mike                                                               situation, which meant food and local
                                                   water and high pressure water.
Smith, managing director of ECMP. “It is                                                             currency were scarce resources.”
our intention to actively market this              The total length of stainless steel
                                                   piping installed was as follows:                  The steep learning curve we underwent
expertise throughout the S.A. Mining                                                                 working at Ngezi certainly laid the
Industry where a strong demand for an              •	 25mm	stainless	steel	piping.
                                                   •	 50mm	stainless	steel	piping.                   foundations for a smoother project
effective environmental clean up                   •	 80mm	stainless	steel	piping.                   process at Unki. Furthermore, the
solutions exists”.                                 •	 100mm	stainless	steel	piping.                  successful completion of both projects
                                                                                                     has established Stefanutti Stocks in
                                                   “The Skelton & Plummer contract turned            Zimbabwe, with the necessary expertise
                                                   out to be successful for both the client          to undertake any project, of any scale,
                                                   and the contractor,” says Aubrey Michel,          that may arise.
                                                   managing director of S&P.

                                                                                                     A concentrator plant was constructed
                                                                                                     for Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Ltd at
                                                                                                     the remote Ngezi site. The project
                                                                                                     consisted of the construction of two 5 000
                                                                                                     ton silos, a mill area, rougher and cleaner
                                                                                                     flotation, thickener area, process
                                                                                                     water tanks, reagents storage
The reclamation of saturated silt and reeds from                                                     & mixing, pipe & cable
vlei area using high pressure monitoring guns.

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                                                                                                  Stuctures - Mining Infrastructure

Nightfall over the Ngezi site.

racks, offloading bunkers and a number         The Ngezi project achieved and               site, including our subcontractors. Once
of conveyor bases & infrastructure             exceeded their one million LTI free          drinking water became a concern, we
buildings. This also included the sliding      safety target.                               added bottled water to our shipment of
of the two silos at 34m in height by our                                                    food already coming in from South Africa.
specialist slip-forming team.                                                               A cholera outbreak in the country did
                                                                                            cause some concern, however we were
In order to achieve the smooth running of
                                                                                            fortunate enough not to have any of our
this project, we needed to ensure that our
planning and research was accurate, to                                                      staff affected.
ensure supplies and materials did not run
out. The majority of the equipment was                                                      The project was completed successfully
exported from South Africa, and we had                                                      after 12 months and we commend the
to factor in up to seven weeks to get our                                                   clients	project	team	Vhumbanani	in	
‘cargo’ across the Zimbabwean border. All                                                   providing the works information on time.
the built in items were also exported from
South Africa, including the cement as the                                                   “We have cemented not only
local cement was not of the desired quality.                                                structures in Zimbabwe, but
Local currency issues also made it
impossible to purchase goods locally - the                                                  also partnerships with local
only material available in Zimbabwe was                                                     contractors and have also
the aggregates for the concrete.                                                            assisted in their further
                                                                                            development,” says Bob.
Due to the non-availability of food in                                                      “We look forward to
Zimbabwe, this also had to be trucked
in from South Africa. The entire site
                                                                                            undertaking more projects
team was given lunch on a daily basis, in                                                   in Zimbabwe and building
certain cases this was the only meal the                                                    on these new relationships”.
locals would have all day and they were
                                                5000 ton silo.                              The Unki project achieved
also given the opportunity to take some
home so they could share with the other                                                     800 000 LTI free hours.
family members. We also had to ensure
that the South Africans working on site        Unki
had enough basic supplies as nothing
                                               The scope of works at Unki was to build
was available in Zimbabwe.
                                               a platinum concentrator plant for Unki
“We employed sixty percent of our labour       Mines, a subsidiary of Anglo Platinum.
force locally, these had to be paid in local   This included again two 5 000 ton silos,
currency,” says Bob. “With the rocketing       a number of conveyors, a milling area,
inflation rate and restrictions on daily       flotation area, tailings and concentrate
withdrawals, it took careful planning to       handling, reagents plant and
ensure we had enough money on hand             infrastructure buildings.
to pay out wages”. A definite benefit
to the community was the skills                We got off to a good start on the Unki
development on the project which saw           project as we could resource some of
employees being trained to be shutter          our plant and equipment already in the
hands and construction hands. Local            country. In addition the local knowledge
qualified civil engineers were employed
                                               gained at Ngezi, enabled us to get the
and exposed to real “fast track”
contracts and the experience gained            contract off the ground a lot quicker.
will be extremely beneficial to their future
career development.                            A major concern during the project was
                                               the shortage of water, which caused
The 18-month project was successfully          problems with the batching of concrete
completed under extremely difficult            and we eventually had to pump water
conditions. The concentrator has been          out of the river to overcome this problem.
commissioned and is currently operational.     At a peak, we employed 600 people on           Central Ready Mix Batch
                                                                                              plant at the Unki site.

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Richards Bay Minerals                        Scope
                                             The MSP Tailings Plant is being
                                                                                             •	 Construction	of	intermediate	
                                                                                                reinforced concrete floors and

MSP Tailings Plant                           constructed to enable the client to
                                             extract more valuable minerals from
                                                                                                staircases to six storey structural steel
                                                                                                electrical building.

                                             the surrounding dunes more efficiently.
                                                                                             Area 600 – Water Treatment Plant
                                             The project is split into four areas, viz.      •	 Three	water	clarifiers.
                                             Area 200, 300, 400 and 600, with a              •	 Two	cone	settlers.

Construction                                 total forecast volume of concrete of
                                             approximately 10 000m3.
                                                                                             •	 A	clear	water	tank.

                                                                                             Despite serious start-up delays, the
Source: Wade Leaf                            Area 200 - Feed Preparation Area                team has shown tremendous
                                             •	 Foundations	and	columns	to	three	            commitment in overcoming these
                                                overhead conveyor systems.                   challenges to currently report being
Stefanutti Stocks Civils KZN increased       •	 Foundation	structures	to	three	              on programme, with progress at 30%
their participation in the growth of the        transfer towers.                             completed. This commitment, under
Richards Bay region, by recently             •	 Extensive	structural	modifications	          extreme safety and procedural pressures,
being awarded the Richards Bay Minerals         to the Road Hopper Bridge.                   is further reflected in an excellent safety
(MSP) Tailings Plant Project. The award is   •	 350m,	reinforced	concrete	                   record and a satisfied client.
the culmination of more than 16 months          retaining walls.
of pricing and intensive negotiations.                                                       “Congratulations to the team at RBM on
                                             Area 300 & 400 - Wet and Dry Plant Areas        your ongoing commitment” says Wade
The 12-month contract was ultimately         •	 Foundation	structures	to	                    Leaf, contracts director. “No doubt this
awarded in June 2009, with mobilisation         main building.                               will once again result in yet another
of resources following soon after in         •	 Water	collection	tank,	plinths,	floors		     successful Stefanutti Stocks project in
July 2009.                                      and launders.                                the Richards Bay Area”.

Komati Power Station-                        was based on an innovative design
                                             & construct response by Stefanutti
                                                                                             the piling on this project. The original
                                                                                             geotechnical report did not give us a clear

an innovative
                                             Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd to Eskom’s              picture of the ground conditions, and
                                             tender requirements.                            once on site we discovered that there
                                                                                             were existing foundations from previously

                                             We proposed a more economical and               demolished structures. “We adapted our
                                             effective alternative design based on a         design to incorporate these existing
                                             bridge construction of a lighter weight         foundations making them an integral

delivered                                    linear stacker reclaimer. Lyonell Fliss
                                             & Associates were instrumental in this
                                             design, which comprised of piled
                                                                                             part of the final structure,” says Mike
                                                                                             Stevenson, contracts director. “This was
                                                                                             achieved without delays or major
Source: Mike Stevenson                       foundations with a capping beam and             financial implications to the client”.
                                             a series of secondary beams.
The award of the construction of a                                                           The project was completed without
stacker reclaimer for Eskom in 2008          Stefanutti Stocks Geotechnical undertook        any LTI.

                                                 Komati Power Station stacker foundations.

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The linear stacker under construction.

DMO -                                        Bospoort Dam: After rehabilitation.

