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					We thought we would take a little look around the internet to find the top ten artists
from the music industry of all time. This proved quite difficult as there are so many
different sources and opinions. As a result we decided to set our sights a little lower
and narrowed our search to the UK only. Below you will find our results. There are
some surprises in there so enjoy what you see.

The Beatles

I don't suppose the Beatles will surprise anybody but yes our Liverpool friends top the
chart with a whopping 28,000,000 certified sales. You may think that that sounds
great but we also believe that they are the top in the world with worldwide sales
topping 346,000,000 sales. These figures are just unbelievable but not UN just as they
continue to sell music even today.


The late great Freddy Mercury and his band jump in at number two with 17,200,000
UK sales. Queen bucked the trend in their music history providing us with hit after hit.
They also produced the longest ever track in the UK with bohemian Rhapsody which
incidentally made it to number one as well.

Robbie Williams

This is the shocker as this man hasn't been around that long and yet has notched up
16,400,000 certified sales. This is a massive achievement in such a short space of time
and we fully expect that he will rise quite rapidly in 2011.


Madonna is probably the most respected female in the music industry. Stories of how
she rose to fame are legendary. She was knocked and rejected at every turn but she
didn't let that put her off and with 15,900,000 certified sales we are extremely happy
that she didn't

Michael Jackson

The king of pop Michael Jackson only features fifth on our chart. Along with Robbie
Williams this is another shocking result. We would have expected him to be much
higher up the table but with only 14,820,000 he has only reached fifth.

Simply Red

2010 saw the end of Simply Red which is a shame as their songs have been excellent
over the years.

The Manchester boys Liam and Noel are a well deserved entry. Although they are
now split their records inspired a lot of the new Indie bands that are out today. Their
early stuff was their best and the later stuff really showed the rift between the two
brothers. With 12,600,000 sales there is nothing to be ashamed about.

Phil Collins

Who would have thought a drummer would have sold so many records, not to
mention have a film career. Phil Collins is one of the masters of the industry his music
even being adopted for modern day adverts and by that we mean the Chocolate advert
with the drum playing Gorilla which was voted one of the best viral videos of its time.


Abba only just creep into the chart at position nine and although you can't go
anywhere in the world without people knowing Abba they only sold 9,600,000
records in the UK

Elton John

Elton John comes in last on the list with 8,940,000 sales. Still a huge amount and our
very own Elton John can also say that he broke America and the rest of the world so
although appearing 10th in the UK he actually features 8th in the world wide artists
with record sales of 177,000,000

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