Why Affiliate Marketing Businesses Fail by aihaozhe2


									Affiliate marketing businesses are what I like to call ecommerce for the rest of us.
They are high profit and low risk monetization methods for websites.

You don't have to develop your own product.

You don't have to take stock of inventory or manage a store.

You don't handle shipping and handling.

You don't have to handle customer services.

The best part is they can be started and operated on a shoestring budget.

Affiliate marketing businesses are perhaps the most widely adopted business model.
According to a recent Forrester Research Inc survey, nearly 80% of online merchants
actively use affiliate marketing. However, the sad fact is, despite its popularity and
simplicity, most affiliate marketing businesses fail to make more than $500 a month.

In fact, numerous affiliates never see their first check before they throw in the towel.

E-commerce for the rest of us has become e-commerce for the best of us


The simplest answer would be majority are doing it wrong. Most affiliates run their
affiliate marketing businesses wrong from the very first day of start up.

Now, affiliate marketing does produce high income earners-- people who earn
$140,000 or more a year and others who earn full time incomes of 50, 000 or more.
However, the vast majority simply fails to earn.

Here are some of the key reasons affiliate marketing businesses fail.

1. Failure to prepare. Lack of research about the business of affiliate marketing, your
niche and the affiliate program all contribute to early failure. The over excitement,
and lack of knowledge, cause people to jump at anything and act before they think.

Doing feels productive. Planning doesn't. We feel better about our selves when we are
doing something even if we don't know what we're doing. However, being
underprepared causes the potentially successful to become unsuccessful. Curb your
enthusiasm and do your planning.

-Develop a strong web concept/theme
-Select the best affiliate programs

-Get to know your competition

Yes it's boring, but it's better than closing up shop after a year.

2. Poor quality traffic. Most affiliates think if they build a website they will come. Not
so. Having a website doesn't mean you will receive quality traffic. I say "quality"
because not all traffic is beneficial to you. Your site has to bring in those in your target
market who will take action not browse.

To become part of the top 3% of affiliate marketing businesses you want to:

-Create content that is attractive to search engines

-Track how each page performs and how each page ranks

-Analyze Click in and Click through patterns

-Use more than one traffic generation method

-Be consistent. You can't generate constant flow of traffic with a "stop-and-go" work

3. Dependency on Merchants: It's great that your merchant has taken the time to
create those banners. However, most merchants stop there. They don't offer any
startup training or any new ideas for their affiliates. This doesn't only happen with
"bad" companies but with "good" ones as well.

The best way to avoid merchant dependency is to go beyond affiliate marketing. You
can't expect the merchant to teach you the ropes; it's your job to educate yourself.
Ignore the marketing material and learn how to do it right on your own. This is what
super affiliates do.

Affiliate marketing businesses aren't destined to fail. You can keep yours from doing
so by considering the tips above.

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