Performance                                  Bospoort Dam -
& Safety
a key to                                     Rehabilitated
success                                      and safer
                                             Souirce: Shaun Butler
Source: Mike Stevenson
Stefanutti Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd.        Some 18 months down the line, the                   NOC and auxiliary spillway, with the
recently completed the Douglas
                                           rehabilitation of the Bospoort dam for              majority of work taking place 26m
Middelburg Optimisation (DMO) ROM
                                           client DWAF (Department of Water                    above ground.
stockpiles and conveyors project.
                                           Affairs and Forestry) is almost complete.
The scope of work at this BHB-Billiton     The dam has been rehabilitated in line              A total of 75 000m3 of mainly rock was
coal mine included:                        with safety requirements.                           excavated for the new concrete saddle
•	 120m	diameter	circular	stacker;                                                             spillway some 75m long, in which curtain
•	 670m	linear	stacker;	and                “Whilst work was underway it was                    grouting was required as well.
•	 associated	civil	work	including	        imperative to control the water level
   conveyors and transfer towers.          of dam in order construct 80% of the                Three saddle embankments were
                                           works,” says Shaun Butler, contracts                reconstructed and a new stabilized toe
“Our performance, sterling safety record   director. “However, we had to do so                 on the upstream side of the structure
and a recommendation by the mine           without limiting the water supply to                was formed through dumping of material
to price other work has resulted in the    the water works and the community                   to approximately one third of the height
award of further projects at the DMO”      down stream”.                                       of the structure. New rip rap protection
says contracts director, Mike Stevenson.
“Project	manager	Francois	Vermeulen	                                                           was bedded on the upstream face to
                                           During the duration of the contract
and his team must be commended for                                                             replace the existing protection, while a
                                           the main dam has been modified,
their sterling efforts.”                                                                       new gravel protection layer was
                                           including the removal of the existing
                                                                                               installed on the downstream face.
                                           spillway gates. The demolition of the
A total of 250 000 hours were achieved     dam spillway crest (NOC), non-overspill
without LTI. With the additional work a                                                        “There have been many contributors to
                                           crest, piers, decks, slabs, training walls
new target of 500 000 hours has                                                                this project,” says Shaun. “Our client
                                           and NOC took place under extreme cau-
been set, thus far we have achieved                                                            DWAF, the engineers - GOBA & ARQ
380 000 LTI free hours on the way to       tion to ensure the existing post tendon
                                           cables of the dam were not damaged.                 joint venture, Stefanutti Stocks
our new target.                                                                                Earthworks, Stefanutti Stocks
                                           A total of 15 000m3 of concrete was                 Geotechnical and of course our site
                                           placed on the dam wall comprising of                team, were all instrumental in the
The circular stacker under construction.                                                       successful completion of works”.
                                           labyrinth walls, buttresses, outlet works,

                                                        Bospoort Dam: Before rehabilitation.

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Back row: Grant Kruger, Luis Mateus, John Pereira, Fred Prins, John-Paul Pereira and Calvin Naidoo.
Front row: Jean-Luc D’Unienville, Quwyn Dray, Shannon Moll and Sipho Gumbi.
Insert: Alpheus Khubeka.

The Umgeni-Inanda                                        routes, retaining walls and soil anchor
                                                         beams, as well as the construction
                                                                                                      The one kilometer long bridge site is
                                                                                                      situated on the N2 highway and forms

                                                         of new infill decks between the              part of a very busy intersection. The
                                                         existing decks of the bridges across         traffic volume is extremely high in this
                                                         the Umgeni River;                            area, and lane closure was limited to

upgrade                                               •	 the	demolition	of	existing	traffic	          off-peak	periods	only.	Vehicular	access	
                                                         barriers on the existing service road        is not always possible.
                                                         bridges and N2 bridges; and
                                                                                                      The original method of constructing
Source: Grant Kruger                                  •	 the	construction	of	690m	of	new	
                                                                                                      the 44m long decks over the river would
                                                         F-type SANRAL traffic barriers.              have been to span the piers with a
This project, undertaken by
                                                                                                      pre-stressed steel truss, and erect
Stefanutti Stocks Civils KZN, comprises               Additional work on the contract requires
the upgrading of the Umgeni/Inanda Split                                                              formwork on this truss. This would have
                                                      the construction of 450m of structural          necessitated the lowering of the truss
Interchange on the N2 in KwaZulu Natal,
                                                      steel walkway which will be installed on        and the formwork units into the river and
for client SANRAL.
                                                      the outside of the service road bridges,        then moving them on to the next section
The upgrade includes:                                 thus allowing an additional traffic lane in     as work progressed, however for
•	 The	construction	of	two	new	jackspan		             each direction.                                 environmental reasons and ease of

Repairs to No.1                                       Virginia	were	originally	constructed	in	
                                                      1986. They were lined with railway
                                                                                                      began to rehabilitate the first silo as
                                                                                                      specified by Walker Ahier Holtzhausen
Concrete Silo at                                      tracks to absorb the impact of the ore
                                                      and to reduce the wear on the silo wall
                                                                                                      Engineering Consultants.

                                                      when discharging the ore into the               The scope of work included:
                                                      outlet hoppers.                                 •	 removal	of	damaged	and	
                                                                                                         loose concrete;

Central Plant,
                                                      The continuous impact of the incoming           •	 replacement	of	missing	
                                                      ore was concentrated mainly on two                 reinforcing steel;
                                                      areas of the silo wall, resulting in a          •	 installation	of	new	rail	liner	brackets;

                                                      gradual reduction of the wall thickness.        •	 guniting	the	silo	wall	to	its	
                                                      This, combined with the friction of the            original profile;
                                                      discharging ore and the failure of the          •	 installation	of	new	rail	tracks;	and
                                                      railway tracks, led to the sudden               •	 post	tensioning	of	the	silo.	
Source: Leon Mentz                                    disintegration of a 2m diameter
                                                      section of the silo wall.                       Our first task on site was to provide a
The two 6 000 ton gold-ore silos at                                                                   safe platform inside the silo on which our
Harmony’s Central Plant Refinery in                   In early June 2009 Stefanutti Stocks Civils     scaffolding was to be erected. The 3.5m

The Stefanutti Stocks site team.

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                                                                                                            Structures - Marine

                                                                                              constructed alongside the existing
                                                                                              container berth consists of a row of 150
                                                                                              number 914mm diameter piles, which
                                                                                              are being driven parallel to the existing
construction, the method was changed.                                                         quay at intervals of 6 850mm. The piles
                                                                                              are vibrated into the sea bed with a
The adopted method therefore involves
the precasting of the decks on one side
                                               A mega marine                                  vibratory piling hammer, and once the
                                                                                              piles hit hard rock, a pile socket is drilled
of the river and then moving them into
position using a gantry which runs along
                                               project at the                                 using a Wirth pile top drill rig. Rebar is
                                                                                              then inserted into the pile casing and
a rail. The major concern with this
method was whether the cantilevers
of the existing bridges could carry the
                                               Cape Town                                      concrete tremmied into the piles.

                                                                                              Due to construction restraints the need
weight of the new decks, which weighed
310 ton and 195 ton for the service road
and median decks respectively.
                                               Container                                      for a precast construction yard was
                                                                                              identified. We have set up a precast yard
                                                                                              in the harbour and are manufacturing
Once it was established that the existing
decks could carry the load, a concrete rail
                                               Terminal                                       our own precast for this project. Precast
                                                                                              panels are placed on top of the row of
                                                                                              piles and span between the piles and the
beam was cast on either side of the gap
and a series of steel gantries were placed
                                               Source: Graham Moore                           existing deck. Once the precast is placed
over the gap to carry the new deck.                                                           we then perform in-situ concrete casts
Seven gantries are being used in series                                                       tying the structure together.
to distribute the load sufficiently across
existing cantilevers. The new decks were       The increasing size of
then cast in position on one side of the       container ships visiting the
bridge and lifted using a computerised         Cape Town Container
hydraulic system and then towed 180m           Terminal has necessitated
across the river into their final position.
                                               the dredging of the berth to a
In order to lift the decks, a total of 28      depth of -15.5m Chart Datum
jacks are used, each with a capacity of        in order to accommodate the
30 ton. “The computerised hydraulic            larger vessels. In addition, to
system allows us to control all of the         ensure that the integrity of the
jacks to a 2mm tolerance between jacks”
says Grant Kruger, contracts manager.
                                               existing container berth quay
“The system also enables us to tilt the        wall was not compromised                        A birds eye view of berth 601,
beams in both the transverse and               and in order to cater for the                   with suspended deck complete
longitudinal directions if required”.          larger berthing forces, a piled                 and ground anchors being installed.
                                               structure needed to be
The project is 45% complete.
                                               constructed alongside the
                                               existing container berth.
deep openings over the three discharge
hoppers and the overhanging dead box           Civil marine specialist, Civil & Coastal,
material made access for the scaffold          in	conjunction	with	our	JV	partner,	has	
erection unsafe and virtually impossible.      been on site since late 2007 undertaking
“In order to create a level platform, we       this berth deepening and quay
manually relocated the 400 m3 of dead          refurbishment of the Ben Schoeman
box material into the voids over the
hoppers,” says Leon Mentz, site agent.         Dock for client Transnet. Currently
Due to the unstable nature of the ore,         valued at over R900 million, this four year
our team was attached to life-lines by         project is due for completion in 2013.
means of safety harnesses, and
suspended from the top of the silo.            As construction is in a working port,
                                               the project is being undertaken in four
                                                                                               Cranes at work: A 914mm pile
The principal activity of the project was      phases to facilitate uninterrupted mooring      being installed on berth 601.
the guniting of the wall once the brackets     of container vessels.
were in place. The criterea for the material
used was that it had to obtain 70 MPa in       The scope of work includes:                    Once the new deck is cast, the
compressive strength after 28 days.                                                           installation of new quay furniture
                                               •	 Dredging	the	Ben	Schoeman	basin;
A specialized pre-bagged, ready-to-use,
fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar mix,      •	 Piling;                                     follows including bollards, fenders and
containing a unique blend of selected          •	 Precast	concrete;                           crane rails. In the areas up against the
cements, micro-particles and a                 •	 Ground	anchors;                             new quay, scour protection in the form of
combination of admixtures is being             •	 Quay	furniture;	and                         grout blankets are installed on the
utilized. This material provides a long        •	 Scour	protection.                           sea bed.
lasting durable surface and the
micro-particles reduce rebound thereby         The dredging operation has progressed          Where the ground conditions are not
lowering costs. “Strength tests                successfully and is 95% complete. The          conducive to conventional methods a
during installation indicated that we          instability of the existing quay wall led to   split deck option will be implemented
had surpassed the compressive                  the decision to install ground anchors in      creating a completely separate
requirements, by attaining results in
                                               the underlying rock layers to prevent          structure from the existing quay.
excess of 80 MPa,” said Leon.
                                               rotation of the wall.                          84 number 1 422mm pile against the
The contract is on track for completion                                                       quay wall will act as a pin preventing
in early November 2009.                        The new piled structure being                  the quay wall from slipping out.

