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					In this article we discuss Pope Gregory's influence on not only the Church, but on the
world, its governments, its rules of behavior, and much m ore, extended far beyond
his lifetime.

God's children were suffering!

We want to share a little of what was going on in the world of the 5th Century. The
world was in a turmoil!

This was the beginning of the end of the Western emperors. The collapse of the
Roman empire begins with Italy being taken over by one barbarian army placing Italy
under the thumb of the Eastern emperors of Constantinople, only to be invaded and
ravaged by another barbarian, the Ostrogoth Theodoric, who would rule Italy from
Rome, from 493, until his death in 526.

Never leaving us alone, into this topsy-turvy world, God sent us a future Saint, whose
voice would ring strong down through the ages, summoning God's children to pray
and believe in the One True Triune God, Who is with us; Who loves us; Who we can

This future Saint, God was raising up, who was destined to be one of the most
powerful Popes the world would know, was sent to strengthen the Church He had
founded, to guide His most precious lambs that they not wander and get devoured by

A child was born, preordained to serve Mother Church, from a family who had given
the Church two Popes preceding him in his family's history - a blessed, awesome
ancestry, worthy of one who would be called to fill the Chair of Peter.

Pope Gregory composed the calendar of festivals.

For his most extraordinary life, his numerous writings and encyclicals, he is venerated
as the fourth Doctor of the Church.

Among his many achievements, he is credited with, the Antiphonary, the introduction
to new styles in church music the composition of several famous hymns, and the
creation of the Schola Cantorum, the famous training school for singers. Worthy of his
title, Pope St. Gregory the Great worked tirelessly, right until the Angel of Death
summoned him Home.

The Gregorian Sacramentary and the Gregorian chant, according to John the Deacon,
whose testimony is most reliable, what we call Gregorian Chant today is definitely
attributed to Pope St.Gregory the Great. This type of chanting has been used for
centuries up to and including today.
Going back before St. Gregory, it was called Roman Chant, and even Ambrosian

But St. Gregory put it together in a formalized Church Chant.

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