; The www.Home-Solar-Power-Guide.Com Explains the DOE's Support for a Massive Arizona Solar Power Project
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The www.Home-Solar-Power-Guide.Com Explains the DOE's Support for a Massive Arizona Solar Power Project


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									The www.Home-Solar-Power-Guide.Com Explains the DOE's
Support for a Massive Arizona Solar Power Project
 The government is serious about its support for green energy. It announced a $976 million
 loan support guarantee for a massive solar array in Arizona. This loan support guarantee
 is just one of 17 clean energy projects planned for future development that will be totaling
 over $17 billion. This loan guarantee affirms their commitment to provide green energy
 incentives. This bodes well for any residential homeowner interested in exploring green
Online PR News – 23-January-2011 Washington D.C. --- U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today
announced a loan guarantee of up to $967 million that is being offered conditionally to Agua
Caliente Solar, LLC a project sponsored by NRG Solar. "Solar projects like this are helping the U.S.
to compete globally for the clean energy jobs of today and the future," said Secretary Chu. "The
Obama Administration is committed to bringing innovative renewable energy technologies to the
market to support the country's transition to a clean energy economy."

The loan guarantee, one of 17 allotted to support clean energy projects totalling over $17 billion, will
support the construction of a 290-megawatt photovoltaic solar generating facility located in Yuma
County, Arizona.

Richie Vee, Chief Engineer of one of the largest Platinum LEED buildings in NYC and editor of
www.home-solar-power-guide.com , says, "Although this loan guarantee is for large corporations it's
obvious that the government wants to help in promoting green technology. This is good for
everyone and now is the time for the average homeowner to seriously consider making the switch."

The project's sponsor, NRG Solar, estimates the project will be the largest photovoltaic generation
facility in the world when it is completed. NRG Solar LLC is a company dedicated to developing
utility-scale solar projects to produce clean, renewable electricity for utility and municipal customers.

The Home Solar Power Guide explains, "Although NRG is a Fortune 500 that owns and operates
one of the country’s largest and most diverse power generation portfolios, this type of news
annoucement generates a buzz for the average Joe and will help push homeowners to make the
solar leap." Richie feels he'll be fielding many more questions on his site's blog because of this

When this project is complete and at full capacity approximately 100,000 homes will be the
beneficiaries of clean, emissions-free electricity thus removing approximately 237,000 metric tons of
greenhouse gas emissions per year. To get a better understanding this is the same as taking more
than 40,000 cars off the road annually. It's clear that the Obama Administration is intent about
pushing its alternative energy agenda forward. The government also provides incentives to the
average homeowners through tax credits, tax deductions as well as rebates on a variety of green
energy projects.

If you go to Richie's site you'll find out about the many solar power benefits you'll receive once you
take advantage of special government solar incentives. There's solar power kit information on the
website as well as solar energy panel descriptions. The site is focused on providing solar power
information for residential solar power and explains in simple terms many DIY solar power projects
that can help you save on your energy bills.

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