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                                                                                      Piling for
                                                                                      Bridge, Bakens Valley-
                                                                                      Source: Petrus van Straten
A dolomitic grouting solution for
Adcock Ingram                                                                         In August 2009 Stefanutti Stocks
                                                                                      Geotechnical (Pty) Ltd was appointed
                                                                                      to carry out the piling which provided

Healthcare                                                                            founding for the new proposed road-over-
                                                                                      river bridge, spanning across the Sharks
                                                                                      River in the Brickmakerskloof area, Port
Source: Deon van Rensburg                                                             Elizabeth. The three-month project is
                                                                                      being undertaken for the Nelson
                                                                                      Mandela Bay Municipality.
Stefanutti Stocks Geotechnical (Pty) Ltd                                              The existing bridge was closed for
has been awarded the contract for the                                                 traffic in 2006, due to severe flood
dolomotic solution for the high-volume                                                damage, with the new proposed
packing facility for client Adcock Ingram                                             bridge and access road replacing the
Healthcare in Clayville, Olifantsfontein.                                             existing infrastructure.

The project commenced in September                                                    A total of 48 piles (14 at each of the two
2009 and entailed the rehabilitation of                                               abutments and ten at each of the two
two possible sinkholes.                                                               piers) are currently being installed.
                                                                                      To complicate matters 70% of the piles
We drill 114mm diameter holes using a                                                 are being installed as 1:8 raking piles.
down-the-hole hammer and then grout                                                   The piles are formed by means of
up the voids under pressure by pumping                                                augering and coring through alluvium,
in a 5MPa sand-cement grout mix.            Redlion logger -                          medium hard rock (25MPa) and hard
                                            grout volume being monitored.             rock (100 MPa). This combined with
                                                                                      severe groundwater seepage and the
We measure and monitor using
                                                                                      occurrence of alluvium gravels and boulders,
state-of-the-art electronic Jean Lutz
                                                                                      results in severe sidewall collapse.
(drilling) and Red Lion measuring
equipment (grouting).                                                                 “In order to address the challenging
                                                                                      geological aspects of the project,” says
At the beginning of October the project                                               Petrus van Straten, contracts director,
had reached its half way mark and                                                     “we priced the works with an alternative
481m3 of grout had been pumped.                                                       for the installation of 750mm diameter
                                                                                      temporary-cased auger cast in-situ piles
Site agent Ulrich Cooke and foreman                                                   with an average pile drilled length of 9m”.
William Nhlapo are happy with progress                                                The bottom of the pile holes are cleaned
on site.                                                                              thoroughly by a cleaning bucket, followed
                                                                                      by airlifting. Concrete is placed by means
                                                                                      of a tremie whilst the temporary casings
                                                                                      are being extracted.

                                                                                      Shear dowels are being installed
                                                                                      through pre-placed steel tubes to provide
                                                                                      additional scour resistance.

                                                                                      Quality control measures include
                                                                                      carrying out two compressive load
                                                                                      tests, load testing the piles to 1.5 times
                                                                                      the design working load. In addition,
                                                                                      integrity testing by means of the CSL
                                                                                      method is being carried out to confirm
                                                                                      concrete shaft integrity.
                                            Extraction of casing - using Stefanutti
 Grout being discharged into pump.          Stocks Geotechnical A-frame design.

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                                                                       Maxwell.                                       Nelmapius.

The Brickmakerskloof piling team.
                                      Lateral support to
                                      six sites along the
                                      Gautrain line
                                      Source: Shaun Nell

                                    In late 2008 Stefanutti Stocks                 variety of tools and machinery used to
                                    Geotechnical (Pty) Ltd was awarded the         complete the project. These methods
                                    lateral	support	contract	for	Bombela	CJV	      included drilling with:
                                    for three sites along the Gautrain line        •	 a	DTH	Hammer	with	a	hand	boom		
                                    from Frankenwald to Nellmapius Road,              from scaffold;
                                    (Frankenwald Bridge, Maxwell Bridge,
                                                                                   •	 a	Furukawa	Air	Rig;
                                    Nellmapius) - with an original tender
                                    value of over R7 million. As the project       •	 a	C6	Casagrande	Drill	Rig;
                                    progressed, an additional three sites          •	 a	Comacchio	Drill	Rig;
                                    (Allandale Cute, Dale Road and the New         •	 Drilling	and	installing	titan	bars	with	a
                                    Road Service Bridge) were added, more             Comacchio Drill Rig;
                                    than doubling the contract value.
                                                                                   •	 Drilling	and	installing	200mm	steel
                                    Unforeseen geological conditions were             tubular micro-piles with an C8
                                    encountered at Dale Rd, where we                  Casagrande Drill Rig; and
                                    discovered a diabase dyke that crossed         •	 Drilling	and	installing	300mm	grouted	
                                    the excavation. “This necessitated quick          piles with a C8 Casagrande Drill Rig.
                                    thinking and action so as not to loose too
                                    much time on the project,” says Shaun          During this project a total of 4600m2
                                    Nell, managing director of the                 gunite was placed, the majority of
                                    geotechnical division. A unique solution       which required a wood floated finish.
                                    to suit the environment was designed
                                    and new equipment and technology               “We always had a minimum of three sites
                                    was introduced.                                running at the same time,” says Marius
                                                                                   van der Merwe, contracts manager. “The
                                                                                   seamless communication and great
                                    “We installed 914m                             team work resulted in the successful
                                    of micro-piles with our                        completion, to the client’s satisfaction,
                                                                                   in September 2009”.
                                    C8 Casagrande Rig
                                    in seven working days
                                    getting the construction
                                    of the wall back on track,”                    Other noteworthy quantities:
                                    says Shaun.                                    •	 Soil	Nail	Drilling,	installation	and
                                                                                      grouting: 11 365m
                                    During this project, which was completed       •	 Total	gunite: 1 440m3
                                    in September 2009 we implemented a
                                                                                   •	 Mesh	Ref	395	installed:	4 296m2
                                    variety of different methods of lateral
                                    support. Worth a mention are the               •	 Grout	Cement:	9 410 bags
                                    spectrum of drilling machines used on
                                    the six different sites, as well as the wide

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                                                                                                                  Building Construction

                                                                                                    Sikhupe Airport,
                                                                                                    Swaziland - building
                                                                                                    a national airport in
                                                                                                    less than
                                                                                                    a year!
Fair play @ Princess Magogo                                                                         Source: Shaun White

Stadium,                                                                                            The Swaziland Government recently
                                                                                                    awarded the Stefanutti Stocks operations

Kwamashu                                                                                            in Swaziland two contracts forming part
                                                                                                    of the overall construction of the new
                                                                                                    national airport.
Source: Dave Lourenco
                                                                                                    The first contract is the construction
                                                                                                    of the passenger terminal and cargo
                                                                                                    buildings, with the second contract
The development of Princess Magogo                  will be used to host different events once      consisting of the critical services
is forging ahead and the sports stadium             the World Cup is over. The extent of the        buildings including the Fire Station,
will serve as one of South Africa’s largest         roof structure will incorporate walkways        Air Traffic Services Building and the
training venues for the 2010 World Cup.             and platforms to accommodate camera             Air Traffic Control Tower.
The contract commenced in January                   crews, inline with SABC and SuperSport
2009 and involves both civil and                    requirements. Close attention has been          “We started on site in June 2009 and
building operations.                                paid to the general finishes and                despite at times struggling to get the
                                                    specifications as a whole in order to           correct information we have established
The stadium grounds will incorporate an             meet FIFA standards.                            a good pace,” says Shaun White,
athletics track, ball courts and the entire                                                         contracts manager. “An achievement
field and banks have been reconstructed             “Our greatest challenge”, said Dave             by the site team deserving of a special
to align with the new stands. The                   Lourenco, site agent, “is the time frames       mention is the pouring of a 700m3
                                                    for completion, which is scheduled for          suspended slab in a 16-hour, two
infrastructure around the stadium is
                                                                                                    team shift for the Terminal Building”.
also being upgraded with the aim of                 the end of 2009. We have increased
developing the venue as a sports and                our resources and up to 400 people
                                                                                                    The concrete structures to the ATS
events hub for the local community.                 are employed at peak. We have several
                                                                                                    Building and ATC Tower are complete.
Very	strict	environmental	restrictions	             work-faces running concurrently, so             The 50m high control tower was
were imposed on the extensive external              close co-ordination of operations is vital,     slipformed by Stefanutti Stocks Civils
works as the surrounding area falls under           in particular with regard to the access         over a continuous period of 15 days.
a ‘wetland’ reserve zone. On a ‘green               required for the erection of the four 46m       The builders works are well under
note’, the stadium grass will be grown              high lighting masts and the surrounding         way and due for completion and
from sprigs on site. The grass on the               follow-on trades”.                              handover early 2010 for the installation
pitch will be to similar specifications as                                                          of specialist air traffic control equipment.
Durban’s main stadium - the Moses                   In terms of employment, it was an
Mabhida stadium - and the grass will                integral (and audited) part of the contract     The concrete structures to the Fire
therefore serve as a back-up should                 that the surrounding community benefits         Station and Terminal Buildings have
anything go wrong at the main stadium.              from the employment opportunities.              been completed and we have entered
                                                    “This applied not only to Stefanutti            the next phase of the project, where
The demolition and underpinning of                  Stocks,” says Dave, “but also to our            enclosing the external envelope of the
the foundations of the existing structure           subcontractors. A lot of effort was             building is critical to allow the internal
was required to accommodate the new                 invested in training and transferring the       works to continue unhampered by
grandstand extension and additional floor           necessary skills to these individuals, and      the elements.
levels. The mezzanine levels comprise               ensuring that the quality of work and our
offices	and	VIP/hospitality	suites,	which	          attention to detail was upheld at all times”.   Project completion date is currently
                                                                                                    scheduled for mid 2010.

