SUMMARY OF MINUTES

                    CITY COUNCIL WORKSHOP

                                SEPTEMBER 27, 2004
                                     4:00 P.M.

                          WINSTON ROOM

Members of City Council Present:            Mayor Allen Joines
                                            Council Member Robert C. Clark
                                            Council Member Dan Besse
                                            Council Member Joycelyn V. Johnson
                                            Council Member Vivian H. Burke
                                            Council Member Nelson L. Malloy, Jr.
                                            Council Member Wanda Merschel
                                            Council Member Frederick N. Terry

City Council Member Absent:                 Council Member Vernon Robinson

Members of Winston-Salem                    Daniel R. Beerman, Chair
Transit Authority Present:                  Hazel Brown
                                            Scott Carpenter
                                            Ruth Carter
                                            James B. King
                                            Doris Schultz

WSTA Members Absent:                        Kathleen B. Pounds, Martha G. Jones

Mayor Allen Joines called the meeting to order and recognized the Chair of the Winston-
Salem Transit Authority, Daniel R. Beerman, who asked each member of the Transit
Authority to introduce themselves.


Mr. Bryce A. Stuart, City Manager, stated that the purpose of this joint meeting with the
Transit Authority was to share information regarding the Transit fund. He explained that
the financial outlook was slightly better than it appeared in May due to the stability of
funds received from state and federal governments. However, the staff wishes to present
this information for the elected and appointed bodies to take under advisement and
perhaps come together at a later time for an update.
Mrs. Ann Jones, Budget and Evaluation Director, prefaced the staff presentation by
advising that staff expected a deficit in the transit fund in fiscal year 2005-2006.
However, the situation has improved as Mr. Stuart stated, and the deficit should not occur
until FY 2007-2008, which gives more time to address the decreasing fund balance. She
then gave the presentation and responded to questions as appropriate. Also responding to
questions were Mr. Stuart, Greg Turner, Assistant City Manager/Public Works, and Art
Barnes, Winston-Salem Transit Authority Director.

The following questions/concerns were raised by Council Members during the

       Asked for statistics on ridership for the last 3 years, especially after increase in
       marketing efforts; also, identify neighborhoods where ridership is heavy
       (Council Member Burke)

       Has staff come up with any factors affecting ridership since 1996?
       (Council Member Malloy)

       Would like to see rider profiles. Where are the workplaces of regular riders?
       Who is our target population and who are we reaching now?
       (Council Member Besse)

       Have we done anything to identify and meet needs of potential riders beyond
       currently established routes? What revenue have we received from allowing
       advertisements on buses?
       (Council Member Burke)

       Have we explored other ways of managing routes other than spoke system, i.e.
       grid or loop?
       (Council Member Merschel)

       Would like to see a breakdown of revenue in terms of what percentage are
       monthly passes and what percentage are individual fares.
       (Council Member Clark)

       Explore possibilities with major employers to offer bus passes to employees as
       part of benefit packages; could this be offered pre-tax?
       (Council Member Terry)

       Advertise where bus passes are available to the public.
       (Council Member Johnson)

       Work with the school system to see if some students could ride transit buses; this
       might also work for parents for special activities.
       (Council Member Burke)
       Use care in selecting locations for bus shelters so as not to disrupt neighborhoods.
       (Council Member Burke)

       Look at using different sizes of vehicles based on ridership; large buses are not
       always needed for every route.
       (Council Member Merschel)

       Put bus sizes and operating expenses in writing for Council’s information.
       (Council Member Burke)

       What can be done to alter the negative image of public transit and buses?
       (Council Member Johnson)

       We should not give up on attracting marginal riders; continue to collect data and
       take advantage of every outreach opportunity.
       (Council Member Besse)

Mayor Joines thanked Chair Beerman and the WSTA Board. At 5:08 p.m., he called for
a five-minute recess of this meeting

Mayor Joines called the meeting back to order at 5:16 p.m. and called for the next item of


Mr. Stuart stated that Mr. Turner and Mrs. Becky McBride, Sanitation Director, will
present information regarding the City’s current refuse collection policies, as well as
alternative options. He remarked that the staff was making no recommendation on this
issue, but wanted the Council to have all available information.

Mr. Turner made the presentation and responded to questions along with Mrs. McBride.

The following questions/concerns were raised by Council Members during the

       What is the tonnage of bulky item collection per 1,000 households?
       (Council Member Clark)

       Would like to see comparative data include bulky item collection and recycling.
       (Council Member Besse)

       How many households are projected to be collected under the exception method?
       (Council Member Besse)
       Provide more specifics on workers compensation claims. What sort of injuries
       should decrease? What additional injuries are anticipated? What percentage of
       total claims is expected to drop? Would City be trading one sort of injury for
       another, i.e. vascular problems instead of sprains?
       (Council Members Besse and Johnson)

       Need to address problem of citizens putting excess garbage at the curb to wait for
       collection days in advance; may need to amend the current policy which does not
       address this particular situation.
       (Council Member Johnson)

       Who conducted CERC survey and how were questions regarding refuse collection
       worded? Expressed concern that sometimes survey results are skewed when
       questions lead the respondent in a desired direction.
       (Council Member Besse)

       What percentage of sanitation workers make up total workers compensation
       claims? Are insurance rates affected by injuries?
       (Council Member Terry)

       Invite staff from Raleigh and Kernersville to speak to Council regarding their
       first-hand experience of how curbside collection works in their cities. Give pros
       and cons of their programs.
       (Council Members Clark and Merschel)

       Be sure to consider land mass and population in any comparison with other cities
       (Council Member Johnson)

       Expressed interest in offering a voluntary program
       (Council Member Clark)

       Asked for additional information on how curbside collection has worked in cities
       with regard to disabled citizens; if backyard collection is deemed unsafe during
       ice and snow events, would it not be unsafe for citizens to bring refuse to the
       (Council Member Malloy)

Mayor Joines thanked the staff for the presentation. He stated that it appears there is
interest in looking at some form of voluntary program. He asked staff to begin work on
putting together a proposal for voluntary curbside collection, and take it to the Public
Works Committee for review. Council Member Merschel requested that the financial
portion of whatever proposal is drafted be reviewed by the Finance Committee.

ADJOURNMENT: 6:19 p.m.

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