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Why Choose a San Diego Criminal Attorney in DUI Cases


									With just under 1.2 million people living in San Diego, it is a city that is generally
peaceful. To compare its violent crime rate against the national average, San Diego is
less than half when it comes to murder cases, almost at par when it comes to rape
crimes , around half of the national average rate when it comes to robberies, but is
1.15 times the national average when it comes to aggravated assault. All in all, by
average, San Diego is about average or slightly below at .97 times the national
average. When it comes to property crime, San Diego is around 1.65 times the
national average when it comes to Car Theft. This is the only indicator that stands out
as arson, burglary and larceny theft averages in San Diego amount to around .70 as
compared to the National Average. All in all, to compare property crimes national
average versus San Diego, the city is just .83 times of it.

Being a San Diego Criminal Attorney is probably a lucrative career in the sense that
one is busy but not overworked with cases as seen by the statistics of San Diego.
What is not seen here is the number of DUI cases in the county as it has on average
16000 cases a year. This is so because of the strict and stringent laws it has on Driving
Under the Influence. Those who are cited and charged with it must undertake a license
hearing by the local DMV to see if they can keep their temporary license or not. This
procedure entails the expertise of a San Diego Criminal Attorney and more
specifically a DUI specialized lawyer for that matter. The premise for such hard line
rules regarding DUI have paid off as of last summer, though there were about 2000
arrests of DUI cases, there were no recorded DUI related fatalities in San Diego. As
San Diego holds the border between the United States and Mexico, it is easy to realize
that a lot of travelers during the summer and holiday season pass through this area for
a good time and often, there may be problems regarding sobriety when these
vacationers return from Mexico.

A San Diego Criminal Attorney is familiar with these conditions and they do have the
expertise to take on cases. Granted that it may not be inexpensive to hire a lawyer but
what is the alternative. Would you want to get your license suspended or spend time
in jail? Worse yet, when applying for a job, you would have to acknowledge your
criminal record in your bio data or resume. I don't think so.

Still, living in San Diego seems to be a good thing to do as its crime rates are not at all
that bad. Just remember not to drink and drive.

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