                                                                                                      The sliding of the air traffic control
Construction of the three floor terminal building of Sikhupe Airport.                                 tower was undertaken continuously
                                                                                                      over a period of 15 days.

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                                                                                                                Building Construction

                                              Goetz, contracts manager. “There are
Need offices?                                 however also advantages to working in                 Shopping is
We’ll travel
                                              quieter localities,” continues Dries. “One
                                              that comes to mind is the two minute                  even better at
                                              journey to site in the morning!”
Source: Dries Goetz

Stefanutti Stocks Building
Gauteng has been expanding
it’s areas of operation and
exploring new markets, one                                                                          Source: Peter Leppan
of these being the town of
                                                                                                    Kenilworth Shopping Centre, which is
Ermelo, where they are                                                                              well over 30 years old, has undergone a
currently constructing new                                                                          major upgrade and expansion in recent
offices for the Gert Sibanda                                                                        years, to modernise and bring it in line
District Municipality.                                                                              with the expectations of the 21st
                                                                                                    Century shopper.
The project, undertaken in joint venture
                                                                                                    “The relationship with the client
with Khumbula Property Services,                                                                    commenced with a negotiated small
consists of two phases. Phase one,            Back row left to right: Charlton Bihl,
                                              Sindy Hlophe, Dries Goetz, Fortunate Ngubane,         works contract being awarded to
which the team is currently busy with         Charles van Wyk and Willie Meyer                      Stefanutti Stocks Building Western Cape
consists of a 6-storey main building and      Front row left to right: Vickus Thomas, Tsepang       in 2007,” says Peter Leppan, contracts
two 4-storey office blocks. Phase two,        Senotlela, Abiot Masoko and Sean Rautenbach.          director. “After two years this has grown
which is scheduled to commence on                                                                   into almost R100 million worth of work”.
1 September 2010 consists of two
3-storey and two 2-storey office blocks.                                                            The renovations and extensions were
                                                                                                    all undertaken within an operational
                                                                                                    shopping centre with an approximate
We have a batching plant on site and                                                                monthly footfall of 950 000. The scope
place the concrete utilising two tower                                                              of works included new builds (such as
cranes. To date we have placed 4 500m3.                                                             the 2 000m2 food court which now
                                                                                                    houses many of the national food brands,
Once complete the main building will                                                                and a new 5 000m2 Game store). Further
have a massive concrete dome as part                                                                upgrades were undertaken to the existing
of the roof slab. The dome will be cast                                                             mall including Shoprite (to Checkers) and
in-situ and in layers making it a                                                                   upgrades to the entrances, public toilets
time-consuming process. Formwork                                                                    and external areas. Checkers received
                                                                                                    a new double volume bulk store making
will be erected on purpose-made trusses                                                             room	for	the	new	Virgin	Active	Gym.
and the shutter board will be cut by
laser to ensure a perfect fit.                 The installation of the feature lift and staircase   “The team achieved every
                                               prompted the landlord to upgrade all the             milestone that was set,”
“Working in a location that does not           entrances, paint some of the external surface        says Peter, “and we are
have readily available resources meant         areas, finishing everything off with new age         currently finishing off and will
we had to plan carefully prior to              horizontal zinc-alum wall cladding, signage          be handing over on schedule
commencing work on site,” says Dries           panels and Howsolpan signage surrounds.              in November”.

  Adding a little more glitz to the
  Golden Horse Casino
  Source: Malcolm Reeves

 Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN               measures zones were in place to ensure                part of the complex, and on race days
 commenced work on the alterations            a minimal disruption to casino activities.            we had to clear all access scaffolding
 and refurbishment to the Golden Horse        Work zones were broken down into a                    and material stockpiles, to ensure the racing
 Casino, Pietermaritzburg in August 2008.     number of phases and we worked our                    public could move around freely and safely.
                                              way systematically through the casino
                                                                                                    “It is a credit to the entire site
 The scope of work on this project            (and the project). Operational constraints            management team, especially Shaun
 included the refurbishment and new           meant that the original intended phasing              White, Paul Fenton, Justin Roberts, Nic
 finishes to the casino, which consisted      was radically changed and we have                     van der Salm, Greg Cogan, Rob Haupt
 of new food & beverage facilities, a new     had to constantly reprogram as                        and Sahil Ramharak that the entire
 studio for Radio Lotus, hotel foyer, hotel   work progressed.                                      operation ran smoothly” says
 rooms and passages, public areas and                                                               Malcolm Reeves, senior quantity
 the conference centre. Work also             Alteration work in the cashiers section               surveyor. “Construction activities have
 included the removal of existing screeds;    was particularly difficult, as access to              caused little disruption to the casino and
 plastered wall finishes; ceilings;           the area was restricted due to the                    hotel, which has not lost a day’s trading”.
 shopfronts and shop-fitting; electrical;     security risk. Work in this area was split            As a result of the successful completion
 fire control and air-conditioning and the    into four phases in an overall floor area             of the casino we negotiated an
 replacement of these with new services.      of 100m2, to allow the cashiers to                    extension and refurbishment of the
                                              function continuously.                                conference centre and racecourse
 All work was undertaken while the casino                                                           underpass, both of which are
 was fully operational, and all necessary     The Scottsville racecourse also forms                 now complete.

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                                                                                                                        Building Construction

The new Cape Gate Medi-Clinic in Brackenfell – the latest addition to the Medi-Clinic Group of Private Hospitals facilities.

                                                                       In harmony with the environment

Cape Gate Medi-Clinic -                                                This 19 500m2 hospital has been designed to achieve a balance
                                                                       between aesthetics and an environmentally-friendly design. Emphasis

making its mark!
                                                                       has been placed on natural and energy-efficient lighting through-out the
                                                                       nursing units and administration areas, and a water recovery plant is be-
                                                                       ing installed to recycle autoclave and grey water for irrigation purposes.

Source: Gys van der Westhuizen & Jannie du Toit                        Standby generators and a UPS system will ensure that the hospital can
                                                                       operate safely and without interruption should there be a loss of
                                                                       electricity supply.

Stefanutti Stocks Building Western                   basement parking and the morgue and                  rooms for transmission of x-ray images
Cape commenced with the construction                 other storerooms. “At each inspection,               also form part of the services installation.
of the first major Medi-Clinic hospital,             a three-man team scrutinizes every inch
the Cape Gate Medi-Clinic in                         of the building,” says Jannie du Toit.               The three passenger lifts situated at the
                                                                                                          end of the link passages, are being
Kraaifontein in early 2008.                          “They are looking not only at quality and            commissioned and will be ready for
                                                     aesthetics but also at the ergonomics                the delivery of hospital equipment e.g.
The 140-bed Medi-Clinic hospital,                    and practicality of the new facility”.               autoclaves, theatre beds and furniture.
scheduled to open in March 2010,                     Many of the areas inside the hospital are
comprises of three and four-storey                   ultra-hygienic areas making it essential             We have received the design layouts for
blocks with approximately 530                        that they are thoroughly sealed against              the 3 753m2 area of doctors consulting
parking bays for visitors and staff.                 ingress of dust and other particles.                 rooms and their completion will coincide
Facilities include 24-hour emergency                                                                      with the completion of rest of the building.
centre, six operating theatres, an ICU,              In addition to the other usual                       Site works, parking areas, roads and
obstetrics unit with neonatal ICU, a                 services installed in ceiling voids such             landscaping is progressing well and will
pharmacy, pathology department,                      as air conditioning, electrical, telephones,         be ready for handover on programme.
radiology department, consulting                     data cabling etc, we also have to install
rooms and a restaurant.                              medical gas throughout, to serve each                The latest edition to the Medi-Clinic
                                                     ward and bed through a vertical service              Private Hospital Group is scheduled to
The hospital is at an advanced stage of              panel situated at each bed position. In              open during March 2010.
finishing and we have recently submitted             addition a nurse call system from each
the ICU for works completion and                     bed to the nurse station in each ward                Quantities:
received a works completion certificate              also has to be installed to facilitate               8 183m3 of concrete
for the floor containing all the                     emergencies and service to patients.                 1 675 190 bricks
transformers, electrical switchgear,                 A direct link from the radiology unit to
standby generators as well as the                    the theatres and doctors consulting                  18 000m3 of earthworks

 This healthcare facility, with all its detail and intricacies has left quite an impression on the enthusiastic 82 strong site team.

From church                                          Located in Cape Town’s CBD, 15 on
                                                     Orange is a 5-Star luxury hotel
                                                     development being built by Stefanutti
headquarters to a                                    Stocks Building Western Cape for client
                                                     African Pride Hotels as their flagship

5-star hotel                                         designer hotel. The development
                                                     comprises 130-suites; 12 penthouses;
                                                     an adjacent 3 500m2 boutique retail

and designer
                                                     development; spa and wellness centre.
                                                     Additionally, a range of classy restaurants,
                                                     al fresco bistros and elite social nightlife

                                                     venue will be aimed at a sophisticated
                                                     local and international clientele. The
                                                     project is a combination of demolitions,
                                                     refurbishment and new build and will be
                                                     opening at the end of 2009.

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                                                                                                          Building Construction

An artists impression of the Aula.

Back to the                                   buildings and extensions to existing
                                              (heritage) buildings. The site was handed
                                                                                            We are currently awaiting approval of the
                                                                                            work to be undertaken in and around the

                                              over in September 2009, with a contract       heritage buildings.
                                              completion date of February 2011.
                                                                                            “All aspects of the contract will be

of Pretoria
                                              The new buildings include:                    scrutinized by a number of experts,”
                                              •	 A	new	student	area	and	bridge	             says Greig Bastion, contracts
                                                 links (800 m2);                            director. “Not only is the project team
                                              •	 Four	auditoriums,	laboratories	and		       largely made up of engineering
Source: Greig Bastion                            offices (10 000 m2);                       professors from the University, but the
                                              •	 Four	levels	of	parking	(26	800	m2);        central location of the site ensures that
With the recent award of the                  •	 an	entrance	road	and	associated		 	
construction of a new engineering                                                           young budding engineers and other
                                                 guard house structures (600 m2); and
building and parkade, Stefanutti Stocks                                                     technically minded students and onlookers
                                              •	 a	pedestrian	drop	off	area	(1	500m3).
Building Gauteng is back on site at the                                                     have a clear view of construction”.
University of Pretoria. In 2008 Stefanutti    Work to existing buildings, that fall
Stocks successfully completed the             under heritage protection include:            The University of Pretoria has further
construction of twelve blocks of              •	 The	extension	to	the	existing	aula		       increased the visibility of this contract
multi-storey student residences                  foyer and new circulation areas            by installing a webcam, which takes a
at the University of Pretoria.                   (1 500 m2); and                            photo of the site in 30 second intervals.
                                              •	 a	new	library	and	extension	to	the		       Progress can be viewed on the
The scope of works includes both new             Musaion events area (400 m2).              university’s web site at

Freedom                                       shutter boards, a slip sheet, a breather
                                              layer and finally copper.
                                                                                            walls; some interesting water features;
                                                                                            850 linear meters of “designer” gabions;
                                                                                            and sloped- and splayed face brick walls.

Park -
                                              “The whole building, roof and facades,
                                              is clad in pure copper!” says Danie           This project started in July 2008 with
                                              Moolman, contracts manager for the            bush clearing, excavation of 33 000m3
                                              project. “Like roof sheets, the copper        of material and lateral support to form
combining conventional                        is brought to site in coils weighing
                                              between 500 - 1 000kg each, and
                                                                                            the three major terraces. The first
                                                                                            concrete was cast in September 2008
with the unconventional                       rolled into sheets which are then fixed
                                              to the sub-structure”.
                                                                                            and completion is scheduled for
                                                                                            March 2010.
Source: Danie Moolman                         The structure is designed to depict six
                                              boulders protruding from the side of the
Stefanutti Stocks Building Gauteng is in a    hill. The inside of the building is also
70/30	JV	with	Fikile	Projects	to	construct	   designed to give the feeling of being
the “Phase 2A” section of The                 inside caves and, like the exterior, is
Freedom Park in Pretoria. Our Client          also put together with many unusual
is “The Freedom Park”, a Government           shapes and sizes that have been
funded Cultural Institution.                  formed with dry-wall partitioning,
                                              ceilings and bulkheads.
The facility, entitled //HAPO (The Dream)
includes an exhibition area, a restaurant,    In addition to //HAPO, we are                  Back, left to right: Gerhard Botha, Eddie Teicherdt,
conference facilities, a curio shop and       constructing a 1.6km long elevated spiral      At vd Westhuizen, TC Schreuder, Caiphus Ngobeni
a kiosk.                                      path made up of a structural steel frame       and Godfrey Makhubela. Middle, left to right:
                                              and a timber walk way on the north and         Pieter van Aardt, Dusty Ramoshaba, Andre Patrys,
//HAPO is best described as a                 east slopes of The Freedom Park hill           Pinkie Lebogo and Divan Serfontein. Front, left to
“structure”, housing permanent and            (old Salvokop). A strict Environmental         right: Danie Moolman, Voight Uys, Bazuka Lesele
temporary exhibitions depicting the past      Management Plan must be followed,              and Mali Ngqekethe. Not pictured: Chris Munatsi,
3.2 million years’ of southern African        making access a challenge. “We have            Veronique Mojono, Juries Isaacs, Johan Ras, Thulani
history. The exhibitions depicting this       needed to build a scaffold walkway             Ngwenya and Phiko Nqedo.
history will be sub-divided in six epochs,    along the route to enable access,”
namely Earth, Ancestors, Colonization,        says Danie. “We transport the material
Industrialization, The Struggle and           for the construction of the walk-way via
Nation Building.                              wheelbarrows and ‘hands’ - not a mean
                                              feat when this consists of around 70 ton
The structure is made up of a                 of structural steel, 3 500m2 timber
conventional concrete frame on                decking and 400m3 of concrete!”
numerous different levels, connected
by a series of ramps and staircases.          Other elements making this an extremely
From there, a very unconventional             interesting and challenging project include
structural steel frame is clad with a         the shaped windows and shop fronts; a
build-up of acoustic layers, top-hats,        “maze” of timber crate finish landscape

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                                                                                                         Roads & Earthworks

Mphofu Dam outlet structure.

LUSIP - Tertiary                             subsistence farming into sustainable
                                             commercial agriculture, thus uplifting
                                                                                             counseling, as well as the treatment
                                                                                             of minor injuries and ailments”.
Distribution System                          their standard of living. About 2 618
                                             households are expected to benefit              Remote bushveld, spanning 96 km of
Phase 1(b) - phase                           directly from the project activities and
                                             generally include smallholder farmers,
                                                                                             rough terrain, makes supervision on
                                                                                             this project difficult, however good
two of a poverty                             mainly involved in sugarcane farming,
                                             cotton, maize and other high value
                                             crops under irrigation. The real long
                                                                                             communication and forward planning
                                                                                             is resolving this challenge. Access

                                                                                             remains a challenge with the project
                                             term benefits will only be appreciated,         crossing existing farmer association
                                             once the crops are planted during               lands. This necessitates ongoing
                                             November 2009 and harvested

                                                                                             negotiations and compensations,
                                             later in 2010.
                                                                                             relocations and grave exhumations.
                                                                                             Furthermore construction water and
                                             250 local labour from the various
                                             chiefdoms have been employed, with              suitable material sources are scarce,
Source: Derek du Plessis                                                                     but this is being addressed and
                                             training and skills development an
                                             ongoing focus. “We have also set up             managed. “Nevertheless, despite the
Phase one of this poverty alleviation                                                        challenges of working in such a remote
scheme designed to bring water to            a clinic run by a qualified sister,” says
                                             Derek du Plessis, director of the               and wide-spread location, the project
the dry lowveld area of Swaziland was
                                             Swaziland Roads & Earthworks                    is progressing well,” says Derek,
completed in February 2009.
                                             operation. “The clinic has been well            “and we are currently on target, with
In June 2009 the second phase                received and takes care of entry and            fifteen of the sixty dams and three
commenced, with S&B Civils Roads,            exit medicals, AIDS testing and                 of the off-takes complete”.
a division of the Stefanutti Stocks Group,
being awarded the 21-month tertiary
distribution system project to supply
irrigation water for 5 700 ha of land.

The scope of works during phase two
includes the construction of 16 irrigation
off-takes spanning 96 km.
This comprises:
•	 56	km	of	pipeline,	ranging	from	
	 200	mm	UPVC	to	700	mm	GRP;
•	 valve	stations;
•	 a	single	pump	station;	and	
•	 60	balancing	dams	fed	from	the
    LUSIP phase one primary and
    secondary canal supplies.

The people in this area are currently
the poorest in the country and the aim         The Lusip team.
is to transform the local economy from

Stefanutti Stocks -                          has expanded its fleet to include five
                                             more Mercedes-Benz trucks.
                                                                                             an Axor 2628 chassis cab and an
                                                                                             Actros 3550 6x4 truck tractor will add

saying “I do” to                             The Stefanutti Stocks Group owns,
                                                                                             tremendous value to our existing fleet”.

                                             operates and maintains a wide selection
                                             of plant, equipment and vehicles to
                                             support all aspects of its multi-disciplinary
                                             construction activities. Since company

reliability                                  inception the fleet of heavy duty trucks
                                             has included the Mercedes-Benz brand.
                                             “We continually invest in our plant and

and prestige                                 vehicles and the Mercedes-Benz brand
                                             on our sites is a clear statement of quality”
                                             says Eric Blom, alternate director at
                                             Stefanutti Stocks Earthworks. “Our recent
Stefanutti Stocks Earthworks (Pty) Ltd       purchase of three Axor 3335 tippers,

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                                                                                                        Roads & Earthworks

                                              With the recent award of two projects
                                              from SANRAL, the Roads & Earthworks
                                              business unit has further bulked up its
                                                                                           N17 upgrade
                                              capacity and has purchased additional
                                              plant including two new recycling
                                                                                           between Bethal and
Source: Robert Turner                         machines, two new asphalt paving             Davel (17.5km)
                                              machines and a new premix plant on
                                              order. The business has purchased this       The N17 project will see the earthworks

Rehabilitating                                high spec asphalt mixing plant from
                                              America to manufacture the asphalt on
                                                                                           and surfacing teams working together
                                                                                           as one. The contract entails the full

Roads across                                  both SANRAL projects. It’s a counter-flow
                                              asphalt plant with the mixer outside the
                                                                                           rehabilitation of the shoulders and
                                                                                           reconstruction of the base course with
South Africa                                  drum in an independent pug-mill with
                                              twin shafts. It has a production capacity
                                                                                           an asphalt overlay over the entire road.
                                                                                           The base course will be reconstructed
                                              of 120 ton an hour and it is fully mobile.   with a cold in-situ recycler to construct
The SA National Roads Agency Limited                                                       an ETB (emulsion treated base). The
(SANRAL) and local agencies like the                                                       latest technology asphalt pavers and
                                              The new division brings with it benefits
Johannesburg Roads Agency are set to                                                       rollers will be utilized and a total of
                                              to not only the group, but also to
invest heavily in upgrading and improving                                                  21 000 ton of asphalt will to be laid
the country’s road infrastructure. In light   employees and local communities.
                                              “The very nature of our work often sees      during this 18-month contract.
of these opportunities, Stefanutti Stocks
Earthworks (Pty) Ltd. recently established    us working in remote locations,” says
                                              Robert Turner, surfacing manager.            Effective traffic management will play a
an asphalt division, which expands the                                                     large part in both this and the project on
business capacity to execute all types        “This in turn brings the added benefit
                                              of job creation to the area”.                the N2, with a stop-go scenario being
of road surfacing.                                                                         implemented (3 closures of 4km each
                                              “Both projects commenced in October          at a time). One side of the road will be
The new division complements the                                                           completed first - the shoulder will be
existing capabilities of the group,           2009 and their award by SANRAL
                                              certainly places high expectations on        reconstructed, then the base will be
affording it entry into the road                                                           reconstructed and finally the asphalt
rehabilitation sector and further             the new division,” says Robert.
                                                                                           will be laid on top. The whole process
entrenching it as a ‘one-stop shop’           “We are however quietly confident
                                                                                           will then start again on the other side
for all construction related projects.        that we will not disappoint!”
                                                                                           of the road.

                                                                     The surface
                                                                     milling team.
                                                                                           of N2 from Piet Retief
                                                                                           to Camden (87.4km)
                                                                                           This project again sees the earthworks
                                                                                           and surfacing teams working together.
                                                                                           Site engineers and personnel will first
                                                                                           assess the existing road and allocate
                                                                                           the sections according to requirements.
                                                                                           Parts of the road will be fully rehabilitated
                                                                     The asphalt team.     with the reconstruction of the layers,
                                                                                           while others portions will have double
                                                                                           seal done.

                                                                                           During this 24-month contract a total of
                                                                                           51 000 ton of modified asphalt will be laid
                                                                                           on the reconstructed sections and
                                                                                           550 000m2 of double seal will be done.

                                                                     The seal team.

                                                                                            Deryck White, Zulfa Allie and Russell Crawford
                                                                                            (from Stefanutti Stocks) with SANRAL
                                                                                            regional director, Ismail Essa.

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                                                                                           Putting the PPP process into
                                                                                           In order to place a PPP in perspective we’ll
                                                                                           examine how government normally provides serviced
                                                                                           office accommodation for its institutions.

                                                                                           Once the institution has identified its requirements
                                                                                           it tasks the Department of Public Works (PWD) to
                                                                                           procure the facility on its behalf. The PWD
                                             Demystifiying                                 appoints a professional team to design a facility
                                                                                           that meets its requirements. The Professional
                                                                                           Quantity Surveyor (PQS) measures the design
                                             public                                        and produces a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) which is
                                                                                           used by the competing construction companies

                                                                                           to price the construction of the facility.
NASREC pedestrian                                                                          The PWD then appoints the contractor, usually
promenade -                                                                                based on the lowest price submitted for the

                                             partneships                                   construction of the facility. From here onwards the

a work of art!
                                                                                           contractor usually engages with the Professional
                                                                                           Team in the construction of the facility. On
                                                                                           completion of the facility the institution engages
                                             Source: Rob King                              other private companies for the provision of
                                                                                           services such as cleaning and security. These
Source: Ryan van der Walt                    Public Private Partnerships (PPP) has         are known as Soft Facilities Management (or
                                             become a buzzword in the construction         Soft FM). The PWD remains responsible for the
Stefanutti Stocks Earthworks (Pty) Ltd,      industry - and is a project procurement       upkeep of the physical building (or Hard FM) and
in joint venture with Molokotwa              type that is very relevant for all of         it would appoint private companies to undertake
                                             Stefanutti Stocks business units.             this upkeep as required on its behalf.
Construction has just completed work
on this 20-month contract for client JDA                                                   The institution approaches the national treasury
(Johannesburg Development Agency).           A PPP is a partnership between                to have the project registered as a potential PPP.
                                             government (the public sector) and            Once registered the institution appoints a team of
The pedestrian promenade at NASREC           the private sector where the private          transaction advisors who assist the institution in
links the transportation hub to the main     sector is contracted to deliver services      determining its requirements. These would
                                             that would normally be provided by            include not only a description of the physical
entrance of the 96 000 seat stadium that                                                   building but also the maintenance and services
will be hosting the opening and closing      government. In a PPP the overstretched
                                             public sector utilises private sector         required to run it, as well as the funding for the
ceremonies of the 2010 World Cup here                                                      entire facility.
in South Africa.                             resources to finance, build, operate
                                             and transfer back a public asset.             The first task for the institution is to assess
The scope of works on this                                                                 whether indeed their requirements can be best
project, which commenced in                  In South Africa the PPP principle has         procured by means of a PPP or by traditional
February 2008, included:                     mainly applied to toll roads and office       means. This exercise is called a Public Sector
                                             accommodation, however PPP services           Comparator (PSC) and once again this is
•	 30x80m	pedestrian	bridge	spanning		       can range from the payment of                 presented to national treasury who gives
   over a railway line and busy road;        government pensions to the provision of       the project the green light. The next step is
•	 86	000m3 of fill (two abutments);         serviced office accommodation, power
                                                                                           advertised for those parties interested in providing
•	 landscaping,	electrical	and	lighting	                                                   these services in what is called a Request for
                                             supply, water and sanitation, schools,        Qualification or RFQ. The respondents would
   installations on the pedestrian           universities, accommodation and the           group themselves into consortia comprising:
   promenade, including installation of      treatment of solid waste. “Currently, the     •	 Architects	and	engineers	-	to	do	the	design.
   LEDs over the pedestrian bridge;          increased pressure on municipalities to       •	 A	contractor	-	to	build.
•	 intricate	paving	to	public	areas	         step up their service delivery poses an       •	 A	financier	-	to	fund	the	project.
   including the walkway leading up to       opportunity for the Group”, says Rob          •	 A	facility	manager	-	to	maintain	and	
   the bridge; and                                                                             operate the building.
                                             King, head of the Stefanutti Stocks           •	 As	well	as	multitude	of	other	specialist	advisors.
•	 an	amphitheatre.                          Concessions business unit. “We have
                                             submitted a couple of tenders and are         Usually the institution would pre-qualify two to
The bridge (which was subcontracted to       eagerly awaiting the results”.                four consortia to bid for the provision of the
Civilcon) comprised of 48 beams, each                                                      serviced accommodation. Only the pre-qualified
beam weighing between 30-40 ton. We          In principle, regardless of what service      consortia are invited to submit bids in terms of
had a 440 ton crane on site to lift the      is being provided, the PPP process            the institution’s Request for Proposals or RFP.
the beams and strict safety measures in      remains the same. It is complex and
                                                                                           The RFP describes the institution’s requirements
place as we were working above a busy        time consuming, and it could take             in what is called an output specification. The
road and an in-active rail line.             between two and three years before            output specifications would give the number and
                                             construction starts. However, this is         sizes of offices, meeting rooms, kitchens
As this is a high profile project and the    quite reasonable when considering             cafeterias and specialised areas. The performance
worlds eyes will be on it during 2010,       how long the normal process takes             levels are required in the different facilities in
great emphasis was placed on the             from inception to procurement                 terms of ambient temperatures, lighting levels, IT
                                             of a contractor with the added                requirements and sound levels. The facility
aesthetics of the promenade. The                                                           management requirements outline the required
bridge-deck has glass in-lays so that        advantage of a fully funded, fixed            service levels in terms of security, catering,
pedestrians crossing it can view the road    price offering with the maintenance           cleaning, response times, routine maintenance
below. There are LEDs in the handrails of    and running costs included to boot.           and availability. It also indicates the concession
the bridge, bespoke lights, trees, 2.5 ton                                                 period for which the private party would be
benches and 20 000m3 of intricate            “As a government procurement method,          responsible for providing the serviced
                                             PPPs are here to stay” says Rob.              accommodation (usually for a period of between
paving. “We utilised mainly local labour     “Stefanutti Stocks is up there with the       15 and 30 years) during which the institution (public
for the paving part of the project,” says    best of them - it is up to us to capitalise   party) pays a unitary charge (think of this as rent).
Ryan van der Walt, site agent. “It was       on every opportunity that presents itself”.
quite an intricate work of art depicting                                                   The private party gets the design and construct
flames via the use of seven different                                                      contractor to provide a fixed price (CAPEX) to
                                                                                           design and build a facility to suit the requirements
types and colours of paving blocks”.                                                       of the Institution as outlined in the output
                                                                                           specification. The facility manager provides the
“Our focus on producing quality whilst                                                     private party with a price (usually annual) for the
being able to work to tight deadlines                                                      running and maintenance costs (OPEX) of the
has established Stefanutti Stocks as                                                       facility. The financiers provide the private party
a contractor of choice with many of                                                        with a funding proposal to amortise the CAPEX
                                                                                           over the concession period. The amortized funding
our clients,” says Ryan. “The JDA has                                                      and the OPEX would be used to calculate the
expressed their satisfaction with our work                                                 Unitary Charge which is the commercial
and we are looking forward to further                                                      offering submitted for consideration
solidifying our relationship with them”.                                                   by the institution.

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                                                                                                                            Awards & Accolades

                                                                                                                 Master Builders Association,
                                                                                                                 Safety Awards
The jubilant Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN and Civils KZN team. A total of 12 awards were received.             Gauteng
Master Builders Association,                             Regional 2nd:
                                                         Liberty Life Phase 1

Safety Awards
                                                         (Category: R120-R200 million)
                                                         Special Award:

                                                         Safety Person of the Year:
                                                         Jabulani Mkhize

The Stefanutti Stocks KZN building
and civils operations’ commitment
to health and safety was acknowledged
in the recent national and regional
Occupational Health and Safety
Awards 2009.
Stefanutti Stocks Civils KZN (Pty) Ltd:
Regional 1st:
Liquid Chemical Berth                                                                                            The winners of the Contractors Trophy.
(Category: Civils)                                        Jabulani Mkhize, the safety officer at the             Back, left to right: Bradley Nortje,
                                                          Liberty Life project receives his award from           John Borradaile and Gerhard Roets.
Regional 2nd:                                                                                                    Front, from left to right: Ali Zahif,
Stefanutti Stocks Plant Yard                              Brandon Abdinor, the executive director of the
(Category: Plant Yard)                                    KwaZulu Natal Master Builders Association.             Lincoln van Wyk and Fanie Boucher.

Highly Commended:
Khangela Bridge
(Category: Civils)
Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN (Pty) Ltd:
National 1st:
Standard Bank PMB
(Category: R5-R20 million)
National 1st:
Liberty Life, Phase 2
(Category: R200-R500 million)
Regional 1st:
Standard Bank PMB
(Category: R5-R20 million)
                                                          The MBSA National winners from KZN. From
Regional 1st:                                             left to right, posing with their certificates and
Liberty Life, Phase 2                                                                                            All the 2009 winners from Stefanutti
                                                          shields are: James Kilner (Liberty Life Phase 2        Stocks Building Gauteng and North West.
(Category: R200-R500 million)                             site), Dallas Pakkiri (safety manager), Siven Naidoo   Back, from left to right: Chad Kruger, Bradley
Regional 2nd:                                             (safety manager), Howard Schwegmann (managing          Nortje, John Borradaile, Greig Bastion, Kobus
Vodacom,	Mt	Edgecombe	                                    director) and Paul Fenton (Standard Bank site).        Koekemoer, Luc Jacobs and Danie Moolman.
(Category: R20-R50 million)                                                                                      Front, from left to right: Nico Mulder, Mervis
Regional 2nd:                                                                                                    Burger, Fanie Boucher, Lincoln van Wyk, Ali
                                                         Stefanutti Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd wins                 Zahif, Voight Uys and Johan Ras.
Princess Magogo Stadium
(Category: R50-R120 million)                             Fulton Award. Read more on pages 2 & 3.
                                                                                                                 Best contracts manager:
Highly Commended:                                        Stefanutti Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd achieves a           2nd: Nico Mulder - Stefanutti Stocks
Spar - Mt Edgecombe                                                                                                   Building North West -
(Category: R50-R120 million)                             NOSA 5 Star rating. Read more on pages 2 & 5.                Lebone College II
                                                                                                                 2nd: Kobus Koekemoer - Stefanutti
Earthworks                                              2008. The second is for most
                                                        supporting Johannesburg Road
                                                                                                                      Stocks Building North West -
                                                                                                                      Lebone College II
excels again                                            Agency partner for contributions to
                                                        the DUBE Bridge in Soweto.                               Best site safety officer:
                                                                                                                 3rd: Joseph Sithole - Stefanutti Stocks
The Roads & Earthworks business unit                                                                                  Building Gauteng - I-Langa Mall
recently received two awards at the Africa              A special thanks to Michael Welsch, John
Roads 2009 Awards. The first is for most                Welsch and Able Nhlabathi for their                      Best performing safety manager:
innovative and creative contractor for                  efforts on these contracts and holding                   2nd: Fanie Boucher - Stefanutti Stocks
the Orange Farm contract completed in                   the Stefanutti Stocks name high.                              Building Gauteng
                                                                                                                 R120 - R200 million
                                                                                                                 (Contractors trophy):
                                                                                                                 1st: Stefanutti Stocks Building Gauteng -
                                                                                                                      FNB Block G
                                                                                                                 R200 - R500 million
                                                                                                                 (Presidents trophy):
                                                                                                                 2nd: Stefanutti Stocks North West -
                                                                                                                      Lebone College II

 Congratulations to the the Styldrift site team for their achievement of 150 LTIs. Here’s to the next 150!!

                                                                                                                                        PAGE 24 | Benchmark
                                                                                                        Socio-economic development

        The future is only as good as we build it.

Gabrielle’s Creche -                           A bright and airy                                Unica School Hostel -
making a                                       Stefanutti Stocks                                a unique place for

difference                                     edutainer                                        unique
Stefanutti Stocks Geotechnical (Pty) Ltd
In the few months since opening in
                                               classroom                                        people
                                               As a group initiative Stefanutti Stocks is       Skelton & Plummer Investment Holdings
April 2009, Gabrielle’s Creche has made
                                               sponsoring an Edutainer (a shipping              Company (Pty) Ltd (S&P) from the
a big impact on the lives of 70 children       container that is converted into a
and	their	five	teachers	in	the	Vlakfontein	    classroom) to the Noah Orphans                   Mechanical, Electrical and Power
area. The new facilities were made             Reamogetswe Ark in Muldersdrift.                 business unit has donated an amount
possible by a joint initiative which saw the   Noah’s is in dire need of assistance and         of R250 000 towards the renovations
Geotechnical division contributing a           after receipt of an Edutainer, can be            of Unica School Hostel in Pretoria.
substantial amount to the almost               registered with the Department of Health.
R500 000 project. The building has                                                              Unica School is one of only six schools
enabled the separation of children                                                              in South Africa that caters for the needs
according to their age groups and                                                               of learners with autism. The school
abilities. Each week has a special theme,                                                       offers individualised educational,
and each day is split into a variety of                                                         therapeutic and development support
activities. The five teachers are benefiting                                                    programs adapted to the learners
from an experienced external trainer and                                                        needs. Of the 105 learners, 40 reside
children with learning disabilities or                                                          in the Unica hostel, where over the
challenges are benefiting from the                                                              years, due to a lack of funding, the
input of a social worker.                                                                       facilities have deteriorated to almost
                                                                                                uninhabitable conditions.
                                                 The kids are looking forward to their
                                                 bright and airy edutainer classroom
                                                 for the next schoolyear.                       The S&P contribution has been put
                                                                                                towards the restoration, upgrading and
                                               The school has one qualified teacher             brightening of these facilities, as well the
                                               serving 49 children in very basic facilities.    purchase of new furniture and equipment.
                                               The Stefanutti Stocks Edutainer will
                                               accommodate 20 children who have                 “We are very humbled by the dedication
                                               been orphaned by AIDS. This group                and enthusiasm at Unica,” says Aubrey
                                               initiative sees the individual companies         Michel from S&P. “Our contribution is
                                               within the group contributing to the             just a means to an end, not an end itself.
                                               overall edutainer cost of R200 000,              What really counts here is the motivated
                                               with Nedbank contributing R30 000.
                                                                                                and dedicated staff who make a
  Shaun Nell, managing director of             For more information on Edutainers
  Stefanutti Stocks Geotechnical at            and The Bright Kid Foundation                    difference daily in the lives of
  the official opening of the creche.          please visit                these learners.”

                                                Nedbank hands over a R30 000 cheque for
                                                the Edutainer initiative. From left to right:
                                                Johan Fourie (Nedbank), Rob King (Stefanutti
                                                Stocks), Paula Smith (Stefanutti Stocks),
  Some of the children who will                 Willie Meyburgh (Stefanutti Stocks) and           Members of the Unica School Hostel
  benefit from this new facility.               Wellwood Nortier (Nedbank).                       staff outside the main entrance.

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                  Caring for the Laying foundations in
        community local
During the first week in October,
Stefanutti Stocks Roads & Earthworks
launched an Adult Based Education
Training (ABET) community outreach. The          Source: Nadine Gieseler
ABET program is for selected previously           
disadvantaged learners and community             Over the past years, Stefanutti Stocks
members, involved on the projects that           Civils KZN (Pty) Ltd has completed a
are being undertaken by the business             number of successful contracts in the
unit. “The objective is to equip these           Durban South area of Wentworth. We              The KZN exhibition stand.
participants with construction, building         became aware of the plight of
maintenance skills, numeracy, literacy and       Collingwood Primary school, an
other related business skills to increase
their employability, even once we have left
                                                 educational institution in dire need of        Youth in
                                                 assistance. First established in July 1971,
the area,” says Zulfa Allie on behalf of
                                                 the school caters for 1 200 learners from
Stefanutti Stocks Earthworks (Pty) Ltd.
                                                 previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

The business has also pledged their              Two specific areas of need were
support to a home in Kempton Park                identified - the shortage of books in their
catering for handicapped children,               library and the fact that their tuck-shop
and individuals who are physically and           had recently been destroyed by a storm.        Source: Kevin Reid
mentally challenged . This relationship          To this end, the company made a
will continue indefinitely, with the home        substantial contribution of new books to       The Buildings, Structures (including Civil
receiving food and toiletries on a monthly       the library as well as a brand new             & Coastal in Cape Town) and Roads &
                                                 tuck-shop. Stefanutti Stocks Civils            Earthworks business units were actively
basis. The home is called CASA                                                                  involved in Youth in Construction Week
CARITAS, which translates to house               KZN views this project as a social             across South Africa.
of compassion.                                   and economic investment into a
                                                 community that has benefitted the              The Civils and Building operations in KZN
                                                 company over the years, and looks              combined forces to host an exhibition
                                                 forward to their relationship with             stand at the Youth In Construction Week.
Top award for                                    Collingwood Primary School growing
                                                 from strength to strength.
                                                                                                The exhibition was well attended by a
                                                                                                cross-section of learners from the greater
                                                                                                Durban and Pietermaritzburg areas. The

Field                                                                                           team placed an emphasis on the core
                                                                                                capabilities of the Stefanutti Stocks
                                                                                                Group, highlighting the need for a solid

Band                                                                                            school education particularly with regard
                                                                                                to subject choices enabling tertiary
                                                                                                education in the sciences field (necessary

                                                                                                for entry into construction). The
                                                                                                importance of the Stefanutti Stocks core
                                                                                                values was highlighted. Prospective
                                                                                                candidates demonstrating these
At the 12th Annual Business Day BASA                                                            characteristics would gain valuable
Awards, held at the end of August 2009,                                                         advantage in securing a position
                                                                                                within the group.
The Field Band Foundation and it’s
sponsors received the top award, the
Chairman’s Premier Award, for youth
development through music and dance
outside formal education.                         John Jackson, managing director of
                                                  Stefanutti Stocks Civils KZN (Pty) Ltd with
                                                                                                Our children
The Field Band Foundation provides the
Stefanutti Stocks Building business unit
                                                  Colin Chand, headmaster of Collingwood
                                                  Primary. In the background some of the
                                                  enquiring minds that will benefit from the    are our
with an efficient vehicle to positively affect    donation of books to the school library.
the lives of many young South Africans
in rural and urban townships. We assist
the Foundation financially, with an annual       Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN donated
contribution of R250 000. We also donate         R10 000 to the Open Air School, a school
employee time to assist with manage-             for the physically disabled in Glenwood,       Stefanutti Stocks Civils (Pty) Ltd has for
ment.                                            Durban. This initiative was led by             the second year running been involved
                                                 commercial director, Nick Pousson, who         in a maths and science programme in
                                                                                                Mamelodi. The initiative sees scholars
The programmes and activities                    used his participation in the Comrades         from schools in Mamelodi attend extra
to which our sponsorship                         Marathon as a platform to raise funds for      classes, given by the students and other
contributes include:                             the school. Over and above the donation        volunteers, at the Mamelodi University
•	 Youth	social	development	through		            from Stefanutti Stocks, various individuals    campus. Following a presentation on the
   music and dance;                              from within the group contributed to this      impact of maths and science in
•	 HIV	AIDS	and	life	skills	programmes;          worthy cause. Nick has registered for the      construction, the children received
                                                                                                stationary packs and snacks courtesy
•	 Education	and	life	skills	training;           2010 Comrades Marathon and we wish             of Stefanutti Stocks. “We also presented
•	 Scholarship	and	exchange	pro	 	               him luck for his training and preparation      the students who are teaching the kids
   grammes; and                                  for this event, and look forward to further    in their spare time with R500 gift
•	 Employment.                                   assisting the Open Air School.                 vouchers,” says Eben Britz.

                                                                                                                       PAGE 26 | Benchmark
                                                   Stefanutti Stocks                                 1st prize was awarded to Werner
                                                                                                     Pretorius for his photograph of the
                                                                                                     R21/N1 Interchange Incremental
                                                   Structures                                        Launch Bridge in Pretoria.

Stefanutti Stocks                                  business unit -                                   2nd prize went Leigh Dressing for his
                                                                                                     photograph of theTransnet Chemical

                                                                                                     Berth 208, Richards Bay.

football                                                                                             3rd prize went to Larry Ellingson for his
                                                                                                     photograph of the Umgeni & Inanda Rd

tournament                                         competition                                       Interchanges, Durban.
                                                                                                     The three winning photographs will feature
                                                                                                     in the Stefanutti Stocks 2010 calendar.
On the 3rd October 2009 the Stefanutti
Stocks Earthworks (Pty) Ltd football team
took first place in the annual Stefanutti Stocks
football tournament held at Esslen Park.


                                                    2nd                                               3rd

                                                   Quads 4 Quads 2009,                               awareness and funds for the QuadPara
                                                                                                     Assocation of South Africa.

20th Annual Concrete                               Joburg to                                         Representing Stefanutti Stocks were Des
                                                                                                     Seaman on a Yamaha 700R Raptor, Eric
                                                                                                     Blom on a Honda 450, Anthony Hay on a

                                                                                                     Yamaha	450,	Glen	De	Villiers	on	a	Suzuki	

Boat                                                                                                 LTZ 400, Ethan Blackstock on a Kawasaki
                                                                                                     LTZ 400, Timothy Hay on a Honda 400,
                                                                                                     Pukkey Baker on a Honda 300, Camren

Race Day
                                                                                                     Col Baker on a 230 Induro and Stefan
                                                   On the 24th September 470 off-road riders         Grobler on a Yamaha 350 Raptor. Their
                                                   left Carnival City, heading for Ballito, on a 4   backup	team	included	Bertie	Venter,	
                                                   day, 900km off-road adventure, to to raise        Duncan Titlestad and Luvo Mhlauli.
On the 19th September the Concrete
Society of South Africa Inland Branch held
their 20th Annual Concrete Boat Race Day
at	the	Victoria	Lake	Club	in	Germiston,	near	
Johannesburg. Stefanutti Stocks Civils
sponsored one of the 70 boats taking part
in the relay with their “Buoyant” entry.
Pictured above is the Stefanutti Stocks
Civils team “The Legends”, from left to
right Kwazi Dube, Oratile Nthite, Letlotlo
Mosethle, Seabelo Shezi, Panashe
Daringo and Lesego Ratlhogo.
“We weren’t placed this time around,”
says Panashe from Stefanutti Stocks Civils.
“We did however have a lot of fun and are
planning a come-back in 2010”.

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